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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2021 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from baghdad world leaders condemned the bloodshed in our united nations accuses the regime of committing mass murder against its own people the u.n. special envoy tells us army commanders should face criminal charges. and dozens of civilians are killed and thousands evacuated as islamist militants seize a town in mozambique close to a final gas project. both on the program to get to your love life back on track
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when i try to speak they say that is pandemic approach will be putting it to the test. i'm ahead of khalid thanks for joining us the united nations has accused the military in myanmar of committing mass murder against its own people security forces killed more than 100 civilians in the bloodiest crackdown since the army seized power last month anti-government protesters are back on the streets and thousands have fled into neighboring thailand. the funeral of a 13 year old boy he died when security forces opened fire though there were no protests in the area neighbors say according to witnesses at least 6 children between the ages of $10.16 died during saturday's bloodbath. well of calls they be
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able to kill you not only the people be killing the end of the killing the design the people the killing the people who love it and even become a speaks well in that. the violence coincided with me on mars armed forces holiday . while general celebrated with a military parade security forces were opening fire indiscriminately on the streets it was the defense chiefs of 12 nations have released a joint statement denouncing the hunters massacre of civilians but rights groups want to see more than words from the international community given the military strike record. this is a military that's had a long history of impunity and committing tragedies against its people and difference is this time around has seen photographs coming out in real time we can say we didn't know what was happening. despite the killings there's little sign that protesters are going home on sunday they built barricades to stave off security forces and yet gone they're not prepared to let the generals keep control
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of their country. well tom enders is the u.n. special envoy for me and maher he joins us live now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for being here with us on the news that tensions continue to grow on the streets more than 100 people were killed yesterday how much further will this escalates lord only knows i mean this regime. this this military has shown that it has no limits on its level of challenge and its willingness to commit mass murder against its own people these are people that it should be defending and it's true on them and as it is killing them and if they should rethink where it is where this leads and would you say the international community has failed the people of myanmar. i think the international community has not done enough there have been voices she became very loudly of condemnation to stern. that's fine as far as it goes that quite frankly i think those words are
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ringing hollow with inside of me and more everyone i'm speaking with they want to see a focused unified international action like the secretary general has called for and i think that means convening convening immediately the united nations security council have this open debate on it because actually what the obligations of the international community should be and let nations of the security council stand up and be counted i think there also has to be among those nations willing to take action right now a coalition everybody there has to be unified coordinated sanctions a unified coordinated arms embargo and i think we have to take and it immediately institute accountability mechanisms traditional mechanisms to hold these brutal leaders accountable for the mass atrocities that were pushing i think clearly we have crimes against humanity being caused and committed right across right in front
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of our very eyes and the question right now is what the international community is willing to do about it almost anders when you see russian and chinese officials supporting what's happening and for example moscow's deputy defense minister even visiting the minutes for yesterday does this not frustrate any form of international attempt to keep the. ball get them from backing down. well of course it does the fact is we have not yet had vote in the security council security council has not had this crisis but certainly on its agenda and before that's exactly what has to have if russia or china or anyone else on the security council wants to veto or vote against foreign action ok stand up and do that but at least we need to be able to see where nations stand if you're on the security council you have an obligation to take action and least precise circumstances and if you're not willing to do it ok then countries around the world who are willing to take action
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need to work together in coordinated action and calling for an emergency summit of those nations to force together a coordinated approach in which the various actions are linked together to have the strongest possible impact on this on this brutal military regime what do you think can be done to hold those accountable for human rights violations and also. go on trial for mass murder. i think there should be accountability there's no question about it there should be judicial mechanisms in place the international criminal court certainly there's universal jurisdiction regimes in many countries any one of those should be implemented but at the immediate moment right now we need to cut off revenue that the 100 has flowing into its coffers that is literally stealing from the people of myanmar and using that money to purchase weapons of war and give themselves the means to commit the this this these horrendous acts and we have to cut that revenue off you've got to cut off all access to to to what and to
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the greatest extent to death possible to make sure that revenue going into transit develop major humanitarian aid is not going to want to but through c.s. those organizations humanitarian aid is a sions on the ground there are a number of actions steps that we can take that the international community is not taking and must take mediately if words of concern are not going to be more than just just words to the people of the me right that's un special rockets on man mark tom andrews thank you very much indeed for joining us here on news my pleasure let's have a look at other stories making headlines around the world and john is off still on able to free the container ship stuck in the swiss canal tens of billions of dollars in cargo have been held up for days egypt's president has told authorities to remove containers from the ground ever given to make it easy it's refocus the vessel. thousands of climate change campaigners have rallied in paris the french
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national assembly is to start debating new measures on protecting the environment activists say the hose will not go far enough. while militants have killed dozens of civilians in northern mozambique now and group is holding the town of palma on the scene it is a hub for international gas projects worth some $60000000000.00 the mozambique government says hundreds of local people and also foreign workers have been rescued and the french and the g group hotel has suspended work on a huge construction project. correspondent ageing krishna was in mozambique before the latest fighting began and is following those developments from cape town so a.j. what more do you know about this attack and is the government giving up control of its territory well as far as we know fights are still ongoing as evacuation attempts as you mentioned today vessels arrived in by the provincial capital it
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took about 2000 people from the fighting area mainly stuff off the company to a trial of the oil company so a lot of people are still stuck in mine and the south african media reports that dozens were killed already doing the checks and at least one south african as well on friday that a lot of people try to flee from a hotel in the convoy and they're wimbush by the militants so at least one of them was killed but up until this point there's a lot of unclear factors here there's little information because nobody can just get that you get information the government is restricting access to the area and they also have to give out any details they only confirm that there is an attack but don't give out any other information that we know the same areas is quite scarce in terms of access now what exactly is happening in mozambique right now for can explain this to an international audience. so local people they're called the group al-shabaab although they have nothing to do with al-shabaab the terrorist
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organization that is active in somalia instead there's a lot of similarities to the insurgency that we see in the eastern nigeria was around we have a very poor part of the country actually the poorest part of the country a lot of people are unhappy that the government is not investing and the government is not listening to them then few of them are ready to lies and the security forces respond with massive force also attacking their families and people who have nothing to do with those radical people and hence they were legalized while people thought the whole thing spiraled out of control and although the government has been busy over the past months that they will everything is under control it is not if basically just been quite successful in keeping journalists out and international observers from the area but the situation is bad when we finally managed to get there last month we had some terrifying stories from this place people in the camps there you had stories of children who were taken away father sort of the picture of a 16 year old daughter and said look they just took her away when you get anything off there you get stories of decapitating of villagers in front of the entire village and this is it has been happening for many months it is still not clear
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though what the group really once but it appears that it's much more about power and influence than it is about religion right. there in cape town thank you very much well here's the latest on the run a virus pandemic authorities in the indian state of have imposed a nighttime curfew brazil has recorded more than 3000 deaths for the 2nd day running and france could be heading into a stricter lock down more than 20000000 people now live in high infection zones. a lockdowns have of course made it very difficult for people to meet basel restaurants for a while stay close and even office romances are off the table thanks to people now working from home so what can you make all these days you can always try drive through speed dating. gobby presto is about to go car speed dating while following
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corona restrictions which makes me think what else can you do nothing's open there's nowhere to go you can't meet friends it could be you happen to meet someone there. will the 53 year old really find the man of her dreams today there are clear rules to car speed dating in essence in lower bavaria take the drive way for women stick a number on the car to note down potential partners meet the men in the area in the middle talk to each other for 4 minutes it's good now we're off now i'm excited. oh he's hiding take your mask off. corona rules are an ice breaker when you speed date in a pandemic. it's really stupid with a mask isn't it and just like that 4 minutes are up. only 18 what oh god my sons older than you gabby has already spoken to almost half of the 80 men
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here car speed dating is a win win situation more than 150 single people get to finally flirt again and at 5 euros per car the organizer makes money during the pandemic after 4 hours gabby's list of potential partners is empty she has no interest in any of the men she's met . as well i definitely won't find a man of my dreams here because they're either younger than my son or as old as my father. no luck today but they'll be another chance all going well car speed dating in essence will continue in april. well so much the sport now and for me no one fans were treated to a thrilling season opener in bahrain but there was no surprise over the winner defending champion knows hamilton came out on top a great start for the save his driver as he looks for his record breaking 8 while title. lewis hamilton started formula one season opener playing 2nd fiddle to pole
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sitter much for stop and put the pair took turns but calling to choose in bahrain. hamilton's team mate paul to report us was also in the mix until $131.00 when a disastrous pit stop put him out of the running the finn had to be content with the bonus point for fastest lap. was bought us go on a jewel in the desert was on between hamilton and fished up and. the dutchman went in front with just 3 laps to go. but the street outside truck limits in doing so and had to return the lead to the briton. how milton held on to squeak home by 7 tenths of a 2nd and he sounded like a relieved man. pushed up and made a swift exit stage left but it looks like hamilton will face a stiff challenge this year from red pools precocious dutchman. and you're watching
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news live from berlin up next a documentary on concorde the end of an aviation edge and you know find much more news and analysis on our website dot com i met him ahmed thanks very much indeed for watching and care about. him as a company poised to launch stood out in the world climate change because the story this is my plan for the way from just one week. we're going to really get it. we still have time to an ongoing. process.


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