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michael of branching coral said lord the branching corals u.c.l. needles needle baby was. the underwater world surrounding the maldives is beautiful beyond compare. but the farther you swim out from shore the more apparent the problems here become. the corals are all white which means they're dead. this isn't due to pollution but climate change. the complex weather pattern el nino has always brought warm water to the region but it's becoming more and more intense with larger masses of warmer water and the corals are dying off. back in the capital of mali. 200000 people live here more than a 3rd of the maldives population. is the most densely populated island in the world
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. everything needed on the other islands goes through these ports. the most important commodity is drinking water hardly any ground water exists on the islands so thousands of plastic bottles are brought in every day most end up in the sea. yellowfin tuna is delivered at the fish market it's a specialty in the maldives. fishmonger hussain follies between 3 and 500 every day . level to one of the over to this here is a good fish. often we'll find plastic inside the animals. well if you
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usually it's bottle caps off there with the group but it will be a simple no no. this is shaheen his office. to parlay is when 2 conflicting parties open dialogue to resolve their differences the maldives is one of the 1st countries where parley has signed an agreement with the ministry of environment shayna coordinates the collaboration. all of these thoughts you see but why is there we have about interception. on an island and all that really goes evil dies and all the factors are results that are working with us. so the reality is it almost $200.00 a minute it only goes to a little it is really good. $1500000.00 tourists come every year. almost 90 percent of the
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country's tax revenues are made in hotels. but even on the most exclusive beaches each day begins with collecting plastic. operations manager all the far room of the combo hotel makes his rounds early in the morning to ensure the washed up refuse has been cleared. then there would be a spin the economy at the experts in. our nation was beauty. so he had to showcase michel that he would be you know be. those dates not that useful brown might just call it straight so the trail based if you would be nice to be thought compromise in much of the competition. in the center of the hotel island there is a new building. soon drinking water for the guests will be bottled here and glass bottles. the water comes from the hotel's own
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seawater desalination plant. this protects the environment and should also reduce costs. for now even though he speaks to being from from salt lake forest it is a big operation you know to move those into the stuff is easy again. you know putting all these dots to it no you would see that it was you know it's a big thing so but now i think you do lose all these extra walls that you. know you like mostly on the list of. waste disposal is difficult and expensive. went garbage is 1st stored at low temperatures so that it doesn't begin to stink this eats up a lot of electricity which on the mountain comes mainly from diesel generators most of the garbage gets sorted. in this hotel alone there are up to 2000
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bottles a day. of the reason why the cell filled glass bottles haven't replaced plastic ones long ago is simple the hotel owners also own the mineral water trade on the maltese now the hotel has entered into a partnership with parlay to recycle one 3rd of its plastic waste. if the move. enables the. make if you can. like these full body. be put all these things in. your c.d.'s and said you know what the public. some of the aspects you know you see. the shape in again because that you do is that will you. be. standing. partly for the oceans collects the plastic bottles in a warehouse in mali. the bottles collected by the students and come on to and those
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from the hotel will be crushed here and then exported to faraway taiwan there they'll be shredded and recycled the process is laborious and expensive it's paid for by donations from industry sponsors. so i decided to try to find solutions and i tried to find people to collaborate and. they're nasty at trying to find partners the oil floating about the future island. nation 3 month the government is not the plastic in the system it's the whole aspect of it if it weren't for sales people it would sell off the royal already and then if you must think of it then read it and not go to the next thing and be safe i think you know if we think that it's not. so far partly has removed 1400 tonnes of plastic from the maldives. but every day $400.00 more tonnes of rubbish are dumped on the garbage
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island up to the food. the smoke is clearly visible from far away yet for years hardly anyone took note until a new government took over in 2018 since then the authorities have been on a mission to find a sustainable solution to the garbage sea monster schettino also advises the ministry of environment. so we're setting up a list but i said to him you know this is so we have got to let you go but it's a bit is funny and i think by 2024 there. but to say that they're going to. and if that works i think we will have a central place where we can get a lot of 'd that miley has run out of the population and older is a lot less most of it comes to the deficit. these types of plans do
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not always run smoothly here as can be seen some 200 kilometers away. on the island of bon dieu the world bank built a $10000000.00 waste incinerator labelled as development aid. the plant was only in use for a few months it's currently not operating supposedly due to maintenance work the garbage meanwhile is piling up and transport to and from the plant have yet to be properly organized. shayna and her colleagues meet martin jones the british engineer is a managing director at the world bank he's showing shana where the garbage ships will more in the future. jones lives on the island and knows shaheen oh well. sheena is involved in virtually every environmental project in the maldives. but she has her doubts. about whether such a huge facility is useful for the small islands.
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no one seems generates restore. them itself generates because we need a school amounts of fuel to get it going once we've got it to the temperature that it may then it's just that moment is itself 3 months 8 drops it can fires paquette yeah so the amount of field where you started minimal or to see if i think i would have bought a. bunch of i was going to have. but until the burning process is running smoothly martin jones will stay on fondue. just buying the garbage. at least it's already been sorted. what the garbage manager worries about the most is polystyrene foam fresh produce delivered to hotels mostly comes packaged in this lightweight material to keep them cool the plastic bottles are recycled by parly the private environmental
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organization gets them from the public waste department and then transports the waste to the other end of asia for processing reducing built on the other hand the belts and also in the beds but it would do this sort of. so no one killer who saves you. from court has been assisting lost lost will close the very places to us yes 123 bad spiegel so we need to send another 133 beds for this. sometimes he now feels as if she were the garbage manager. having the bottles there say she is how we dispose it is the issue and how we handle the spasticity issue right that it in the ocean now now most of the. highlands that we have had burning in and out from mafia collecting your savings from the burden as well as when you burn it it rains all the chemicals are going into our groundwater and it's in the coconuts and in the you know the fruits and
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vegetables that we grow it from audience so it's. really a problem you need to find another material that's much better. partly team has to move on but shaheen a promise says martin to come back in a few weeks to take care of the bottles. back in mahler shayna prepares for next trip to raise awareness. once again should be focusing on getting school children interested in minimizing garbage along with plastic snorkels she brings happiness. canada has just promised to finance a garbage disposal center on come onto the island with the friendly headmaster. these are the moments she fights for peace and her own son and his children they
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remind her of her purpose i don't want him to be so awful his case like i have always. you know i don't be reading to my grandkids you know look the whales leave you know and he's always marked grandma's level a bit you know it's totally a beautiful story but. i mean we need to be real it's really other to it's not just . any such a sad reality that. that's what keeps me going hey this. fresh
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blood makes you younger researches have discovered. young blood plasma stimulates the growth of brain cells. this is the key to it and know you. are something else still needed. to borrow to. next on d w. babies have super power. to be
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set to set and. the 1st 5 years that the coolest future success. from their very 1st day baby isn't. just wrong but makes a child smile. to own. or not to well. what about assuring because it stood. for change and thinking is changing the economy to create something that.
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the economics magazine let me do in germany. d w. e colby's in germany to learn german public because. why not learn with him d w z e learning course because for. me. love can be a hop skip and a jump for the young. but as we get older we may need to invest a little more effort to stay fit physically and mentally and scientists want to help somewhere found a way to boost and a memory. all that is imo coming up welcome to tomorrow today the science show on t w. youth potion for the mind.


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