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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2021 7:15am-7:30am CET

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it's hypnotic display ads. you're watching d.w. news from berlin got more for you at the top of the next hour coming up next monica jones is here with the latest business thanks for watching. they've been robbed of their so much what are people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural riches were stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from the ones that have yet to feel. what should
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be done with the stolen north from africa. this is being hotly debated on both continents. stolen soul church april 13th d.w. . china attacks foreign closing and shoe brands over. this 4 giant nike says it was concerns about reports of forced labor there and that it does not use cotton from the region also coming up one of the world's most critical shipping arteries remains blocked as low tide hampers efforts to dislodge a tanker stuck in the suez canal. and germany's favorite island in the mediterranean and looks forward to a revival off tourists. welcome to the business i want to get jones and glenn good
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to have you with us you as sports apparel make a nike is facing a backlash on social media in china after saying it was concerned about reports of forced a labor of we go in and that it does not use cotton from the region the statement was among the highest trending topics on the way bo chinese celebrities have also cuts ties with nike before allowed comes after the e.u. the u.s. imposed sanctions on chinese officials for alleged human rights violations in beijing zhang. from one of the crossover top financial markets correspondent chelsea delaney in frankfurt because chelsea it's unclear if this is actually a new statement why is it causing such a stir now well the timing of this is very interesting and as you mentioned a couple of days ago the u.s. the e.u. and the u.k.
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all to impose sanctions on china for its treatment of the minority of muslim population the rekers young so this does appear to be another former for a tally issued by the chinese government over the past couple of days the chinese youth league has been digging up these old statements from companies including nike but also h. and m. posting them online and we've seen this really morph into a big internet storm where social media and poor answers celebrities are all posting these statements and saying they're going to cut ties with these companies but we also did see big chinese e-commerce platforms like alibaba and j v dot com also were moving some products from particularly h. and m. from their websites as well can we expect some backpedaling from those companies given to china is not just a major global supply up but also a huge market. it's definitely a difficult line to be walking for these western companies we have seen
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a lot of companies making statements like nike expressing concern about forced labor of the weaker population so we have seen for example the u.s. and imports of cotton farmers in young. global fashion industry has been sort of distancing themselves from the cotton from that region but it's a much bigger more difficult task to you know cut off the chinese consumer population china last year became the biggest retail market in the world it's only going to get more important as the chinese economy grows so western companies and i really can't afford to lose the chinese consumer. on food thank you so much. low tide overnight has slowed if it's to dislodge one of the largest container ships currently stuck in the suez canal where it's blocking dozens of cars and tank is creating the world's largest shipping jam the efforts are ongoing to dislodge
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the ever given the own to buy transport firm evergreen before it further disrupts the global shipping system the suez canal is a choke point for trade it connects asia and europe and it sees 30 percent of the global container shipping volume every day it's also an important transit point for oil and natural gas one reason well prices surged to 6 percent on wednesday the question for shippers now is how long will it take to pry the vessel out. can't go forward can't go back to the 400 metre long container ship the ever given has wedged itself between the eastern and western banks blocking the canal completely the ship's owner evergreen says a 50 kilometer an hour gust of wind shoved the ship into the canal was bow and stern 420-0000 ton vessel is believed to have partially run aground now much smaller tug boats are trying to heave it free. so it's going to be very difficult
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to to pull her off maybe very careful owner off because again they've got all that weight in the center of the vessel and she's not borne it right now because she's hung up on the edge on the edge so she has a sagging motion to right now so they'll be very careful about cracking the vessel in a catastrophic loss of the bursa which is the worst case scenario satellite pictures show you the ship's location marked here in blue you can see the tugboats around it the consequence of the blockage an extraordinary traffic jam a giant freighters recording to bloomberg more than 100 ships are waiting to get passed in either direction egyptian officials are hopeful that the f.a.a. given can be freed and sent on its way but they're predicting that it will take at least a couple of days. and i agree is mounting among germany's hospitality sector which is still in lockdown while holiday makers are headed for my jar car soon after the undeclared to the island a safe destination hotels there of course are looking forward to some income but
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strict measures they're still in place to prevent another wave of the coronavirus. these cyclists are among the 1st getting the tourist season in majorca back on the road again for these 2 germans it's also an escape from the pandemic back home where it little storm is raging about whether to tighten down over the easter holidays. is another big time so obviously one reason why my new york a vacation is a look down on with many saying we shouldn't be allowed to come here at the moment that's a view i really can't get my head around. i think the strategies they employ only i learned here along with all the tests mean we're relatively safe so let's just make sure we keep those numbers down. and he pandemic measures begin on arrival where a negative p.c.r. test is required that german planes landing on majorca over the weekend were all fully booked even though the lifting of the travel ban is not the same as
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a recommendation to go somewhere but the craving for sand and sun is huge. and finally i was last year a year ago and i'm so happy to be back. we're really happy to help things along for the people of new york. the pandemic has sent the spanish island spinning into an economic crisis doubling the number in poverty in just a year almost all jobs here depend entirely on tourism now after months of uncertainty maria sierra can finally return to her job in the hotel man well. my boss rang me on wednesday and asked me if i wanted to come back i'm simply over the moon about it. and we will but good amount of after henchmen is also lurking everything possible has to be done to make sure infection numbers don't start climbing again as the tourists return majorca simply couldn't withstand another wave of the virus so masks are compulsory and curfew kicks in in the late afternoon
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bars cafes and restaurants all have to close at 5 pm the landlord of this german bar is rather dubious about it all and wants to take things slowly like a good german beer. has already decided a sort of pilot project to see if it can work but it could easily backfire. easter is also testing spaniards patience they can't leave their region holidays and trips to relatives during the holy week are banned only the germans are doing well out of the travel restrictions. today i went to palma city we were a bit shocked as we strolled around there. the desire for carefree travel is understandable but is now the time that's a question with far broader implications than a single high season in majorca. and out to some of the other global business stories making news. the us tech company google has signed licensing deals with
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numerous italian media publishers to pay for news content it follows an agreement struck with some publishers in france news outlets have long ceased google's failure to give them a cut of the millions it makes from ads displayed alongside news search results. to such a deal on musk says u.s. customers can now use bitcoin to buy the company's costs overseas purchases will be able to use the cryptocurrency later this year he said last month tesla revealed it had invest as one and a half $1000000000.00 in bitcoin sending its price soaring. chile is supplying a 5 g. rollout over the next couple of years that could leave its south american neighbors in the dust it hopes to use super fast mobile networks to boost its industrial output but this 2 of its major trade partners the u.s. and china locked in dispute over the security of 5 g. chile has to tread carefully. 5 g.
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coming soon to a smartphone near you if you live in chile that is the government here wants to have speedy 5th generation networks covering most of the country within 2 years. there are various studies that say thanks to fry chiles g.d.p. could increase by one percentage per year between now and 2035 means an extra $30000000000.00 the economy if we just innovate and develop each application based on the basic infrastructure that is right. if they're single. as it installs its networks chile is having to take extra care he needs to avoid upsetting 2 of its biggest trading partners china in the u.s. washington is urging allies not to involve chinese firms like walk away in their rollouts saying it'll give beijing an easy way to steal data from now chile is avoiding taking sides leaving it up to the telecoms firms to decide who supplies
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their equipment. for allowing the companies that provide the service to make their commercial decisions free and provided the technical standards are respected and this case security. whether the government can maintain that stance will only become clear as it works to put 5 g. in the hands of millions of more chileans. beer is a liquid bread at least that's how monks in germany used to see it especially during lent now thanks to the pandemic there's a 2 for one deal some bacon isn't just a dollar for using be a to make bread that after the breweries can't sell their products otherwise after all fast and restaurants are closed. the brew pub is one of the better known watering holes in dusseldorf and it's closed the brewery sitting on thousands of liters of unsold beer that won't be good for much longer so where does it all go
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the brewery came up with an idea giving the beer to local craft bakers they're using it for a special. thing a ring shaped bread made with an unusual ingredient. it's really special because of the beer we're using replacing water in the original recipe it's not the 1st corporation for the baker and the brewmaster table test been selling in distilled or for some time it's a local specialty made with spent grain left over by product of the brewing process . customers are thrilled with every loaf of the fixin induce bread they're also taking home a bottle of beer and it's a good deal for the brewery too says its c.e.o. . just grateful that we don't have to pour it all down the drain that's the worst you can do as a brewmaster. it's a win win situation and
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a new food specialty borne out of crisis. quick reminder of our top story. nike is facing a backlash in china after a company statement saying it was concerned about reports of forced labor in chicken shop. and that's your business update here on the w. this hour for me in the team thanks for watching. appearance as the. germany's reputation in the global classroom always topping the charts. as a reality check reveals some subjects are lagging behind. in environmental sustainability. social justice and. a little tutoring wouldn't go amiss. made into. next.
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census of why you don't need to keep a great political goal for all the french at home the force i'm pleased most recently that we can about literally at least the bottom of the valley that the last dragon this world has called the home we used. to agree books on. the germans are known for their humor it's their efficiency and organizational skills that is so impressive i think they secretly dream but the sound of documents being stamps.


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