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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2021 1:00am-1:30am CEST

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this is g.w. news a live from berlin german president french vaulter steinmeyer calls on germans to pull together his plea for unity comes as the nation aware there is its 2nd easter under pandemic restrictions and on the same day that thousands of coronavirus skeptics hold a rally in shock scotched also coming up on the show egypt's capital cairo puts on a parade fit for a king to transport to mummify the remains of 22 ancient egyptian meters to their new resting place. plus the top 2 clubs in the bundesliga square all in
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a light sick and tired even without their tops or show why they are defending champions. so i'm clear richardson a very warm welcome to the show we begin with some breaking news a from a jordan former crown prince homs have been hussein has said he is under house arrest this in a videotaped statement that was passed on to the b.b.c. the prince says his communications have been cut and that he was told of this was because he took part in meetings where the king was criticized he accuses the country's leaders of corruption and incompetence and says anybody who criticizes them risks arrest the country's top general denied homes i had been arrested saying instead that he was asked to halt actions targeting the country's quote secure. and
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stability. and here in a german a president friend has made a rare appeal for national unity saying the country is experiencing a crisis of trust more and more germans are losing confidence in the government because of the slow roll out of vaccines as germany experiences a 3rd wave of covert 1000 and its 2nd easter under pandemic restrictions also on saturday 10000 people rallied against lock down restrictions in the southern city of. trust between chairmans and the government has sunk so low cheering the pandemic that this man has had to step in chairman president frank well to start my own doesn't set policy or government but he's using his largely ceremonial role to make a plea for unity. we must all pull together my fellow germans we must give it
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everything we've got there's no use merely being outraged about others or about our leaders rather than constantly pointing out what doesn't work we should point out that things do work when everyone does their bit chancellor angela merkel has struggled to bring the same lock down rules nationwide because health restrictions are decided at the state level just before easter the chancellor had to reverse last minute plans for a shutdown over the holiday off the stiff opposition. president started my also politicians the state and federal level to put party concerns aside and work together. they've all we need to try and see and resolve we need transparent and pragmatic rules so that people know where they stand so that this country can once again draw on all of the potential which possesses. but some want the health rules to go altogether. instant god on some today over
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10000 people demanded an end to mosque mandates and lock downs. and polls show fooling support for the government's handling of the pandemic especially the slow roll out of the vaccination program so far just over 5 percent of german population has been immunized the majority of germans are still waiting for an official letter from the health authorities to allow them to get vaccinated to. and political correspondent of benjamin alvarez a group or was reporting from the protests in a stretch cart and he sent us this assessment more than 10000 people gathered in the german city of to go to protest against the coronavirus restrictions this protest was called by the committing of the so-called lateral thinking movement that was founded in this city exactly one year ago of vast majority of protesters noted were massed did not hold on to the social distancing but police did not
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intervene they said though that they opened a preliminary investigation into the organizers of this 1st event because people were not wearing masks police officers in journalism almost the only one attending to this mandatory mass mandate. now let's bring you have to speed with a roundup of some of the latest developments in the krona virus pandemic italy has entered a strict 3 day nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the krona virus amid a recent spike in cases all regions are now classified as red zones with almost all shops closed and restaurants open only for takeout orders in while turkey has logged a record high of almost 45000 new cases in the most recent 24 hour period infections have a surged since ease restrictions in early march and argentina as a president of better fernandez a says he has tested positive for coping 19 despite being vaccinated with 2 doses of. v in january for now let's take
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a look at some other stories making headlines around the world thousands of people joined rallies across england and wales to oppose a proposed new wall that would give police extra powers to curb protests there were scuffles between police and demonstrators in london the legislation would allow officers to shut down or ban or protests. the last of more than 400 ships stranded by the grounding of a giant container vessel in the suez canal have a pass through the waterway at last and investigators will shortly release their reports on how the ship got stuck. pope francis says he hopes the dark times of the pandemic will end and people can rediscover the grace of everyday life his words there he made these comments while leading a scaled down easter vigil service the event began 2 hours earlier than usual so participants could get home before
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a 10 pm curfew and. for many the pandemic has made working from home as the new normal now an exodus from offices in big cities is making room for more living space in paris a city infamous for its sky high rental rates prime real estate is being made accessible for those without deep pockets a visit to the site of his latest project real estate developer doing is transforming this office space into something else. here you can see the files cabinets and computer keyboards that were left behind this will soon be a bathroom or perhaps a bedroom. inside to go you have to show his plan is to convert the offices into student departments the space is large enough to house around 100 people. smaller apartments will be built
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here between 50 and 120 square meters many bathrooms and kitchens will need to be installed one of the challenges are the water pipes down on the 3rd floor apartments for families. here you can see the plastic law you know there are only law firms and corporations around here the area will be much livelier when people move in. to a key has been transforming office spaces into homes for 15 years the market is booming since the pandemic hit with working from home the new norm the demand for office space is down. the rices for offices will drop significantly we can see it already before the coronavirus this building was worth 20 percent more than it is now it used to cost 37000000 but we bought it for 30000000. with your goal. such projects are welcome by the city of paris
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where housing shortages are rampant renovating an existing space has advantages to building from scratch. this historical department store is being transformed into social housing. across from the renowned poppy do cultural center offices that were once used by environmental officials were renovated by a municipal social housing company professor dominic care delivery in a 3 room apartment his rent is a bargain in this area. in the close the windows are huge the ceilings are high there's lots of room and it's comfortable so that's special in paris if. that's your team's property 30 percent of the apartments will be used for social housing a mandatory condition other tenants will have to pay rent at the market rate $25.00 to $30.00 euros per square metre. what i'm going to look at even see the eiffel
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tower even if it's just the tip. well it's got some sports news now and in the bonus league is a big match on saturday title contenders a lifesaver welcome to byron munich side who were without a top scorer robert lewandowski a win for the hosts of would have put them within a single point of the champions showed it just why they are going for a 9th league title in a row. judgment day for the young pretenders like sick coach yulia knuckles mun and his players knew that to win against of by insights depleted by injury and suspension would be a shot in the arm in the big does league title race well a loss could see their championship hopes slip away. but by arms strength and depth has helped them see off all comers since 2013 and did his best robot leave an impersonation to put by on one up after 30 minutes work from thomas miller and then emphatic finish like 6 fought hard to get back in the game but danny almost failed
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to hit the target from a great position on 52 minutes. with the goal was 9 minutes later but motherwell neuer hearts this time i. was left to rue those misses as by and held on to win one with the champions no 7 points clear with 7 games to go few would bet against the byron bandwagon from ruling on to another title. and earlier on saturday 5th place dortmund were looking for a victory to move within a point of visitors frankfurt and closer to those a lucrative champions league qualification places the teams went into halftime also where at 11 but under a silver as a late header for frankfurt gave the visitors all 3 points that strengthens in their bid for champions league football next season and consistent top men are now fighting for a spot in the last clamorous europa league. let's take
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a look at the scoreboard on this and match day $27.00 it was a buyer over lights and a frank friend to feed a dog meant their place was a winner as was a labor and mention gladbach came from behind to beat work on sunday on your own by lynn hosts cross city rivals. and a big day for the top of the moon is legal standings then especially the very top where again byron are now 7 points clear of leipzig as the league enters the stretch run of the season while spurs are in 3rd place frankfurt up here safe and 4th champions league spot for next season. egypt has held on the average avenge for its pharaohs dubbed the pharaohs a golden parade it's ended 22 mummies through the streets of cairo to their new home in a new museum and egypt has been struggling economically without tourism during the pandemic and it's hoped this event will one day help of bring the tourists back.
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glorious parade for the fairies of ancient egypt. the 18 kings and 4 queens carefully carried in climate controlled cases from the egyptian museum where they have to welsh for over a century now they will have a new home in the national museum of egyptian civilization. ramsay's the 2nd is among those being moved as is queen hardship suit one of ancient egypt's few female pharaohs she was said to wear full spirit to overcome the traditional gender roles of her time the ceremony aimed to showcase egypt's rich history on one level by doing it like this with great pomp and circumstance the mummies are getting their due these are the kings of egypt i mean these are the pharaohs and is a way of showing respect people who understand that there is an incredibly
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important historically and also important now because this is part of the economy. cheer islam is in fact one of egypt's main economic sectors with the pandemic halting global movement the country is eager to draw tourist back. the message it's very important what good did the people through the but it is the city we need people to come back. these kings and queens of ancient egypt have lain in wait for thousands of years but they may have to wait a little longer before tourists flock back. and remind her of our top story before we go to jordan is a former crown prince has said he is under house arrest that in a video passage to the b.b.c. prince homs i've been hussein accuses the country's leaders of corruption and says
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anybody who criticizes the. risks arrest. is your news update at this hour stay tuned for sports life don't forget you can always stay up to date with all the latest headlines on our web site www dot com or to follow us on twitter and instagram at the end it was a richardson in berlin from the whole team. of . people in trucks injured one trying to trying to seduce into more and more refugees are being turned away for the lead time seems. to be going the way like the demonstrators lead the extreme lengths to. go around the world since 300 people are seeking. the
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lead us down the road. because no one should have to sleep the lead make up your own mind the mother w. . made for mines. try and munich bonus league it champions german cups whenas champions league victory is now congress of the football world and it sold thanks to one man on the flick. how is a relatively unknown coach elevated his standing in such
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a short period of time and how did he turn fine unique from a crisis club into an on base and machine. click worked on 4 main septa's tactics. mentality. a route. to the train. he's proven himself as one of the best coaches in the world and a humble one at that team. is this we just want to snatched. one man show gets it's been on a farm team player of ours from among the 55 year old his makes his progressive training methods with a simple human touch to bring the body back to the top. model he's not finished yet.
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to appreciate flick success at bryan you have to 1st look at the to mull truth position the club was in when he arrived he was handed the job in november 29th tain up to nico coach's side had been spanked 51 by on truck front 4. it was embarrassing result which left behind in full. place but the cracks had long been widening for more than a year on track was just the final straw for cars that the football and the players were reportedly unhappy with the croatians man management and training since. the president. runs a flick not expected to be born savior but rather an interim solution to seeking ship however he not only studied the course he quietly put together the world's best team. but where did it all start for the flick. of course he won 6 titles with the club
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in the eighty's before retiring prematurely due to injury that winning mentality and deep connection to the club has clearly helped you as a card. his 1st coaching stop was a bit small them in the 50 vision with victoria. he wasn't particularly successful eva and even suffered relegation but in 2000 he joined the ambitious hoffenheim and took them from the full team into the 3rd division it's where he developed his coaching identity. and i don't suspect there's no model as too often so you have a spin to show as i said. flick then join the journey set up as assistant to your human love in 2006 he was integral to the world cup in 24. many consider his tactical input invaluable and his personal touch was also boarded the flick developed trust between the players and coaching staff and that team spirit helped drive germany to victory.
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in 2019 he was very united with as coaches assistant but it wasn't long before he was thrust into the limelight to take on the main job. klicks tousle a game in charge story browsing and dominant for new victory over the last year dortmund it was the stock the club needed and slowly flick started to get done back to them to us. from december the bavarians went on an incredible strake 2020 dawn of the next 30 matches in all competitions. cleaned up the bundesliga the german camps and the champions league roster and fans in shock of the console saw it for a. flick forged europe's most deadly attack fire and scored a $116.00 goals in just $36.00 matches an average of more than 3 goals per game.
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the pinnacle came with an eye tooth brushing your boss a lot of the spines relentless and ruthless attacks when all opponents sought. the printing victory was a one nil defeat of paris such a month in the champions league final. so how exactly did kanzi flick turn it all around. flicks 1st time turning back into a pressing mission by pressing that when they tried to pass the white house to succumb to. the progressive approach meant fine work always on the front foot something fleet outlined during his very 1st press conferences. to be.
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got us to munch often city from the car after the show and a former fatality. but. i thought. on getting into nazi office will be just as. you know. began to ross and harry their opponents ferociously in order to force turnovers. their energy and motivation was relentless and i believe every position they faced . 3 of their 1st 5 goals against came within 10 seconds of regaining possession from pressure. also gave the team license to play their way out of trouble players knew each other's roles and had flix trust that i give consequences. i do not see
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flaws for. this being. let's i mean it isn't just a name on. and they want to try to make pragmatism with possession football when necessary launching fast transitions to catch up defenses. by and play risky football the flick still found a good balance in defense keypad david alibi with jerome ball attacking. the behind veterans combined with manuel neuer to provide an at times impenetrable wall in fact flicks team caps 19 clean sheets in $36.00 matches. which forced a very hard line for his defense. left them
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exposed at times it also a did their attacking game. the contacts set up allowed to create more chances for their talented front lawn. also i'm a canadian rookie alfonso davies his 1st choice left back crucial factor in boston's new approach in defense the road runner there to buy a program that made me the youngsters pace was not only handy in attack but also when covering independence day he's often reached speeds of more than 35 kilometers around. but perhaps most importantly flick rediscovered blinds mojo after the team's drop in form he said about lifting his players morale which included messaging the egos
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of a stablish veterans. and placing trust in talented youngsters. and the clitorises and far off. on dog just being is for me yeah and i'm leaving these media interest questions now of carbon ships out in carbon dating and acquits inside ahmose on the fly doll in the model coffins of eyes must take all of us are not too often a fun board on. for that final note take thomas miller and a coach that she'd been a good part player but he was the 1st name on flicks team sheet and flicks singled him out for special praise as he's on field general shelton used to do still does. not control. selling and i am. just a should be just below. average paid that face in the bundesliga alone he scored 8 goals and made 17 assists within a $23.00 game spell on the flick. flick also place distrust in you'll see what
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pushing a one time defend the higher up the pitch and the youngster fully embrace his new role. and she knows when all for physics. doesn't matter. and the quality didn't also an issue. to me is now one of the best midfielders in the world another example of how flick gets the most out of his players. without a flicks coaching team also performed wonders during the coronavirus pandemic no club return from the enforced break fitter all stronger. all the players went through an incredible physical transformation. well almost everyone. i try not to be. that muscular my teammates
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less weight on my bones than my my bones to keep a little bit longer so while bryant's fitness guru dr holger broich was behind the new training schedules flex drive and determination also motivated these players during a difficult period in lockdown but on the one sense we should all. be done from. india was much more than it was something to be done. womanish going to push for example i know it seems has. been good to see if. you say i don't buy the most but you go through most of them with you don't fool no potential to me to feel . the same preparation saw them in superior shape to all of their opponents. both in the bundesliga and the champions league against every team they face they were faster stronger better.
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with the club world cup title also in the 7 a strong the trophy cabinet and the flick has now won it all with by in munich. from by me. nick we have our. slogan and the slogan means today we are. afraid from nobody. slick buys into that how to cheat and he's hungry for even more success of the album as he left iced tea with uprising bought them off the fiat of its full bodied system not only on its mccomas well into focus enough the noise he did. so what next for hands he flipped he's bought through and through and looks destined to forge the next great did a steal at the ferry in giants. missing
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berlin nicole clinician shows us things that we can still do despite corona and the pandemic cells to be underground to discover incredible architecture in the german capitals and brand new subway stations and when you see in the theaters close again what exactly does berlin have to offer so there is even now a lot to discover. it is quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer. experience not to. strong g.w.
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. i believe it and this is climate change brags that sex. happiness increase books. this is the book for you. to get smarter for free. minute. leg. length. right now you could say berlin is in between in the state of flux actually like much of germany.


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