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tv   Hart aber fair  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2021 6:30pm-7:31pm CET

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good use crime fighters are back again africa's most successful radio drama series continue. this season the stories focus on hate speech color of prevention and sustainable local production. all of the sos are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. are insiders to new no. doubt about the fact that. this is d. don't mean news africa on the program today the work being done to free africa's insane people we will be zermatt providing a safe haven to people escaping slavery initiating. to bring the nature reserves of cape town to point conservationists song cutting down trees just save the city from running out of forces.
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it's good to have you have any africa has some of the highest rates of modern day slavery in the world a 2018 index showed that as many as 9000000 africans were living in servitude without having a choice in the matter and now today countries with the highest numbers of sleighs in africa include eritrea. sudan and rwanda in mauritania slavery is especially privilege because it's been an institutionalized practice state taxes they have been known to collude with slave now in a moment i'll be talking to a researcher on slavery in africa but 1st this report from new jail where people who've escaped bondage are being set up for a new life. in the home you do became misread as a child. that's was because every status is passed on through the generations he
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took care of cattle and sometimes worked on farm land all without pay. slavery is a reality here we were born with it we are recognized as such doesn't us let us go a little far from the boat we are still on the in and when. there's only people are predominantly museums of the maliki sunni in asia dave even the arabs are headlines slavery remains deeply embedded in the society it exists in rural and urban areas and is practiced ragin by the 20. 2 it. is fighting this practice. is on the truth about identity of a lark we saw how our grandparents we're in this situation and it was an unjust
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situation i said that i'm going to fight against the sin just he said and today i would rather die in that fight than died next. after escaping their masters they were brought to this village which is isolated from ordinary communities which was organization is providing social i mean teas. and of course. you could only move but we had to support them we see chickens. each woman was given the and most they're going to receive a capital that will allow them to be financially independent they're going to be. feeding this community in the long term might be a challenge so fighting for this minority to have access to their land and with the land they can work and feed themselves. these people are finally free from their slave busters but they're still considered as serves their country that's why
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they're sick that they were called through to fight for their rights they have right through their law hamadou admits his time is passing but the true driven around him deserve a better future. so. today in the eyes of everyone we are slaves we will not continue to remain in this slavery we are going to fight off freedom that's why we went to sea and it was to tell you that we have had enough of the server was a boy in 1960 and has been a punishable crime since 2003 but despite that it is a harsh reality for many. to talk more on this we've invited sophie de connick entre the program she is from the international labor organization one of her focus areas is the abolition of slavery she joins us from come to a news africa sophie we've just seen an example from michelle to tell us more about
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what slavery in the modern day looks like in africa. thank you thank you very much and thank you for inviting me to speak come on this very important issue and slavery of course neighbor as we call it in the international labor organization can take out to some point in africa your documentary describes traditional slavery which continues to exist in the sahara and part of africa particularly in egypt mauritania and mabie but and in d.c. in these countries some ethnic community. exist where people are born into slavery and resulting in entire generations of them being owned and at the disposal of the han of martha but there's another form of for paper which is human trafficking i guess for labor affection expose haitian which is pregnant in the continent and virtually all the countries in africa either
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a source of of of human trafficking or a destination and in coming census also transit countries and it's important to note that most of the other human trafficking cures within africa but indeed there are a few quick and that also trafficking to europe went to the better the. selfie of why debt slavery continues to thrive on the continent there are a number of factors that lead to defeat you ation i'm out partying with the white press poverty and the and the lack of a safety net for the population poor levels of education of skills lack of job opportunity and for playboy to be found grady in. mainly in context of our subsistence farming and informal economic activity where though it's horsemen so still particularly challenging and some specific groups are particularly vulnerable to for they don't take to some populations as we've seen
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but also migrant women. you know like going back to that. sample that we saw in asia sophie in many societies slavery is entrenched in the cultural practice as you were saying and it really dates back centuries it also forms part of the economic systems you talked about poverty have you looked into what the impact of collapsing that system would be well on one hand we need to make sure that. the form of slaves and the. descent population are empowered to start with they don't know their rights so they need to be empowered they need to be provided with literacy training peckish not training have access to livelihoods and i am turning to the commom account opportunities for that the access to land is particularly important and but it's also a mental process that's what they all have known all their lives they've been under
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the domination of our of a master so they need to be also empowered and perhaps receive. psychosocial support and many of them also don't have a legal identity which is very important on the other side we need to make sure that the perpetrators the masters are also are actually prosecuted sophie is there a one size fits all approach to ending the practice of slavery in africa. musgrave yeah i mean the fundamentals are there needs to be a mug management from from the government and from the society you know widely but there is an issue that this is an issue when some countries are not yet there. that they don't there needs to be a strong political will it's really the government that is primarily responsible for addressing this situation. so these governments need to take the necessary actions as a matter of urgency to address these issues means the adoption of lows that for
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this practices but they're in for some of those particularly challenging law enforcement official need to be trained and the victims of forced labor need also to receive legal assistance to effectively access to justice and the worry is raising as a who are targeting the communities where ok so curious but also the policy makers and the general public and for that data are you be necessary or at that sophy to copy from the i thank you. it's been 3 years since people in cape town faced the real prospect of running out of water at the time officials were warning off a days erupt when the taps would run dry because it was no more municipal water crisis was triggered by a severe drought since then they've been a number of measures put in place to try to avoid a similar crisis one of those initiatives is a conservation project that involves cutting down trees from the city's scenic landscapes. the dramatic sandstone peaks soaring over cape
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town this is the city's main natural catchment area for water it's home to one of the planet's rarest and most vulnerable ecosystems known as fane boss. 2 thirds of its 9000 plant species are found nowhere else among them south africa's national flower the king prettier. but the sensitive ecosystem faces tough competition from non-native species. it's these that employees of the n.-g. o. the nature conservancy are after. their especially looking out for acacia eucalyptus and pine trees as they were imported in colonial times. there is enough cutting this trysts that is because this tree is that it will wells
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that there was there. and laid not all of them kept on or ever growing your own both trees there the wild entrance out of water and then you end up not having enough went to. in 2018 taps and cape town almost ran dry. water for 4000000 residents was rationed capetonians queued to buy bottled water and fill jerry cans at public springs. the highly specialized team of the nature conservancy is now going the distance to save cape town's water. they have to conquer rough rugged and remote territory to take out thursday non-native species. most of the invasive plants outcompete indigenous plants and they take up a lot more water. we can save up to $55.00 when you're in the
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desert for that every year in freak year a new price of $3.00. catchwords of the great the religion and the group that in conflict it's 2 months water supply for craig doubt that we can so by removing their employees trees from the war machines. and recent study has shown those tree cutter gains come at a 10th of the cost of other solutions the city is pursuing such as desalination and waste water recycling. and that's it for our program today as always be sure to check out our at the stories that's on d.w. dot com forward slash africa we're also on facebook and on twitter we're always interested to know what you think about the stories that we cover here on the program and the stories that we should be covering today we leave you with some more pictures from south africa but this time of effects of drought like animals in
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the northern cape problems we'll see you next had a fight. any puzzle yourself why you don't know it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about the market and i'm do this because we can't stay on venezuela almost a way that you consciously global news that matters d.w. made for mines they've been robbed of their soul that's what the people experiences
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when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural artifacts were brutally stolen from africa by colonialists and carted off to europe. that left wounds that have here to feel what should be done with the stolen or from africa the stolen soul starts april 13th on g w. buckle up for this edition of arts and culture because we're taking you to some extreme places and later on the show. oh yeah how british thing up although parks turned her love of poetry into
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a music career. so now one day we'll all be able to go on holiday again and when that happens where will you go 1st that so want something different from the usual museums markets mass sightseeing tours what about something more extreme well look no further the book 111 extreme places in europe that you shouldn't miss has just been published in spaced on an award winning multimedia series produced by d w you're a mix program. it was amazing it was like the weirdest thing i've ever done. it may suggest just watching it is that well the star of that series was the year of my support a hendrick event and he's with me in the studio welcome to outsing culture and rick now the book's out now it's by patrice. conceive the c.e.o. he's to d.w.
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a point in its pages you can find q.r. codes that's quite high tech and you can scan those with your smart phone and they bring you 2 episodes of the series one that i particularly enjoy drinking tea was one where you take us to a price that's very very cold tell us a bit about that yeah and one episode for europe to the mix we went to iceland and there's the largest glacier in your of the vote niger crude and that's a really really amazing thing because it's hard to approach you need you need a guide there and a proper car for it and then when you approach the glacier then you can get into ice caves that are really blue and really shiny and it was just an amazing thing to see how nature turns out this kind of beauty wonderful that when we were talking earlier you told me that was a time actually in fact episode when you felt
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a little out of your depth. it was when we were approaching the glacier from another glacier tong we went up there also with a guide and with the proper equipment of course and then when we were up there and were surrounded by like our walls walls of concrete ice we were hit by a snowstorm an ice storm by surprise and it that was the moment i thought oh my god is this still safe or is this a kind of dangerous situation and i just thought ok just trust this guy i trust the guy he will lead us down and he did we will save of course but there were some who are really extreme and the best thing is you can find all these kind of stories in the book and in the episodes of good idea to trust the guy do not hide. the situation we guide you survived that let's move very cold places to almost the opposite tell us about your joint volcano this lately been erupting this very month yes there was we went to italy to sicily and there's the mount etna which is the
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highest active volcano in europe and everyone knows mt etna of course in a way but when you're actually there and approaching this mountain which is 3300 meters high and when you are getting up there with a cable car and game going up to the top and you see all the lava fields that are from the past eruptions over there and the funny thing that i was discovering over the years when you are greg you're in you're digging a hole somehow and you grab the lava it's still warm and you can still feel the active volcano underneath must be pretty amazing well we've got just about a minute left but tell us briefly about how makiya yeah we went to college you know which is an autonomous republic and part of the russian federation and this is the only buddhist region in europe and for me it was really heartwarming and
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touch you know way because when we feen there and we realized that they were like really building the buddhist temple in the mid ninety's after the fall of the soviet union and how they were somehow living their religion and you were a part of this buddhist ceremony and we're seeing all the colorful. temples and this sort of religion life over there was really really not a single hendrik lucky you managed to fail me most about series before the lockdown began last year and you can see more of hendricks adventures on you tube backslash t w u m x. the book has no more to offer 111 prices in a row many of them you won't find in any of the tourist guide i expect it's available in english and german and it's formed in one's fellow thanks for joining us and rick thank you very much. some more arts news now this week saw the beast is holding its 1st major sale of the year a portrait of picasso's lover dora moll is expected to fetch up to 8500000 pounds
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embraced on the beach by edvard move could go for 12000000 and bank sees parody of the 1991 vanity fair cover showing actress demi moore pregnant is valued at 2 to 3000000. and another work by banksy has sold for a record 19400000 euros at auction at christie's the most money ever paid for a work by the elusive street artist the works titled game changer shows appreciation for nurses joining the pandemic and proceeds will go to britain's national health service and twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey has sold a digital version of his 1st tweet for almost $3000000.00 just setting up my twitter was posted back in 2006 it's sold as an n f t that's a digital certificate that confirms an item is a one of a kind he says he'll give the money to charity. now to
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a young british singer as you count joni mitchell and saidee smith among her influences and whose 1st love was poetry over the past couple of years all in parts has been rapidly gaining fans with her thoughtful miracle compositions this year she finally released album. i don't like you think you walk and it's that simple when arlo park sings of hope it's like a lavish comforting caress. my generation does have this sense of of caring and of wanting to change things and of being ambitious and of being you know having that spirit of adventure when it comes to creativity especially when i look at the other artists and human beings i'm surrounded by he has a great deal of hope. are
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there parts of his 20 was born and grew up in london she's a poet whose rhymes and stories melded into perfect. literature was her starting point she spent her childhood in books the singing came just a few years ago. i started rising short stories when i was 7 away my parents were always reading to me and i heard someone say something and i was i felt emotional that there was that sense of being moved by what when i was a kid i would like flip through the dictionary and just find words that made me happy or that made me feel good or that better represented like how i was feeling. or songs and the characters in them are as pared down as possible they're more like emotional landscapes songs the classics are.
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debut album takes its title from a line by a novelist c.d. smith collapsed in sunbeam it starts with a power. collapsed. stretched out open to abuse he has a brief violent i see myself ablaze with joy sleep. feeding your cat all slicing artichoke hearts we're all learning to trust our body making peace with our own distortions you shouldn't be afraid to cry in front of me i promise.
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you i was reading the book on the u.t. i and i stumbled across this phrase collapse in some beams and to me that was really bittersweet sentiment there was this sense of you know the sun being this healing force this force of growth but then also the idea of someone being kind of completely overwhelmed collapsing in emotion and you're not sure whether it's positive or negative i mean i think that some of the best music has that quality of business sweetness. covell law. to. parks turns her every day observations into 4 minute drama. a love story that. was.
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specially you know like fiction has taught me. how to kind of create characters that feel physical that feel human you know when i write a song i know that i'm talking about you know my friend know somebody that i've met but how do i portray them in a light that makes the listener feel like they can see themselves in that character but it's not just the characters the songs or the artist herself. just because somebody is black doesn't necessarily mean that that all is inherently political or should inherently only revolve around that facet of their identity and just kind of celebrating that the strength and the joy that surrounds black people
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and i think about something that i wanted to you know celebrating that sense of joy in and i think empowerment comes from many different ways it comes from you know getting to a place where you're comfortable in your own skin getting to a place where. you feel. with with your identity where you feel comfortable in yourself no matter how other people see you i mean there are so many different branches to empowerment so it's. something that's important to me. well. i suspect we'll hear a lot more from her when lead you with pictures from greece of the ancient sites that somewhat controversially reopened this week ahead of the summit chouest season
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thanks for watching arts and culture. of the.
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same point in the relegation battle. to demolish. it's mine speech thanks. james i am lysis i give me nothing. when 2 teams come. in to minutes on d w. 2 children to come to terms. one giant problem and nearly get in a little scene the 1st serious. little teacher is. counseling. how will climate change affect us and our children.
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w dot com slash water. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity islam established itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power. play. a huge race began. who can create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. place stone masons from builders and architects compete with each other. this is how massive churches are created the big.
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contest of the cathedrals flame the 12th on g.w. . blame. the book. this is it every news live from berlin the easter a lockdown in germany introduces tough restrictions for the holidays chance i'm going maryland state leaders agree to extend lockdown measures plus public life or shut down for 5 days over the easter holidays domestic travel is discouraged holidays to spain can continue plus mending fences u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken is on
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a mission to reset the ties with nato he says the transatlantic alliance is at a pivotal moment facing threats around the were. also back to the ballot box israelis are voting in their 4th the election in 2 years can the country's vaccination success give prime minister benjamin netanyahu a boost this time around. on my heart thank you so much for your company everywhere it's been there was nobody really likes to hear it today german residents have been told to prepare for the country's toughest coronavirus lockdown so far starting on april 1st most shops will close for 5 days and person easter church services will be cancelled while domestic travel is discouraged holidays abroad are still allowed or the measures
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come after a marathon meeting between state and federal leaders. by the time they had finally wrapped up night the ton to morning energy had given way to exhaustion and what began as a one month partial lockdown newsnight nearly half a year long chancellor angela merkel summed up the seriousness of the situation facing germany. we basically have a new pandemic. the mutation from great britain has taken over which means we have a new virus of course of the same kind but with very different properties. of the. guns and it's clearly more lethal more contagious and contagious for longer. that's why restrictions on public life will be extended until april 18th and
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gatherings over easter effectively canceled. down the east a lockdown will bring everything to a standstill for 5 consecutive days you can take the wind out of his sails of a pandemic and prevent new infections but i know it is a great strain for many many of you hoping to go on holiday over easter but that is a hope that we were all have to put on hold. not everyone germans will still be free to fly in search of some sun providing they test negative before they return home the holiday dispute comes amid a backlash over rules that allow tourists to fly to speed but not to holiday within germany. meanwhile the amish to keep schools and childcare centers open with the help of regular testing for teachers and pupils. longer term leaders are hoping that injecting some margin c. into their vaccination program will help end the lockdown. is
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a lot of we're in a race to get vaccinated and to feel its effect as soon as possible and for us there are now 2 main strategies caution and flexibility here. the meeting laid bare the growing tensions between germany's outgoing chancellor and regional leaders in a relationship increasingly more of a conflict than consensus. well among the measures agreed all non-essential domestic travel is discouraged over the eastern they kishan but people will be allowed to fly to spank for holiday as you know his chief political editor. what the justification was for that exception. it wasn't legally possible to ban travel particularly to spain that would not hold up in courts but at the same time having holy thursday now effectively a bank holiday here in germany which normally is an ordinary working day it's still
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not clear what the legal route towards enshrining that will be precisely so that leaves people here with a potpourri of new regulations that all put together don't really point towards any kind of coherent strategy once again a tough lock down it's supposed to be a wave break that's the argument but force has also become eminent is that lockdown seems to be the only answer given every time that this group of state premiers meets the german chancellor was still no coherent testing strategy to speak of her speaking to me earlier let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world the united kingdom has held a minute's silence in london and across the nation to remember the 126000 people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic the u.k. is the worst affected european country and has the world's 5th highest recorded
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covert 19 deaths told. the republic of congo's veteran the president has been reelected with more than 88 percent of the vote as soon grew so has been in power for over 36 years the vote was boycotted by the main opposition and further overshadowed by the death of his only major rival kovac 19. the u.s. president has called for a ban on assault weapons and tighter gun control measures after the shooting at a supermarket in the u.s. state of colorado 10 people including a police officer were killed in the attack in the city of boulder and injured suspect has been detained. there. it states is pledging to rebuild and revitalize nato after 4 years of tension under the trump administration secretary of state and the blink and told fellow foreign ministers in brussels that
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the alliance stands at a pivotal moment but could emerge stronger despite current disputes between partners this is the 1st time since 20 that needed foreign ministers have met in person. all right let's get you more now with our correspondent teri schultz terry as secretary of state anthony blinken on a mission to mend fences were nato members receptive to his message well you know they were late everyone is waiting to hear these statements about how the u.s. is committed to nato is committed to article 5 the fundamental principle of nato all for one and one for all the president had so much trouble telling the european allies and tony blinken absolutely gave line after line knowing that it would reassure the europeans saying that the u.s. wants to revitalize its alliances starting with nato but you know he's not the only
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one he's the 1st one to come here in person from the biden ministration lately but he's not the only one who's been working these ties defense secretary lloyd austin's 1st born call was to nato secretary general stoltenberg and we've just gotten word that president biden will join the meeting of european union leaders on thursday by video conference so certainly it's a whole of administration approach revitalizing these transatlantic skies right shoring up now they obviously are turning a corner here the one thing however terry the didn't change is that germany once again singled out and he had a warning for lent. he did but to think about how different this warning was delivered it was not being you know screamed across the breakfast table at nato secretary general stoltenberg accusing germany of being captive to russia which of course we're talking about the nord stream to line the pipeline that would link germany and russia and this is something that the united states doesn't like
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president trump said it in you know more vociferous terms but president biden doesn't like it either and tony blinken was not shy to point this out he said that the u.s. believes that this is bad for the european union that it's bad for some allies poland ukraine and it's bad for the united states as well so he expected that need to come up in his meeting with the german foreign minister which is happening this evening right now of gonna stand terry in conclusion very much on people's minds. that's right the u.s. needs to make a decision about whether it's withdrawing its troops as was agreed by president trump in a conditional deal with the taliban if the taliban were fulfilling certain conditions which generally they're not to the u.s. would pull out all troops and nato troops would follow by may 1st now because those conditions have not been met on the taliban side the u.s. it has to decide what to do next and that's holding sort of all nato allies in
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limbo as well because if the u.s. pulls out they need to go also and tony blinken says the decision has not been made to be continued teri schultz reporting as ever thank you very much. next to israel where israelis are heading to the ballot box today in the country's 4th national election in just 2 years voters there face a choice between blocs that back a longstanding prime minister benjamin netanyahu and those who seek to oust him on the stand now is running despite standing trial for corruption and with the opposition fragmented opinion polls suggest the vote will once again lead to a shaky coalition that if one can be formed at all. every vote counts and every detail action of support to. and the power to sniffs next to the gaza border and southern israel she's out in the streets to remind people to vote she
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has no doubts about who should remain prime minister binyamin netanyahu. really going to know it's the moment of the elections i'm here to remind people who is the best to vote for him bibi netanyahu may be a little good that's all that call the 4th election in 2 years is once again seen as a vote for or against benyamin netanyahu the leader of that he could party run his election campaign on the much admired covert 19 vaccination drive and the reopening of the economy this time he has several challenges all running on an anything but netanyahu ticket. pete with his centrist yes a tea party is 2nd in the polls. actually good politician get done so with new hope also aims to replace netanyahu just like right wing enough tony bennett from yemi no who's left it open whether you would join a coalition with netanyahu we have about 3 to 4 liberals of the entering the camp.
7:12 pm
standing divided against that then you know so if you don't do good there but you are divided. their ability of co-working is very limited so the ability for them to form a coalition that would be able to govern and would be able to survive is improbable to reach a majority in the knesset the israeli parliament and to form a government parties need to get 61 out of 120 seats for many israelis netanyahu has become an increasingly divisive figure he's been in office since 2009 and he faces corruption charges in court allegations he denies that i know of ours mitten yeah it was days are over he has been our prime minister for 15 years that's it and we need something new a different prime minister said the cherry rebuttal sure i think baby would be
7:13 pm
reelected because there's no one more promising although i want to believe there is someone else i don't really know for sure a little i want the same prime minister to stay because he's good for everyone around you people are living thanks to the prime minister people in our life bibi netanyahu no. opinion polls suggest that netanyahu is he could remain the strongest party what's less clear is who can build a coalition one still votes are counted. earlier talk to reporters shana rosana son asked her whether mr netanyahu is world beating vaccination rollout could secure his reelection. he hopes so good chances according to the polls it's gives him a good boost let's not forget that after 4 years people have already set up their minds who are for it mostly who are who they are against it's also easy to swipe
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you know to switch sides and to get people to vote and this is the biggest challenge people are having so this experiment of trying again and again like a like a gambler in the casino thinking this round this is the one that i'm going to hit the big death it seems like is where the politicians are playing that game but because they know with brains and you know we see they don't really manage the house always wins and they don't mean it managed to turn it really different results and they refused to find a way to make this all work we also need to keep in mind we didn't just end up in the 4th election within 2 years this is a designed act by netanyahu i mean the previous elections had taken a very strong opponent that he had benny gantz the former head of chief of staff that had immense power and immense support and he was supposed to be the rotating prime minister to change seats and that's now and if you know decided not to make that happen i mean had he chosen to stick that agreement we would have not had any
7:15 pm
new complaints you know so soon we would have had more stability but that's you know we need to keep in mind is also involved in deep allegations of fraud and that trial that is keeping that's the buzz that is a never bodies use it's very clear that it's it's a big factor in the way he conducts himself politically and he below where of it but by now people are also so confident with loving or not loving him it's really hard to make much of a difference at. and there was you know your search on her is out there wrapping up a ball at 10 thank you so much for our watching. you are.
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new york downs new existential fears for german businesses retailers restaurants and hotels scratch easter revenues from their calendars as berlin keeps restrictions on domestic travel many business owners are wondering if they'll make it to summer. block downs in wealthier nations have a ripple effect in the developing world look at the drop in remittances from
7:17 pm
migrant workers. on the show carmakers in america are touting their big plans around electric vehicles what about the charging stations take a look at one plant a time to build out of electric infrastructure with the roll out of electric cars. into the show i'm stephen. german business leaders have responded with frustration to new plans to extend the nation's patchwork lockdown until mid april with many warning that insolvencies would only grow national and regional government leaders agreed on the extension early tuesday morning under the new plan retail restaurants and hotels would largely remain closed until. new variants are spreading across germany sending case numbers up businesses have argued for a loosening of restrictions under strict hygiene regulations. or germany's tourism industry is especially frustrated by the new rules which extend to message travel bans even if germans continue to travel overseas to favorite destinations like
7:18 pm
majorca and many were hoping the easter holidays would bring in some much needed revenue after recent lockdowns now business owners are wondering if they'll make it to summer. the same closed signs the same empty spaces germany's latest lockdown extension prolongs misery for businesses already suffering a year on from the 1st wave of lockdowns the. desperation is growing existential fears are increasing dramatically and the endless lockdown isn't a solution to. the resorts in places like varia hope of an easter boost has melted away a ban on overnight stays by tourists will remain in place many hospitality managers feel the relatively normal summer of 2020 shows such tough restrictions on need it . with enforced and we're frustrated sad and disappointed that our industry is being dealt with this way after we proved last year that we are
7:19 pm
responsible and i guess its treatment that. the german hospitality sector claims one in 5 jobs has been lost during the pandemic but it's by no means the only industry that's hurting cafes restaurants shops all facing prolonged pain pain that many think was avoidable. people they can fly to me york or in spain for shopping but they can't do that at home other measures will be better what we need is to speed up vaccinations and testing. the empty shopping streets and hotels are increasingly being blamed on the actions of the german government many businesses don't know how much longer they can afford to stay close to. where the consequences of lockdowns in wealthier countries are also felt much further away that's because migrants who normally send money back to families in their home countries have less work and thus less to send these remittances as they're called are no small sum they manage more than half a trillion u.s.
7:20 pm
dollars in 2019 worldwide and that amount shrank noticeably last year as lockdowns bit in the wealthy world again limiting my group. work of the world bank believes this year will see even less money sent home and that could mean even more families falling into poverty in places like sub-saharan africa remittances there totaling 48000000000 dollars and 29000 nearly half of that roughly $21000000000.00 going to nigeria alone. now for more on this i'm joined by the correspondent in nairobi joy beer joy good to see you what exactly does this effect have when there are fewer minces going to africa what what is the overall effect that you see so african countries depend on remittances from the diaspora to develop the economy so east basically part of budgetary planning for economies of the african continent and so the fall in regions in countries like nigeria would be lashing affects the economy
7:21 pm
because the jury is not dependent on minerals mineral resources and oil price of crude oil dropped last year which affected its budgetary allocations and so that will be the drop in remittances was definitely grave conny but counties like kenya right to set a shot right in the region says in the year to 20 ok so not everyone following that trend that we've seen what are the prospects for migrant workers in their host countries in terms of getting vaccines for example getting back to work. getting vaccines would last that depend on the working conditions for them as migrant workers in those host countries because maybe i don't i or some of the wealthy countries they're going to need that or they're going to have a condition that for people to go back to at least should be vaccinated that it's really going to be and on the working conditions in particular countries but in
7:22 pm
terms of how to affect their regions as well and that is likely going to happen this year because the one bank as well as predicted that rich is a likely to force an improved 5 percent in 2020 months joy briefly what can african countries do to make up for that loss in money is there anything. it's really very little that can be done and i don't know if probably they could boast the migrant worker is conditions if they can but that's going to be a hard line really for african economies that they don't try to look into other areas of revenue generation outside of the diaspora meet in cities hopefully to generate some more income to boost the. right choice during beer in nairobi thank you all right we talked about the significance of vaccine programs across the world the world bank saying today that it will have vaccine programs
7:23 pm
running in 30 countries by the end of april the initiative will be backed up by $2000000000.00 and financing president of the world bank david malpass was speaking at a virtual meeting of top international organizations also at the so-called aid for trade conference the new director general can go 0 conjoin while emphasize the pressure put on the poorest nations to the pentagon mick. rice economies and a handful of emerging markets recover from the covert crises while most developing countries are left behind this would condemn millions more people to extreme poverty in that yes a headache. i challenge this week i mean yes i had to make sure this does not happen the postcode recovery must not meet anyone on any country. the 1st step towards this goal must be a rapid global that. that ends the pandemic this must include a global scale up of manufacturing including emerging markets and the income
7:24 pm
countries with abscessed of technology and know how for a new deputy chief goes your country while a bear let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy the chat app dischord for more than $10000000000.00 but neither the world's biggest software company nor the platform was willing to comment on the reports discord is popular with gamers and use has soared during the pandemic. sri lanka and china have sunday $1500000000.00 loan to help the island nation deal with the currency crisis and debt repayments amid the pandemic sri lanka has struggled with debt in recent years and 2017 it was forced to hand over its strategic hump on top of ports to a chinese company as a result 25 major corporations have called for the g. 7 to establish global rules of digital public policy the group which includes heavyweights like master card zeman general motors i.b.m. and japan softbank said policies must be aligned on cyber security cross border
7:25 pm
data flows an artificial intelligence warning that fragments of policies could stifle innovation. well over to the u.s. for some of the biggest car companies there have rolled out big promises for emissions free vehicles lately g.m. saying it will produce only electric vehicles by 2035 ford that it's doubling its investment in evey's in the coming years but a key part of the transition to electric drive systems is the charging station now another big player in the u.s. market volkswagen is putting its own plan in motion. to the shiny high gloss future of transport driving yourself from any to being not in the gas guzzler but in the so-called 0 emissions vehicle or. i am. president and c.e.o. of electrified america and i can. never tires of telling americans that the future is already here headquarter to be just
7:26 pm
a few dozen kilometers outside of washington d.c. i like proof for your america. $2000000000.00 investment over 10 years in the future of transport. we're at the very beginning of what i think will be a huge transformation in the u.s. with armadillidium. myers echoes what many experts say 0 emission vehicles are becoming more and more popular tesla market leader with around 500000 car sold last year now has serious rivals ford g.m. and other u.s. comedy cures are giving chase we haven't seen a lot of advertising marketing yet. manufacturers i think that's going to change making evil bill of the mainstream and commercialising it as soon as possible this is where the germans want to come in with a double whammy firstly folks mocking is now seen as a if not the top competitor to tesla experts think v.w.
7:27 pm
will quickly be able to produce high quality electrical vehicles from the american market and on a global scale but for that to work. the infrastructure needs to catch up we don't have enough infrastructure we're behind europe on infrastructure and here's where electrified america smog and once to strike again the company is working on building one of the largest electrical charging networks in the u.s. their goal to set up $800.00 charging stations with up to $3500.00 fast charges by the end of this year that means expanding in dozens of big cities and states ambitious goals and profitable ones they hope electric primary has made it abundantly clear that they want to make this a profitable business so the money that they're spending on infrastructure to play man is going to support viable and long term charging infrastructure plan for
7:28 pm
not only for v.w. but for everyone and infrastructure that offer standardized fast convenient recharging will face out gas stations and fossil fuels in time that's what electrify america is working on not just because it's better for the environment but also because profit projections for so-called immobility in the u.s. operate. and finally in ordinary times it's enough that easter bunnies bring joy and more importantly chocolate to children families but these are no ordinary times and hungry the rabbits come bearing an additional treat a vaccine this chocolate yourself a budapest says he wants his sweet easter bunnies to bring a ray of hope this year by holding up a syringe. says he no longer wants the chocolate treats to wear masks instead hoping to put the emphasis on reopening thing. all right here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. in the attempt to break a 3rd wave of the crowbars pandemic political leaders in germany have agreed to
7:29 pm
extend the national lockdown until april 18th a 5 day shutdown over easter will see all businesses closed except for food stores . that's it for me and the t.v. business team here blood as always you've got a whole lot of dot com slash business for these and other stores it's always watching. pick up. some coins in the relegation battle. that's entomologist name of kusa as mine speed. on the top a little has changed my entire life is a given nothing away. is likely to win when the 2 teams come to.
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60 minutes on d w. people have to say 1st to us. troy we listen to the. reporters there for a weekend on b.t.w. . this is the new sapphic out on the program today the work being done to free africa's insane people we will be providing a safe haven to people escaping slavery initiate. to bring the nature versus self keeps count. when conservationists saw cutting down trees to save the city running out of horses. the be.
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