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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2021 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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some only lasts about a week it's fleeting and therefore the japanese say it symbolizes the fragility of life normally people picnic under the tree but this year's authorities this year authorities have asked people not to gather in groups unfortunately. you're watching news from berlin up next rob what's with you business news stick around he will be right back. to. us and it is of and i don't need to keep a lot of people go for the over correction home the 4th and the most followed the most missing in that week number that was the bottom of the valley that the last dragon was 100 as you called down. on.
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one continent. 700000000 people. with their own personal stories. europe. we explored every day life for. what europeans fear and what they hoped for. some good stone europe. on g.w. . cryptocurrency take another step towards everyday use pay pal customers in the u.s. can outspend them with merchants across the globe will ask if crypto is really are going to mainstream also coming out a massive new factory in germany means bio technology specs to distribute 2500000000 doses of a. $1000.00 jobs by the end of this year we'll find out more. we take you to south
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africa where the government has an ambitious multibillion dollar plan to modernize the earth realm that work polluters because their 1st. place is due to be business in berlin welcome to the program or it could be a major step towards crypto currencies gauging gaining wider acceptance pay pal is now allowing its customers in the u.s. to use them millions of merchants around the world the online payment platform will allow those with the likes of coin a theory and light coin in their digital wallets to convert them to regular currency and spend them is $1.00 of the largest mainstream companies to welcome kryptos these are also this week announced its intention to accept them on its payment network. let's cross to new york and get more on this from our correspondent sabrina kast lesser prieta this is a pretty big moment for cryptocurrency. yeah absolutely it is it can clearly
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be some kind of a breakthrough for a script through currency as it's the 1st time that's going now you see as and kind of in the same way as you would use a credit card if you buy something online the service is called check out with so if you're holding the currency in your case all the hound you can now use it to buy goods at nearly $30000000.00 online vendors how ever you are not actually going to pay with bitcoin as you mentioned because while it works let's say you buy something online so shoes from nike for instance you select a product you put it in your card and then you have in to check out an 8 ball is then sorry it's a bit windy over here and then going to convert the cryptocurrency into. money so if you're an american customer for instance night he would then get us hour and not beat card so it's some kind of a work around here because not many companies are right now accepting their
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currencies but still paypal is one of the bigger companies who are now heading to to newsgroup currencies from being only a class for investors to really being a funding solution for transactions and the real vote yes i will ask you one more question i just have to learn away but always on the way to saying critical and says as an every day payment method. so yeah i'm not i'm not quite sure yes let's put it that way but still i mean somebody has to start and we've recently seen quite a few companies who are willing to accept chris true of payments last week we had tests last who said that that's the most and now what eagle to buy a test like forest with a very quiet and we had these as you mentioned yesterday who are now saying that they will allow payment settlements with cryptocurrency so there are really some
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companies who are expecting but still it's a long way to go in the windy. and that's mainly due to volatility because the prices ever we've seen day and climbed easily let's just take a look at be quite 2 weeks ago we had a record high it and punched the prices fell almost 40 per cent now it's approaching a record high again so yeah it's super misty is a bumpy roller coaster ride and we are far away from having it as a mainstream pavement yes not a safe haven just yet sabrina kessler in a blustery new york thanks for bringing us up to date. now venezuelans are being forced to make up for shortfalls in the country's economy and local governments have been imposing massive tax increases despite the fact many residents have lost their livelihoods touring and as well as ongoing economic crisis. utilities like water electricity and sanitation have always been affordable in venezuela so
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affordable that they were taken for granted by private households and businesses but that's all changing radically many cities are getting ready for the market economy and the price of municipal services is on the rise. i think with it charging apartments not premises for cleaning fees is very expensive i don't know but i mean i live in check out and also have a business here. when it was having to go i know the services but little cleaning service is excessively expensive but if it's the only i want to the authorities should be to restructure the process they can put you in some waste disposal fees have risen by an incredible 187000 percent according to the observatory of finance and organisation close to the opposition but many of venezuela's mayors seem to regard the developments as completely normal. training a clean costs a lot of money and the workplace we're going through
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a situation to me about knowing we don't know what public transport is like and i there's no catch for the metro mantle another growing problem is that many products and services can only be paid for in us dollars salaries however are paid in the national currency the boulevard which has been losing value steadily. prices are stable in dollars but their prices rise in terms of what they crossed in bali of ours and into the salaries here in venezuela are in dollars and not a dollar and. we are getting increasingly upset. and the trend is likely to continue state and local authorities in venezuela no longer have the necessary capital to subsidize the affordable utilities that have been around for decades. vaccine makers. biotech plans to ramp up manufacturing capacity of its covered 900 vaccine to 2500000000 doses by the end of 2021 they're
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able to build out for bringing a new german production facility on stream in the city of marble the company says the boost will help it meet increased demand as countries around the world race to contain more new contagious variables is correspondent in frankfurt. biotechs shares were big gain this tuesday on the stock market after the company reported strong numbers for the 4th quarter and the increase in sales of more than a 1000 percent from 28000000 to 345000000 euros this allowed the company a net profit of 366900000000 euros good news also for people who are still waiting to get vaccinated biotech and its part that pfizer announced that they will increase the number of doses to be produced to a capacity of 2500000000 the company has installed new production facilities and
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it has new partnerships with licensed producers of the corona vaccine. contribution in frankfurt ben are some of the other global business stories making the news frankfurt's dax 30 blue chip indexes breached 15000 points for the 1st time german stocks tracked gains on wall street on tuesday as optimism about the global economic recovery grows as an auto makers deutsche bank and optimism over biotechs production boost the plan. european union markets watchdog has fined credit ratings agency moody's nearly $4000000.00 euros accused of negligence resulting in breaches of e.u. regulations including failure to disclose conflicts of interest to find a place to 5 meetings entities based in france germany italy spain and the u.k. . traffic through the suez canal is resumed in both directions following the refloating of a massive container ship that have blocked the waterway the ever given run aground
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last wednesday some 300 ships are still lined up to transit it's one of the world trades of main arteries it could easily take another 2 days at least to clear the backlog. now much of south africa's railway infrastructure is in a bad way outdated crumbling and just recently disappearing during a pandemic lock down railway stations carriages and even the lines themselves have been mercilessly looted the vandalism has occurred just as the government embarks on a number mostly 1000000000 dollar plan to modernize its commuter route network. in south africa's cities most people rely on mini buses to get around but they're expensive and often overcrowded and dangerous. south africa's railway infrastructure was already outdated and neglected but during the coronavirus lock down it's been laid waste in the strictest months of confinement last year looters
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went to work on unguarded railway stations and railway infrastructure making off with almost anything that could be ripped off cut down or carted away this train station in the johannesburg town of so we're told lies in ruins stripped bare of its windows and doors and even its roof. ironically the vandalism comes in the midst of a government drive to modernize the country's rail network a consortium of french rail manufacturer alstom and south africa's boom bonnell rail erected this state of the art factory around 50 kilometers east of johannesburg since 2018 the factory has produced more than 50 complete trains after that output in the last 12 months. and. this so. that in the east it's actually used to drive trains. the 51000000000 rand contract that's just under 3000000000 euros is to
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build 600 complete trains by the end of the decade the contract is one of the largest in post apartheid south africa. it's only trades as well if. the economy of. the street for. after overcoming teething troubles this factory is ramping up production pales says that in 2 years the factory aims to have to read away cars per day rolling out the doors that will make it one of the fastest railway car production facilities in the world. in addition to building vehicles for south african operators give below also plans to compete for other african rail contracts. i'm finally looking for a new pair of trainers perhaps so we've got something you might like to try out a size that cord satan shoes and their project. x. and a new york based company have
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a look at these the red and black shoes are based on the original night air max 97 they contain a drop of human blood in a bottle in the sole $666.00 pairs are available 666 and they're priced at $1018.00 and in a biblical reference if you want to look it up surprisingly nyc is suing the makers of the shoe the sporting goods giant says it's in no way connected to the project. as a free man of business team from or to check out our website w d w dot com. about. a self optimizing city that minimizes emissions separates waste and in the best case the recycle center. can these visions become reality dear urgently needed to. the city the leading space of the future with
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room for everyone. including 3 titles and. 60 minutes to w. i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hair. learning the german language and. this gets me and they go back to mickey to interact it's the same thing you want to do their story migrants you're avoiding and reliable information for me. people in trucks injured one trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. and. the task seems to. be critical in the cleanup the demonstrators plain clothes police extreme translator 200 feet.
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below ground more than 300 people are seeking. limits are playing because no one should have to flee. play make up your own mind playing w. . made for mines. this is being used to africa coming up on the program a strategic town under siege in mozambique fears grow over the fate of thousands of stranded residents in the town of tal ma is fighting between mozambique and government forces and jihadist medicines and says another day. and after decades of oil spills there's little progress in cleaning up my jerry's niger delta one of the
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most polluted places on.


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