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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2021 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin world leaders condemned the bloodshed in mandla military forces there killed scores of people including children as they cracked down on the sentiment deadliest day since they say is power also coming up hundreds of thousands are driven from their homes in mozambique is suspected is the most militant seize a town that's home to a key energy project our correspondent has the details. and a giant relic of the cold war salvaged from the bottom of the sea one of the last of its kind in the caspian sea monster it's going on display.
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i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program man maurice facing condemnation from across the world after dozens of people were killed saturday by security forces children are among the dead 12 nations released a joint statement denouncing the bloodshed which happened on forces holiday it was the deadliest day since pro-democracy protests began in early february more than 400 people have been killed since the army seized power from civilian later on sun suchi. journalist dave green about me is following that story from kuala lumpur and joins me now and dave this is quite an alarming escalation of force the military clearly trying to deter those protesters through sheer if it will it work.
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this movement against the military coup is not going to stop both sides are basically just part of me here and the demonstrators just serious at all the killings more than 100 people killed yesterday they're serious of the one time raids in the way this military is trying to terrorize the civilian population now today we're seeing funerals for some of the people who were killed yesterday more protests today at spots across the country now demonstrators have changed some of their tactics in recent weeks you're seeing more demonstrations taking place before dog some demonstrators tried hoping that avoids confrontations with the military but then other demonstrators have radicalized and want to take on the military head on some of them have resorted to. makeshift rifles molotov cocktails to throw at the military and then what's really been the most successful part of this movement against a military coup so far is going to continue and that's the work stoppage so many government workers using to work for this military government that's been the most
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successful part not will all come to think of having the opposite effect and this sort of clampdown but it's also been a lot of international condemnation after the layoff to saturday's bloodshed and calls for more but is that enough will it change anything it is not going to change the directions of the military generals because this has absolutely no moral compass and as bad as yesterday was with more than a 100 people killed it could get far worse keep in mind this is the same army to me i'm army that killed in a span of a few months according to un investigators more than 10000 rohingya muslims just a few years ago and if the who decides are going to have to go get that hard against the general population i mean m.r. then they are prepared to do it this international condemnation is not going to get the generals to change course they've been about journalist in kuala lumpur thanks so much time. i suspect it is the most insurgent group has seized the northern
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mozambique town of palma this comes after days of fighting forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee local media say several people were killed during the conflict exact numbers have not been verified as communication networks down in the area and nearby natural gas project from french company to town has been forced to suspend operations the project has been stalled by repeated attacks in the region which has been plagued by violence since 27 tane. well correspondent adrian creature was in mozambique before the fighting began and following the events from cape town adrian what more can you tell us about the attack at this point at this point 5 still seeming to be ongoing the city is besieged by these lists with many people trapped residents and foreigners south african media has reported that at least one south african was killed and several are still missing there were
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apparently embers as they were trying to leave their hotel with several vehicles but at this point it is very difficult to confirm information from there the attacks have been going on since wednesday and from that day the phone network went off so we have very little information and the government so far has only been to confirm that there is an attack but no more details give us a bit of the bigger picture than what's happening right now in mozambique. so locals there called the group although they have nothing to do with al-shabaab in somalia but the group basically started very similar to what we've seen in northeastern nigeria very poor part of the country a lot of people are unhappy that the government is not doing anything and these groups that where more and more radicalized and got more and more people supporting them the government has been downplaying the issue and when things spiraled out of control they still try to block access for journalists for n.g.o.s until we reach a situation that we have now whereby we've seen many attacks in the past month villages where text when i was there had the most gruesome stories from residents
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fleeing beheadings of civilians children kidnapped terrible stories that by the stations not even clear what this group really wants it is likely that it's much more about power and access to resources than it is about religion what impact will these attacks have and the decision of course by the french company to town to withdraw. it would be a disaster for the government to be frank with them because the 6 poorest country in the world and the government has been hoping to get mess of resources from the gas exploitation there were budgeting about $96000000000.00 income within the next 25 years and really stands by the decision and they will not come back which is not so unlikely at this point this is going to be a disaster for the development of mozambique. adrian creation point interest thank you. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world police in belarus
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have detained more than 100 activists in a number of leading journalists following renewed anti-government protests among 5 reporters arrested on saturday was data really correspondent nick connelly has been covering the protests against authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko. authorities in indonesia say a suicide bomber has detonated outside a catholic church in the city of mecca saar injuring several people the attack comes on the 1st day of the catholic holy week which culminates in easter sunday a priest at the church said 10 people were hurt some of them seriously. thousands have rallied in cities across the united states to demand an end to hate crimes against asian americans a surge in anti asian racism and violence have stoked fear and outrage in the community earlier this month 6 asian american women were killed in a shooting rampage in atlanta georgia. $5000.00 revelers have danced through the night in barcelona the rock concert was part of
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a study looking at ways to safely hold large events during the pandemic music fans were required to wear face masks and test negative for covert 19 on the day of the event. thousands of women have marched in istanbul to protest against the turkish government's withdrawal from an international treaty on abuse is stamboul convention was championed by turkey 10 years ago now with ankara as withdrawal many women in turkey say their safety is being jeopardized and of calling for the move to be reversed. we're not afraid of you and we will not comply shot the women at this demonstration in istanbul. protesting against what they see is the government acting against women. you know the number of women being murdered is growing we've hit absolutely rock bottom they should be talking about how best to finally implement. the istanbul convention but instead they just dropped it it's
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unbelievable you know. despite a dramatic increase in femicide in recent years turkey has pulled out of the convention the international treaty is intended to protect women and sexual minorities from abuse. president richard bedouin withdrew in a surprise decree that he shrugged off accusations from legal experts and opposition groups that only the turkish parliament can make that decisions. our decision is final just like back when we entered into the agreement we're not leaving it no one else should get involved. in this and. analysts believe out of one is playing to ultra conservative elements and kristof issue reasoning the convention supposedly normalizes homosexuality undermining turkish values opponent say out of one does not speak for the rest of the country they want the government to rejoin the treaty. to men feel unsafe when they walk home alone at night no we have to be afraid we're saying no to the system. women's groups say
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that pulling out of the treaty sends a completely wrong signal to violent offenders. the operators of age of suez canal say technical or human error could have caused a huge container ship to run aground engineers' a still working to refloat the ever given the vessel has been blocking one of the world's busiest shipping lanes since tuesday. how did the ever given one of the biggest container ships ever built end up blocking one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and how long will it stay there the chairman of the suez canal authority is facing more questions than he can answer but he says more than just strong winds caused the accident. an accident this big has several mistakes several causes a part of it could be a technical mistake which is under investigation and there could also be human error which is also under investigation and there could be
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a lot of mistakes but we can't say what they are now the only factors we can be sure of now are the wind and the sand story. those are not the only factors like i said but the rest will become clear in the investigation. but while experts investigate further the ship still has to be freed 20000 tons of sand have been removed from the area around the bow and 9000 tons of ballast water had been pumped out in order to lighten the vessel the operation has so far been unsuccessful but 2 more tugs are on their way if they can't move it the next step will be to unload cargo. is the issue of lightning the load is of course planned 3 or the 3rd scenario which we hope not to reach. but if we need to we will have ships with cranes empty container ships with cranes that can remove the containers one by one off the ship and put them in the other vessel until we empty the whole
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load. the german insurance group says the blockage is costing the global economy tween $6.00 and $10000000000.00 a week a 10th of the world's merchant shipping uses the canal. and has one for the history . buff's is it a play is it a ship a giant relic of the cold war has been salvaged from the bottom of the sea the hybrid ship aircraft was once the show pace of soviet engineering only a few were ever built now the caspian sea monster is going on display for fans to admire. a gigantic fast dangerous idea chrono plan is half ship half an aircraft 40 years ago it was designed for him phoebe is warfare between the soviets and western powers it was this man who tested the
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flying boat gace off he was the caspian sea monsters board engineer. who knew more than those of the more that it wasn't a monster back then there were plans to even use the a chrono plan for passenger transport because it didn't need large runways and airfields. the economy plan was designed in the 1980 s. it was built to protect the russian coast and destroy the enemy fleet and it was meant to do this without being detected by radar the parasail glider moved with the help of the so-called ground effect its wings generated pressure and lifted the 380 ton flying boat a few meters above the water allowing it to move at higher speeds. but the flying machine was never actually used on a real mission. to see craft has ruined the work of many designers and
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engineers but it's good that it's still here because some people were considering dismantling it and using the parts for scrap metal. the caspian sea monster will be displayed at patriot park in dhaka stan the sea craft symbolizes modern russia drawing parallels to its ancient strength. and watching data but the news has reminded of the top story we're following for you and maurice facing global condemnation of the dozens of people were killed saturday by security forces told nations released a joint statement announcing the bloodshed which happened on the animals armed forces holiday it was the deadliest day since pro-democracy protests began in early february. and watching to date over the news coming up next here on day 72 hour documentary series doc film looks at the history of human trafficking i mean back with more news headlines at the top of the hour until then as always our
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