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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2021 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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this is e w news live from berlin a fresh setback for europe's stalled vaccination campaign germany halts astra zeneca is corona virus vaccine for people under the age of 16 the move follows new cases of blood clots. also coming up italy's baby bust birth rates fall to their lowest in over a century is locked down stressed a claim for more couples having fewer children plus the u.s. border under pressure from the south how president joe biden's promise of
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a more humane policy toward migrants is being put to the test. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. germany is holding the use of astra zeneca as corona virus vaccine for people under the age of 60 a low that age they can still decide to take the shot but only after a medical consultation there are new concerns over unusual blood clots in a small number of patients which led to this suspension our coverage begins with this report more bad news for germany's troubled vaccine rollout the government says it has made a tough but necessary decision. that's what. i believe that taking everything into account this is the path we need to follow in order to provide confidence in. i
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can't explain all the uncertainty surrounding it the. effect. earlier berlin's are shocking to a hospital decided as a precaution to hold vaccination of its staff members with astra zeneca a decision is expected in april over how to proceed with those who have already received their 1st dose. citizens can rely on the fact that substances permitted in germany are meticulously monitored the results are transparent and openly discussed. public opinion on this latest u. turn was divided at this berlin vaccination center only those aged over 60 can get their astra zeneca job everybody else is turned away. there are a lot of rumors and headlines in the news about it i wouldn't get vaccinated with us. for lesley committees that tumble this talk about people getting up thrombosis
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in the brain is very scary i'm going to wait until i can get by on tech or. have no problem with it it's not a positive effect in england and they've all been vaccinated with astra zeneca. this latest blow to germany's sluggish inoculation campaign follows new guidelines from the national vaccine commission. we learned from a regulatory authority is that younger women but also men are suffering from severe cerebral vein thrombosis. and have died from it. and the number exceeds what we would normally expect at that age. and we conclude that it has to be related to the vaccine therefore we have to act. without. the bavarian state premier. favors taking
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a flexible approach. but some point with astra zeneca we're going to have to operate with a lot of freedom whoever wants to and whoever dares to should have the opportunity to take it almost 4000000 doses of astra zeneca will arrive in germany next month but another dent to public confidence in the vaccine means using them up could prove difficult. and for more let's bring in his chief political correspondent linda crane linda what does this mean for the vaccination campaign. as the health minister said it is an absolute setback and that for a vaccine campaign that is already badly lacking in comparison to countries like the u.s. or the u.k. only about 11 percent of germans have been vaccinated so far and they are ongoing shortages of the vaccines like by and tech pfizer or madonna meaning astra zeneca
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has been a linchpin of the german vaccination campaign and tens of thousands of people who have either preexisting conditions or people like teachers actually are scheduled to have astra zeneca vaccines in the next couple of weeks and for those younger people they won't be able to get the job as planned which obviously is a further step back here and the fact is waiting times for the other vaccines are now as long as as 5 weeks even if you have received an invitation to get backs unaided so once again another another frustrating blow and where does the vaccine skepticism also stand in the country and how is this likely to affect it now. well a couple of weeks ago astra zeneca was also suspended here in germany and in other european countries as some of the 1st evidence of problems with the vaccine came to light and at that time we saw
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a drop in public confidence here in germany of nearly 20 percent meaning whereas before 55 percent had been willing to get it after after that suspension only about 30 percent said they would still be willing so undoubtedly this will play out in terms of people having less confidence in astra zeneca on the other hand the chancellor said checking out every single risk is the only way to keep people's trust in vaccination and therefore we had to do this on a number of people you know they might they might point though at least to your point to to a number of u. turns on the part of you know policies toward toward various vaccines in the country is that is that a fair assessment of what has been going on. absolutely there's been a real back and forth on astra zeneca and it's not only on vaccines that we have seen a lot of ambivalence and dick's messaging but as i said a couple of weeks ago astra zeneca was suspended when the 1st reports of cerebral
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blood clots began appearing then it was brought back in line online now it's being suspended again and if we look at the policy on things like the lockdown and the need for potentially stricter measures again we've seen a lot of back and forth between the federal government and regional governments on whether to impose new restrictions and and so i think many people are confused and frustrated and have the sense that for every step forward we seem to take a step back chief political correspondent linda crane thank you let's get a check of some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic the leaders of germany france and russia have discussed the prospects of getting russia's sputnik v vaccine approved in europe they also talked about producing the shot in the e.u.
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she lay has signed a new deal with china can see no biologics for 18000000 doses of its one shot back seen to lay boasts one of the world's fastest inoculation drives and the united states the european union and other western countries have called on china to give full access to all data about the origins of the virus after the w.h.o. said that beijing withheld some information from investigators. italy has ordered a mandatory 5 day quarantine for travelers and entering from other european countries travelers from outside the e.u. already have to quarantine much of it to leave remains under tight coronavirus restrictions as the country battles a 3rd wave of infections the whole of the country faces a 3 day lockdown over the easter weekend italy has reported more than 100 mi 1000 deaths so far the highest toll in the e.u. and the pandemic also seems to have affected many people's plans to have children
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over the past year italy has seen a marketed drop in its birth rate which numbers reaching over with those numbers reaching the lowest in over a century as max sanders reports. the children's playground eerily quiet the numbers are out italians are having far fewer babies during the pendency . they too have had to put their family planning on hold more in than french and so just bought a new home in a suburb of baghdad the big step for the young couple and everything is ready for the next. course the comment i made my meaning this will be the children's room it has yet to be set up we want to put in one or 2 beds depending on the size. we also have some space downstairs in there which could become another room for the children hots through and a general hall door. and had. been
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chainsaw and i were planning on getting married last summer before their roof but they had to postpone because of the pen demick and having kids before marriage for the 2 devout catholics was not an option. for us marriage means union and creating a family of our own marriage home family and children moving was supposed to be after the wedding but we had to switch with a little. while the individual reasons differ the situation is emblematic for hundreds of thousands of couples across the nation wanting to have children. exactly 9 months after the start of the lockdown in december here in italy the birth rate dropped by more than 20 percent compared to the previous year with many couples calling off their plans to have kids the birth rate in italy has reached a historic low but even before the pen demick italy was left trailing behind most of its neighbors on average women in the e.u.
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had a 1.55 children 2018 in sweden this number was 1.76 in germany 1.57 and italy 2nd to last in the e.u. with just 1.29 births the per woman. it is too early to determine with certainty what exactly is causing italian numbers to drop even further says sociologist julia the pandemic is likely affecting couple sex life but more importantly financial security seems to be the driving factor in the decision not to have kids. i think italia a young capos are becoming much more economic rationale that than the emotional convenience that it's important to have another child so there may be more worried about the future of children buying a house postponing marriage while working full time for the moment chance and morena have a lot on their plate but that hasn't changed their wish to start
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a family of their own as soon as the time is right. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world divers in indonesia have recovered the cockpit voice reporter of a passenger plane that crashed into the java sea in january all 62 people on board the air boeing jets were killed shortly after takeoff from jakarta a pullin area report found the plane had problems with engine thrust. emergency crews are searching for 11 workers trapped in a flooded gold mine in colombia the men have been stuck for stuck in an underground shaft for a last for the last 5 days rescue teams are trying to pump out flood water officials say that the mine was being operated illegally. u.s. president joe biden has promised a more humane policy when it comes to undocumented migrants crossing the us mexico
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border but a growing number of people crossing the border is putting this to the test many children families are placed in detention facilities and living in overcrowded conditions. a packed u.s. border facility and done a texas social distancing not an option for thousands of unaccompanied minors held at this processing center some lost their parents on the way to the mexican border others were brought here by smugglers u.s. officials say the influx of minors is steadily increasing. they know that we're releasing them they know that right now there's nothing stopping them we're not going to put them back to their country so they keep coming on board right now all these kids were starting to see younger and younger kids being brought over by their sponsors by relatives by grandparents more than 4000 people are being held and it was designed for just 250 every miner is given
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a health check on arrival. fever only people with symptoms are tested for covert 19 the biden administration declines to send unaccompanied minors back to their home countries as often happens under donald trump they must be processed and housed within 3 days the average stay is twice as long. there's a little girl that i talked to a little while ago she said that she had lost her mom and that she doesn't have a father so she's coming into this country because her uncle is going to be the sponsor and i asked her what state are you going to what's your part of destination she said i don't know all i know is that it's not was there. with more and more migrants crossing the border into the u.s. pressure on the bad administration is growing president biden wants far ranging reforms to america's immigration system but that could take years. coming up next on t.v.
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news it is business news with my colleague chris i'm sorry kelly in berlin doc but this was more of the website interview dot com you can also follow us on social media and for watching take care. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction of. christianity from established itself. both religious and secular leaders more eager to display their power. to trace began.


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