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tv   Hart aber fair  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2021 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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fire me. people have to say matters to us. that's why most into their stories. reporter every weekend on t.w. . this is news africa coming up on the program a strategic town under siege in mozambique fears grow over the fate of thousands of stranded residents in the town of tal is fighting between mozambique and government forces and jihadist militants and says another day. and after decades of oil spills there's little progress in cleaning up nigeria's niger delta one of the most polluted places on.
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i'm told me a lot of boy it's good to have you with us concerns are growing over the fate of thousands of people in the town of palma in northern mozambique overrun by jihadist militants last week some residents have managed to escape but aid agencies say they're worried that so few have made it to safety reports also still coming off clashes between the militants and the mozambican army and some observers fear the conflict could spread. this is who is now in control of mozambique's northern tip al-shabaab islamist militants linked to the islamic state group they posted this video to social media claiming to have killed 55 people as they seized the city of palma tactics mozambique's military says our terrorism.
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the clear objective here was to terrorize the population upon the district. and to threaten the development of infrastructures that will improve living conditions both in the country and for the local population in particular. above all they threaten the biggest private investment in africa a massive natural gas field that was supposed to be the key to mozambique's energy future but nothing has been safe from the jihadists those who fled tell of indiscriminate killing those people started to show their own police so we stayed 2 days in the war to go where there were no one was out of sight so this is the last day which we are no way there's a box that suits thousands of so far as skate the violence many of them making their way to the provincial capital pember however they can staying behind could
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mean death. here for you he said it was a difficult moment to tell you the truth it was a massacre that none of us would like to go back there again many people died of those who stayed behind i don't know if they're dead or missing. for now these people can count themselves among those fortunate enough to escape as thousands of others remain stranded or in hiding in palma. and with many of palmas residents joining another 700000 people already displaced in the conflict does this worsen mozambique's humanitarian situation. here's an assessment from del arm of the southern africa director for human rights watch beauty is. it massive humanitarian crisis that is there now. thousands really are out and they need support they move 3 of us out to care about which is. a
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big question now into living in camps and some have are probably walked. across into tanzania the neighboring countries so it is utter chaos and people are living in fear and there is no security and it was a get over it is it would come forward. to go and see your civilians income would do the time is actually overdue for the international community to do more or less with these and also look unfortunately the regional community that african development community and african union have not prioritized these crises it is escalating the attacks are intensifying becoming more sophisticated and indeed there is no need for the international community to come together to ensure that this is brought through and other ways that is a huge risk script. to other parts of southern africa bit quickly next to nigeria's niger delta region from well oil has brought the country great
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wealth for decades but also devastating pollution one of the worst on spills from oil pipelines have damaged the environment and livelihoods and the health of the residents fred move when he was in or going to land one of the affected areas to witness the impact. of the niger delta was offered to reach spoilers for farmers and fishermen like mike could too. no it's a trade to humans and the ecosystem goal all humans peoples have left people exposed to high and it was a call me i'm the guy my cute. most of them died before the age of 40. our lives in bordeaux depended laggy on the sea. we depend on the sea i see food. today almost all of those sea foods have gone you can find them again because of the oil spill. has led to the.
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level of poverty i find no if not find the word to describe a study in 2012 estimated that 16000 babies died within the 1st month of their life. they died because of oil producer in the niger delta state officials admit that the situation has become even worse since then how many people would do better where last week. where die. because this is i don't want their. poverty. in town so food in town still costs and even the necessities of life know what are your. vast areas of the states would to with out talk seek the u.n. says if you could take 30 years to clear up the contamination. the niger delta pollution has continued despite years of poor mrs by successive governments in
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nigeria to clean it up in 2016 president my mother behind it launched an ambitious cleanup project you know good news aren't there what has been ongoing but there isn't there it'll progress has been made. residents and activists blame the multinational oil company for their plight they have petitioned their government to provide hospitals and schools to improve their living conditions. but hopeless there isn't a law school who says in the very. develop the did the foam. with the glue up with my just images also on the people that. just place through this. the region provides most of nigeria's revenues but the communities see they get nothing in
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return and their government has neglected them and d.f. them to be effect. and we can now speak to name all bassy leading environmental justice campaign a particularly on the niger delta need more joins me now from been in city in nigeria good to have you on the program name oh why is this area polluted and who's responsible where did. the. right from the beginning of. this. those who are responsible this is very clear. and it is used to show that. a lot of people blame as you mentioned the oil companies like shell what are these companies
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positions on this issue. one. of. these. issues all. try to avoid responsibility to avoid accepting. communities but i think this is just looking for money so. the problem. is in the pipeline son. but the.
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kid is not something that could be accomplished just look up people who are. around . that fact that made you talk about can you describe that a bit more what impact has this pollution had on people's lives. it was lives on the environmental situation. it could imagine over 60 k. so for me to get to always be has. got to be gosling this is blowing across the region. where it was going to be completely. cold but with all this is continuously these saw this is contaminated some places. meet us. is a difficult thing to do with. who wants to wear specs
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a good harvest the source of what i mean to put them in you water bodies i've got them and it's a lot of friends largely destroyed. and the people around here obviously fish on thomas so dishing said oh he's very carefully he'd fish awful who used to eat fish from. what that speech so all the stuff you money and lettuce but. he said lowest in the mission you're saying it's been decades since this has been going on i do you think that this is still going on the spills are still happening and if it's so then has there been any progress made in terms of cleaning up what has been spilt now. the. time. is what is good. or bad the government said oh i do a couple of things. pollution remediation project and that is just only just
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beginning slowly so i did not get it is an extremely contaminated environment. now exploring way back into the past aki a large archaeologists in central tunisia have discovered an ancient site that they've estimated to be more than 6000 years old researches say this site shed light on life through several different eras of history the excavators found many fossils of animals especially horses and also able to use objects found to deduce the way humans in western africa hunted animals they say the find will provide a wealth of information on the culture and environment of the past.
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that is it for now you can also check out other stories on d w dot com for slash africa as well as off facebook and twitter pages i know be good to hear what you think about what we've covered and what you think we should be covering as well so thanks very much for watching and bye for now. staying up to date don't miss our highlights. program online d.w. dot com highlights. the amount of plastic is increasing every year and many i'm gonna working online for people worth reading holiday destinations and drowning in toxic might be reminding. us of.
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every here in europe the public schools are 1000000 tonnes of plastic waste. is the another way. after all the environment isn't recyclable. to make up your own mind. w. made for mines. coming up on arts and culture the. queer youth in beijing create a scene where they can be themselves or whoever they want to be. and later on the show sculptor ario sleazier explores what it means to be jewish in germany 7 decades after the holocaust. but 1st fresh fears of
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censorship in hong kong as beijing imposes tough new restrictions to control the island's politics it appears that mainland china's power is even being felt in the arts and in television for the 1st time since 1969 a local hong kong t.v. station says it won't be broadcasting the oscar ceremony but t.v. b. channel says it's a purely commercial decision but speculation is rife that it's actually a case of censorship or self-censorship under pressure from beijing so which is it for more i'm going to pull in my colleague scott roxboro who reports on the global film market scott thanks for coming on why would hong kong television cancel its broadcast of the oscars. yes that's a really good question i mean ask themselves claim that this is a purely commercial decision to just say. you were are interested in watching the oscars will seems a little bit
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a particularly this year because there are 2 nominees. in the. better days which is not needed in the future category and then you a short documentary as well. that documentary just will not split. it's a very. busy don't ration is an ongoing thing and it's critical . but if you want to look at the real reason why this might be coming from me. and is directed actually at the project for this year's oscars which is normally probably. chinese. and it's always out and. you have. a government. run media there to downplay of you or its. coverage of it and to not cover the ceremony why.
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this channel in hong kong but in this blackout of the oscars. i mean interests and seen as. so good the real reason behind this ok but scott of cory's our does win the oscar wouldn't that be a triumph for china. yes i think i mean she's has a chance the 1st chinese director to win best picture. and initially it looked like beijing was going to really. cheerleader for she won best picture and best director all globes and you was all over. social media in china. interviews. where she said some things that some people target as being. shy or critical of china and there was a huge. against it against her i think this week it's
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in the well. which is china going to china is trying to. sort of market pressure to to influence and maybe even censor. since our 2nd largest in our world and if the chinese government lots of us will be nice and china. hundreds of millions dollars it. is a huge amount of leverage and it seems that china is going to use it maybe even this case is using the leverage in order to only have so many stories made by these directors. thanks so much for your insights scott rocks. well meanwhile in mainland china one subculture is having a moment bogeying a style of dance that developed in new york's marginalized black and latino gay and trans communities and the 1970 s. well being is back and in china where homosexuality was classified as
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a mental illness until 20 years ago voting as a space where queer youth can finally express themselves. armed with glitter glamour and high heels hundreds of young l.g. t. chinese gather for the 1st large scale building ball in beijing drag queens and other performers hit the runway to compete in various categories though there are prizes at stake the focus is on community and belonging. what we want to do is to clearly serve the needs of minority groups that are in our community. this is our core goal to create a safe space for them to express themselves. and about a family. who identifies as non-binary is among the contestants performers belong to houses that provide support and are often a replacement for birth families after an unhappy childhood what has finally found
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the home they've longed for. goal achieved i'm so happy i can tell my house mother jones say that i got perfect scores for voting old way i feel i've proved myself in a small way it feels like i'm saying test me test me test me let me pass the bill. while voting balls are on the verge of going mainstream in china most people in the country keep a low profile due to conservative social norms but for a while while voting has provided a sense of freedom and creative expression. i think i can dance for the rest of my life i can probably dance wacking and folk in old ways. until i'm 60 or 70 it's already become a part of my life so even when i go to the toilet or drink water every day or those i don't walk normally but in a vogue in kalak style not really. from its beginnings voting has had
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a radical sensibility people here hope it's growing popularity will tell its subversive and liberating it. gowalla so how much is identity intrinsic to an artist's work that's the question that's come up over and over as publishers in various countries grapple with translating the hill we climb the poem recited by american poet amanda gorman at the inauguration of president joe biden well the german translation is now finally out done by 3 women of different ethnicities this comes after controversies including in the netherlands over translators who were not women of color like the poet herself some more culture news now the new the museum in paris is digitized and uploaded more than 3 quarters of its collection now anyone with an internet connection can view high resolution images of more than 400 $80000.00 works of art including many that are
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kept in the museum storage. and in london people who've lost loved ones to the coronavirus have started painting a mural to commemorate their deaths when the work is finished it will stretch about a kilometer and a length and contain 150000 hearts one for each covered $1000.00 deaths in the u.k. . lazing or sculpture at frankfurt's jewish museum as a kind of mirror image reflected between life and death tragedy and hope an image that embodies the history of germany's jewish community the artist's work explores what it means to be jewish in germany 76 years after the holocaust. this goal that you're standing outside frankfurt's jewish museum weighs 1.8 tons measures 11 meters tall and cost some 350000 euros to create in 2019 it made israeli artist ariel world famous.
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and my intention with this work with the tree that is alive that is growing from the ground that this is rooted. in the ground holding above him a tree similar to him in size and shape that it was somehow went through some trauma so that the relationship is kind of what happened to the jewish culture here in germany. a singer 1st went looking for the perfect tree and found it in italy a 60 year old fig tree ready. instead of cutting it down he went to a great deal of trouble to make molds of various parts of it to use for his sculpture. he then cast those parts in aluminum to be later welded together.
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and then it's always interesting to look to. because they always change just like people it's always different because you're all different. i really think that has been living among the turkish and arab populations of the lands a vibrant no i kind district since 2006 it reminds him of his hometown jerusalem it has its grungy and chaotic sides he's got his studio here too this is where he can let loose and let the inspiration come. fire plays a role in many of his works the 41 year old sculptor stokes the flames to create works in paper or carpeting. i enjoy the process i enjoy the unexpected. consequences i always was. fascinated by fire and i was actually kicked out of.
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high school because i set. my. classifier but that's a different story. alienating familiar objects presenting them in pairs and evoking associations are the motifs common to our works jewishness only rarely has any part to play in them an exception is his installation. he was inspired by the project of the same title by german artist. it was conceived as a kind of memorial to the victims of the nazi regime among them of course chameleons of jews. placing a spotted the stumbling stones in berlin sidewalks on his 1st trip to germany in 2001 i think it was one of the 1st thing i know tests or i came to britain and it was one of the 1st thing that made me feel like i'm jewish believing in berlin
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or jewish and even. in germany. arias lazing has great grandparents numbered among the jewish victims of naziism now he's a mortal eyes their names inside his sculpture but they're visible from the outside it stands for both remembrance and reconciliation and me doing this work here being jewish in germany is anything special for me it's actually quite natural to do to create in germany and to show my work in germany this kind of contribution to to my home. this year germany is marking 1700 years of jewish life in the country join us to meet more jewish artists in germany in the days to come well that's almost it for this edition of arts and culture i'll leave you now with the latest by italian farmer and artist daddio gambari used his tractor to create
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a tribute to shout out of the poets would be 200th birthday next time. thinking.
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because. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and the ball doesn't stray far from the goal posts. and any case talent often runs in the family. famous beautifully to produce their successful climb. a family style song in chico. 90 minute w. . every journey begins with the 1st step and every language is the 1st word political neko case in germany to the term of. most of us why not permit him. to stuff it simple our mind on your mobile and free. t.w.
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zealand in course calls me german made easy. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity slowly established itself. as religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power. to trace began. who can create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. place stonemason builders and architects compete with each other. this is how massive churches are created player contest of the cathedral play a whole 12th d.w.
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. blame . blame. this is d w news live from berlin germany limits astra zeneca coronavirus vaccines to over 60 after fresh concerns on march it follows new reports of blood clots and under sixty's in a rare instance x. germany's medical regulator now recommends the vaccine over sixty's only also coming up on the south china tightens its grip on hong kong beijing imposes fresh
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reforms that restrict who can run for the city's parliament saying it wants to see patriots governing. but critics see the changes as a final blow to democracy. hello i'm claire richardson from wherever in the world you are joining us welcome to the show germany's top health officials are holding an emergency meeting about astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine they're expected to issue new guidelines for the vaccines use in germany such as limiting the vaccines used to people over the age of 60 and the meeting was called after several german regions suspended use of astra zeneca vaccine for people under 60 authorities say there is new data on the vaccines suspected side effects and are calling this a precautionary measure. there have been a $31.00 cases of cerebral thrombosis in germany that reportedly occurred after the
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astra zeneca vaccine is administered 9 of those cases resulted in death. willow suspensions in germany follow a decision by health officials in canada to pause astra zeneca vaccinations in people under the age of 55 the move comes after reports of blood clots in europe in people who had received the vaccine there are no reports of such cases it canada itself where about 300000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine have been given out millions of doses of astra zeneca have also been administered around the world but several countries rely on the shop for their coronavirus vaccine programs. well then that's crossed straight over to tobias court he is an epidemiologist at the sheriff's a hospital here in berlin he's also director of the institute for public health thank you so much for joining us so can you explain exactly what was behind the charity's decision and who exactly does this apply to. well he showed it to
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and has seen the new data on the board of directors together with other colleagues from other university hospital centers have to cite it to true hold city center complex nation for women under the age of 55 which was then followed by the decision today of to send of bill in to hold a vaccination for people under the age of 60 and so this is obviously a precaution to not put people on necessary or on risk and we have to wait until the agencies have officially looked at the data and have made their recommendations and this recommendation is a for certain groups specially anyone hoping to get a vaccine and considering whether they should get vaccinated with astra zeneca is going to feel very uncomfortable hearing this news i mean how safe is the astra zeneca vaccine really. yes of course people are concerned hearing this news and i think it's also somewhat unfortunate that there are several age cut points and whether only women or everyone is discussed in the public before you official
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agencies have made their decision if the drac as far as we know has decided fact it is very very rare but it is there it is more likely down what you we normally would hope surfer but the european medicine agency so far calls a drug safe and very beneficial and said the out way of the benefits still outweigh the risks so the drug is overall more beneficial nevertheless as a precaution there are too many cases and that's why it is decisions have been made today they say that it is a very rare side effect and that this was done out of an abundance of caution as you said the european medicines agency just last week said this vaccine was safe what does this then do to public trust in the vaccine. it's obviously very difficult to trust in the vaccine where you have consistently being reporting.
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to have a side effect or to have a potential effect in certain age groups or not having an effect in certain age groups so public trust is certainly very effective here under specific and direct yes to send it a drug that is not very important that we find a solution for this that we have enough vaccines available and continue to vaccine people as this is really really the most important thing to do in this 3rd wave of depend emerick i thank you. all of us at the sheraton a hospital here in berlin thank you for having me. well let's turn our attention now to some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic world leaders including german chancellor angela merkel are calling for an international treaty on pandemic preparedness the goal is to use lessons from the current pandemic to protect future generations meanwhile scientists say new vaccines could be needed within a year as the 1st generation shots are rendered ineffective by nutation is designed
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to stress that a global vaccination effort is needed and the chilean government has signed a new deal with can sign of biologics for its one dose coronavirus vaccine deal assures the latin american nation which boasts one of the world's fastest inoculation drives enough doses to immunize 18000000 people. and china has endorsed a sweeping overhaul of hong kong's electoral system seen by many as another nail in the coffin for the pro-democracy movements the reforms include increasing the number of beijing approved officials in hong kong's legislature china's aim ensuring only quote patriotic figures can run for positions of power. china's leaders voting in favor of giving regular hong kong residents less of a say members of beijing's national people's congress standing committee or the n.p.c. is see voted unanimously in favor of the new rules 167 to 0 they
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see the changes is necessary to fill 2 elves undesirable elements and to make sure the right to people can stand for positions of power through the this improvement of the electoral system will prevent the anti china rabble rousers from being present in the election committee or the legislative council in order to engage in subatomic subversion or instigation oh that is how we can ensure implementation of the patriots administering hong kong principle. the new measures also reduce the number of seats up for selection by ordinary hong kong as for the legislative council previously voters picked 35 seats half of the 70 seats in the legislature that number is now reduced to 20. while the hong kong government welcomed the move saying it was a step in the right direction pro-democracy lawmakers lamented the changes saying they represent a progressive legislative rollback. the pro-democracy camp feels the voice of hong
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kong people would be completely lost in the debate chambers. in the past we know about the major problems that we're facing it's not just about how we thing or not just about whether or not people get the social mobility it is about whether the actually what people think on the streets of the special administrative region many hong kong is expressed concern. is also i always think about how it was promised that hong kong wouldn't change for 50 years but it hasn't even been 25 and i think it's already changed a lot that's why i'm worried about my future as well as those people around me. you get it right mostly hong kong is already changed water election are you kidding. this isn't an election it's many games that benefit certain people and it's meaningless. with the system overall that skepticism could soon be shared by many
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voters making the 1st legislative elections under the new system in december all the more interesting. and let's take a look now it's mother stories making headlines around the world the international criminal court has upheld the 30 year prison sentence of the congolese warlord known as the terminator. was found guilty of murder rape and sexual slavery he was convicted in 29000 for his role in a brutal ethnic conflict in congo in the early 2000 judges rejected all 15 of the. challenges. and bellaver is authorities have announced a criminal probe against top opposition candidates. on charges of terrorism. as a sweeping police crackdown on protesters demanding the resignation of president alexander the shango announce gaia challenge the nation's authoritarian leader in a presidential vote in august. and the corona virus is
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a worsening the humanitarian crisis in war torn syria nations have been contributing less aid as they focus on crippling economic stresses at home caused by the pandemic the united nations and other international agencies have held a virtual talks to tackle extreme poverty in syria and neighboring countries since the pandemic started 8 pledges have plunged causing greater food insecurity u.n. officials say the scale and severity of suffering in the region is at an all time high they want the international community to donate 8 and half a 1000000000 euros to help syrians at home and those living abroad in refugee camps . let's cross over to alexandra phenomenon in a brussels who has been following this story for us give us a give us a taste of the main takeaways from this conference. well when you listen to the n.g.o.s working in syria or you an official speaking during the conference you just
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realize how dire the situation is there on the ground syria is not as often in the headlines and the more as it used to be so you would assume that the situation is getting better but that's not the case according to the u.n. and there is less fighting but more suffering and the situation is now worse that it has been any point over the last 9 years so this is very telling 24000000 syrians need support in syria and in neighboring countries 4000000 more than last year and that is of course due to the coronavirus pandemic and that is the real reason for many donors to say we need to pledge more money germany for example is pledging 1700000000 euro in humanitarian aid more than last year or 4 years ago but there are also countries such as the united kingdom for example that are reducing their aid for refugee programs and that is also one of the takeaways
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from this conference today there's also some debate on how exactly that aid or should it be spent as they are calling on the e.u. to get on with it and help to reconstruct syria is it time to do just that. well according to many human need tarion organizations that's the case they're saying what syria needs right now our schools our hospitals there is a dinner ration that had known nothing but war syria needs help even in those areas that are under the control of the acid regime but the union european union has not changed its position it was stressed here by the french foreign minister by the german foreign minister they don't want to spend any money rebuilding syria as long as special are saddest not committed to a genuine political process and the problem is that of course you can understand that after the atrocities that the regime had committed on the other side you das not seen to have influence to sway assad and to make him. talk to the opposition
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and so one so that is the dilemma right now the european union and its syria strategy isn't at the moment. phenomena in brussels thank you very much. well officials in ecuador have rescued nearly $200.00 baby sea turtles are being smuggled from the galapagos islands to the mainland traffickers were planted to sell the endangered animals on the black market at a police officer will be charged with wildlife crimes. lucky to be alive wrapped in plastic and stuffed into this suitcase the fate of these baby turtles could have been very different. instead they're staying put in their native galapagos islands where else artie's are investigating the attempted smuggling. a 2nd thought given by people who do so much harm to society the environment and to
8:14 pm
the ecosystem will apply the full weight of the law and ecuador's main environmental body will be ready to collaborate with prosecutors and other authorities. with the turtles were found at one of the galapagos islands of maine departure points on route to ecuador's largest city. each can sell for more than 4000 euros on the black market a lucrative trade but with a profoundly negative environmental impact. the trafficking of animal species is the 4th largest illicit trade in the world that generates millions of dollars in the case of species from the galapagos islands they are really sought after in the asian market. the discovery of the turtles although a small victory is just one man in
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a constant battle to protect these precious son while. you're watching a d.-w. news a live from berlin stay tuned for business headlines coming up next don't forget there's always much more news and analysis on our web site dot com you can force also follow us on social media that's twitter and instagram x.t. . and play richardson embroiling for me the entire team thanks so much for watching . every day. for us and for our punishment. the idea is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make seduced greener how can we protect animals and their habitats what to do with
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the lower east. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation overdue for station recycling over disposable smart new solutions oberstein said you know what he's heard was truly unique and we know that uniqueness is what allows us to live in survive good why do you oppose the environmental soon to global 3000 on g.w. and go on. biotech sits vaccine production a massive new factory in germany means it's now expecting to distribute 2500000000 doses of his color 19 jobs by the end of this year we'll find out more also in the program. we take you to south. africa where the government has an ambitious multibillion dollar plan to modernize the urban radio network business looters have
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got their 1st. hour in dubai where tourists can stroll shotgun large like the pandemic never happened but that openness comes at a price. this is the real business i'm in berlin welcome to the program vaccine make a biotech plans to ramp up manufacturing capacity of its covered 19 vaccine to 2500000000 doses by the end of 2021 they're able to boost output up to bring a new german production facility omes dream in the city of marvel the company says the boost will help it meet increased demand as countries around the world race to contain new more contagious virus burials here's more from our financial correspondent comment because. biotechs ferrous were big this tuesday on the stock market after the company reported strong numbers for the 4th quarter and the increase in sales of more than a 1000 percent from 28000000 to 345000000 euros this
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allowed the company a net profit of 366900000000 euros good news also for people who are still waiting to get vaccinated biotech and its part that pfizer announced that they will increase the number of doses to be produced to a capacity of 2500000000 the company has and stored new production facilities and it has new partnerships with the license producers of the corona vaccine. now much of south africa's railway infrastructure is in a bad way outdated crumbling and recently disappearing during the pandemic lock down railway stations carriages and even the lines themselves have been mercilessly looted the vandalism has occurred just as the government to box on an ambitious multi-billion dollar plan to modernize its computer commuter rail network. in south africa's cities most people rely on mini buses to get around but they're expensive
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and often overcrowded and dangerous. south africa's railway infrastructure was already outdated and neglected but during the coronavirus lock down it's been laid waste in the strictest months of confinement last year looters went to work on unguarded railway stations and railway infrastructure making off with almost anything that could be ripped off cut down or carted away this train station in the johannesburg town of so we're told lies in ruins stripped bare of its windows and doors and even its roof. ironically the vandalism comes in the midst of a government drive to modernize the country's rail network a consortium of french rail manufacturer alstom and south africa's boom bonnell rail erected this state of the art factory around 50 kilometers east of johannesburg since 2018 the factory has produced more than 50 complete trains half
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that output in the last 12 months. and. this so. that. the factory. trains. the 51000000000 rand contract that's just under 3000000000 euros is to build 600 complete trains by the end of the decade the contract is one of the largest in post apartheid south africa. it's not only trades but it's as well if. the economy of. the street for. after overcoming teething troubles this factory is ramping up production pales says that in 2 years the factory aims to have to read away cars per day rolling out the doors that will make it one of the fastest railway car production facilities in the world. in addition to building vehicles for south african operators give bill are
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also plans to compete for other african royal contracts. staying in africa it's been a bit of a slow start but music streaming is becoming increasingly popular there on the companies that provide the service a great opportunity in the continent's young population sweden spotify wants to be in $39.00 african countries by the end of this year is in 5 at the moment that's just one of $25.00 streaming platforms on the continent and one of the players the largest one is boom play which has 50000000 uses however only 29 percent of people in africa actually have internet access so that's slowing down development however it is expected to double in the next few years for more on this let's hear from daniel pellets from africa desk i asked him why streaming platforms are becoming ever more popular in africa well it's mainly due to the fact that more and more people have internet connections and there's an act of connections that
8:22 pm
are reasonably fast so that they can access these platforms and the 2nd issue of course is that africa has a very vibrant music scene a lot of very promising artists both artists regionally and internationally so also many platforms are saying there's a great deal of potential here let's put these artists also on the international stage. but there are still problems for the stream to forms themselves in the areas who are trying to use them what are those. well only i think about 30 percent of the population in africa is connected to the internet and it really greatly depends on which countries you are looking at most of these platforms are focusing on markets such as kenya tanzania uganda nigeria or gonna where you have
8:23 pm
people who have reason of blue reasonably fast internet connections but when you look at other countries people don't have a chance to access these things and the 2nd issue of course these are all platforms that want to make money at the end of the day so the problem was that here is you have a population where men and countries people simply don't have the money to afford to use the platform so that poses another challenge as well where we see a lot of european artists and north american artists on stream platforms like spotify but what about african artists they are benefiting from the streaming platforms. yes they're benefiting as well because the platforms do have to share their revenues with the artists so in that sense artists have an extra income but obviously it depends from platform to platform and also artists of course in africa do not have a relevant is ations like here in germany where these umbrella organizations
8:24 pm
collect the money and then dish it out to the onset so in africa that is also very difficult and as of now they are not going to get rich as though if their music is being streamed on these platforms now it's still a potential new money stream for african artists that daniel pelts thank you very much for bringing us up to date on that now some of the other global business stories making the news. from 1st dax 30 blue chip index has breached 15000 points for the 1st time german stops tracked gains on wall street on tuesday as optimism about the global economic recovery grows shares in automakers deutsche bank and optimism over biotechs production boost the climb. global markets and meanwhile shaken off the shock of the collapse of hedge fund our capital the new york based private investment firm defaulted on equity derivative bets had assets of
8:25 pm
$10000000000.00 that held stock positions with 50000000000 global banks stand to lose a total of $6000000000.00 on the collapse of. the european union markets watchdog find credit ratings agency moody's nearly $4000000.00 euros the firm is accused of negligence resulting in breaches of e.u. regulations including failure to disclose conflicts of interest the fine applies to 5 movies entities based in france germany italy spain and the u.k. . a more than 40140 even ships are expected to pass through the suez canal in both directions by the end of tuesday according to egyptian state t.v. it follows the refloating of a massive container ship that blocks the waterway the ever given run aground last wednesday putting traffic through one of the world's main trade arteries on hold. now even joining the coronavirus pandemic dubai has continued trying to attract
8:26 pm
tourists after all every tent job there is dependent on visitors coming and spending money that's why hotels stores and restaurants faced very few restrictions but that level of openness comes at a price. dubai it has been opened since last summer the sleek hub on the persian gulf attracts tourists from around the world with a mixture of maximum freedom and minimum restrictions hotels stores and restaurants are all open up to 7 people are allowed per table no curfew and no quarantine a negative test result is sufficient for entry. the openness was born of necessity the tourism industry collapsed when a hard lockdown was imposed a year ago one in 10 jobs here depends on the industry tens of thousands of foreign workers were sent home. the largest city in the united arab emirates was on the brink of collapse but after the reopening came
8:27 pm
a turnaround the government is optimistic. we do see a good recovery that will come you know we want to use this summer as as a launch pad to reintroduce. the safety and. travel is. just to show that you know to buy safe. as your phrase that we are all for. luxury hotels are filling up bargain prices and discounts are tempting a flight for 2 people can cost as little as 1300 euros everything almost feels like it did before the pandemic. masks on the beach are rare but cocktails are plentiful half price at happy hour german guests are already enjoying the sun sand and beautiful views it's almost like over $1000.00 doesn't exist. it's so different and so nice to be free people can take things for granted nowadays it's
8:28 pm
crazy it's almost like a new life here. it's great to escape germany right now because even though you have to wear a mask here you can eat outside and in germany everything is closed but here you can go shopping and even do sports for example. the fact that democracy freedom of expression and human rights are not well regarded in the autocratically ruled emirates does give some tourists a bit of a headache but in the end most aren't willing to let this information spoil their holiday. i mean this is a little bubble here we don't have much to do with it now but human rights of course i'm for it. but i doubt. the opening policy does have a price the infection numbers have skyrocketed at the beginning of the year in the emirates $2100.00 infections per day in
8:29 pm
a population of $10000000.00 people dubai is currently considered a high risk area. so from a in the business team here in the lead for more to check out our website to do we don't call slash business we're also on facebook and twitter the next time you buy at a cat. doesn't fall far from the tree and the ball doesn't stray far from it. and any case talent often runs in the family famous buddhist leader crows and their success . a family's special.
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16. w. . we've got some tips for your bucket list. then to corner. the top for some. and some great cultural memorials to boot. double trouble before you go. this is news africa coming up on the program a strategic town under siege in mozambique fears grow over the fate of thousands of stranded residents in the town of palma fighting between mozambique and government forces and jihadist militants and says another day in. and out of decades of oil spills there's little progress in cleaning up nigeria's niger delta one of the most polluted places on.


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