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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2021 10:30pm-11:16pm CEST

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malta's on so long even if it's not like. i was it's with me. by choice in this card because given the way told transmitted to the troops. my name is my gosh mom much and i will. keep up the. 6. the united states leads the world in backs of nations against the coronavirus but it may not be enough to stop a new surge of infections president biden is calling on states to reinstate mask mandates and pleading with people to remain vigilant here in europe the astra zeneca shot is becoming the disaster of zeneca saga possible side effects prompting germany to ban the vaccine for all people under the age of 60 as vaccination drives
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remain slow the message tonight better to be safe and late then sick and sorry i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. because of that for the people in europe right now that i hope that they can get to go rolling out the way we are here and i feel sort of for the. serbs excited that coming here. it's not. that it work on the brain yelling i have. we also have so much to be sorrowful. nearly 1000 americans a day are still dying from copd 90. as we approach 550000 tents.
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also coming up at last year both gary is prime minister faced angry protesters demanding an end to his mafia government this year the prime minister and government remain instead of marching protesters are heading for the ballot box now gary is gearing up for an unprecedented election with new parties and alliances. but according to the polls all of them fall short of a parliamentary majority and then there is voter apathy only 45 percent of all bulgarian sua elizabeth to vote have indicated their willingness to do so. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the persisting perils of the pandemic here in europe the number of new infections continues to rise have a warming reign at a french hospital doctors have discovered another variant of the corona virus that
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may be more resistant to vaccines italy is now requiring all visitors coming from european countries to self isolate for 5 days and today germany banned the astra zeneca vaccine for people under the age of 60 signing fears over possible side effects on the other side of the atlantic there is more reason to hope and more reasons why that hope may soon be death despite administering more than $2000000.00 shots per day the u.s. is facing yet another surge in infections and it comes as many states lift restrictions including those all important face mask mandates last night the dangers facing the u.s. were evident in the face of the woman who leads the centers for disease control take a listen and i'm going to reflect on the claims feeling i have. we have asked so much to look forward to somebody's promise and potential of where we
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are and so much reason for hope all right now i'm scared we have come such a long way really historic scientific for impact and we are rolling m.r.i. very fast. and so i'm asking you to just hold on a little longer to get vaccinated when fans so that all of those people that we are mom will still be here when this point and what we seen on the over the last week or so is a steady rise of what we've seen before is that things really have a tendency just searched and searched. no the travel a lot and i just worry that we will see the surges that unsolvable summer animal and there again. you know the head of the c.d.c. they're obviously very worried about the situation in the u.s. the u.s. we have to say is one of the world's leading nations when it comes to vaccinations against the corona virus early in the pandemic the u.s.
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took a gamble and ordered a large number of vaccines that were in early trials that gamble paid off the vaccines turned out to be very effective and the u.s. has a population of 3 $128000000.00 already 20 percent of adults are now fully vaccinated that's $52000000.00 people and that includes nearly half of americans over the age of $65.00 and to give you a comparison across the european union only 5.3 percent of adults have received both shots president biden expects to have enough vaccine doses available to all u.s. adults in just 3 weeks from now biden saying as soon as everyone in the u.s. has had a chance to be inoculated america will begin sharing its surplus shots with other countries all over salad has more. at a university campus in los angeles u.s. army soldiers are now fighting an invisible enemy their weapons of choice
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a syringe is loaded with a bio and take pfizer vaccine. below. the site today since they already have a little card for 'd the items i despair find. debbie share is about to receive her 2nd shot on. she is now one of the around 50000000 fully vaccinated americans makes me feel very grateful that we here i mean of course we had the worst response really initially and now we're having the best backfill response but because of that for the people in europe right now that i hope that they can get go rolling out the way we are here. the vaccination. site at california state university is one of the largest in the u.s. sergeant lewis herrera and his comrades who have been deployed to overseas missions like afghanistan are administering up to $8000.00 shots per day all right all the
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time i'm very proud to be selected as a member to come out here and do this because at the end of the day we volunteered to protect our country to protect the people within it so if it includes administering vaccines and providing medical care that's what we do more here to accomplish that mission at the united states have come a long way in this pandemic from the world's hardest hit country to one of the fastest nations in administering the vaccine a pragmatic rollout is one reason a new kind of vaccine nationalism is another one president biden vald that at this pace there could be enough vaccines for every american by the end of may a little bit about what. the federal emergency management agency takes pride in this new cooperation between the u.s. army national guard and her own authority it is very historic because the federal government f.e.m.a. has never done a vaccination site so this is
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a truly whole government approach we're working together in partnership to make sure that this runs us movie as possible that people get in and out when they come here that they're not waiting a very long time and their experience is a good one. while the speedy rollout brings relief for many americans critics say the lack of exports to developing countries might cause new problems in the fight against coal that 19. and my 1st guest tonight is a political science professor who says this pandemic is revealing why foreign policy and helps diplomacy or help policy should go hand in hand to nisha as all teachers at the university of minnesota it was her paper in titled health diplomacy in pandemic times that caught our attention i'm happy to welcome professor for his all to the program professor it's good to have you with us maybe you can sort of south by telling us what do you mean exactly when you're talking about health
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diplomacy well thanks for having me on today and when i talk about health diplomacy i think of it as international aid or cooperation and that is being used for one of 2 main purposes either with the am of promoting health globally or locally or are to promote foreign policy and we're seeing health diplomacy used for those purposes sometimes at the same time but sometimes not plenty during 1000 pandemic and how do vaccinations how do they fit into this know that the united states and the u.k. they've been accused of vaccine nationalism. well if a vaccine nationalism we mean prioritizing your own population for a vaccine ends then yes that's certainly what we're seeing in the case of the united states and also the united kingdom from a global health perspective this is of course quite problematic here i think it's
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really interesting to think about the call from dr tadros who is the director general of the world health organization and he made a suggestion a number of months back that country is that might have enough vaccine and to vaccinate their own health workers should then prioritize instead of their own the rest of their population naxa needing health workers globally and he saw this as a way of excel or aiding the end of the pandemic on a global scale but of course from a political perspective this would be not only challenging but i think also infeasible domestically for leaders of country is that have developed and produced the is fact he is vaccines he would be really hard not to focus politically on vaccinating your own population but also as you were just discussing a moment ago both the u.s. and the u.k. despite being very rich countries have done exceptionally poorly in terms of their response to curb it but to cut it 19 and so you know there there is i suppose
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a public health argument for focusing on vaccine in countries that have had the highest disease burden but by that logic you would see much more vaccine going to countries like brazil which is not something that we see today what do. what do they do in this situation. well poor countries have if insofar as they're counting vaccinated or getting vaccine at all they're getting them from a couple of sources one is 3 kovacs which is the world health organization's that scene facility and that is primarily i think serving the poorest countries in the world countries that are maybe one or 2 rungs up on the economic ladder or the lower middle income and sun middle income country is are increasingly getting their vaccine ends found china and part of the reason for that is just supply and demand the astra zeneca fazer and the dairy novak's cnn's are not really being made available to these countries and in some ways this is actually quite it's
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problematic in the sense that chinese banks and sign a farm sign of acting can see you know having received the same kind of public that ng and period view as the vaccines that were developed in the united states and in europe and even again a lot of action vaccine has been peer reviewed in the lancet right now yeah that's a very good point to make you write that the world needs a stronger multilateral helps policy help helps diplomacy system where the pandemic has shown is that very vividly i'm going to quote from the paper that you wrote where you're talking about the world health organization and this is what you write the world it rose to the challenge of sars with unprecedented scientific collaboration in public health determination in coordinating the global response to w.h.o. aimed at the outset to help contain transmission in affected countries sealed off opportunities for further international spread and prevent sars from becoming in
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demick we can not say this today can we were talking about the w.h.o. and this pandemic. you know we cannot the w.h.o. has not there's certainly the impression and the world has gotten and i think there's a lot of accuracy to this is that the w.h.o. has not gotten such high marks and 20202021 as it might have been given in 20 in 2003 during the sars epidemic but i think that there are a couple of reasons for this that we would want to keep in mind the 1st is that the w.h.o. is in a different place today than it was in 2003 in some ways i think the expectations and certainly the capacity is a w h o we're lower than and so it was it had to be a lower bar to meet and today the bar is a little bit higher but at the same time i think that our heads our expectations of the w.h.o. are too high it is of course the major international institution that is supposed
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to address global health but it is also an intergovernmental organisation its members are states and states are jealous of their sovereignty so they're not going to be very excited about giving the w.h.o. a lot of power to surveil their population and their health data reporting practices as we've seen during the kobe $1000.00 pandemic so i think we want to be careful about how how realistic our expectations are of what the w.h.o. can do ok so the issue of his all political science professor at the university of minnesota professor we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you and a pleasure. well gary and chanting mafia of state and down with the government thousands of protesters of all ages across the country took to the streets last year demanding that the incumbent prime minister boyko or
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a solve his cabinet and the chief prosecutor resign over corruption allegations that did not happen or solve survive the protest and the protesters what did they achieve our correspondent funny for char reports tonight from sofia as bulgaria is gearing up for parliamentary elections this coming sunday april 4th this figure is stirring hads in bulgaria's capital sofia a new opposition party called rise up mafia out ridiculing prime minister body self many here consider him in corrie gibli corrupt as does dimiter dimitroff an activist in his twenty's we meet him in front of bulgaria sprawling building which used to be the house of the communist party that iran is long gone but autocratic rule is still present he says of fortunately garia is a cop shared state institutions and the people working inside them do not serve the interest of the citizens but the interest of. the all the guards are all this
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demented joint thousands of others in nationwide and to government protests last year they took to the streets to express their frustration over politicians when rich themselves disregard the rule of law and protect powerful tycoons at the center of the corruption allegations of head of the ruling party he survived the protests. and the protesters the protests the energy dight of both the protest showed europe and the world the real face of our prime minister who sleeves next to a pile of gold of hundreds of euro and a good on his bet now bulgaria is gearing up for an unprecedented election with new parties and alliances but according to the polls all of them fall short of a parliamentary majority and then there is voter apathy only 45 percent of all bulgarians
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who are eligible to vote have indicated their willingness to do so. whom to vote for the debate over a cup of tea even an autonomous they too called for the resignation of body self and his cabinet last year they too dream change but there was no direct outcome from so it's like seeing a home like for change is there but like nothing had happened. appointing yes and also a lot of people from the political parties go to protests and kind of. tried to take convention. but he softened his party get reelected they say they've considered leaving bulgaria for good but the country has already seen many of its educated youth leave in the past and the method he says he wants to stay he decided
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to turn his anger into politics and he's now running as a candidate for an opposition alliance called democratic book area hoping to reenergize the protesters that no longer come to this square. well for more tonight i'm joined by peter chillicothe he's a political scientist and sociologist in sofia he is the author of ethnic entrepreneurs' unmasked political institutions and ethnic conflicts in contemporary area mr joe acaba it's good to have you with us tonight the very poor the reporting from good evening to you the report that we just saw it paints a bleak picture the activist calls bulgaria a captured state who have stolen. well i don't think exact there moved me to say that the country has been stolen. your state or state capture isn't there in political science which means basically
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situations of the state are not working now nor serving the public good but their work and as far as interests and all the guard is concerned saw that we catholics systematic corruption in the country so i think while the myth of said one of the people who have been interviewed it is an action correct not who has stolen it it's a rather big topic but we can say that the political elite which is ruling bulgaria which includes according to well according to the official data of course the ruling party and will get it get it according as well the last results of the parliamentary elections we had a party like m.r.i. which is not officially a member of the government but the part which has a serious effects on the government we can say that the politicians from this would party form sort of only garko or at least the risk indication of that i'd like you to take a listen to what the nato secretary general un stoltenberg had to say this week
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take a listen we fully supports the efforts by bulgaria to tackle russia's malign activities on its territory i think it is in bulgaria as is a pattern of russian behavior where they are trying to undermine. democratic institutions to fit in and domestic politics and we know that the fia has expelled a string of russian diplomats for spying can you tell us how pervasive is vladimir putin's influence in your country. well i can give you some data which i think will be quite unlike thing from 2080 there has been all which indicating that 70 percent of bulgarians like russian president vladimir putin this is an exact there so we can say that russia is russian president are very popular in bulgaria according to the same poll 37 percent of the bulgarians are actually in favor of an
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autocratic government and only 42 percent are in favor of democracy so i'll say that this type of strong can't all 3 terran role is quite popular in bulgaria but just to get some other qualification and insight to that we have the official report on the right of human rights in bulgaria by the american department of state which has been very critical actually of bulgaria talking about. strong dependences as far as the judicial system is concerned sold and there is systematic bias in the operation the judicial system there has been censorship as well in the media. this report is and also criticizing the state of human rights in bulgaria not only in general but the uk in directly about police brutality in particular police brutality against their government brought this protests there which you are active
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in the summer of 2028 and then just a final note a famous british political scientist of course called mark not at all he says that corruption is the strongest ally of russia in the boat us and he will get we got the systematic problem with corruption according to transparency international is costly around as the most corrupt state and european union let me ask you before we run out of time there is one study that says between 5 and 19 percent of votes in bulgaria elections are bought people get money favors even food in return for their vote. is bogus true democracy. i would said it quite far away from the democratic idea you know i don't think anywhere in the world you can see a true democracy as it is that because in the books but we're more i think going in the direction of the retailer and no 3 terran regime it is. is suggesting it place
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ok mr pitts a look of political scientists and sociologists joining us tonight from sophia we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you thank you for the world hasn't seen or heard much from a former u.s. president trump since he left office twitter and facebook permanently banned him after the january 6th insurrection at the u.s. capitol those 2 platforms were trump's direct line of communication to his base and to the world so what's a former commander in chief without a platform to do well create his own platform and that is exactly what trump and the former 1st lady malani have done this week they want a website that celebrates the 45th president of the united states and it does it in typical trump style which means a history told as donald trump wants it to be told i give you an example one paragraph reads when the coronavirus plague arrived from china afflicting every
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nation around the globe president trump began refilling the country's depleted stockpiles of medical supplies. now the biden administration says that when it it took power from trump it found stockpiles of medical supplies that were completely empty. well the day is nearly done the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at brit go off t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we're going to leave you now with one of japan's most famous sites the annual blossoming of the cherry trees it's been getting earlier for years scientists blame climate change experts calculate that this year's peak bloom is the earliest in more than a 1000 years.
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. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight another blow to europe's vaccination attempts germany says the astra zeneca coronavirus bank scene is no longer an option for people under 60 and follows new reports of blood clots possibly triggered by the vaccine tonight we ask what is this emergency decision mean for germany. already sluggish vaccine rollout also coming up not enough money and international donor conference
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to raise funds for the millions of syrians enduring starvation and poverty falls well short of its start. i'm brinkerhoff it's good to have you with us germany is holding the use of astra zeneca as corona virus vaccine for people under the age of 60 and says it will only give the bank scene to people over 60 the sudden decision was announced after chancellor angela merkel and the country's health minister convened an emergency meeting and it comes amid fresh concern over unusual blood clots reported in a tiny number of those who receive the vaccine there have been 31 cases of cerebral thrombosis here in germany that reportedly occurred after the astra zeneca vaccine was administered 9 of those cases resulted in deaths.
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german chancellor angela merkel announced the decision just a short time ago take a listen to what she said if at all and trust comes from knowing that every suspicion every single case is investigated both federal and state governments agree on this the new recommendations for the astra zeneca vaccine will of course have an impact on our vaccine rollout campaign in the near future and that's what we've discussed today are there was the german chancellor this take this now to our political correspondent and homer stein leoni it's good to see you the chancellor of reassuring people here in germany that they can still trust the government's vaccine vaccination program what else did she have to say to boost public confidence. well both america actually repeated what she said many times that the vaccine is the most effective tool against make and and she in the year and the health minister
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a young man at this press conference just now really wanted to reaffirm that absent germans can still trust their government that they are taking the risk seriously in order to to have this confident and we just heard it in the in the suffering they also said that those people over the age of 60. astra zeneca shots and those people who belong to a risk group a serious risk groups are suffering from serial illness serious illness from covered 19 that they in consultation with a doctor would also be able to get the astra zeneca shots and then called on the people between $60.69 that is the group that is being added to the groups of people that are being vaccine that they can be vaccinated from now on with the astra zeneca shot to be a role model for others to take that astra zeneca shot in order to to show germans
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that that it is indeed still effective the health minister repeated that multiple times various times that astra zeneca vaccine is still very effective that this is a precautionary measure and that it will be administered for people over 60 years of age. of this latest you tour well obviously there is a growing concern here in germany i went to saudi spilled today here in berlin to ask some people about how they are feeling about this decision now and this is what they had to say. if you knew this guy all this which is back and forth is undermining confidence it's like they don't count themselves what's right. in there are correct and i'm a nurse myself. and i haven't gotten vaccinated and i cancelled my appointment on a. cyst muslim i would like to wait until we really know and it's clear whether
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all population groups should get the vaccine or not. is kind of not what so i can understand that the facts are constantly changing and they need to make changes accordingly so that's the case with all coronavirus measures but there's a lot of scaremongering going on with astra zeneca up and the politicians in the vaccine commission trying to react to it all and only we know that the german public is fed up with these u. turns us what the polls tell us we also know the germans are resisting until americans push for a hard 2 week lock down i mean the chancellor she is facing tough opposition now to her pandemic policies isn't cheap. yes she is facing tough opposition also from state premiers within her own party there are some pre-state premiers regional leaders who are defending their concept off a policy of easing restrictions while the same time using. tests so the
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use of quick tests in order to to open up some areas of public lives as life as the pressure from the german public is also growing on the government to actually deliver a path forward so the chancellor is facing opposition from within her own party from the opposition and obviously i mean we see that there is a growing discontent with the government's handling of the pandemic with a slow vaccination roll out. there 56 percent of germans say they are no longer trusting the government in handling this crisis so this really is a test for the german government. with. yet another in the pandemic policy thank you. well those suspensions here in germany followed decision by help the visuals in canada today to poles astra zeneca vaccinations and people there under the age of 55 the move comes after reports of blood clots in
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europe and people who had received the vaccine and there are no reports of such cases in canada where about 300000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine have already been given out millions of doses of astra zeneca have been administered around the world but several countries relying on the shot for their coronavirus vaccine program. are let's take this now to epidemiologists eric feigele the he joins me now from washington is good to see you again eric so we've got canada restricting the use of astra zeneca now germany is holding its use for people who are under 60 why are we talking again about what appears to be the extremely low risk that this vaccine poses to people. this is very frustrating for a small planet doesn't have direct their own they're relying on what's happening in germany but the same time i want to point out most of the astra zeneca that seems
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the country with the most use of the actually seneca recap is actually u.k. and u.k. actually did not quite find this same pattern as as germany so you know why i'm not dismissing what the german epidemiologist found i'm curious why the u.k. did not find it because you have been using a much more and so until i see it in multiple countries especially the largest actually using country which is u.k. i'm not kentucky campus but i understand the precautionary principle but the same time caution principle also says you know we know that the vaccine will save lives in the middle of a heavy heavy pentatonic especially in continental europe and i think people are ignoring the fact that there is a well no major benefit versus an uncertain minor risk and i don't think where we're here properly in this you turn about face just giving
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people their will and some very unfortunate care how do you answer the question then because people are going to pose it this way is the astra zeneca corona virus vaccine safe or not was the answer. i think the answer for me as an epidemiologist is the jury is still out because until it's definitively found in all the major countries that uses it by the way you know india is a major pretty large producer of flash's i think of vaccine in the u.k. is of course a large user of it and inventor of it i want to see in these countries if you don't find a zone for naama on these. there aren't you asking people to begin in fig's the if the jury is still out on the on a vaccine that is supposed to be given to hundreds of millions of human beings a lot of whether the risk is real or not because i think the jury is not still out about the benefits we know the vaccine seems like we have all these trials we are
11:10 pm
aware of actually more astra zeneca trials and any other own vaccine trials so we should be able to find the real we should find in the other countries that did do it and we're now finding that to continue yet so we know that life saving benefits especially in the middle. of a global search are already happening in that one of the known benefits and way out exceed the risk risk especially seen in just one country but not the other major countries that use a sink backseat this is why i'm saying the overall net benefit is there and i want to see more research of course i think has the research on the overwhelming benefits we cannot ignore know as well that is the elephant in the room that we does save lives and the timing of it of course is horrible especially for people here in europe epidemiologist golding as always is going to talk with you we
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appreciate your insights tonight thank you. are listed in some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the u.s. has accused china of withholding timely information about 19 a long awaited study released by the world health organization and beijing says the transmission of the virus from bats to humans is the likely cause of the pandemic not a laboratory leak the u.s. has expressed concerns about the findings pointing to china's slow cooperation and incomplete data sharing. rubbish is piling up on the streets of myanmar as main city young gone after activists launched a garbage strike to oppose military rule protests started 2 months ago when the army elster the elected government and more than 500 civilians have been killed in clashes with the military and police said it's. a u.k. police watchdog says officers did not behave in
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a quote heavy handed manner when they broke up a vigil for say were ever offered a london woman whose killing sparked a global outcry over women's safety images of officers tussling with women at the peaceful rally drew strong criticism it prompted an investigation. bellerose authorities have announced a criminal probe against top opposition candidate settle on a t one of scalia on charges of terrorism this follows a sweeping police crackdown on protesters demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko of sky yet challenge the nation's authoritarian leader in a presidential vote last all. and international donor conference trying to raise urgently needed aid for the millions of syrians enduring extreme poverty it has failed to meet its target the virtual talks hosted by the united nations and the european union raised 5 and a half 1000000000 euros in pledges that's 3000000000 euros short of the target u.n.
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officials say the severity of suffering in the region made worse by the coronavirus pandemic is at an all time high. standing in lebanon the un is ensuring the 5 live this syrian family tom with the equivalent of 23 year olds per person per month the problem is the ongoing economic crisis means that's no longer enough but only sugar and oil have become expensive. to continue help aid organizations need to generate more money this is one of our biggest struggle is to remind that the national community reminds the ordinary mind. the crisis state creating this if it is the 5th donors conference hosted by the e.u. and the un was trying to raise enough money to provide another year of aid for 13000000 syrian refugees they need our full support and of course proper
11:14 pm
funding is crucial today germany is therefore making its largest latch and the last 4 years 1738000000 euros and the donors want to offer money for emergency aid not reconstruction to avoid supporting the assad regime the regime office no future for the syrian people. a makes no conclusion to the stability and good reason. unless these changes it cannot be a partner to be a union to some and failed to reach its goal meaning they'll be fewer resources to people in these fools very well for many in the northern hemisphere any longer winter is finally over spring is here and in japan that means cherry blossoms take a look at these beautiful pictures this is tokyo's make your living cherry blossom only lasts about a week it's fleeting and therefore the japanese say it symbolizes the fragility of
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life normally people picnic under the tree but this year's authorities this year authorities have asked people not to gather in groups unfortunately. you're watching news from berlin up next rob what's with the new business news stick around he will be right back. to boston and i don't need to see quickly about an article go for it over the mets and on the 4th and all of those missing in that economy that was the bottom of an a that the last dragon is what are called the how to use. on. one continent. 700000000 people. with their own personal
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