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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2021 1:00am-1:31am CET

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and the projection. is. to really. change doesn't happen on its own. make up your mind. for minds. this is deja vu news these are our top stories. leaders have been holding a virtual summit to discuss how to ramp up the supply of vaccines export bans are on the table after drug maker astra zeneca failed to meet delivery targets but not all members are in favor just over 10 percent of e.u. residents have had at least one vaccine shot. german lawmakers have extended the country's military mission in afghanistan by another 10
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months around $1300.00 german troops are currently deployed in afghanistan most of them around the northern city of mazar e sharif the german extension comes as the u.s. and nato contemplate when and how to withdraw from the country. europe's largest active volcano erupted overnight for the 16th time since february the southeast crater of mount etna sent lava rocks flying up to 900 meters into the air no injuries or serious damage have been reported after the recent blasts that is the largest of italy's 3 active volcanoes this is you get your news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram f t w news or visit our website www dot com. 2 months into his presidency joe biden today set a new goal in the fight against the coronavirus 200000000 shots by his 100th day in
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office the u.s. should easily surpass this and it fits the biden under promise over deliver approach or will that work in foreign policy china is as unbending as ever u.s. troops are still mired in afghanistan and what about america's gun violence and the thousands of migrant children at the southern border biden never asked for a honeymoon at the start he's not getting one either i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. that's right 200000000 shots in 100 days. is here and hope is on the way. make no apologies and mean programs that did not exist before trump became president we have to have democracy working together
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no american president ever backed down from speak you know i was happy that we. was happy in hong kong. that's who we are. the president walks away from it as the last one did. was the moment we began to lose on the general scene around the world. also coming up here in europe the corona virus has new advantages it has mutated and is spreading more easily at the same time the pace of vaccinations is terribly slow all of these factors are colliding inside hospitals physically it's hard mentally it's hard it's a marathon the end is nigh and insights but he must persevere we are in a war. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states. and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the question much of the world has for us president joe biden what are you
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going to do about this biden has been in office 2 months today he held his 1st press conference this was the 1st time the president took questions on everything and anything and it was the 1st time that we were able to observe him answering unscripted and unfiltered just a week ago the white house was planning to use today to focus on impressive vaccination rollouts across the u.s. but the world not the president sets the agenda most of the questions posed 'd to biden were about the situation at the border with mexico the thousands of unaccompanied children in need of shelter which biden refuses to call a crisis take a listen it happens every single solitary year there is a significant increase the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of january february march that happens every year in addition to that there is any and nobody and by the way does anybody suggest that there was
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a 31 percent increase under trump because he was a nice guy and he was doing good things at the border that's not the reason they're coming. but the crises far beyond america's borders were also on the agenda today the 1st foreign policy question focused on afghanistan time is running out for washington to decide whether or not u.s. troops in the country will come home an agreement between the u.s. and the taliban reached last year sets a decision deadline of may 1st of this year will u.s. troops pull out or will they leave the answer is that it's going to be hard to meet the may 1 deadline so what we've been doing and what i've been doing and what secretary blinken has been doing has been we've been meeting with our allies those other nations that have nato allies who have troops in afghanistan as well and
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and if we leave we're going to do so in a safe and orderly way but the question is how and what circumstances do we meet that agreement that was made by president trump to leave under a deal that looks like it's not being able to be worked out to begin with how's that done but we are not staying a long time. president biden also joined a virtual summit held today by the european council biden was invited by council president charles michel and this is being seen as a sign of europe's readiness for a return of u.s. leadership in international affairs biden told reporters today that a rising china demands a united front comprised of the u.s. along with its allies in europe and further afield. and earlier this month and apparently it got the chinese attention that's not why i did it i met with our
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allies and how we're going to hold trying to accountable to region. australian indeed to pan the united states the so-called quiet. because we have to have democracy he's working together before too long i'm going to have i'm going to invite the lions of democracies to come here to discuss the future and so we're going to make it clear that in order to deal with these things we're going to hold china accountable to follow the rules. obeid and also address the challenge posed by all the credit countries such as russia and china to democracies around the world he said that we are living in an era where people around the world must be shown that democracy works it is clear absolutely clear and most of the scholars i dealt with that pen agree with me around the country that this is
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a battle between them the utility of democracies in the 21st century and autocracies if you notice you don't have russia talking about communism anymore. it's about autocracy the main decisions made by a leader of a country that's a stake we don't approve democracy works. and although president biden has only been in office 2 months and despite the fact that there are 3 and a half years remaining in his term reporters repeatedly asked biden about the election in 2924 will he run for a 2nd term and will vice president couple of harris be his running mate again. then on a related note had you decided whether you were going to run for reelection in 2024 you haven't set up a reelection campaign yet as your predecessor had by this time my friends did indeed do you to. my predecessor. mrs. no
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answer is yes my plan is the run for reelection that's my expectation and if you do if you do run well vice president harris be on your ticket i would fully expect that to be the case she's doing a great job she's agree partnered. with european leaders have their own problems which are demanding attention none is as acute as the coronavirus pandemic a 3rd wave of infections is testing the health care system of most countries just as it did twice before today leaders of all european union countries met virtually in a vaccination summit the biggest problem there are not nearly enough vaccinations taking place a key reason why a highly infectious viral variant has been able to spread so far so quickly frustration is growing today for its president emanuel mccrone complain that vaccinations in the e.u. are far behind other countries he lamented europe's lack of ambition when it came
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to procuring enough shots for everyone currently less than 10 percent of the residents have received the 1st of 2 doses in the united states that number stands at 26 percent. accusations of vaccine nationalism are being thrown from both sides of the english channel today e.u. commission president underlying rebuffed that claim from the u.k. and she added that the e.u. is the world's biggest exporter of coke at 19 back scenes in a tweet she wrote the following the e.u. has exported 77000000 doses of vaccines to 33 countries since the 1st of december 2020 in addition as a lead donor to kovacs it has contributed to exports to low and middle income countries while remaining open the e.u. needs to ensure europeans get a fair share back seems. our the state is now our brussels correspondent
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geyer much as he's been following this story for us good evening to you georg leaders went into this meeting today knowing that their country's vaccination rollouts remain disturbingly slowed did today's meeting due to give us reason to expect an improvement. i'm fortunately brenda summit is not a vaccine factory so no actual additional doses will come out of it at the moment we have quite a bit of haggling over $10000000.00 extra doses that have been delivered by the company violence like pfizer and obviously all of the e.u. once those extra of vaccines the real problem the e.u. has is and i checked the numbers again is that the company of astra zeneca simply has not delivered the amounts the e.u. has expected the e.u. builds really on that contract and in the forest 1st water off this year they only delivered one quarter in this in the 2nd quarter they're about to deliver only
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a 3rd of the vaccines that were promised and so it's really these numbers that are lacking and also it doesn't look like that the american president came around and said look here are some extra shots of our johnson and johnson vaccines because what from what i hear from the summit is they rather talked about shared values rather than shared vaccines that's a very important point to make there i mean those numbers are masters in a good are terribly low we know that a decision was made that all e.u. members would allow the european union to procure vaccines for everyone and the argument has been if each nation had bought vaccines individually rich countries such as germany would be far ahead of smaller poorer countries as it stands tonight georg everyone is falling behind are there some regrets do you think. i think clearly some things went went wrong and in hindsight that's what all your leaders would would agree to although there is no use it crying over spilled milk
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but there are some lessons to be learned and one lesson is that the e.u. trusted too much into open markets think they trusted too much that other countries would also export lots of vaccines you have to understand the e.u. exported 77000000 doses and 88000000 doses went to the e.u. countries so almost the same amount of doses that were ministered where export that's problem number one problem number 2 is they were too careful today the french president said we didn't reach for the stasi and here's really one thing no matter how much well you would have ordered you would have always faced the bad bottleneck the only way would have been at mit a half year last year you should have really throw money at the problem and if that we build up capacities maybe we burn that money and nothing will come out of it but there's $1.00 thing that everybody agrees that went right and that was shopping together for vaccines teaming up as 27 to get those vaccines to even smaller member states other wise the internal market the power engine the power heart of europe
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would have been in danger and also smaller countries would have simply lost out the e.u. and the u.k. they have been trading accusations of vaccine nationalism where do things stand tonight do you think that we're looking at more trust or more trepidation. i think if you look at the sheer numbers of 10000000 doses in the past 2 months and probably the same amount in general area in december that went to the u.k. nothing coming back is a real concern here and that is why member states tonight even approved the step of the commission to introduce a tighter export mechanism although the wording appears to be imbedded in strong supply chains so really what they use doing here is put the machinery on the table and say look we want an open and fair market we want exchange we want to keep the supply chains globally but that implies that other countries do the same otherwise
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we simply lose out and that is something that the e.u. leaders here feel they can no longer sell to their own populations yeah it would be a much better situation if the answers in a good would deliver what it promised to deliver gave us with the latest tonight in brussels georg as always thank you. of the more contagious variant of the corona virus that was 1st detected in britain is now fueling the latest outbreaks in many european countries and once again health care workers and hospitals are struggling to meet the needs of all patients w.'s marina's reports tonight from the french city of. did you know what is finally feeling better the 62 year old was hospitalized with a severe case of covert 193 weeks ago plato told me it is hard to be confined you don't see the sun nothing but you just have to deal with it as opposed to a doctor come ology at tells us his patient's condition was serious when he 1st
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came to this hospital and don clark in the north of france with covert 1000 cases rising in the region the hospital has ramped up its capacity working in pandemic mode for one year has left its mark on d.s. and his team because he just physically it's hard mentally it's hard it's a marathon the end is nigh it incites puppy must persevere we are in a war and now we have to find the ammunition and we have to fight it's of earth so this is. doctors and nurses here at this hospital and to encourage say thanks said to friends in comparison to last year their flirt from mistakes and that better equipped but patients are often also younger now and that is mainly due to the spread of the more contagious u.k. virus here in dunkirk which just only a short boatwright away from britain. don't currently have
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a real wait and see terminal that connected on current and great britain and that's why we had a rapid increase of the virus in a region from where it then spread and what happened here was simply a forerunner for what happened later in the rest of france he said by sea. i want to share that with covered 19 cases skyrocketing the coastal city of dunkirk was one of the 1st places in france to impose a near complete lucked out again a couple of weeks ago now numbers going up all over the country france is known to be a vaccine skeptic nation still many here are now waiting impatiently for an interaction but as in many other parts of europe the rollout has been slow this retired doctor roxas a volunteer at a dunkirk vaccination center his shop supervising the in a queue nations where people are really impatient they all want to be vaccinated
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but it is the vaccine production itself which is difficult for you 86 year old peer at cousens says she's very happy it's finally her turn. to russia but please i'm not to pay be any more i will be fine. and will she go out more now that she has been vaccinated i think so yes i really think i will have the more carrots not less for far over chris and i will soon come back for a 2nd shot she hopes the vaccine is the beginning of the end of this crisis. on monday the european union the u.k. canada and the united states all slapped sanctions on chinese officials connected to the human rights abuses of china's weaker minority china is now hitting back targeting the pocket books of the west chinese state television has called for a boycott of the us sports apparel company nike as well as the swedish fashion
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retailer h. and m. both companies voiced concerns about reports of forced labor among we girls in china's st john region beijing accuses both companies of meddling in china's domestic affairs night. it's trending on social media in china but not in a good way it's facing a backlash after a statement on china's policies in the change young province saying it won't use cotton from the region. and it's not on the edge and that was singled out this week for issuing a statement last year in which it said it was concerned about allegations of forced labor in change on both annika statements haven't been received well by people in china. like him back to nigeria's chinese we must show up patriotism i don't buy these brands and now i will ask my friends to boycott them too. to come on
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the scene those foreigners making money from china but scolding it and discrediting cotton function junk i will not buy those foreign brands i will support domestic products. western brands are caught in the middle of a feud between china and western countries which have imposed sanctions on chinese officials because of the allegations of forced labor but while taking a stance on change young cotton is potentially a human rights issue it could hit their bottom lines in the weald 2nd largest economy. ard for more now i'm joined by miriam sagal mosse she is deputy legal director at the european center for constitutional and human rights here in berlin miriam it's good to have you on the program this is this is a human rights story but 1st i want to ask you how significant are these boycotts really i mean are they going to hurt the companies or do you see this more as being beijing's attempt at angry window dressing. well i guess it's kind
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of both but of course companies are always sensitive to consumer pressure and interestingly enough this time the consumer pressure comes from china so i do think they are concerned and do you expect there to be any changes though in the situation for the weaker minority in china because of all the attention that the story is getting now well i think what you can say that china so far has been very reluctant to any sort of pressure when it comes to the their human rights situation in the country and still the sensitivity with which china now we act you know it does show also that obviously the china doesn't feel like they can just shrug the allegations off so i guess we're in the middle of somewhat of the scene of an escalating power play and we don't need to see if you know if the pressure will be strong enough on china that they were eventually will
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change their policies what did what did you make of what happened on monday with the united states the european union the u.k. and canada together slapping sanctions on these chinese officials was that the right step in your opinion. well i would say it was an important step because it showed that western states want to take a stance on human rights and i think it's only logically that the companies western companies have followed that because i think that is important that western companies also stick to human rights standards and obviously now china is fighting back and is not willing to simply take that which is a very interesting dynamic to see and we will see if the commitment of western states but also western companies is strong enough so that they will actually stick to this it's interesting that when we're talking about human rights abuses within china the reaction we get from china is trying to hit the west where it hurts and
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that of course is in the pocketbook absolutely because it's also a very clear that a lot of western companies not just those retail and sportswear companies are very much dependent on business with china and i think for the last stick kate and probably even longer companies and also state western states have been very reluctant to address human rights issues when it came to secure and business with china and now we are in a situation where you know where where this comes really. to to a combination and the question is you know how much is a will it with the west western states and companies willing to sacrifice business over human rights commitments and you know many many people here in europe and in the united states they consider china to be the retail clothing sectors factory for the world if you will but there is also china's larger growing consumer market so
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i'm wondering will a boycott in china or will it really make a big difference for these companies at the end of the day. well i guess at the moment this is still at least in the retail business it's still i would think that it's a blow that can't this industry can to support it but obviously in the short term but obviously the market west eastern market suspiciously china but also other rising economies markets are of interest to western companies and so i think they are this is putting pressure on them to decide on you know which which business strategies will they take for the next decade and what do you see things as we move forward do you see economic ties between the west in china including more and more the element of human rights in the i'm
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losing you ok you hear me beer you know i can hear your. final question do you see the future of ties between china and the west including the the factor of human rights. well i think this is now the time where europe and north american states will need to decide whether. this sticking to human rights standards is lip service and is something that they are willing to sacrifice for in the name of profits and business interests or if they are going to stick to this and i think this is really the key question now and we don't know where it will end where you know we will have sorry west states and companies will eventually end up miriam's like a mosque near and we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you. for finding just the right fit for the patient and persistent jigsaw puzzles are
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a welcome diversion especially for those languishing under lock downs here in germany a man has taken his passion for puzzles to an extreme he's hoping his latest efforts earn him a place in the record books. pizza shubert has the perfect lock down past time to escape the pandemic panic putting together tens of thousands of puzzle pieces. to self named puzzles king has already done the hardest task he matched the tiny jigsaw pieces in small sections bust. and then fits the $108.00 sections together to make a huge puzzle it takes patience and stamina. i think for temperament to refute it took me 4 and a half months to put together the $54000.00 pieces from and i worked every day
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between $4.00 and $5.00 i was on the puzzle and once a week for a whole day which felt a bit like a marathon of 12 to 14 hours for attention and. the jigsaw shows an art gallery wall filled with paintings and admiring visitors looking on. puzzle making began as a whole be and it grew into his passion peter thinks he's already personally matched close 243-0000 pieces here in his lifetime. oh he certainly wish walk the day is almost done the conversation continues online you find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at brant gump t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another good to see you then everybody.
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to the point that strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. labeling gladden me putting a killer accusing china of genocide against the league or of people abiding administration confronts russia and china become the us when that's our topic on to the point. to the point rebuttal coming up. next the t.w. up was faster than the speed of sound. to
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national drama competition wives marketing numbers atmosphere fight that's how intuition love money. fans primes fives fans and friends. on you tube joining us. labeling flatted near caught in the killer accusing china of genocide against the oig or people by the administration has taken off the gloves when it comes to relations with 2 of the us main rivals with harsh. rick against russia and china the new us president's apparently looking to make good on his pledge that america is backed and won't be pushed around both rivals responded promptly and angrily how prepared is the u.s. for a dramatic deterioration in relations and will have an.


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