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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2021 2:00am-2:31am CET

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it came out of the. room. this is d.w. news live from berlin a wave of new sanctions against china from europe and north america is the 1st coordinated western response to human rights violations against we go muslims china hits back with sanctions of its own also coming up on the program a huge fire sweeps through iraq injured refugee camp in bangladesh several of died and thousands are left homeless aid groups say immediate help is needed. and germany's seemingly never ending lockdown coronavirus variants are driving
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a 3rd wave of infections chancellor angela merkel wants to tighten some measures and extend restrictions for another month. i'm told me a lot of will welcome after years of abuses against wigan muslim minority in china western powers i have now taken their 1st punitive diplomatic action the european union u.s. canada and the united kingdom have all imposed sanctions on chinese officials in response china has targeted several e.u. politicians accusing them of spreading misinformation. to you foreign ministers meeting in brussels usually fare averse to confrontation with china but not this time sanctions would be imposed on beijing. this package includes
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4 individuals and one entity from china who have had the knack to for all in good design and implementation know they change policies. we where made where do you bring a meeting that china has retaliated to those sanctions and rather than change its policies and address our legitimate concern and china is against a blind eye and these measures are we have to will and acts unacceptable china's retaliation blacklisting 10 even the vigils and for entities the e.u. wasn't alone though imposing sanctions over china's human rights abuses inching jiang province the u.k. the u.s. and canada also approved penalties so use this to china you know. the chinese people and the basic response i heard is that we should use if you all
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know to be sentient by. the u.s. you countries because we have successfully safeguard national sovereignty. the u.n. says at least 1000000 weaker muslims are detained in camps with reports of forced labor torture and sterilization beijing denies the claims and says the camps provide folke a tional training and help in fighting extremism. experts are questioning whether this coordinated pressure campaign goes far enough to cause a real impact on china. earlier we spoke to reinhard basic of a european lawmaker from the green party who is one of those targeted by china's retaliates resign sions we asked him whether they each used action would push china to improve its treatment of the week goes. i really believe that the china would
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not have responded with that much anger if they wouldn't feel that our sanctions are playing a role they're not playing a role in in the way in which you seem to be assuming it they should i'm not expecting and she didn't think to to tell his underlings that they should stop with mass. incarceration and with forced labor and with forced abortions and all that but i think china feels the force of the sanctions because china does care about its international image. china has. hoped obviously when they concluded the comprehensive agreement on investment that the european union would be young could be taken for granted if only they'd made
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a few minor economic concessions they could have us in the pocket politically and now they they learned that the european union is not just a mere cancellers tar that but that it stands up for its values so that's a major failure procedure in creating that's why they're angry and i think that the reaction in itself also helps undermining china's international image so this is a real political battle this is not an ass if here is a round up of other stories making news around the world. canadian form a diplomatic used to spying in china is waiting to hear a verdict against him he and another canadian citizen have been held for more than 2 years canada maintains the cases are in retaliation for it's the arrest of a top floor weight executive. so a police officer and several other people have been killed. in a shooting at
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a supermarket in the u.s. state of colorado at least one man has been detained and there are casualties emergency teams are at the scene in boulder city. the government of new jazz says 137 people have been killed in terrorist attacks gunmen riding motorcycles targeted villages in the tub were region the suspected jihadist massacre is the deadliest yet seen in the west african nation. a massive fire has swept through a real hinge a refugee camp in bangladesh nearly a 1000000 people live in camps in the area after fleeing persecution in neighboring myanmar 4 years ago the fire has left thousands of the muslim minority once again homeless several have died aid groups say immediate international help is needed. what it. takes no could billows of at this camp in southern bangladesh thousands of ranger refugees watch on as their homes are destroyed the blazing blue color camp
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in cox's bazaar started on monday it quickly swept through the area it's unclear what caused it. this fire as a fact that most stopgaps were the older population over approximately one 150000 people and directly that that nearly 10000 households. lost their shelter and basically the roof. over their heads some attempted to douse the fire with the little tools they could find others trying to say that the longings. many here now have nowhere else to go casualty numbers are rising with doesn't see a dead on messing. around a 1000000 range have languished in these camps for over 3 years they fled on the attacks and burnt down their homes in neighboring mian mar in 2017. now with the
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camps overflowing a groups are searching full turn to shelters the conditions on dying for the refugees here it's yet another setback and their future now even more uncertain. german leaders have been locked in late night talks on action needed to tackle rising corona virus infections among the sticking points a rules on travel and restrictions on family gatherings over. the easter holiday wave of cases is being driven by variants of the virus chancellor angela merkel has been pushing for tougher measures such as a nighttime curfew. political correspondent in my new welsh as is covering those talks. how is the meeting going so far well to i mean marathon negotiations again this doesn't come as a surprise that is that we have been there used to it since the beginning of the pandemic but all rigidly you know decent meeting was planned weeks ago to discuss
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further easing of restrictions but given to rising incidence rates of infections 807400000 in that returns as of today in germany one of these has changed the agenda as always not everyone agrees on which measures should be taken there's a few bones of contention you have mentioned issues such as travel for example schools here indymedia does a lot of talk about the easter holidays to fly or not to fly out of the country we some state primary is finding it quite dubious that people might be allowed to fly out of the country but can't even have an overnight stay in their own state where hotels are close to everything but business trips at the moment there's a huge controversy on travels being allowed in the spanish island of majorca which is one of the top destination for german tourists so old those issues are being discussed here as well as you've mentioned it's a possibility of a curfew so is there any any of these issues that they have at least made some
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progress on. they did agree something such as a reconnecting the current restrictions set to be reconnected until at least meet a period this means that socializing will be restricted restaurants bars and leisure place is a will remain closed and they will be the use of the so-called day marriage and see break to close again those of the cultural places for example which we've had tentatively reopened these also means delays in reopening dining places leisure places in fact the new zinging of restrictions us planned weeks ago ease being rolled back because the incidence rate is too high at the moment so as you mention these extensions on the measures what germans views on people accepting these types of measures. people are divided does
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weekly proud tests against a lockdown that i led by a vocal minority of people but generally speaking people are in favor of restrictions says elizabeth under a 3rd of germans who wants to measure is being implemented and then there's a over a 3rd of the population which the thing that the current marriages in place are enough of course german retailers for example warned that a lot of shops could go bankrupt eda shutdowns physis teachers are also warning about chaos in schools at the moment when they don't know if they can remain open on non-vegetarian speaking people are in favor of the restrictions ok political correspondent emmanuelle shies thank you for bringing us up to speed. is coming under growing pressure and views of migrant workers preparing for the 2022 football world cup it's thought thousands have been killed in accidents on
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construction sites in the tournament's host nation rights group amnesty international once football's governing body thief to push qatar into improving working conditions these are some of the gleaming new stadiums but guitar is to showcase to an international audience when it hosts the world cup in 2022. insight there the last word in luxury a fee for president giani infantile phoned out on a tour last october. but for many of the migrant workers drafted in to build them conditions have been less than comfortable no amnesty international has written to fifa to urge it to pressurize qatar to do more to protect those workers human rights are they prepared to speak out and to make sure that the cuts are. and delivers on its reforms will they speak out of qatar twice reverse the reforms as it is a big question and will they make sure that future torments. are over organize
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and and the bidding process really human rights to make sure that we don't see this . guitar has made reforms in recent years it became the 1st gulf country to introduce a minimum wage that does not discriminate against migrant workers infant teano says that qatar selection is world cup host has inspired change we need to look a little bit looser the history of where people countries regions are coming for me to pass in europe how many decades probably centuries to arrive. where we are today other countries are doing the same process in a few years we need to recognize the region recognize israel and with the spotlight of course of the will come. no progress with. several high profile norwegian clubs recently called on their country to boycott the world cup amid
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concerns over migrant workers treatment but how misty says a boycott would only worsen their situation. by minix stoss strike a robot learn those key has been singled out in his native poland levon those received the commanders cross one of the highest honors from president under a duty in warsaw the polish striker has been in top form after a hattrick at the weekend he's just 5 goals away from good miller's record for one does need a season. most years it's enough for easter bunnies to bring joy and chocolate but this is no ordinary year in hungary the rabbits come bearing an extra treat vaccine this chocolate maker wants his easter bunnies to bring a ray of hope by holding a syringe the seasonal treats will not wear masks with a focus instead on hopes of reopening. thank you watching news live from berlin there's more world news at the top of the but coming up next is
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all film documentary on the effects of society on society of injustice you can check more on our web site d w dot com follow us on instagram that twitter and the news is that i told you a lot of folks so joining us. live. in mexico many pushilin told lots of us right now in the world by majority vote off a story this is my plan for the way from just one week. before it's going to really just. we still have time to act i'm going.
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bit further good wonderful. imagine you're taking kos in an experiment together with an anonymous partner. make up your masks and. you and the other person can't see each other and he will not meet. pierce the box he just signed how much of 100 euros you keep and how much you'll give the other person if they accept your offer you both keep the money if they refuse you both get nothing in the past majority of people split it 5050. would you have done that 50 euros for you 50 for the unknown person. ok so it settled all would you have kept more and risked losing everything exactly here to get 60 or you might see 7030 is already extreme and you can forget 80
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twentieth's focus do you except you give us. the experiment shows that an unequal distribution isn't acceptable the same applies in the real world. but one finds it today people begin to ask themselves if a manager arms 300 times the wage of someone on the production line are they then doing 300 times as much. where do we stand on inequality and we're a society heading. easy and compared to previous societies from ancient times to today of course this is an incredibly equal society because. but income inequality is growing we've become significantly more and just in the last 20 years a bottom 10th of the population has lost 10 percent of its income in real terms the top 10 percent has gained almost 25 percent.
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when does their human sense of justice develop. at what age does disadvantage start to bother us developmental psychologist hannah by certain is conducting research at the likeness institute in frankfurt today she's testing the sense of justice in children. the subjects 5 year olds tita and dahlia provide ok stand on the carpet and know also 5 matilda and me are off or have a slightly and i have a task for you i have a basket with lots of table tennis balls to start i'm about to empty it out and then i'd like you to collect them and sort them. the white balls here in this basket one and the orange balls in that basket over there. ok let's
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start. the children became enthusiastic there's no time limit no sense of competition. the task is finished when they've correctly sorted all the table tennis balls. to go out. then there's a reward somebody don't look to her dish for you. there are questioning looks why does a teacher get more. done zinj do you hear these are for you want to hear is unfair and these are for you is what's the what's wrong the course the tall why do you look so sad is something wrong or care. there's some
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doubtful recounting. the kids can tell something's not right. up there. once kids reach late kindergarten age or early school age they're focused on equality things should be as equal as possible whether you like it or not. that's did you want more of the coins since it is it damn that matilda got so many . and why all. a sense of justice is a cool feature of our moral lives. and even momentary violations can destroy relationships between people groups and even nations. dance partner foundation in dysart of research a social justice income is influenced by education and other factors in most
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countries men still earn more than women with the same qualifications in germany the difference is currently 6 percent there's even a statistical measure for an equal income distribution between different social classes it's called the genie. the genius on the gene is an important distribution measure that goes back to the italian statistician karada genie. tells us how income is distributed in society and in the deserts of a tired was. put simply if income which equally distributed the genie would be 0. if all income were with one person the genie would be one. so corroded genies coefficient shows the degree of inequality in income
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distribution the higher the number the less equal the distribution. germany austria and switzerland are all at just under ciro point 3 norway has the best value among european nations with 0.26. the united states does significantly worse and worse. in the us it's already 0.39 or end of dying in the balkan countries which are less developed the genie can sometimes reach 0.4. that's where it starts to get critical. because the gini coefficient above 0.4 can signal is spread to social harmony wherever a society is increasingly torn apart into haves and have nots social cohesion is at risk. of people who have been left behind economically who are living in relative
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poverty will tend to participate less in elections for example of a bit and in society generally. in germany austria and switzerland net income inequality isn't as pronounced as in many other countries. that's mainly due to government redistribution through taxes and social benefits but inequality is growing in the city of ca's who are michelle hartman looks at the widening gulf between germany's elite and other social classes he says that germany had the best conditions for income equality until the turn of the millennium the so-called economic miracle of the 1950 s. and 960 s. boosted private purchasing power for things like furniture cars and travel there was growing prosperity for all social security and full employment led to a quality of life that was taken for granted for decades. and that's why many people today feel that what's happened in the last 20 years is
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a step backwards because people back then thought if we keep doing what we're doing we could completely even out those large social differences. in a 2013 survey almost 2 thirds of germans said that social justice had decreased. germany is one of the e.u.'s 10 richest countries and one of the 20 wealthiest countries in the world but the income gap continues to widen you know that since once a year in the last 20 years the bottom 10th of the population has lost 10 percent of its income in real terms and the top 10 has gained almost 25 percent in other words in 2 decades the gap has widened by more than a 3rd and people can feel that changing. the risk of poverty in germany is higher than it has been for many years. while a small group can of food almost anything the larger part of society has less and
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less despite decades of work and this does not just apply to germany. 2011 so the occupy wall street movement emerged in the united states a country known for its large gap between rich and poor. gave me about the richest one percent against the rest of the population that image resonated in germany and in other european countries because in the last 20 years we've experienced a watered down version of that in this country and in france even in scandinavia. even if statistics and indicate has confirmed basic levels of social justice in germany a recent study has shown that one percent of the population owns 35 percent of the country's total wealth the month. when you ask people what they think of any quality in german society the overwhelming majority of people born at the top have
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absolutely no problem with that for them it's a sign of achievement still those from working class families find it unfair by exactly the same large majority just what would need to change to ease the sense of injustice. germany's constitution guarantees freedom and equality for. all citizens as well as the right to participate in society but what's the key to a just society. most good most shiny 1st thing most people would say is the right to education is only 5 and that's not wrong because education goes a long way to determining a person's position in society and says that education is very closely related to income and wealth usually that fact is ignored or not given much weight of a man in army if you grow up in poverty your educational opportunities are much much worse for material reserve because it's not just about the waist or in a structure i mean i would always put income in wealth as the number one factor
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then comes education and after that housing but housing is also strongly tied to income and wealth so then you always come back to him coming into work. the past 4 decades have seen a reduction in social standards and the introduction of low paid jobs as well as rent increases and the lack of housing. many people are unwilling to simply accept this and it has led to belittle policies further to the left and right experiencing greater popularity. it could be an indication that principles of justice are an evolutionary inheritance. back at the life in its institute in frankfurt the young test subjects are still coming to terms with the unfair system of rewards. t.v. about us do you have an idea how we can solve this matilda do you have an idea of
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what we could do i mean certainly you do give her one of yours those outs a good idea. and do you think it's good for me and that she gave you one does not know or can't take it any longer. what are you doing now yes splitting them dividing them up. after the titans did you split them up equally. but otherwise the other one is sad . with empathy and the willingness to part with some of their own rewards the children saw of the distribution problem. but are these qualities innate or acquired this question has long occupied the scientific community our youngest test participants could provide dances with the classic hole punch experiment.
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oh my. god i'm punching the pages. have you ever seen one of these the click ok we want to see. why our. question the 2 year olds are more interested in their toys than in the whole punch. but now we hike the whole punch. how will cosmo and you react.
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or are you. not hey where's my hole punch. up there but i can't reach it what can i do. cause my is quick to help. i stood a chair to climb on. so i can reach the whole punch. bench the chair thank you was thank you. we help of is from a very early age empathy and a willingness to help our inherent in most people these traits develop into a sense of justice only in my food want to help someone or be able to.


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