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please. we are yours actually on fire. island is burning and has been for 30 years originally a small a good in the waist crisis on the mountains became so pressing that the government repurposed it as a landfill now the island keeps growing with reclaimed land made of rubbish discarded junk and mounds of plastic trash island contradicts the maltese image stunning beaches pristine water a dream holiday destination. is
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a well known in fine mental activist on the things. she's fighting the garbage problem these. days at the sea i think we need to also hold up and i am a very strong believer that. you know maybe i will not be able to save the will of the that a little more lives a lot a lot of help there to save it but i'm not good at least. maaco. shaheen and her colleagues worked for parlay for the oceans a globally active and geo. ave
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the women are heading north. that at the moment leaves consists of over 1000 small islands of which 200 are inhabited travel and transport are not easy here on the illinois night a big day they'll attend the round and let me get the word from their head every day. they're not anybody else they're looking. to make the day that town there they did. not they love this kind of thing they are not going to now bordering on that because they know nothing and if the lord is not. there in the way. they play it safe. on come on do i learned the headmaster greets them he introduces himself as this my people on the maldives prefer being on a 1st name basis. shaheen
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a is here to help residents on the island learn to manage their waste. the empty plastic activist receives a warm welcome and bouquets of plastic flowers if there is much to do. the 1st stop is the school. the mold leaves is an islamic country but girls and boys go to school together she begins her presentation it's a new topic for the children oh yes. now you more or. if you all of you have in your if. one to one side of the oh. oh oh. oh. yes i do yes. well no he he just what or is it oh so government of them all this is just either i've now learned of these. over the. last stills of each i need to let you
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and the lord puts you into the sea we have done so many things but these children call my no no did it is dark age now the soviets are going into the sea just so we see you they. never seen a teaches across the multi-verse the organization partly believes that the way towards progress is through children and hard to reach villages. we don't only do it for the kids we do this for the kids and we also really this is something the kids the n.p.c. the excitement if they tell the feelings they are still surfing and the dream or the hero then does this pick up this thing is a plastic for the fans more because we don't need to scare the kids about the importance of the answer is everyone knows each other here. come on do is a small island is smile and the other residents learned what that really means in
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2004 when it tsunami hit. the 2nd it was bigger than the 1st school. somehow which is nice and say. how would. i live it's where they did. except to feature ideas sport so. how's. most of which is not effected by just. 360 metres long and 240 metres wide people have been living here for hundreds of years. there are over 1000 residents on the island. without a wall come on to what have been swallowed by the ocean years ago. it's just one metre above sea level and the ocean is rising. c'mon do is important the men often spend weeks at sea fishing for tuna while the
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women typically work at home he smiled grew up here studied in india worked in mali and came back a few years ago. when the school days over he goes fishing with his 2 year old son we don't have. kids from the sea really friendly. and good schools of study right. not to want them but we want them. so we don't have any issues we are really happy . but there are ecological issues notably the garbage problem. the islanders dump all their trash into the sea and the way strain also ends up in the water a smile says this is the way it's always been done but he doesn't seem too
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comfortable with that. the dumped plastic doesn't simply disappear it stays intact and in the best case loads back to shore. the fish aren't biting today if you do catch one you can see what else happens with the plastic wrap use we don't have any place or any near that we can treaty so people throw plastic. so the sea from the. fish is. eaten and we see them in. the us we see them into the fishes so it's very often see so it's a very big program for us not. going to the next morning shane and her team head off to a neighboring island. to the students will follow
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later. no one lives here. i mean you. want to be lucky enough. and explain to the children that when you throw it it just doesn't go away if the vocals have a calf or plastic bags it floats back or it gets eaten by an animal but then so that they can link to the foreground to do that i think and we take them smoking because we want them to understand what illegally i think is coming from from a different angle than telling them that we are losing so much of biodiversity. making them understand. it's a big day for the students. the island is just
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a few 100 metres away but few have been here before. there's plastic everywhere swept up by the time it's garbage from come on do but also from farther away i know i'm up 1st real start with the clean up we owe nor that there is no solution for this right now we're not going to grandma's explains the different kinds of plastic and which ones are recyclable. yet over the board of court and they are not. guarded it's you know so every month quarter there were there any wood i meant. the indian ocean spits out all types of garbage plastic drinking cans and polystyrene foam basically last forever. if it doesn't get washed away by the flood this garbage
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stays here it doesn't take long before the students understand what parlay is trying to explain. the have to care work i wonder when you go on. grow thirsty came to this or all you need. is that sometimes you have to tell your parents as well not to through everything some thanks. after just one hour of the bags are full. only pet bottles are collected i don't want a group of each sack weighs about 40 kilos. harlee organizes a competition among the schools to try to give the children a sense of achievement. yes but it is a group i mean so many adults can make a big ocean in the hope that there are more groups like this happening everywhere
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so there's more drops dropping here. challenges that we can only recycle certain materials and we are actually the very set it saddens me to say that. only the material we can recycle but we can collect the other material as well but what is happening is that we see call it did and we send it to an island or that until it gets burnt. no money needed because it's at least safe from the ocean it's on the beaches it's not a nice sight. hopefully we can clean up the beach of everything that is washed up. the banks are carried away by the mayor and the police commander. the little boat has to make 3 trips to transport what was gathered in just one hour it's a big job. after
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cleaning up a bit on land it's time for a swim. most of the girls have never used goggles or snorkels before and only a few of them can swim many are afraid of the sea. shaheen explains what the girls will see under the water coral but only a few have their typical vibrant colors left so every war is about an animal is the thing yet. and that animal is what is billed in this coral. choros i've gone what idea it has. a dead girl does not have color. shaheen and hola take those with the least experienced by the hand. it's an
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entirely new world to many this is their 1st visit. i mean i think the bleaching has killed everything that is 0 you see here is the border patrols that are life cycle of the branching coral settler the branching photos u.c.l. needles needle maybe once. the underwater world surrounding the maldives is beautiful beyond compare. but the farther you swim out from shore the more apparent the problems here because. the corals are all white which means they're dead. this isn't due to pollution but climate change.
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the complex weather pattern el nino has always brought warm water to the region but it's becoming more and more intense with larger masses of warmer water and the coral are dying off. back in the capital moderate. 200000 people live here more than a 3rd of the maldives population. is the most densely populated island in the world . everything needed on the other islands goes through these ports. but. the most important commodity is drinking water hardly any ground water exists on the islands so thousands of plastic bottles are brought in every day most end up in the sea.
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yellowfin tuna is delivered at the fish market it's a specialty in the maldives. fishmonger hussein for lays between 3 and 500 every day. level to one of the over to this here is a good fish. often we'll find plastic inside the animals. but usually it's bottle caps off to the group but if it was it we don't know what. this is shaheen is office. to parlay is when 2 conflicting parties open dialogue to resolve their differences the maldives is one of the 1st countries where parley has signed an agreement with the ministry of environment shayna coordinates the collaboration. all of these dogs you see why it's there we have an interception.
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on an island and all that really goes in which it is' and there are some results that will get us. so almost $200.00 a minute 30 items total it is a. $1500000.00 tourists come every year. almost 90 percent of the country's tax revenues are made in hotels. but even on the most exclusive b. chips each day begins with collecting plastic. operations manager all the far route the combo hotel makes his rounds early in the morning to ensure the washed up refuse has been cleared. when duty is when the economy at the experts in . our nation will be witty. i thought we have to focus mitchell if you 'd feel you
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know be there those thing stopping you from might just say so each day all based on if you were to do the be nice i would be compromising much of it. in the center of the hotel island there is a new building. soon drinking water for the guests will be bottled here and glass bottles. the water comes from the hotel's own seawater desalination plant. this protects the environment and should also reduce costs. for now even look he speaks to being what it is from from slightly boards it is a big operation you know to move those things to the stuff is easy again. you know putting all these dots to put it no to heat up the heat well that's a big thing so for now i think you do this all these extra was that it would be.
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like you know mostly on the list of. waste disposal is difficult and expensive. went garbage is 1st stored at low temperatures so that it doesn't begin to stink this eats up a lot of electricity which on the mountie comes mainly from diesel generators most of the garbage gets sorted. in this hotel alone there are up to 2000 plastic bottles a day. the reason why the cell filled glass bottles haven't replaced plastic ones long ago is simple the hotel owners also own the mineral water trade on the maldives now the hotel has entered into a partnership with parlay to recycle one 3rd of its plastic waste. you see it move the labels the move to pick. up make it more crude. like these full body so these people all these things in jumble bakes that you c.b.s.
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and said you know what the public so some of the dust makes you know using full poly the shade in again because that will reduce the value of the d.c. to be taking sandy at the top which she. partly for the oceans collects the plastic bottles in a warehouse in mali. the bottles collected by the students have come onto and those from the hotel will be crushed here and then exported to faraway taiwan there they'll be shredded and recycled the process is laborious and expensive it's paid for by donations from industry sponsors. so i had to try to find solutions and i tried to find people to collaborate and. they're nastier trying to find partners gloating about the future island. nation. the government is not
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the plastic interception it's the hole in aspect to give it what. it would cost if it weren't for the and then if you must intercept then go read a diary and not go to the next thing and i think i would think that it was. so far hardly has removed 1400 tons of plastic from the maldives. but every day $400.00 more tonnes of rubbish are dumped on the garbage island to the food. the smoke is clearly visible from far away yet for years hardly anyone took notice until a new government took over in 2018 since then the authorities have been on a mission to find a sustainable solution to the garbage sea monster shaheen also advises the ministry of environment. so we are setting up a list benigno said to him you know this is so we have got
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a huge go for it david is funny and i think by 2024 there. but to say that they're going to. and if that works i think we will have a say usual place where we can get a lot of this body has run out of the population and older is old with most of it comes to get off the face. these types of plans do not always run smoothly here as can be seen some 200 kilometers away. on the island of bon dieu the world bank built a $10000000.00 waste incinerator labelled as development aid. the plant was only in use for a few months. it's currently not operating supposedly due to maintenance work the garbage meanwhile is piling up and transport to and from the plant have yet to be properly organized. shayna and her colleagues meet martin jones plays the british
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engineer is a managing director at the world bank in showing shana where the garbage ships will more in the future. jones lives on the island and knows shaheen oh well. sheena is involved in virtually every environmental project in the maldives. but she has her doubts about whether such a huge facility is useful for the small islands. no one seems generation restoril to get itself generates if there's no way to school amounts of fuel to get it going once we've got it to the temperature that it may then it's just that moment is itself most likely you won't see it 10 fires forget yet so the amount of field of what use is going to be minimal or to see the writing go to fall and. once you've done one go to it.
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but until the burning process is running smoothly martin jones will stay on fondue . just buy the garbage. at least it's already been sorted. what the garbage manager worries about the most is polystyrene foam fresh produce delivered to hotels mostly comes packaged in this lightweight material to keep them cool the plastic bottles are recycled by parly the private environmental organization gets them from the public waste department and that transports the waste to the other end of asia for processing we're using dope on the other hand the bathroom also in the beds but it would do this sort of possible . so no one coworker who saves you. from cars been assisting lost lost locals to the very places to us yes 123 bad spiegel so we need to send another 133 beds for this. sometimes he now feels as if she were the garbage manager.
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having the bottles there say she is how we dispose it is and how we handle the spasticity should like to ration that in the ocean now most of the. highlands we have had burning in and you know from lafayette collecting your savings from the burn as well as when you burn it it rains all the chemicals are going into our groundwater and it's in the coconuts and in the you know the fruits and vegetables that we grow it from audience so it's really a it's really a problem you need to find another material that's much better. the part of the team has to move on but shaheen or promises mark to come back in a few weeks to take care of the bottles. back in mahler shayna prepares for next trip to raise awareness. once
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again she'll be focusing on getting school children interested in minimizing garbage along with plastic snorkels she brings happiness. canada has just promised to finance a garbage disposal center on the island with a friendly headmaster. these are the moments she fights for peace and her own son and his children they remind her of her purpose i don't want him to be so awful his case like i have always been. you know i don't be reading to my grandkids you know look the whales leave you know and he's always my grandma's lavallee did you know it's going to be a beautiful story but. i mean we need to be real it's a reality it's not just a. any such a sad reality isn't it. and that's what keeps me going hey this.
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his costume is a world of inspiron. is there like life in selma. in the u.s. has a road that is known for highly unusual creations. she's in demand and not only in how mandela russia. germany. through. the. island country. of the
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pearl it. is skyline like some of the interesting. spectacular combination. in downtown. didn't. pass. the wonders. goes faster. in 75 minutes on t w. and you hear me now yes yes we can hear you in her last years german chancellor will bring you an angle a man called as you've never heard her before surprised yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and what. who talks to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman
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this is d w news live from berlin dozens of anti-government activists are arrested. opponents of the regime hope to reignite the mass protests that gripped the nation last year correspondent nick connelly was among those detained also on the show. me in maher's deadliest days since the coup scores of pro-democracy demonstrators are killed in nationwide confrontations as the army stages a show of force. plus anger on the streets of istanbul.


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