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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2021 2:45pm-3:00pm CEST

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even now so things will come out in due course and just p.t. if we will really see but there will be new legislation introduced to the country for the protection of human dignity for the short sell harmony 3 volumes that would that would that would make a change wouldn't because let's look at you know the way you've been handling trials and commissions the main reason the human rights council voted against you was that you've disrupted and impeded efforts to bring justice and accountability for all sides in the civil war that's the u.n. saying that they accuse you of him in trenching impunity for grave human rights violations and abuses by all sides this is not one of the hallmarks of your state isn't it. well it has nothing to do as you say because if you remember if you recall from 2009 to 2015 there were 3 commissions appointed to find out the way forward but unfortunately after 2015 none of these commissions could continue
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function and now the president has appointed a commission of inquiry with the supreme court judge maintaining a new city balance me and gender balance in order to find answers to whether there are any issues to guiding accountability and that there are any issues regarding missing persons so give us time we need we have given them a time behaving themselves you've had time to disrupt and impede the existing judicial processes this obstruction says the u.n. has taken the form of actually arresting some of the war crimes investigators and threatening others the un said one former chief of the criminal investigation division who led investigations into several key human rights cases was himself arrested and another nation for silver from the same division had to leave sri lanka because of threats immediately after the last presidential election and you tell me that's the way a democracy which you claim to have pursues justice doesn't look like it does. well
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everything is in the media everything is in front of the commission a police inspector can leave for another country without taking up less than 12 hours it doesn't have to be stressing this particular case they are saying. we want you for our number one who says he was threatened you must not be part of a conspiracy all these things well and they will probably give me lots of money to do these all these i don't know how you don't know that mr secretary that's that's a sign of saying that inquiries are coming out all these things that is why i said it will come out with the talk in china in january last year your presidential commission investigating so-called political victimization of public officials began intervening to halt prosecutions including those of 2 former navy officers charged in relation to the disappearance of 11 people in 20082009
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this intervening in judicial proceedings doesn't inspire public confidence does it so also this commission has intervened in favor of military intelligence officers interfered in other trials including by withholding documentary evidence threatening prosecutors with legal action running parallel and contradictory examinations all these are accusations by the united nations in other words you've been destroying any chance of a proper trial and bring proper accountability you've allowed suspects to go free you're not interested. in i will not comment on a presidential commission and that matter people were the court in the country they supported send against me sense well i'm not in a position to comment on anything on that presidential commission on political right session because it is a matter of people in the courts. well you may not want to comment on that the fact is that you have been freeing guilty people in march last year the president
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pardoned a soldier convicted of massacring 8 civilians including children human rights watch said it showed your government's disregard for justice for the worst abuses mr secretary you pardoned child killers the other no limits to which you won't sink. a child killer convicted child killer gets a presidential power pardon what kind of country living in well team do you do and then i'll send 500 x. beckons for pardon similarly without any trial did you know that the you know 459 child soldiers as young as 10 were not even considered as veterans but considered as victims of war and sent back to school to study with books and school bags and shoes right so we have done both so i can argue i can't comment on a decision made by the president to pardon
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a person and the devious regime also pardon a.t.t. hardcore terrorists so these are things happening so it is not like route i'm i come back to this you proud of living in a country where child killers are get presidential pardons you can't sing my daughter and that you're not you're not holding your own forces accountable the message that that sends to your armed forces is basically you can get away with anything can't you if you can kill hills and if you don't kill children in cold blood you can get away with anything. it is never like that we will never pardon anyone who is doing something wrong and the president is determined to make things right and make someone accountable if a person has done anything wrong against the law president will never ever take the side of a criminal never ever not just give him a presidential pardon mr secretary your civil war. presidential pardons are they are in the world now we're not talking about the rest of the world we're talking
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about sri lanka and of mark my why why you only see longer why you need you talk about one person well because then you don't represent our end of the world and talk to the rest of the world about what they do i mean talking to you about censoring lanka does is hypocrisy i mean you are talking about one person or not he is asking you to account for the actions of your government it's as simple as that no it is just one person and we help our. 100. mr secretary your civil war may have ended more than 12 years ago but since your government isn't interested in accountability thousands of family members from all communities are still seeking justice and truth about the fate of their loved ones and your response to date has been to send state agents to harass and intimidate human rights defenders lawyers journalists social actors and victims of human rights abuses how does how hopeful is that to your declared aim of bringing reconciliation and the count ability to
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your country how helpful that is of this of missing person established according to this last one in 2015 and this of peace is empowered appointments made by that area locations given given action plan is requested and they have to produce the size and not only about the harassment i'm asking you about the harassment your police. your police have continually heris the member of the adversary advocacy group mothers of the disappeared one of them whose son was disappeared in 2009 told human rights watch that officers of the criminal investigation department continually questioned her about who's going to meetings who's going to give testimony in geneva what are they going to say what business is that of your criminal investigation division. well if there is a issue with the person they can always complain to the police and the and seek redress from the judiciary and i would you need that is very independent and in
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these talk all areas is mostly it is there are all natives who are the judges so this is these are only accusations very conveniently made without any substance why don't they make a complaint to the police where they can make a complaint to the president they can make a complaint to the inspector general law police and the enemy delish any proceeding without doing that you just complain and then you mentioned about human rights defenders we know most of the human rights defenders are receiving money from the west and we know the bank accounts we know how much money has come and gone so these are not born of being the human brain defenders they are playing to the sound none of them you've just smeared the whole lot of them in one sentence is that really what you want to do you don't have a lot of times to smear and smear a whole raft of your society defending human rights. we are very much interested in human great nor one else is interested in human rights than sri lankans and sri lanka that is
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a fact no i'm using president about human race and be conservation dan sri lankans in sri lanka what went on is your human rights record is criticize you deny everything mr secretary the u.n. insists that you address these criticisms some of which we've talked about during this interview and it also holds out the threat that member states might start applying targeted sanctions asset freezes and travel bans against your state officials and others credibly alleged to have been involved in human rights violations are you ready for that. well you know if individual countries have a separate agenda not necessarily human race but you seem human rights are some backbone there's very little we can do but let's wait and see i mean we also have support from a large number of countries it was evident in the human rights commission proceedings in the beginning when the report was submitted 21 countries spoke against the human rights commission nurse report and in the proceeding discussions
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there were a lot of opposition to this of course the warding they got 22 but even they got one word less than the last time and 14 and there were a large number of absentees that is 14 so this world is divided so you are coming from some very very very quickly as we are running out of time are you going to take note of these criticisms or are you going to stick to your blanket denials which no one believes where the yes on a or not we are going to continue in the play just that we have made to the international community to find answers or in consultation missing persons we are going and accountability we are going to finance this through a domestic mckenney some as quickly as we can we do shed of it from the responsibility to the international community more than that to the ok well of this country we've run out of time john f. column by again thank you very much for being on conflict zone. thank you.
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