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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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have surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really. and want. to talk to people who follow along the way at myron's and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping. the metals last i. believe. this is. coming up today putting china on check. the e.u. sanctions chinese officials for rights abuses against weaker people in show china responds in kind but what does this mean for the views relations with its biggest critic propped up. by china. the fight against the pandemic has opened up opportunities for indian women with skills in a high risk profession. welcome
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to news asia glad you could join us china says in to sanctions targeting chinese officials over their involvement with rights abuses in. based on lies and false information a statement from china as a vice foreign minister also warned that the sanctions could harm e.u. china relations the statement comes a day after the e.u. sanction for chinese officials and one entity with asset freezes and travel bans for rights abuses against the weak of muslim minority in china not western region. do you foreign ministers meeting in brussels usually fare a verse to confrontation with china but not this time sanctions would be imposed on beijing. this packaging group for individuals and one entity
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from china who have had the knack to for all india design and implementation of the change policies in jean jacques. we wear make that wear during the meeting that china has retaliated to those sanctions. and rather than change its policies and address our legitimate concern and china is against the law and i and these measures are we had to will and next unacceptable china's retaliation blacklisting 10 even the vigils and 4 entities the e.u. wasn't alone though imposing sanctions over china's human rights abuses inching jiang province the u.k. the u.s. and canada also approved penalties so mention will be used to china you know only you know right the chinese people and the basic response i heard is that the are the shoes if you all know to be sentient by. the
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u.s. you are the country because we have successfully safeguard national sovereignty curious about me and. the u.n. says at least 1000000 weaker muslims are detained in camps with reports of forced labor torture and sterilization beijing denies the claims and says the camps provide folk a tional training and help in fighting extremism. experts are questioning whether this coordinated pressure campaign goes far enough to cause a real impact on china. and joining me now from brussels one of the 10 individuals come to sanctioned by china. he's a member of the european parliament on the foreign policy spokesman of its largest parliamentary group the p.p.p. mr gullah welcome how do these chinese sanctions impact your work.
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defacto or not it is politically unfortunate as it makes dialogue more difficult it's also totally unjustified but it doesn't impact on my work i had no travel plans to china i have no business is running there so far i'm by no means affected what about the european sanctions when they're pressuring china into correcting its course in changer but it is about shining a light on events that are ongoing i mean the atrocities of the outrageous things that go on in these internment camps and these so-called free education camps are dry to dress it up this is it is unbearable situations collective custody for an ethnic and religious minority and it helps those who are affected those who are struggling and fighting against the circumstances to get the national the necessary international. attention and it was joined by the u.k. the u.s.
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and canada 30 countries all together who are of the same line and let's talk a bit about the trainee's condescension of the e.u. last december greed in principle to an investment agreement the comprehensive agreement on investment or c.i. with china this is still to be ratified by the european parliament of which you are a member do you think this agreement will now be ratified. well there have been discussions about that before and. of course these cities questions will be become stronger in the house although i would say for you personally i would not make my personal sensitivities a base for my political attitude towards this agreement in principle it is something that would broaden the market access for our enterprises and reduce a bit defacto discriminations that our interests have been exposed on the chinese
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market in comparison to their printers access to our markets so far that is in principle something that is more in our interest but speaking of that interest you have members of the european parliament or to your serve who have been sanctioned by trying you actually believe there could be a possibility that the orpen parliament numberless about to find the c.i. i would have speculated at this stage we have $200.00 to $3.00 of discussion how to react now to 'd. finally find a solution it is definitely. not not a way here to at this stage to to make a definitive. recommendation in this regard you talked about european market access now that is an environment where china is the largest trading partner of the e.u. talk to us a bit about the use relations with china so you have on the one hand the cia rich
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you do not want to discuss in detail on the other hand the e.u. sanctions china what is it you foreign policy toward china. but our foreign policy would perhaps describe it as an try at its. cooperate or possible compete where needed and control and when necessary i would say that is the. framework in which we are acting and accordingly we have to see it each and every respect what suits us best and when it's necessary to cooperate for instance on the climate agenda globally yes when it's in the framework of the w g o where we have to get the w t o standards for the applied also in china then we need to talk with them of course but when it's about it's a set of policies also to to its own neighborhood in the south east of asia i think
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it's good to strengthen them in these countries we have corporation with. south korea we have a free trade agreement with vietnam with singapore. and. and in so far we are also strengthening these contacts in order to give these countries a better understanding and also the i would hope that the us and countries would further integrate economically and politically if possible and what does this mean for the transatlantic relationship given that the united states who can come over imports cornett of functions on trying to flood the euro. well i would say that we are in a situation where we should definitely coordinate our policies in my well that's not all the current but i would definitely wish that we would come at some point
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with the u.s. to teach it $2.00 so to say a free trade agreement with the u.s. and we have got one with canada with japan i think that is there would be the best framework to have that have to standing towards this china. horse present or going thank you so much for joining us. the coronavirus pandemic has spiked demand for frontline medical workers to an all time high western countries especially are looking to boost their supply of nurses some now even offer extra job perks to win over candidates one southern state in india seems to produce a large share of medical personnel who work abroad the double travels to kettler to meet some nurses before they take off. to the. un general grew up in and out of hospital. as a severely anemic child. she was often admitted for treatment. but that
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traumatic experience sparked. i really got inspired by the ministers who cared for me because of them i really wanted to be a nurse i want to earn a lot to look after my family and as for less to pose to something. extraordinary. and she plans to do just that which is why this morning on you isn't headed to the hospital she's going to english class. for decades now nurses like unto have been emigrating from the south indian state of keller. to work in hospitals in the middle east and europe. and undo plans to move to the u.k. with her family to take up a nursing job the country is easing these are processes. and offering food and accommodation books for applicants. but
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still needs to pass an english test to qualify. she's joined an each week course offered to nurses who need to boost their english skills. many of these women have already worked in covered 19 wards. sometimes sit in these classes of welcome break. but all of them also seem to be itching to get back and they want to take their fight global pandemic this country or india can bear to the western on this especially the u.k. so i guess i know that i can do the same for them also we have managed to contain the pandemic in the 1st few months it was it was a mortal for the whole world and i really believe that we can do the same in all the other countries as well i believe that this is a really strong and this pandemic has really mordred has to face is released
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and our skills have improved international recruiter seem to agree the state sponsored consultancy where these women are being trained has helped nurses emigrate since the seventy's but they've never seen demand like this double salaries chartered flights interview reverse an expedited results are becoming the norm. comes during a pandemic the north has become the real warriors the world realizes that even soldiers can do anything no one can except nurses all the health care workers they are fighting so the demand for them is higher. for and a movie be as much about helping fight the pandemic in the u.k. as about securing her child's future play here. education. to my son. he will be better in his future and he can answer anything
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untrue believes nothing is all about. it may be why she's unafraid of leaving behind all she knows to save lives far from home. that's it for there's of course more give up the dot com forward slash show we're back tomorrow the same time as you about. it there i'm david and this is climate change brags that sex. happiness increased books. for your. children smarter for free for your books on. the. climate change. for most of us.
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what do you use today for future. d.w. dot com for the city the making. could turn. out for this edition of arts and culture because we're taking you to some extreme places and later on the show. oh yeah now british thing out although parks turned her love of poetry into a music career. now one day we'll all be able to go on holiday again and when that happens where will you go 1st want something different from the usual
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museums markets mass sightseeing to as what about something more extreme well look no further the book 111 extreme places in europe that you shouldn't miss as just being published. it's based on an award winning multimedia series produced by your remarks program. mazing it was likely weirdest thing i've ever done. it may suggest just watching it doesn't it well the star of that series was the year my support ahead great developing and he's with me in the studio welcome to outsing culture and rick now the book's out now it's by patrice. conceived the c o u's 2 s d w a proto in its pages you can find q.r. codes that's quite high tech and you can scan those with your smartphone and they
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bring you 2 episodes of the series one that i particularly enjoy drinking tea was one where you take us to a place that's very very cold tell us a bit about that yeah in one episode for europe to the mix we went to iceland and there's the largest glacier in your of the niger kreutz and that's a really really amazing thing because it's hard to approach you need you need a guide there and a proper car for it and then when you approach the glacier then you can get into ice caves that are really blue and really shiny and that was just an amazing thing to see how nature turns out just kind of beauty wonderful when we were talking earlier you told me that was a time actually in fact episode when you felt a little out of your depth. it was when we were approaching the glacier from another glacier tong we went up there also with a guide and with the proper equipment of course and then when we were up there and
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were surrounded by like our wallets was of concrete ice we were hit by a snowstorm an ice storm by surprise and that was the moment i thought oh my god is this still safe or is this the kind of dangerous. situation and i just thought ok just trust this guy trust the guy he will lead us down and he did we will save of course but there was some horror really extreme and the best thing is you can find all these kind of stories in the book and in the episodes of a good idea to trust the guy denied the restoration we guide you survive that let's move very cold crises to almost the opposite tell us about your joint volcano that's a city been erupting this very month is there was we went to italy to sicily and there's mt etna which is the highest active volcano in europe and everyone knows mt etna of course in a way but when you're actually there and approaching this mountain which is
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3300 meters high and when you are getting up there with a cable car and gave going up to the top and when you see all the lava fields that are from the past eruptions over there and the funny thing that i was discovering over there is when you are grabbed you know when you're digging a hole somehow and you grab the lava it's still warm and you can still feel the. active volcano underneath must be pretty amazing well we've got just about a minute left but tell us briefly about how make yeah yeah we went to college which is an autonomous republic and part of the russian federation and this is the only buddhist region in europe and for me it was really heartwarming and touch you know way because when we feen there and we realized that they were like really building the buddhist temple in the mid ninety's after the fall of the soviet union and how
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they were somehow living their religion and we were a part of this buddhist ceremony and we're seeing all the colorful. temples and. sort of religion life over there was really really nice. hendrik lucky you managed to film most of our series before the lockdown began last year and you can see more of hendrix adventures on you tube backslash d w u m x. the book has lots more to offer 111 the prices in all many of them you won't find in any of the tourist guide arts fact it's available in english and german and it's form eamonn fella thanks for joining us and greg thank you very much some more arts news now this week's other piece is holding its 1st major sale of the year a portrait of picasso's a love of durham art is expected to fetch up to 8500000 pounds embrace on the beach by edvard monk could go for 12000000 and banksy is parody of the 1991 vanity fair
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cover showing actress demi moore pregnant is valued at 2 to 3000000. and another work by banksy has sold for a record 19400000 euros at auction at christie's the most money ever paid for a work by the elusive street artist the works title game changer shows appreciation for nurses cheering the pandemic and proceeds will go to britain's national health service and twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey has sold a digital version of his 1st tweet for almost $3000000.00 just setting up my twitter was posted back in 2006 it's sold as an n f t that's a digital satirical that confirms an item is a one of a kind he says he'll give the money to charity. now to a young british singer as you count joni mitchell and saidee smith among her
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influences and use 1st love with poetry over the past couple of use auto parts has been rapidly gaining fans was her thoughtful lyrical compositions this year she finally released album. i don't like you think you war and it's that simple when arlo park sings of hope it's like a lavish comforting caress. my generation does have this sense of of caring and of wanting to change things and of being ambitious and of being you know having that spirit of adventure when it comes to creativity especially when i look at the other artists and human beings i'm surrounded by is a great deal of hope. our
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parks is 20 and i was born and grew up in london she's a poet whose wives and stories melded into perfect. literature was her starting point she spent her childhood in books singing came just a few years ago. i started rising short stories when i was 7 or way my parents were always reading to me and i heard someone say something and i was i felt emotional you know that was that sense of being moved by when i was a kid i would like flick through the dictionary and just find words that made me happy or that made me feel good or better represented like how i was feeling. or songs and the characters in them are as pared down as possible they're more like emotional landscapes than songs classics.
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debut album takes its title from a line by novelist c.b. smith collapsed. it starts with the power. collapsed in. stretched out open to brief violent i see myself ablaze with joy sleepy feeding your cat all slicing artichoke hearts we're all learning to trust our body making peace with our own distortions you shouldn't be afraid to cry in front of me i promise. you i was reading the book on beauty and i stumbled across this phrase collapse in some beams and to me that was really bittersweet sentiment there was this sense of you know the sun being
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this healing force this force of growth but then also the idea of someone being kind of completely overwhelmed collapsing in emotion and you're not sure whether it's positive or negative i mean i think that some of the best music has that quality of businessweek. covell was. the. park's turn turn every day observations into 4 minute drama it's. a love story. was told. was. going. to.
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specially you know that fiction has taught me is how to kind of create characters that feel physical that feel human you know when i write a song i know that i'm talking about you know my friend know somebody that i've met but how do i portray them in a light that makes the listener feel like they can see themselves in that character but it's not just the characters the songs or the artist herself. just because somebody is black doesn't necessarily mean that that all is inherently political or should inherently only revolve around that facet of their identity and just kind of celebrating that the strength and the joy that surrounds people and i think about something that i wanted to you know celebrating that sense of joy in and i think empowerment comes from many different ways it comes from you know
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getting to a place where you're comfortable in your own skin getting to a place where. you feel. with with your identity where you feel comfortable in yourself no matter how other people see you i mean there are so many different branches to empowerment so it's. something that's important to me. well. i suspect we'll hear a lot more from her when he leaves you with pictures from greece of the ancient sites that somewhat controversially reopened this week ahead of the summit chouest season thanks for watching arts and culture.
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the school. because it's. the one. we need to take a closer. experience knowledge to morrow to. keep up. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the cold it seems fishel monday to friday on t.w. . this is
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a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. for the rest of the class watches. and cheering toddlers being killed by his mother. breaking up plants. a child sleeps in the streets because her family through right. here. online bullying. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are make the invisible visible of us mike violence against children disappear.
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this is what we use live for easter law down in germany introduced this tough restrictions for the holidays chance under american law and state leaders agree to extend lockdown measures plus public life won't be shut down for 5 days over the easter holidays domestic travel is discouraged and holidays to spain can continue plus back to the ballot box israelis head to the polls for the 4th time in 2 years voters face the choice reelect a longtime prime minister benjamin netanyahu or want to know.


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