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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2021 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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oh appearance. this is d w news and these are our top stories the united nation has accused the military regime in myanmar of mass murder security forces killed more than 100 people on saturday in the bloodiest crackdown since the army seized power last month despite the violence protestors have returned to the streets demanding the return of the ousted civilian government. at least 20 people have been injured in a suicide bombing outside a catholic cathedral on the indonesian island of salou a.z.
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2 attackers blew themselves up as worshipers celebrated mass to mark the start of easter week churches in indonesia have been repeatedly targeted by islamist extremists. german chancellor angela merkel says the country's regional leaders must reverse recent relaxations and implement tighter coronavirus lockdowns in an interview on german television she warns she'll be forced to take drastic action if more is not done to curb rising infections a virtual summit last week failed to agree on decisive measures i think this is d w news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram news or visit our website but steve dot com. boy or.
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a very warm welcome to our new special edition of check in style nicole fuller shows us her favorites for a trip to germany. 3 destinations that have particularly impressed her. first we go to the north sea and 1st place for the vacation island of sort. of 2nd place goes to the baltic sea to the schleiff. nicole florrie's 3rd favorite for a trip to germany is a hike up a very. good.
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let's start on the island of sort that has a very special charm even in the off season. playing. here invest the land is where zilch roll as a vacation hot spot to get the island has been a magnet for tourists since the mid 19th century. from now a days that has. a lot of fans and more visitors than residents there it is home to about 20000 people and welcomes some 900000 tourists every year so the place can get pretty crowded in summer if you're looking to be the crowds you should definitely come here between the month of november and april today i want to find
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out what still has to offer in the low season. soups has 40 kilometers of sandy beaches so a long walk is a must. if you want to hit the beaches on zoot you'll have to deal with the do things they're everywhere on the islands but make sure to stay on the walkways the dunes provide natural coastal protection the grass on the make sure the sand doesn't get blown are washed away and the island there's really a need for it to stay this way. to move. follow me up there will have a great feel. for. the june is the island's highest point at 52 meters.
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i made my way up to the north of the islands to list it's not only zeus northernmost town it's the northernmost town in all of germany and everything beyond list is denmark. started from list harbor and this ship is going to take me to see what might be the mud flats most popular and i have a tense the seals i hope were lucky enough to see so. chances are good the north seas biggest seal herds who live between the north region islands. there they are they gather on the sand banks in the wild and see a little word of advice don't make them. state i made and leave your binoculars at home. there are several trips to the seals every day the boats go from list or further south from don't. mention the $950.00 s. or the friesian month floods were
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a natural habitat for of oysters but that changed suddenly when they room wiped out due to overfishing but now they're back. through to. in 1986 dick my ass allison company began to revive zits oyster tradition they're no longer fish they're farmed in winter they live in sea water tanks in summer in the sea off list. trying to try them myself what an amazing selection but i'll start with a classic the raw oyster. shoot 10 times for the best flavor apparently. who. says landmarks are its lighthouses there are 54 of which are still in operation but you can only visit one the hello night house in the far south of the island and that's exactly where i
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have my next date. there were hardly very close to my house. i'd like to tell you a bit about the lighthouse and show you what it looks like inside do you understand the northern dialect guard service how old little of l.a. that prefer to speak standard german. then let's do that how come this way into the lighthouse. they're going to tours of the lighthouse several times a week. does it get higher no we're now in the holy of holies of the lighthouse where the lantern room every light house has its own i didn't signal. i couldn't leave it how do they work if no one's doing it manually girls i didn't go to and since the
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lighthouse was converted to automatic operation it is run automatically no one has to control it or the north pole and the lighthouse beacon runs from an hour before sunset to an hour after sunrise this i knew. that was how long it emits light or. well i learned something today. quite windy of here but it's a great spot to check out the southern tip of the island this is pretty much the only place where you can get such an amazing view of the south shore. cool but is climbin i've been waiting for this moment since i got her. i'm going to get a bird's eye view of that and the best part i get to tell the pilot where i want to go. now so what do you want to see it but i want to fly over the narrows parts and i've visited there her name lighthouse i'd like to see that from above to a little boy to a bit but let's get on the left over there. let's go. back
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to the narrowest point is i mean 500 meters wide down there. that's the lens that's where my trip to get. that company might house. now are flying over the northern tip. of burnham's coming up on our right. well have a good view of the lighthouse. and i was there. they
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are well flight over the southern tip. back to the ground time flies when you're having fun. as a group to live next time. second place on new calls probably slips to favorites is a trip to the launch just as during the baltic sea a visit to the shrine. what better way to kick off the day than by taking in the crisp salty air in the city of company's historic harbor. couple used to be a fishing village but today it lives mainly from tourism it's a great base if you want to explore the area. and.
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one of the city's landmarks is the amanda the tallest windmill and the hartstein. and the weather is perfect for a boat ride 1st i have to check in with captain yon and see border. around trip crews to lots mins of slime and on the m.s.g. op cuppa takes about 2 hours. to captain sun john ola is that the helm today in. this line when a pin insula is situated at the mouth of the slide its shape constantly changes as a result of the wind and waves during storm tide slime and it can be completely submerged most of it is a bird sanctuary. this lighthouse has been guiding ships to safety since 871. 1 side of the peninsula faces the open sea.
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from the mouth of the slide to the other and to the city of. the old fishing district of home is especially pretty it was settled in the 10th century. in. the winter in the. middle school. and. another must see is got off castle it was once the residence of the dukes of. got off. the house also produced kings and bishops. castle chapel dates back to 1590 and has been largely preserved in its original form the small dutch she was a mighty center of power in northern europe. you. got
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jobbed also houses an archaeological museum one of its most amazing exhibits is the needham boat a warship from the year 32080. which are cool is very familiar with the history of the region. and how they stayed when i was jealous of its golden era describes it in the 17th century when it was the dutch we call shine it got all of these at that point was really one of europe's prime cultural centers of culture not just military might was used to try to growing use to the level of denmark while that was an outstanding time when there was a couldn't when there was a lot of construction done on the consul when the governments were planted and when there was a huge library here there was once there was a center of both science and the arts it had far reaching influence. even the
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organizers of course of its history of this region periodically belong to denmark why were the danes so interested in it this lot it's often happened that the break was also the king of denmark which meant that from the danish perspective this region was always a part of denmark. under the duke's speak was officially as danish fief but they were increasingly pushing for the sovereignty of this one so what we sold on the put in simple terms was a centuries long back and forth about whether this region belonging to the german empire or to denmark. misstate lever rose garden also belongs to the council it was commissioned by duke frederick the 3rd in 1637. here we find the gods off below the old historical house was replaced with this
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modern building the purpose of which is to keep a technical masterpiece safe. the globe is 3 meters in diameter and the outside depicts the earth's surface. on the inside there is a map of the stars and of the picture of how people in the 17th century view the sky above the gods of globe is known as the world's 1st planetarium this one's a copy of the original was taken to st petersburg by russians are. before my visit to the slide comes to an end i want to try my hand at sailing sailing instructor all of us congress is going to show me the basics on both built and $957.00. and in my japan which i know nothing about sale.


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