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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2021 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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never been done before and yet said associates landed the 1st ever double kick flip over a waterfall. he started with a 25 kilometer descend to down a snowy volcano before entering the region's lush forests but the icing on the cake was still to come set of cells as topped off by nailing the worlds of 1st a double quick flip in a kayak over a waterfall and a spaniard mails it on his 1st attempt. that's all for me for now brant goff will be with you at the top of the hour thanks so much for joining us. people in trucks injured when trying to seduce and turn more and more refugees are being turned away. in syria. to support the government leave the demonstrators. leave extreme.
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probably going to be on. the road with more than 300000000 people who are seeking. you know this morning because no one should have to flee. please. make up your own mind. w. . made for mines. a major setback for equal opportunities the coronavirus pandemic is thought to have undone years of progress tackling the global gender gap to discuss the findings of the world economic forum also coming up chosen by own tech of lepton news of its effectiveness of its vaccine in teenagers will look inside the pharma massive new
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factory in germany. and ballots are being counted in a crucial vote on whether amazon workers were unionized the action in alabama could cause a domino effect across the web giant's u.s. operations. this is the real business on what's in berlin bookham to the program and we begin with a warning that the coronavirus pandemic is reversing years of progress on gender equality a report from the world economic forum claims that at the current rate it will take another 133 years to achieve gender parity in terms of economic opportunity political empowerment education and health the biggest gap remains in politics where women occupied just over a quarter of seats in the world's parliaments that's despite female leaders winning particular praise for their handling of the pandemic one big problem is the so-called double shift throughout the crisis women are taking on more childcare and
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home schooling demands than men so as a result they've become more likely to drop out of the workforce less likely to get leadership roles and unsurprisingly they're experiencing more stress well the world economic forum's report suggests that the largest gender gaps exist in the middle east and in africa so let's discuss sub-saharan africa in particular with ak correspondent in the kenyan capital in nairobi joy during peerage or during thanks for joining us and just tell us where are the sectors that need to see the most progress in sub-saharan africa when it comes to gender equality. well so what we are seeing the biggest gaps so far are in political empowerment as well as educational attainment and economic but it's a patient opportunity especially economic participation and opportunity if you look at the key areas here all of you to percent of sub-saharan africa's population is
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female and when you look at the employment levels across the continent you're looking at it being at about 24 percent and that is quite a wide gap and also the scores and stretches into the pay gap as well which affects women and when it comes to education of team and. very little education attainment has been achieved especially in rural sub-saharan africa so that japanese to the close they have been to the improvements in political empowerment but still it is still at the lower level more can be done. about the pandemic has that widened those gaps absolutely it has most of the women across sub-saharan africa are employed in lever intensive informal sector is most of these sectors have been affected by the pandemic containment measures where most of them have
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been asked either to work from home or you know have to be able to work in such a way that they're not able to be peed on a monthly basis and instead being paid as. they're now being paid hour which makes it more difficult for them considering the duties that they have to perform and saw if there was a student percentage that would have been achieved in between the year 2020 there has been a little bit of slack achievement when it comes to that so the job ahead is only getting bigger really what is being done to improve things. we are seeing some african countries like kenya that are improving on their policies that have to do with gender equality and gender inclusion we have the ones that gender rule in kenya south africa as well has done the same nature at least trying to implement its agenda policies but with
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a lot of difficulty considering the fact he's aligned all of the most populous countries on the african continent they are some success stories like rwanda where we are seeing a 5050 question really comes to gender equality but still they are certain gaps in there when it comes to the economic empowerment of women in some african countries ordering barrow in nairobi thanks for joining us next shares in german farmer biotech leapt by as much as 6 percent on wednesday following good news about its coronavirus faxing developed alongside pfizer of course research suggests the jap is 100 percent effective in preventing cover 19 in 12 to 15 year olds it's a boost for biotech which is just bringing a massive new production facility on stream. in an unremarkable building northwest of the german city of marburg a biotech employee is working on
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a batch of in marinade based vaccines against covert 19 it's a laborious process isn't it it takes about 50000 steps to produce one batch you get about 7 to 8000000 doses out of a batch of purified are in a active ingredient. the mother of the syllabi is one of the world's largest m r n a vaccine manufacturing plants and aims to produce 250000000 doses in the 1st half of the year the ultimate aim is to turn up $1000000000.00 doses annually that's around 40 percent of biotech pfizer's total output the vaccine is also being produced at a plant in belgium and at 3 sites in the united states the 1st batches from marburg will be delivered in the 2nd half of april the recipients should find some cheer as the jab is not only highly effective in protecting against infection but also reduces transmission of the virus the private investors who backed the biotech far
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as a partnership should be happy to buy and take made a profit of 15200000 euros in 2020 after recording a 179000000 euro loss the year before. now it was billed as the biggest i.p.o. in london for decades but shares of mail delivery service delivery plunged on the london stock exchange debut stock fell by as much as 30 percent and it's one of the steepest trading davy falls for a major company on the london market. livery who has seen a boom in demands during the pandemic bringing food from otherwise close restaurants to customers locked up. but we can hear from our correspondent in london about what impact this failed listing has had. well it looks like a lot of investors did not participate in this i.p.o. due to environmental and social concerns delivery really had
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a lot of negative press over the payment of its writers who earn much less than the minimum wage in the u.k. the u.k. being the biggest market and there is an expectation that that might change soon so that's obviously a warning for investors that the profit margins of delivery could be impacted even further the other issue seems to be an issue of governments unequal voting rights and the ability of the c.e.o. to retain much control of the companies those seem to be the biggest issues that made and western investors be quite wary of participating in the i.p.o. . in london now for a look at some of the other global business stories making the news swedish fast fashion chain h. and m. has reported a 1st quarter loss chinese consumers have been boycotting the company after its expressed concern for human rights in the shin jongg region and stop buying cotton
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produce that h. and m. has now backpedals saying it's dedicated to regaining shoppers and partners trusts in china. may want chinese telecom giant huawei notched up a record profit of nearly 10000000000 dollars last year but revenues were hit by the pandemic and the effect of u.s. sanctions over security fears smartphone sales were flat after the u.s. way off from key components banned it from using google's android operating system and its. pay pal is allowing its customers in the u.s. to use crypto currencies like pick going if there is a light point with millions of merchants around the world the online payment platform is one of the largest mainstream companies to welcome kryptos these are also this week announced its intention to accept them on its payment that quick. now it could be a watershed moment for workers at one of the internet's biggest names and plays at amazon's warehouse in the u.s.
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state of alabama a vote on whether to unionize but as the ballots are counted up let's find out more about what's at stake. welcome to bessemer if you have never heard of this southwestern suburb of birmingham alabama you were not alone at least until recently bessemer home to roughly 28000 residents has become a daily news headline a beacon of hope for many but for others it's now a symbolizes a vicious attack on good old capitalism. bessemer is now at the center of the biggest and most important labor fight the united states has seen in decades thanks to amazon so here we are at the amazon fulfillment center right behind me here in bessemer alabama. this place or better 5800 workers who work here could make history yes history but only in the united
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states why is that because amazon was successful for the last almost 20 years to fight off any union effort to put cracks in the house off the sauce this is the 1st time that a union has a real chance to get labor organized at amazon local union organizers work from months on getting amazon workers into the flock flyers and posters rallies and shit like work and this all came about because of this man darrell richardson. richardson felt things are not all that great at the bessemer amazon fulfillment center if you're late a minute. 15 minutes a automatic way from you. i want. to watch. so we're just a lot of stuff need to be changed last year contact at the retail warehouse and department store union in birmingham and
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a representative met with him here. at the dreamland barbecue in tuscaloosa rips an iced tea a plan to unionize amazon was hatched and set in motion. fast forward to today almost $6000.00 workers voted for or against unionization now the votes are counted union activist alex gould says that won't be the end of it likely but. it's a pro union leaflet. if the workers win this vote it's going to be a big struggle for sam has to come to any agreement with them you know the laws. have to bargain with them but we all know it's a question of power. and there's also the other side of course amazon employees who don't want the you know we are against it and we are very happy with what we are getting as far as benefits we're happy with our working conditions we're happy with
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the advancement opportunities. speaking of advancement whatever the bessemer vote will be amazon is sure to face more pressure for unionization in the future. and that's all from in the business team here in berlin if you want more from us to check out our website as we don't come slash business you can also find us on facebook twitter. too next time go by and take that. entered the conflict zone the government of sri lanka has been strongly criticized the un human rights council which warned them into curating situation in the country and the increase marginalize ation minorities my guest this week is john up column a good secretary just sri lanka's foreign ministry physically johns of the dumb
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enough to take the criticism seriously i'm still something about the conflicts of. the 60 minutes d w. n n puzzle you so long it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why for i don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela i'm not disappointed that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. this system is africa on the program today. the format of orient president is a free man judges at the i.c.c. has rejected a bid to reinstate charges of war crimes against him but ball was cleared of those charges after a trial and 2019 of his freedom was pending today's decision so what next for the 75.


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