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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2021 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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set to begin. you're watching every news here's a reminder of our top story this hour german chancellor angela merkel has unexpectedly canceled plans for aig stricter lockdown over mr merkel held a crisis meeting with state leaders following criticism over the plans for a 5 day shutdown she now says the plans were not practical. to. stick around stephen bradley is up next with your business headlines a mylar awkward moment of the top and a half. the cost is increasing every year many i'm gunna fucking on. holiday destinations and drowning in cost of my mind and.
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in for me here your exclusive 1000000 tonnes of plastic waste. is the way. the strong force is interests like global. make up your own mind. w. made for mines. one of the world's most critical shipping arteries remains locked container ships the size of a skyscraper is still wedged in the suez canal cargo vessels and tankers are now back up threatening to put pressure on already strained global supply chains. also on the show the e.u. tightens control vaccine exports as frustrations over the slow rollout of the job
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rise cross the continent. and will take to portugal for a look at how blocked chain technology is helping one company sustainability of its . global show of security and the lead with among the largest container ships in the world and its stock currently in egypt's suez canal blocking dozens of ships efforts are continuing to dislodge the ever give and the ever given rather owned by transport firm evergreen before further disrupts the global shipping system the suez canal provides a crucial link for oil natural gas and cargo being shipped from east to west around 10 percent of the world's trade flows throw flowed through the waterway and 2015 egypt completed a major expansion of the canal allowing it to better accommodate the world's largest vessels or the ever given ran aground before that new portion of the canal . can't go forward can't go back to the 400 metre long container ship the ever given has wedged itself between the eastern and western banks blocking the canal
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completely the ship's owner evergreen says a 50 kilometer an hour gust of wind shoved the ship into the canal wallace bow and stern 420-0000 ton vessel is believed to have partially run aground now much smaller tug boats are trying to heave it free. so it's going to be very difficult to to pull her off and be very careful owner off because again they've got all that weight in the center of the vessel and she's not buoyant right now because she's hung up on the edge on the edge so she has a sagging motion to right now so they'll be very careful about cracking the vessel in traffic loss of the bessel which is worst case scenario satellite pictures show you the ship's location marked here in blue and you can see the top boats around it the consequence of the blockage and extraordinary traffic jam of giant freight has because into bloomberg more than 100 ships are waiting to get passed in either direction egyptian officials are hopeful that the f.a.a. given can be freed and sent on its way but they're predicting that it will take at
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least a couple of days. and more on this i'm joined by lars greiner he's associate partner at humber port consulting large good to have you on the show what does this mean for global trade paths when the suez canal one of the most important there always is blocked. it it's a dire circumstance and the alternative this route around this a cape of good hope good hope and that's just going to add you know tent $20.00 to $30.00 days when you add on the transit that means all the goods on the way on the way radio going already impacted will be delayed really it's it it's like blocking off an artery it's going to give us a mild heart attack. if you're one of the ships that's blocked and it's waiting there what's going through your mind right now. you know unfortunate is not really much choice at the moment you know that it's at the it's a case of right now opening and praying that they can find a solution i know those who is for authorities are desperately trying to find
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a solution they're moving the what vessels they can around to be positioned so that they can have so that they can force faces through quickly once think things are resolved but realistically there's no quick quick fix here if the ship can be can be freed up and moved moved around we can then get good good flowing again the only real long realistic long term solution if the if this does turn to be something long term really is to go around the cape and again that's going to add a significant delay to the to the good flowing. so it's right now it's really much a wait and see and hope that being said you know i think the i think everyone is doing everything they can at the moment looking at what's being done. the next thing i would be looking for is to see if they start like during the vessel to start taking cargo off to make a list critically stable more buoyant and just to allow the tugs to to really do their best to pull it off we're going to cargo is likely to be caught in this jam whether on that ship or on the ships that are waiting. well as you already said
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this is a lot of the will of world trade you know you've got your 12 percent of world trade with moving through there so it really is a combination of everything you've got you have a lot of manufactured goods can heading out to from the from it from asia and from the middle east into europe. they'll be good on there for the for the east coast of the u.s. . will be the only good you know on the on the vessel coming back their goods machinery critical machinery for getting heading back towards asia for full for production. in asian factories now it's really a combination of of finished goods and half finished goods. as well as consumer goods that are on there but really a hodgepodge. are strider associate partner or consultant thank you very much thank you very much stephen have a good evening read on the subject of trade moving around the world the european commission today tightening export rules making it easier for the block to stop
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covert 19 vaccine deliveries to britain and other countries the controversial decision comes amid rising frustration in europe over the slow rate of vaccination the e.u. says it will ensure producers aren't sending out supplies needed by member countries . rapid fire jabs are the order of the day in the u.k. even churches like the renowned westminster abbey have been commandeered in the battle against the virus the strategies seen some 30000000 u.k. residents vaccinated so far just under 50 percent of the population all e.u. member countries put together have only managed 57000000 the e.u. had ordered adequate supplies from produces but pharma firms have failed to keep up . cure vakil supply of 405000000 the e.u. wants 300000000 doses from sun ofi as soon as the european medicines agency gives the go ahead the same number from buy on tech madonna is expected to supply
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160000000 chance. all those pharma companies have production lines in the e.u. the most important locations are in germany france spain belgium italy and austria and production is being ramped up over the coming months the european commission has been angered by the sight of vaccines from e.u. production being exploited once they are in short supply here this year between the beginning of february to mid march of 41500000 covert 1000 shots were exported from the e.u. to the u.k. the americas asia south africa and australia the u.k. alone got $10000000.00 of those doses hit the european commission says british swedish producer astra zeneca has barely supplied the e.u. with 30 percent of the quantities agreed on europe's vaccination program needs now is a shot in the arm. now to some of the other global business stories making headlines
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the german government has overturned plans for a stricter lockdown over easter in ounce one of the 5 day shutdown had caused anger and confusion with businesses saying they had too little time to prepare. the plan agreed to at a meeting with state leaders earlier this week was a mistake. china's dusting district is heading out discount coupons to entice people to get covert $1000.00 vaccinations coupons ranged from value of are valued up to the equivalent of $6.00 they can be used as supermarkets in the district more than $30000000.00 worth of discounts are reportedly to be distributed. tesla chief musk says the company's cars can now be bought in the u.s. using bitcoin purchases overseas with the cryptocurrency will happen later this year he said last month has the revealed it had invested one and a half $1000000000.00 in the choir singing the price of the cryptocurrency story. and the technology underpinning bit coin is the block chain decentralized digital ledger with a growing number of applications around the world and also increasingly in the
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sector of a noble energy story thanks to portugal portuguese company of bare toes supplies textile companies worldwide the industry is not exactly known for its environmental friendliness the fabric printer not far from the city of portal aims to improve on that one reason managing director susana sonando wanted to run her huge printing machines with renewable electricity. we changed our strategy very much to one of sustainability it involves 3 pillars innovation sustainability and social responsibility it's. there to have sought out a power company that could guarantee of a purely renewable energy supply spanish utility acciona only generates wind and hydroelectric power to enable the moderate based companies new portuguese customer to keep track of its own consumption. but their us uses blocked same technology
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just as bitcoin records each transaction in a data chain letter x. you know swindon hydro power output is recorded and talent with out there to consumption in portugal. on our platform a customer can see where the electricity they're using is coming from that's interesting because it allows us to trace the power from production to consumption and consume. even with blocked change the clean energy can't exactly be transferred to other better in portugal but the textile producer at least knows that the renewable energy it's using is actually booked with x. yana and can't be booked more than once and that company's overall output. and with us that's something we want to achieve green electricity complete transparency in the entire value added chain weed. don't only do that with energy we have other projects as well and this one is a great success commencement. is boosting its use of block chain technology in
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mexico and chile in particular because companies there have no legally enforceable guarantees regarding the energy sources yet want to become more sustainable block saying makes it as easy there as it does without a battle in portugal and finally germans pride themselves on both their beer and their breads but rarely do the 2 meet however a pandemic driven need to innovate as brought about just such an occasion. this traditional brewery in dusseldorf has been left 6000 excess leaders of the city's signature out beer as a result of bar and restaurant closures they found a way to make good use of it by turning it into bread several artisan bakeries have taken on the recipe which substitutes water for the beer customers are also getting on board with the idea not least because each loaf comes with a free bottle or 2. like a pretty good deal is
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a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. a container ship the size of a skyscraper is still wedged in the suez canal cargo vessels and tankers are now backing up threatening to put pressure on already strained global supply chains. the european commission is expected to type next quarter rolls today making it easier for the block to stock over 1000 vaccine exports crush they've already tighten those roles the e.u. has said the move is to is meant to make the flow of vaccines fair and ensure the e.u. isn't sending supplies block itself needs. parts of from in the t.v. business scene here but it's always fun as a launching dot com slash business seem to think it's watching.
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we've got some hope tips for your bucket list. current. top spot for food. and some great contributors to. w should we go. it's time to sit facing us like a bunch of the queen because i want to see a gemini with a name the last few years have been quite o'brien early in that we haven't heard it
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on the time when it comes to gemma big as and of course i always look right in the eyes of riches but perhaps the biggest on the new all the time i'm not on the recruit i love to be in the news there are pros and i recall that when you found him altogether there realize it cope with another way of living a life you read to me because i haven't enjoyed me right just do it. this is. coming up today one yes it's india's 1st gold of us walked out. to come to support the new job and the rising cases right back seems odd available going to be enough to contain increasing inspections plus. the un's human rights court he gets the go ahead to collect evidence of human rights violations in sri lanka but with the government against it i went back to movies you are indeed. come to german oculus just to strangers life to talk to stop trying.


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