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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2021 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany's chancellor warns that exists. may not be tough enough. says that if the 16 regional states do not fall into line she may have to intervene stricter measures such as curfews could also be on the table also coming up. world leaders condemned the bloodshed in myanmar the united nations accuses the
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regime of committing mass murder against its own people. and the formula one season starts with a bang as world champion lewis hamilton and young pretender. battle it out in. america welcome to the program the german chancellor angela merkel says regional leaders need to put an end to the chaos plaguing germany's fight against the coronavirus crisis in a virtual summit last week leaders from both state and federal governments failed to agree on decisive measures merkel says she'll be forced to take drastic action if the states don't reverse recent relaxations which have seen case numbers rise sharply. german chancellor angela merkel on wednesday had the awkward task of walking back a government's newly minted pandemic guidelines for the easter break this
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unexpected u. turn prompted confusion added to criticism of her handling of the coronavirus crisis that's put all the 2 piece i deeply regret this and would like to apologize to all german citizens on sunday medical appeared on one of the country's most popular talk shows to make her case directly to the german people she said germany needs a turning point and criticize federal state leaders that haven't yet grasped the gravity of the situation. when the state leaders conference convenes again which is why i'm not for holding an early conference it has to be clear that we have to achieve a consensus merkel says many federal states are being too lax the small state of zoolander is experimented with easing restrictions and the leader of germany's most populous state north rhine-westphalia has a very lax interpretation of the corona god lines. the distribution of roles and that's what i meant by a turning point it's no good because we've all got the same goal i'm convinced of
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this and that is to guide the country through this pandemic. currently hundreds if not thousands of german vacationers are taking their easter break in majorca while at home infections continue to rise german health experts are demanding decisive action. because here is this till now only curfews of effectively stem the spread of the b one month 7 variant in portugal ireland and england i think we also need to take this approach. speaking as a doctor the new data shows that infections are increasing so fast that rates of $100000.00 which our experts predicted seem all too realistic this should be a warning to us to quickly implemented safety measures against. medical shares this view and says stricter laws could be necessary possibly including obligatory tests for companies she also floated the idea that germany's lawmakers might pass new legislation faster than the conference of state leaders i
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intimately had thought one possibility would be to revisit the infection protection laws and make changes on a case by case basis we're bound by law to curb the spread and currently that's not happening all nick is the. this remains the case now as it did a week ago. for more on this i'm joined by reporter max merrill max there are calls for a hard lock down from some quarters how did merkel address that. well i think merkel is quite clearly feeling the heat and she wants a tougher line she wants a clear a faster response and after previously apologizing like we heard in the records from wednesday she's now going on the offensive and. parts of the interview seemed exasperated at her inability to control the situation she been moaned that slow federal approach and says she doesn't want complete lockdown doesn't want curfews but these are now options that are very much on the table and she was
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a bit guarded on further measures saying she doesn't want coach he's helicopters flying over roads. like it was the case in portugal and germany never went into a full lockdown like countries like spain did last year it is difficult to to push that through but she revealed that if states don't fall into line she will consider . she will take a less federal more centralized approach and then got a little bit more vague on what exactly she would do she said she's still considering her options but there is a clear idea now that she views the federal response of not always being the best option so we're hearing on the medical criticizing some state leaders has she singled out anyone in particular. yes and surprisingly so it was i mean lawsuits we heard in the report the leader of the most populous state north rhine-westphalia but also the leader of the leader of the c.d.u.
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and presumably at least a chancellor candidate in the upcoming election and september and she didn't open the criticised by name at least any speed e o c s u coalition partners so singling out i mean lush it comes as a bit of a surprise she was also critical of her own party in another case talking about the mosque affair where members of her party were accused of corruption in the procurements of mosques so calling that outrageous and unacceptable all of this is you know leading to a somewhat unstable political situation with the upcoming september election merkel of the 16 years as chancellor won't be taking part in the election and i think the coats now a case of really looking at looking at what they are doing not necessarily maybe taking into consideration that there's an election but very presently there is a pandemic and as she calls a wave and a new pandemic due to the virus musicians dumping reporter max merrill thank you.
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international condemnation is growing on saturday's military crackdown in me and maher and which more than a 100 civilians were killed including children u.s. president joe biden the european union and the united nations have all expressed anger over the violence calling it outrageous unacceptable and mass murder it was the country's bloodiest days since the army seized power on february 1st. a funeral for a 13 year old boy psywar yun was killed when security forces in yangon opened fire the neighbors say there were no protests in the area this just one of many funerals held the day after the armed forces day massacre when the streets of myanmar cities were stained in blood. his mother calls out to her son now gone forever can't you hear me she cries. her. time. even though it's now clear to everyone what
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protesting in myanmar means people return to the streets the day after the bloodbath determined to press their demands for return to democracy. there's no sign the military is changing tactics either and no hint they're backing down from their threat to shoot protesters in the head no one is sitting down and we are in you know extremely dangerous situation with beijing and the killing spree is going on against a city. there are fears that the situation could escalate further protestors are picking up weapons which are improvised but with the hunt to using more and more force there's concern that the civil disobedience movement may no longer remain nonviolent. earlier spoke to the u.n. special envoy for me and maher tom andrews he says the international community is failing the people there have been voices speaking very loudly of condemnation and
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concern. that's fine as far as it goes that quite frankly i think those words are really hollow with inside of me and more everyone i'm speaking with they want to see focused unified international action like the secretary general is called for and i think that means in convening convening immediately the united nations security council have this open debate on exactly what the obligations of the international community should be and let nations of the security council stand up and be counted i think there also has to be among those nations willing to take action right now a coalition everybody there has to be unified coordinated sanctions a unified coordinated arms embargo and i think we have to take and it immediately institute accountability mechanisms traditional mechanisms to hold these brutal leaders accountable for the mass atrocities that we're we're seeing i think clearly we have crimes against humanity being caused and committed right across right you
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know it's one of our very eyes and the question right now is what the international community is willing to do about it. that was un special envoy for myanmar tom andrus now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. 2 people died in bangladesh when police there opened fire on protesters on sunday they were demonstrating against a visit by indian prime minister narendra modi critics accuse his hindu nationalist party of stoking religious tensions in india and time muslims scream anation. engineers are still unable to free the container ship stuck in the suez canal tens of billions of dollars in cargo have been held up for days egypt's president has told authorities to remove containers from the grounded ever given to make it easier to refloat the vessel. thousands of climate change campaigners have rallies in paris the french national assembly is to start debating new measures on
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protecting the environment activists say the proposals did not go far enough. at least 20 people have been injured in a suicide bombing outside a catholic cathedral indonesia the wounded were attending mass to mark the start of easter police say the bombers have links to the so-called islamic state. this is the moment attackers believe themselves up outside the church. the explosion was so like there were 2 explosions i was shocked i ran outside i asked my friends to come and see what happened. when we got there is he so injured people on both sides of the room which he and. forensic examiners began identifying the suicide bombers analyzing body parts scattered at the scene miraculously they were the only fatalities injured people were quickly transferred to nearby hospitals their families recounting their drug deals with a. mass of just spanish 3 of them are waiting for
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a taxi when it happened they suffered injuries to their arms hands and legs. you know. the attack in recess if macca sar follows the arrest of dozens of militant suspected of planning terror acts this one could have been so much worse. when they were trying to enter the church compound right after a mass ended but they were stopped by security guards at the gate. and a lot of the. church leaders in indonesia have called on christians to remain calm and to not be afraid the president echoed that sentiment as he condemned the attack on. terrorism as a crime against humanity that has nothing to do with any religion over the jews reject acts of terrorism for whatever reason. some watch out i'll come i'm annoyed that i was. so that we see as christian community left reeling at the start of
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school the week the indication the government says it will ensure people of all faiths can worship without fear. in soccer germany beat romania one nil one nil rather in bucharest on sunday evening the result extends the record for consecutive world cup qualifier wins to a team germany took just over a quarter of an hour to open scoring one side from the back of the net you walk in your side play their next qualifier at home in duisburg on wednesday against north macedonia. turning to motor sports now where formula one fans were treated to a thrilling season opener but there was no surprise over the winner defending champion lewis hamilton came out on top a great start for the mercedes driver as he looks for his record breaking 8th world title. lewis hamilton started formula one season opener playing 2nd fiddle to pole sitter much for stop and put the pair 2 turns at coalinga chewed in bahrain.
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hamilton's team mate poulter reports us was also in the mix until lap $31.00 when a disastrous pit stop put him out of the running the finn had to be content with the bonus point for fastest lap. was a jewel in the desert was on between hamilton and fished up and. the dutchman went in front with just 3 laps to go. but the street outside truck limits in doing so and had to return the lead to the briton. hamilton held on to squeak home by 7 tenths of a 2nd and he sounded like a relieved man. pushed up and made a swift exit stage left but it looks like hamilton will face a stiff challenge this year from red bull's precocious dutchman. germany is moving
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ahead in its drive to abandon coal as a fuel for generating electricity a power station in the industrial area has been blown up after reaching the end of its working life the cooling tower boiler house and a 250 metre high chimney were demolished and controlled explosions the site produced power for 18 years. you're watching. thanks for tuning in. and of their soul that's what it says when their heritage is taken from them countless cultural artifacts were stolen from africa by colonialists and carted off to europe. with the stolen north from africa.
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