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tv   Malediven  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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when it's called to the sounds of the humans and seem right through fools who have decided to put their trust in us. these cars were a d w. this is deja vu news africa on the program today the assault on women in ethiopia's conflicts numerous victims and witnesses all reporting that mass rape is being carried out by every train and ethiopian soldiers into a bride who hears some of the accounts. and be anxious ways in mozambique for survivors of the attack by jihadist militants in parliament the so-called islamic state has now claimed responsibility for the violence that's it doesn't date.
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and i'm christine one but it's good to have your company there is mounting evidence to suggest that male soldiers are using rape as a weapon of war in the conflicts in ethiopia is to cry reachin the un says $500.00 cases have been reported so far but that the actual number of women attacked could be much higher and the violence is still going on now ethiopia has acknowledged that soldiers are raping women into groene and the few medical centers into crile straining to cope with the numbers of victims and the severity of the injuries while some of us may find this next report distressing. one of the few facilities into gray catering to the mass of women raped in the regions war. sexual violence is an increasingly common account as more and
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more stories emerge from a conflict that the world was shielded from. the staff of this hospital have never seen anything like this before. and they're struggling i don't know how many hours later you know. there's a mother here who was impregnated when 3 eritrean soldiers and 2 ethiopian soldiers raped her. now she can't move her legs. again i think i was. even now she cannot control her bladder and she's pregnant she cannot control her bladder it's hard to listen to the stories for these victims it's even more harrowing reliving their nightmares their battle stigma to come here for help.
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she told us not to hide so we've come for treatment i've been bleeding for a month and a hasn't stopped one horror story after another and that just this started to take away my child i begged him and told him to do whatever he wanted with me but leave my child alone after i cried he raped me then left and they ripped my grandmother and they beat her and dragged her by her feet. most of the severely injured victims are also now pregnant and there are not enough beds for them. cruelty on a massive scale bearing wounds that may never heal and we've invited benito solomon onto the program in 2019 she helped set up the 1st service into into gras a for women who have survived the sexual violence that she spoke to based in
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adelaide australia but isn't regular contact with it's a grand welcome to day to every news africa i need to tell us what you have been hearing about the raped women into gravity are being subjected to and who you're hearing it from. well the situation isn't and are actually very challenging i believe that the sexual violence is being hailed as a weapon in this war and i'm in regular contact with the people that work on the ground including. one star search center that was well established in in 2019 so the reports that i'm hearing coming in to these centers are women that have been the severely abused physically. because of sexual violence by their nature being and it actually and so it gets we're talking about gray and i imagine that all the way where remand has been raped in
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front of their family in that those are slowly moving forcing family members still with the daughters sisters and women who've been hurt hostage for weeks and several days been raped by 15 to tourny in soldiers in their different camps and women losing their fathers brothers our husbands trust then when the soldiers on a cell that's found in the not so in that you are where they have been found it's time and dinner just go in and taking out all of them outside and raping the women 'd that are in the house at the moment funny except other observers have said as you're suggesting that the rape taking place into a cry appears to be systematic who do you believe is responsible for this. well
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the responsible for this violence are being stolen yes including the. regional forces and the entrance soldiers the survivors who manages to escape and survive and scrapes on say that they obey but you're close on just. for girls in that region forces. and their service center for survivors of sexual violence that you found and how is it supporting some of the women who have been raped in this conflict so they're survivors that manages to get themselves killed their one stop center which is mostly only from around the cities and some manages to walk for days to get to the one stop center specially if they are superbly physically if there is any severe physical damage so well they will come to their one stop service center and get some medical assistant and emotional support and also it's
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also read from at work where these women are referred to a safe house where they can stay there for about 3 months in the marginal and mental support but also refer to the idea hospital if they need surgery or under there are more complicated medical support. finito what help did the women off to grab a need most at this time what i would say they would need who are in actually preventing from this sort of just great the and complicated medical support. finito what help do the women off to brad need most at this time. well i would say they would need who are in actually preventing from this so it is great the end.
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of these crimes because there is no matter how much support. who after the violence but the bones are still growing and use that increasing and i believe until the soldiers that are in our. lives and know who their rapes we continue and when we say you know how is it going to stop probably it's not going to stop but what our women need at the mall and in straight away office the soldiers to be held accountable and to actually start and justice to be so it's all right that's funny tests on them and talking to us there from adelaide australia thank you. the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for an attack on the northern was m.p. can town of palma that's if dozens of people dead now the situation in palmer remains volatile and off to the violence that began last wednesday when militants
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infiltrated the town of karbala delgado province a day later they launched a killing spree shooting and beheading people now palmer is home to mozambique's gas production plants this is the closest attack to the site yet. and families have been trying to find out news about their loved ones in the nearby port of pemba thousands began arriving there on monday off to fleeing the violence for many of their relatives it is an anxious wait. do not read i'm looking for a young man i need your help with communication to locate my son. all i've had no contact with my family since wednesday my wife my sons my mother brothers. we don't have information what i really wish for is to have my cousin back but i don't have information on my phone and for more on the story in mozambique i'm now joined by jasmine often mentioned as a security analyst for the u.s.
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based agency on conflicts location and event states a project africa is her focus region welcome to date every news africa jasmine what are your sources telling you about how things are unfolding in palma at this point in time good afternoon to you or us and you sorry. at this point in time your viewers must be careful to accept media reports as fact the east county operations state glaze of by the government security forces it tells us operations which means it will take a lot of time to clear the area and we must keep in mind that the insurgents that participated high anonymous we didn't military uniforms and have illegal with this event is pearl had the so much. ball it'll and they will be a frequent clashes in the next few days jasmine how has the situation deteriorated
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to this point you've said that this attack could have been avoided. it could have been avoided. in the. mornings were issued 3 days prior to the attack not only to the mozambique and government but to foreign indices in mobile too and. this is not only one said he said li no one has taken action nothing was done to improve the security at boma in this bomb are and what we've seen the last 4 to 5 days completely unnecessary and they were made does it make this issue a shoe so much worse is that private companies had to step in and to help and evacuate people the insurgency liberal sophistication little of coronation
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arms have reached a stage and have crossed fish out numerous times but what we are seeing now is an insurgency sending a message is no you 10 this is not going to be a short that will tell us about the involvement of other countries in this insurgency specifically they deny that states. at the united states currently there is always the united side prisons and will be from the military in mozambique but with the recent you is day to ration or designation of a so-called islamic state in mozambique we are seeing the better a snail prison evolved into months training program 2 months form of make it difference you from a drug myself bet we are sick for at international political game in goggle god or america is not going to stand back and the training program for me
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is just a thing is it opening the door for further militarization of copper gov are you all right that is has been up and talking to us there thank you so much for your insights on this. and that does it for our program at david be sure to check out our of the stories on the home forward slash africa we're also on facebook and we're on twitter we're always interested to know here on news africa what you think about the stories that we cover and the stories that we should be covering i'll see you next time have a what if you think. we've got some how to ups for your bucket list. manticora.
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for free. and some great cultural memorials to boot. double trouble for you. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss them. just 3 of the topics covered in a weekly radio program. if you would like and new information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. forbes slash science. from techno to hip hop to soul germany's jazz big bands does it all.
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and their new albums out now we'll have a listen here on arts and culture then later on the show a painter works through his war experiences on the canvas. and one photographer's personal quest to. document germany's jewish communities. welcome to arts and culture denting high on jazz that's a very rough translation of the name jazz house the jazz big band also calls itself one of the busiest bands in europe before covered 19 they were playing about 120 concerts a year now the group launched its new album with a live stream concert from the const hollow museum in munich. the. heart of.
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2 dozen musicians all with a negative coronavirus test but a positive attitude after all as difficult as dealing with the pandemic is organizing a big band is also a huge challenge. but a few months traveling to china with a big band of 25 people as opposed to a trio is probably always a kind of catastrophic situation so i have the feeling i didn't need to give the topic of the pandemic too much attention because it's already taking up everyone's attention everywhere. but it is because of the pandemic that this concert took place without an audience. and this is what a normal jazz cowshed big band concert looks like sweaty dancing bodies pressed up
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against others something that's hard to imagine now. but since the coronavirus has been on a world tour the band has stayed at home and live streamed concerts without an audience viewers can pay what they want to watch them. oh my gosh you know if you tried out various ticketing schemes based on voluntary contributions and we quickly learned that we can depend on our fans we made more or less the same amount that we do for a normal live concert you don't get. the 10 tracks on the new album have a more international flavor than earlier releases. that's due to their contact with a global audience in the days before the coronavirus. it
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might even matter you notice things like how do people at a jazz festival in shanghai react to us what pieces do people in nairobi respond to how does someone in london respond i think seeing these reactions in a constantly changing setting leads to an international is ation in the music and our influences. but all the tracks have one thing in common they make you want to get up and groove luckily dancing with yourself is still allowed. or one place where people hopefully won't have to dance a lot as soon as london's iconic royal albert hall now marking its 150th
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anniversary and walked down crematorium dedicated the concert hall to her late husband prince albert back in 1871 the royal albert put out a video message narrated by jagger saying they look forward to being able to cope. and i guess. i. was speaking of returns artists vellacott me is back home and the armenian capital yerevan after last year's brief war with neighboring azerbaijan the armed conflicts may be over for now but armenia is national experiences and the economy is on brushes with death are now fuelling his painting. last autumn armenian artist cedric fairly cockney volunteered on the front line of the new gorno car about war a violent conflict between his country and neighboring azerbaijan in his new
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painting he associates the biblical figure of judas a jewish widow who saved her hometown from a syrian soldiers with armenia is trying to come to terms with his country's defeat . beautifully sometimes it happens that you paint take a painting and spoil it deliberately you understand that you will continue to work and finish a painting after all i'm sure it's a similar process to dealing with a war you just have to go through the other peers rist not the truth. which. very cognisant painting style mixes armenian traditions and national colors with soviet era ascetics and images of superheroes and iconic movie characters. as a volunteer soldier barely cartney ended up in the so-called hell's gorge near the
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city of shusha the clashes there were especially brutal. for. us we were attacked with rockets and cluster bombs were used terrible. if we hadn't been able to shelter in this cave many of us would have died would be because we were bombed very aggressively when i look at this photo i can't believe it's me sometimes i want to return there for some reasons i don't know how to explain it maybe it's a feeling that something has not been completed. the beauty of the landscape there was amazing. the war ended on november 10th when a cease fire agreement was signed the only company returned home in early december is glad to be alive but he feels apathetic and uncertain he says he changed after
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the war and that all armenians have changed. the gender of a certain that day when the war ended we learned that everything was over there on the one hand you understand how events developed it was an offensive was being prepared on our front and i don't know how it would have ended. on the other hand there was an understanding that what had been there before us all that was no longer there we could not defend it we could not save her i also think about the deaths of young men all this is so hard. for the future. now art helps the year of an artist to cope with difficult memories. i draw i analyze i try to understand who we are what we are which are more than what we are for why the small country between these empires is needed why we exist
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here what should we give to people to the world. cedric valley cognate says a rethinking process is needed for a country to survive the bitterness of defeat in war he tries to do that through his paintings. it's all about resilience and that's certainly true for germany's jewish communities 76 years after the holocaust jews are a small but growing minority in germany israeli born photographer rafael have a sense been documenting jewish life here for decades is on a personal mission to show germans and the world what the nazi regime tried to erase. north. apartments in frankfurt through this ritual a boy is rendered accountable for his actions by jewish law. rafael hellish often photographs occasions like this his images show how jews live and go
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about their daily lives his aim is to appeal for greater tolerance. it's amazing because there's so much interest many people come up to me after seeing the photos and say we didn't know how beautiful jewish life could be and i'm glad it's a great privilege to be able to show it to them was a privilege that's not to say. rafael hellish will never forget one particular bar mitzvah the boy's grandparents had survived the holocaust seen in the photos with their grandson are there tattoos that identify them as one time inmates of the auschwitz concentration camp the photographer shows pictures like these to school classes and explains the meaning of the tattoos. these came out who did this why did they do and where were they what happened what is auschwitz
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this is one of the important tasks i've been performing in germany over. the years you are long. a concrete block house left over from world war 2 now rises where frankfurt's biggest synagogue once stood before the nazis burned it down in 1938 today exhibitions are held there such as one with raphael had photos of jewish life the photographer shows his pictures to his daughter orley. to go on the night like to show that jewish life from this place that was nothing but ashes jewish tradition goes on in germany today if not the tomb. the search for his own family's fate also makes up part of the exhibition the murder of his grandparents by the nazis it's hard for him to talk about but necessary the rising numbers of anti-semitic attacks leave no doubt about that.
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they know you because of the renewed hatred of jews in germany today it's important to me personally to show this and not remain silent or look away any longer. here rafael hellish visits his father's grave he had survived the concentration camp another stone commemorates rafael's half brother who was murdered by the nazis when he was only 2 months old his father was never able to talk about it. at 1st i was angry about it but later i found out everything that had happened to him i can only say what a wonderful person he was in his own way he protected his family and i really respect that of course was. hellish dedicates his work to fighting not only anti-semitism but every form of racism and exclusion he says he'll keep at it for as long as he can. this year germany's marking 1700 years of
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jewish life in the country will be meeting more jewish artists in germany in the days and months to come. well that's almost it for this arts and culture leave you now with a century old house in san jose california that's getting a new home so to speak the victorian style building was set for demolition until the community raised $300000.00 to move it so you next time.
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the sax as an ultra. who am i allowed to love. what does sex mean to me. and who else does it in fact the sights me the body and the fight over such morality the from. the 1st spot t.w. .
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they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experience is meant to have taken from them the. countless cultural riches were stolen from africa and carted off to year of by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from its lips you feel. what should be done with the stoners. this is being hotly debated on both continents. stolen so. to go. take on the world. we're all about. that matter.
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what is meant. to be on fire may. show. strong in the clear position internal strength. every week we get to the point on our current topic. controversial committed. to point. out. look. this is the deadly news and these are our top stories the jury in the trial of derek chauvin the white officer accused of murdering george floyd has watched a video of the black man's death handcuffed and pressed down ford calls outs i
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can't breathe 27 times 7 could face up to 40 years in prison. the container ship that was stuck in the swiss canal has finally been refloated tugboats afraid the ever given from a son back.


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