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tv   Anne Will  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2021 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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as the gentleman saw so that when you bring your uncle out and you've never. surprised with what is possible who really what moves them want. to talk to. them on the way maurice and critics want to join us from eccles lifestyle. this is t.v. news africa on the program today the assault on women in ethiopia has conflicts numerous victims and witnesses all reporting that mass rape is being carried out by every train and ethiopian soldiers into bright we'll hear some of the accounts. and be anxious ways in mozambique for survivors of the attack by jihadist militants in the so-called islamic state has now claimed responsibility for the violence that's it doesn't.
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hello i'm christine window it's good to have your company there is mounting evidence to suggest that male soldiers are using rape as a weapon of war in the conflicts in ethiopia is to cry reachin the un says 500 cases have been reported so far but that the actual number of women attacked could be much higher and the violence is still going on now ethiopia has acknowledged that soldiers are raping women into groene and the few medical centers into crile straining to cope with the numbers of victims and the severity of the injuries some view is may find the next report distressing. one of the few facilities in t. grey catering to the mass of women raped in the regions war. sexual violence is an increasingly common account as more and more stories emerge from
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a conflict that the world was shielded from. the staff at this hospital have never seen anything like this before. and they're struggling i don't how many hours later you know. there's a mother here who was impregnated when 3 eritrean soldiers and 2 ethiopian soldiers raped her. now she can't move her legs. again i think i was. but. even now she cannot control her bladder and she's pregnant she cannot control her bladder it's hard to listen to the stories for these victims it's even more harrowing reliving their nightmares their battle stigma to come here for help.
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she told us not to hide so we've come for treatment i've been bleeding for a month and a hasn't stopped one horror story after another. and it just this started to take away my child i begged him and told him to do whatever he wanted with me but leave my child alone after i cried he raped me as they battle stigma to come here for help. she told us not to hide so we've come for treatment i've been bleeding for a month and he hasn't stopped one horror story after another. but they started to take away my child i begged him and told him to do whatever he wanted with me but leave my child alone after i cried he raped me then left and
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they ripped my grandmother and he beat her and dragged her by her feet. most of the severely injured victims are also now pregnant and there are not enough beds for them cruelty on a massive scale bearing wounds that may never heal and we've invited anita solomon onto the program in 2019 she helped set up the 1st service center into gride for women who have survived sexual violence she spoke to based in adelaide australia but is a regular contact with welcome to day to every news africa i need to tell us what you have been hearing about the raped women into gras you are being subjected to and who you're hearing it from. well the situation and they're actually very challenging i believe that the sexual violence is being hidden as well then in this war and i'm in regular contact with people that work on
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the ground including. one star search center that it was well established in in 2019 so the horse that i'm hearing coming into these centers are women that have been the severely abused physically. because of sexual violence by their nature and it actually and so it tips we're talking about gray and now i'm imagining that all the way where remand has been raped in front of their family in that there's also including forcing family members to rape their daughters sisters and women being held hostage for weeks and several days be raped by 15 to tourny soldiers in their different camps and women losing their fathers
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brothers or husbands trust then when these soldiers honor so let's dance in the nuts and that you are were out there having a family time and dinner just going in and taking out all of them outside and raping the women 'd that are in the house at the moment it's funny to other observers have said as you're suggesting that the rape taking place into appears to be systematic who do you believe is responsible for this. well the responsible for this violence are being soldiers including the. regional forces and the entrance soldiers the survivors who manages to escape and survive and swaped on say that they obey for interest on just. for girls in the region who forces. their service center for survivors of sexual violence that you
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found and how is it supporting some of the women who have been raped in this conflict so they're survivors that managed to get themselves killed their one stop center which is mostly only from around the cities and some manages to walk for days to get to the one stop center specially if they are superbly physically if there is any severe physical damage so well they will come to their one stop service center and get some medical assistant and emotional support and also it's also read from at work where these women are referred to the safe house where they can stay there for out 3 months in the martial and mental support but also refer to that either hospital or if they need surgery or under there are more complicated medical support. if any to what help to the women up to brad need most at this time. well i would say they would need who are in actually
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preventing from this so it is great the end. of these crimes because there is no matter how much support that soup after the violence but the violence are still growing and use that increasing and i believe until the soldiers that are now in them. and all who their rates we continue and when we say you know how is it going to stop probably it's not going to stop but what our women need at the moment and straight away offered the soldiers to be held accountable and to actually start and justice to be so. all right that's funny tests on them and talking to us there from adelaide australia thank you anita. the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for an attack on the
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northern was and beacon town of palma that's dozens of people dead now the situation in palma remains savannah's high and off to the violence that began last wednesday when militants infiltrated the town of karbala delgado province a day later they launched a killing spree shooting and beheading people now palmer is home to mozambique's gas production plants this is the closest attack to the site yet. and families have been trying to find out news about their loved ones in the nearby port of pemba thousands began arriving there on monday off to fleeing the violence for many of their relatives it is an anxious wait. you never read i'm looking for a young man i need your help with communication to locate my son. all part of i had no contact with my family since wednesday my wife my sons my mother my brothers. we don't have information what i really wish for is to have my cousin back but i
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don't have information on my phone and for more on the story in mozambique them now joined by jasmine often mentioned as a security analyst for the u.s. based agency conflicts location and event stays a project africa is her focus region welcome to day to every news africa jasmine what are your sources telling you about how things are unfolding in palma this point in time and good afternoon to your u.s. and you sorry. at this point in time you will be us must be careful to accept media reports as fact the east county operations state glaze over by the government security forces each house to house operations which means it will take a lot of time to clear the area and we must keep in mind that these searches that participated high anomalous weeding military uniforms and have
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illegal with this event is perhaps the check so much. bottle and they will be a frequent clashes in the next few days jasmine how has the situation deteriorated to this point you've said that this attack could have been avoided. it could have been avoided. in the. mornings were issued 3 days prior the attack not only to the mozambique and government but to far in business in mobile too and. this civil roving not only one. set lead no one has taken action nothing was done to improve the security at boma in this bomb are and what we've seen the last $4.00 to $5.00 days completely unnecessary they were made does it make this issue a shoe so much worse is that private companies had to step in and to help
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and evacuate people the insurgency level of sophistication livre of coronation arms have reached a stage and have crossed finish out numerous times but what we are seeing now is an insurgency sending a message is no hugh 10 this is not going to be a short that will tell us about the involvement of other countries in this insurgency specifically they deny that states. of the united states currently there is always the united side prisons and will be from the military in mozambique but with the recent you is day to ration or visit nation or a so-called islamic state in mozambique we are seeing the better a snail prison involving 2 months training program 2 months will not make it
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difference you from i interrupt myself but we are sick for an international political game in goggle guardroom america is not going to stand back and the training program for me is just that says stick it opening the door for further militarization of kabul gov are you all right that is has been up and talking to us there thank you so much for your insights on this. and that does it for our program at david be sure to check out our other stories on home forward slash africa we're also on facebook and we're on twitter we're always interested to know here on news africa what you think about the stories that we cover and the stories that we should be covering a c and it's time everyone if you think. every
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from techno to hip hop to soul germany's jazz big bands does it all. and their new albums out now will have a listen here on arts and culture then later on the show a painter works through his war experiences on the canvas. and one photographer his personal quest. to document germany's jewish communities. welcome to arts and culture getting high on jazz that's a very rough translation of the name jazz house the jazz big band also calls itself one of the busiest bands in europe before covered 19 they were playing about 120 concerts a year now the group launched its new album with a live stream concert from the const holly museum in munich.
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0. 0. 0. 2 dozen musicians all with a negative coronavirus test but a positive attitude after all as difficult as dealing with the pandemic is organizing a big band is also a huge challenge. but a few months traveling to china with a big band of 25 people as opposed to a trio is probably always a kind of catastrophic situation so i have the feeling i didn't need to give the topic of the pandemic too much attention because it's already taking up everyone's attention everywhere. but it is because of the pandemic that this concert took place without an audience.
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and this is what a normal jazz big band concert looks like sweaty dancing bodies pressed up against others something that's hard to imagine now. but since the coronavirus has been on a world tour the band has stayed at home and live streamed concerts without an audience viewers can pay what they want to watch them. oh my gosh you know if you tried out various ticketing schemes based on voluntary contributions and we quickly learned that we can depend on our fans we made more or less the same amount that we do for a normal live concert by going to. the 10 tracks on the new album have a more international flavor than earlier releases. that's
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due to their contact with a global audience in the days before the coronavirus. and i even met you notice things like how do people at a jazz festival in shanghai react to us what pieces do people in nairobi respond to how does someone in london respond i think seeing these reactions in a constantly changing setting leads to an international ization in the music and our influence to speak with the pedro. but all the tracks have one thing in common they make you want to get up and groove luckily dancing with yourself is still allowed.
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or one place where people hopefully won't have to dance alone as soon as london's iconic royal albert hall now marking its 150th anniversary and walk to the crematorium dedicated the concert hall to her late husband prince albert back in 87 we want the royal albert put out a video message narrated by mick jagger saying they look forward to being able to. again. i. was speaking of returns artists. back home and the armenian capital yerevan after last year's brief war with neighboring azerbaijan the armed conflict may be over for now but armenia is national experiences and delicately his own brushes with death are now fueling his painting. last autumn armenian artist
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cedric fully cognitive on tear down the front line of the new gorno karabakh war a violent conflict between his country and neighboring azerbaijan in his new painting he associates the biblical figure of judah a jewish widow who saved her hometown from a syrian soldiers with armenia is trying to come to terms with his country's defeat . beautifully sometimes it happens that you paint take a painting and spoil it deliberately you understand that you will continue to work and finish a painting after all i'm sure it's a similar process to dealing with the war you just have to go through the other piers is not the truth. which. very cognisant painting style mixes armenian traditions and national colors with soviet era ascetics and images of superheroes and iconic movie characters.
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as a volunteer soldier valley cartney ended up in the so-called hell's gorge near the city of shusha the clashes there were especially brutal. thought perhaps we were attacked with rockets and cluster bombs were used terrible . if we hadn't been able to shelter in this cave many of us would have died because we were bombed very aggressively when i look at this photo i can't believe it's me sometimes i want to return there for some reasons i don't know how to explain it maybe it's a feeling that something has not been completed. but the beauty of the landscape there was amazing. the war ended on november
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10th when a cease fire agreement was signed very commonly returned home in early december he's glad to be alive but he feels apathetic and uncertain he says he changed after the war and that all armenians have changed. the gender of a certain that day when the war ended we learned that everything was over. on the one hand you understand how events developed it was an offensive was being prepared on our front and i don't know how it would have ended. on the other hand there was an understanding that what had been there before us all that was no longer there we could not defend it we could not save it i also think about the deaths of young men all this is so hard. for the soldiers. now art helps the year of an artist to cope with difficult memories.
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i'm a loser and i draw i analyze i try to understand who we are what we are which from upon what we are for why the small country between these empires is needed why we exist here what should we give to people to the world. said track a valley cardinal says a rethinking process is needed for a country to survive the bitterness of defeat in war he tries to do that through his paintings. it's all about resilience and that's certainly true for germany's jewish communities 76 years after the holocaust jews are a small but growing minority in germany israeli born photographer rafael have a sense been documenting jewish life here for decades is on a personal mission to show germans and the world what the nazi regime tried to erase. north. apartments in frankfurt
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through this ritual a boy is rendered accountable for his actions by jewish law. graphical hellish often photographs occasions like this his images show how jews live and go about their daily lives his aim is to appeal for greater tolerance. if. it's amazing because there's so much interest many people come up to me after seeing the photos and say we didn't know how beautiful jewish life could be and i'm glad it's a great privilege to be able to show it to them to people like myself to say. rafael hellish we'll never forget one particular bar mitzvah the boys grandparents had survived the holocaust seen in the photos with their grandson are there tattoos that identify them as one time inmates of the auschwitz concentration camp the photographer shows pictures like these to school classes and explains the meaning
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of the tattoos. the audi's cannot who did this why did they do and where were they what happened was that what is auschwitz this is one of the important tasks i've been performing in germany. the years you are among those like . a concrete block house left over from world war 2 now rises where frankfurt's biggest synagogue once stood before the nazis burned it down in 1938 today exhibitions are held there such as one with raphael where they see photos of jewish life the photographer shows his pictures to his daughter orley. to go from the i'd like to show the jewish life from this place that was nothing but ashes jewish tradition goes on in germany today if not the tomb. the search for his own family's fate also makes up part of the exhibition the
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murder of his grandparents by the nazis it's hard for him to talk about but necessary the rising numbers of anti-semitic attacks leave no doubt about that. they know you because of the renewed hatred of jews in germany today it's important to me personally to show this and not remain silent or look away any longer. here rafael hellish visits his father's grave he had survived the concentration camp another stone commemorates rafael's half brother who was murdered by the nazis when he was only 2 months old his father was never able to talk about it. at 1st i was angry about it but later i found out everything that had happened to him i can only say what a wonderful person he was in his own way he protected his family and i really respect that of course was. rafael hellish dedicates his work to fighting not only anti semitism but every form of racism and exclusion he says he'll keep at it for
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as long as he can. germany's marking 1700 years of jewish life in the country will be meeting more jewish artists in germany in the days and months to come. well that's almost it for this arts and culture leave you now with a century old house in san jose california that's getting a new home so to speak the victorian style building was set for demolition until the community raised $300000.00 to move it so you next time.
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sax as a cultural. movement in my atlanta mom. what does sex mean to me. and who else does it affect the science me. and the fight over sexuality. d.w. . how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. just 3 of the topics covered and a weekly radio program. if you would like any information on the quantum r.s. or any other science topic you should really check out our talk last if you get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us and dot com slash science. the world population is increasing the climate is trained to it's getting warmer and there are going to be more and more places where you cannot road critics no problem we have to fix that some the way to do that is to use the modern tonight a modification methods to make better crawl it is a who looks safer than anything we've done by traditional internet ignore the face
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you take one to leave you know exactly what it is you put it into another plan to come out exactly where it is grown i think we will be able to provide enough food for people by 2050 if we can make crops that will grow under 70 arid conditions this will achieve a much greater stability in the food supply that we have at the moment. as a state that we newsline founder lent
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a case that sparks and national reckoning over racial injustice in the u.s. makes its way to court. but it is good to talk to but a pair of proved wrong drop lotions run high and the trial over the killing of black man george floyd gets underway luke used a white former police officer pleads not guilty to murder also coming up. free at last the container ship that's been blocking the suez canal for almost a week halting $9000000000.00 worth of glow. the treat each day is finally on the move plus germany's chancellor warns that existing coronavirus restrictions may not be tough enough america says if the country states don't fall into line she may have to intervene stricter measures like curfews could be on the table.
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nickel fairly good to have you with us the murder trial of the former police officer who kneeled on the neck of george floyd for almost 9 minutes is underway floyd family kneeled outside the courthouse for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to mark the time their loved one struggled for his life george floyd repeatedly said he couldn't free and begged for his mother while pinned under the needs of derrick shogun shogun faces charges of unintentional 2nd degree murder 3rd degree murder and manslaughter. a story plea most police officers charged with a crime are not convicted felons family says they believe this time will be different rick perry is going to rule george roll over go through all who fall all through their will for the court for what better godparent.
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we will give birth we would not allow your children follow your cruel. cruel road the prosecutor kym whom he was bringing to w.'s stefan simons who's covering the story for us stefan all eyes are on this trial a lot of hopes pinned on it give us a sense of just how significant it is for people in the u.s. . there is hugely significant for the united states for people here in the u.s. for the african-american communities all around this country it is particularly. important and a landmark trial for sure why is that because of course race here on the docket with this trial race relations are and the justice system because this is about this trial is about how the justice system is now hopefully able to hold
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police accountable so then we're talking about police accountability it is not that easy to find a police officer guilty of anything in court here live alone murder 2nd degree or 3rd degree what have you brought making gardner those cases there was video to police officers with their wrists with a slap on the wrist or with no consequences of all at all criminal and criminal justice at least so yes eyes are on this on this landmark trial for this very reason today the jury and the world for that matter heard opening statements from the prosecution and defense what were the main takeaways for you. the main take great is that all went as expected the prosecution went 1st and said to him tried to introduce the jury to a long list of witnesses which the prosecution will call and which will all make
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the case for the prosecution and that is that there was no reason no calls for garrick shelf in the police officer to put his name on george floyd snack and there was no reason for him to do so to do dis action this kind of action to subdue george floyd because it was not confirmed to the police policies for the rest and to his training the defense will war try to water this down they will throw a lot off so we'll throw a lot of smoke bombs and they were tried doing this why how why because they have to deflate the case of the prosecution and how do they do this by mentioning that george floyd residues of drugs in his system that the corona. autopsy report is not clearly say that it was the need of their shuffling of the action of their shoving who was responsible for the passing of george floyd but
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other circumstances so this will be going on for some weeks now 4 weeks expected maybe a little longer if this takes a turn here or twist there we'll find out but so far everything is expected all right we don't have much time but tell me what can we expect from these 4 weeks will we hear from sheldon himself. good question i don't have the answer for this if i was the defense i wouldn't put him on the stand i have a stance that surprised if this happens if so. no it will be a long long long list of experts with the jury has to take notes and then has to at some point deliver a verdict and this will be interesting again 4 weeks is the is the time days a lot for this could go also living longer it's going to be very very interesting for weeks at least for us and you will be covering them for us stefan simons in washington thank you very much danger now where this colossal container ship
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that blocked the suez canal for nearly a week has finally been framed and in areas i've been working around the clock to wrench the skyscrapers size to ever give and from the canals back and end the crisis that halted traffic along one of the world's most vital shipping routes. just look at it go. after bringing one of the world's most important waterways to a standstill the 400 meter long ship is moving along at 1.5 knots a salvage team did an excellent job you know we were in a real critical situation when it was touching on both banks and there was real risk of cracking in the center of the ship but the game entirely changed once they got that stern free and were able to pivot it. pivot back parallel to the canal. pressure on rescue workers had been mounting as the maritime traffic jam
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grew to over $400.00 ships suppliers had to decide whether to wait indefinitely or sail an additional 7000 kilometers around the african continent. for now they can breathe a sigh of relief but questions remain. well i think it's probably goes to show it is the fragility graps of the global supply chain. very significant merits of osprey one of 2 major canals in the world you know. this one jumps and moves in ships. and so i think any blockage there has to be you know really really challenging. the ever given technical managers said initial reports ruled out any mechanical or engine failure as a cause of the accident but human or other technical errors could still be uncovered in the investigation to follow. now let's get you up to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world the u.s. has suspended
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a trade pact with me on mars as countries across the world look for ways to respond to the brutal military crackdown against protesters there when 100 people including children were killed this past weekend alone. and the nation authorities say 2 suicide bombers who blew themselves up outside a church over the weekend were a newly married couple with suspected links to the so-called islamic state some 20 people were injured in the attack in the south slow way see profits the wounded were attending mass to mark the start of easter. government data in mexico suggest the coronavirus death toll there is likely at least 60 percent higher than previously reported revised numbers show more than 320000 mexicans have died with cope with 19 places mexico as the 2nd worst hit country in the world after the united states. international team investigating the origins of the corona virus
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as it is extremely unlikely that it leaked out of the laboratory the report concludes the virus probably passed to humans from that through an intermediary. animal researchers visit at the chinese city of earlier this year when the virus was 1st detected. german chancellor angela merkel has lashed out at the country's regional leaders for not reversing plans to lock down restrictions in the face of rising infections and a rare t.v. interview she warned that the federal government may override state premiers and a bid to occur a 3rd wave of the pandemic chancellor angela merkel may have backtracked last week on her plan to shut down germany over easter but she isn't backtracking on her idea that more action is needed to stop the rise in cope with 19 cases. we now have to employ the appropriate measures with a great deal of seriousness and some states are doing that and others aren't yet. the chancellor and the regional state premiers had agreed to reverse openings if
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there are too many new cases but with numbers rising states are hesitating to do so makes it says she won't sit around and wait for case numbers to keep growing the government could push for parliament to change the law to decrease the premier's influence. in the move as one possibility is to modify the infection protection act again and to say very specifically what has to happen when we are obliged by the law to contain the incidence of infection and right now the containment is not there c.d.u. leader that is also one of the premiers being criticised by america he's conceded leaders are at an impasse it's come not go on like this so the fact that the state premiers and half of the federal government are sitting in front of screens for hours every word is being leaked is not appropriate for the crisis. and that's why we are suppose that the next conference should take place in person. stocked for the opposition greens more measures are needed to curb the 3rd wave in
8:12 pm
infections they think the chancellor should be more proactive in tackling. the crisis. the federal government has an overall responsibility here it's not a matter of seeing the states or the municipalities don't have one everyone has a responsibility but the federal government can best course in a. new meeting to decide on next steps won't take place before easter in the meantime america will be looking at ways to reassert her off already. and here are some more developments on the coronavirus pandemic the number of patients in intensive care units and france is approaching a new peak climbing to more than 4800 doctors a warning they may after start turning away patients who need intensive care johnson and johnson says it will start delivering a single shot covered vaccine to europe on april 19th which should help the
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continent speed up its vaccination drive and england is easing restrictions slightly they will are allowed to meet in small groups and can resume outdoor sports such as basketball tennis and golf. thousands of people have been fleeing northern mozambique after islamist militants captured the town of hama over the weekend they've been using boats to reach the provincial capital pemba after dozens of people were killed and coordinated she hardest attacks agencies say up to $10000.00 people are waiting to be evacuated to safety from the economically important town which is home to a multi-billion dollar gas projects. earlier i spoke to the night on machado she's with the africa division a human rights watch this is her analysis of the situation i think the main difference is that these one for the 1st time as also looks are good not just mozambique nationals and what we have seen over the past 3 years is this group for
8:14 pm
the 1st time. in october 17th it's started by attacking village and people. get moved. forces and now it seems that is their early. teens like it's the only problem and you choose a. very including those who are expired or . now for anyone who needs to see some joy and smiling faces take a look at these pictures from india where people have been celebrating holi the hindu spring festival of colors not a mass in sight crowds through color of powder at each other and smeared on each other's faces tradition but although the festival celebrates the victory of good over evil those celebrations won't do much to battle the pandemic i'm afraid there
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have been more than 68000 new cases in india in the past 24 hours alone. and washing d.w. news here is a reminder of our top story at this hour and the u.s. the trial of a. white police officer charged with killing black man george floyd has gotten under way thank you to officer has pleaded not guilty the case has sparked waves of outrage across the country and they are. coming up to the way of business with my colleague robert wants to make sure and stay tuned for that golf ball have more headlines for you at the top of the hour i mean call fairly and be an tired team here and our land thank you so much for coming.
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up today don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com hard. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center north and more refugees are being turned away on the 4th family's planes bomb attacks in syria is critical to this agreement against demonstrators people who sleep extreme growth to go to the song to continue to see. more than 300000000 people or seeking refuge. we ask. because no one should have to sleep. make up your own mind. to double. minds.
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aids free things on the move a giant container vessel that was blocking the suez canal the other given being refloated bound to deal with the backlog of hundreds of ships who spent days waiting to. position of coronavirus vaccines is causing frustration in many parts of the world while europe grapples with its own sluggish rollout. or isn't being done to supply poorer nations. and amazon has been frequently criticized for its treatment of its employees that's why staff and now considering unionizing will find out more. this is due to be business some robots in berlin welcome to the program shipping traffic has resumed on the suez canal after the mega freight to ever given which became wedged across it last week was finally refloated after dredging and excavation work over the weekend rescue and salvage work has succeeded in getting the ship straight to get at least 369 vessels have been waiting to get
8:18 pm
past that could take up to 3 days to clear the backlog but mess says the knock on disruption to global shipping could take weeks or months to sort out. well naturally investors have been watching developments in the suez canal very closely over recent days as our correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange buson on investor reaction as it became clear the canal would soon be open again. immediately after trading started this monday morning the german dax jumped to a new record high i think we can call this a sigh of relief investors are really happy that the deadlock in the suez canal will not last forever if we only take the container ship traffic between china and europe 98 percent of this goes via the suez canal taking a detour here around africa would be very costly and it would add another 13000 kilometers to the trip or 10 extra travel days how much of
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a damage has been made due to the event is not easy to say the german insurance company says that a blockage like this could cost global trade between 5 and 9000000000 euros what does not say is how high the insurance claims are that the owners of the ship are now facing. cannot be isn't in frank now by no means the worst affected continent but nevertheless over 4000000 cases of corona virus have been recorded on the african continent so far observers however assume the unrecorded toll is much higher a key hope for many african countries is the world health organizations kovacs initiative which aims to secure vaccines for poorer nations so far 28 countries have received 16000000 shots nigeria has had the most followed by democratic republic of congo and angola south africa is hoping to secure $12000000.00 in total
8:20 pm
now some african states by straight from the produces or receive donations from individual countries china is supplying its own sign of vaccine to the likes of zimbabwe and the media meanwhile india has donated its domestically licensed version of astra zeneca facts but there's still an awful long way to go africa's center for disease control and prevention says some 24000000 people have been given japs on the continent but that's just 1.7 percent of the population. let's discuss the issues facing african countries and the pharmaceutical companies aiming to supply them with our correspondents in nairobi joy doreen berra and natalie mole from the european federation of pharmaceutical industries and associations welcome to you both i'm going to start with joy doreen farah who's in nairobi what's the feeling in sub-saharan africa towards the vaccine rollout is there a sense that coronations and not getting that. well there are
8:21 pm
reasons that notion that were countries are not getting their share that this is lastly as she said the wealthier countries that were ordering these scenes in the last dooms is or a large number is and that unless the low income countries would last as well and so they had to go through the whole that's the silly t. to order for the vaccine and to be didn't give it to the countries and the other option for them has been to spread it out so the order to ask is anika and some countries also order me which is the russian that see you know i want to bring in natalie mole from the european federation of pharmaceutical industries an association which represents pharma for. what extends to pharmaceutical firms see their role in what is their role in making sure these vaccines that vaccines do get
8:22 pm
to poorer nations. and so we know this is really a global pandemic and so nobody is safe until everybody is safe and we should have very we share really the responsibility of the urgency to ensure that we can have that scene's everybody that's it it's quick it's possible around the world that's why we are partnering back to a site of callbacks we believe the facility is certainly. an incredible tool to manage to reach those $2000000000.00 targets for 2021 which is what we have as a target for kovacs we've all called us already shipped to us as was mentioned 32000000 covered 19 back to 60 countries already and we've never seen such a quick spread that students were arriving in abidjan akron talk here at the same time about just a few weeks after the show probable cause it's a work in progress of course the 1st weeks and months since the approvals and of course feel you have a handful of vaccines true so far but we hope to increase the number of vaccines
8:23 pm
approved of course the production back. you know the real feeling in africa the numbers need to improve joy tureen just tell us what ideas the leaders in africa been having because there's a lot of support behind the idea of scrapping the patents on the vaccines. right so the south african and kenyan leaders have been advocating for the manufacturing of the vaccine using more affordable means to allow for the vaccine to be manufactured by bio similar manufacturers this in an effort to make sure that there are more vaccines reaching the african continent as already there is a shortage of the vaccine on the continent and so the idea behind it really is for more affordable but seems to be able to get down to the people and asking the pharmaceutical companies to put people's needs over profit and that's pretty much
8:24 pm
the idea behind it well that's a good point to turn to nasa neemo i mean what is the pharmaceutical companies view on that peyton's being scrapped well the issue with the scale up of production is not ready to do with patents there are more than $256.00 deals already been made licenses already being made around the world to increase the production and the scale of the issue is a technical know how and the actual capacities of the vats that have to produce these biological products and that is what we're looking for having to actually build and create so when a company gets in touch with another company or produce a manufacturer in order to produce and scale up the vaccine if there's a whole technical know how transfer that has to happen you know it's a make sure that we can produce those vaccines at the mts we need the amounts we need with the safety and efficiency that they have to have so it's much more than just intellectual property it's really the whole package and at the moment has not
8:25 pm
been an obstacle to that it's actually the facilities and finding the partners who can do that incredibly complex work with just biological production at that scale. just really briefly if you can ask. your representatives the former industry are meeting in brussels with officials there what are they think of the idea of the e.u. blocking exports well what we've understood there was a heads of state meeting at the end of last week and a lot of discussion around the importance of supporting little supply chain because vaccines are made of hundreds of components and no one country can produce its own backs and in fact components come often through more than 20 different countries and i think there was a a very clear understanding of the importance to to support these global supply chains because that any any interruption to that global trade by any kind of export block it would really cause
8:26 pm
a backlog in production scale up to be very dangerous to the rest ok so keep the interference to a minimum natalie mole from the european but origin of pharmaceutical industries and associations and a correspondent in nairobi joy to rain barrel thank you both for joining us on business. now some of the other business stories making the news german exporters are increasingly optimistic that they'll benefit from economic recoveries in asia and the u.s. a survey by the e-file economic institute shows their expectations in march rose to the highest value since january 20th levon it was ultimatum in nearly all sectors. play make a boeing says u.s. low cost carrier southwest airlines has ordered $177.00 max aircraft a $12500000000.00 deal increases southwest's max commitment to more than $600.00 planes it's also the largest order since the model was approved to fly again at the end of 2020. and video streaming site billy billy sank 6 percent on its 1st
8:27 pm
day of trading in hong kong as to chaz in the chinese search engine baidu rich debuted in hong kong last week chinese tech shares also offering after u.s. regulators announced plans to force firms from china to observe us order to. now in the us amazon is the 2nd largest employer its founder is the richest man in the world and yet the company is often criticized for how it treats workers further down the ladder that's why amazon work is in the u.s. have been holding a balance on whether to unionize today is the last day for employees to. protest during pandemic times only a few dozen workers have shown up but even with social distancing they're passionate and they're not alone in their fight for workers' rights at amazon one of the country's most prominent voices is with them. what do you say to mr basis why when you have so much money more money that can be spent on
8:28 pm
a $1000000.00 lifetimes why are you spending millions trying to defeat an effort on the part of workers here who want nothing more than decent wages decent benefits decent working conditions you are in pesos the mega rich founder and c.e.o. of amazon has always fought unionizing at his company while striving for the highly efficient work environment that may be profitable but comes at the cost of workers' rights if you lay a minute pick a minute be automatic don't take our way from you. i want to lay our work so why take our. amazon has organized its own campaign trying to convince workers to vote against the union with flyers and text messages and some in the company side with their employer saying things aren't as bad as they seem if all this
8:29 pm
negativity and all this these horrible things and all the stories were all true then there are 5800 idiots working inside the building where i work. and i don't work with a single lady and i'm not an idiot. today is the last day for workers to vote for or against unionizing any decision is likely to be seen as a bellwether for other amazon warehouses. it's all from a in the business team in berlin for more do check out our website to be a dot com slash business you know the latest on the refloating of the ever given in the suez canal there are much more you can also follow us on social media we're on facebook and twitter so next time about.
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sex as a culture. in my to love. what does sex mean to me. and who else does it affect besides me. in the fight over sexual morality. 16 d.w. literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see the kids find. my. books on youtube. this is deja news africa on the program today to be assault on women and ethiopia's
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conflicts numerous victims and witnesses all reporting that mass rape is being carried out by eritrean and ethiopian soldiers into grad school here some of the accounts. and be anxious ways in mozambique will survive the attack by jihad just militants in houma the so-called islamic state has now claimed responsibility for the violence that's hit dozens of date. her.


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