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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm CEST

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the president a hoax alludes. to the briefing room. during your dinner in shorts may 3rd. this is do w. news live from berlin and join our jordan's former crown prince says he's under house arrest prince homs accuses jordanian leaders of corruption and incompetence military has warned him to stop damaging the country stability also on the show sri lanka steps up security on easter sunday 2 years after a wave of suicide bombings rocks the country so why has no one's been brought to
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justice. and lockdowns have produced rhino hunters in the maybe up front they've also heard conservation groups all the poachers be back once the pandemic is over. america evanston it's good to have you with us the former crown prince of jordan hamza bin hussein says he's been placed under house arrest in a video message the king's half brother sharply criticized jordanian leaders bond he denied to being part of an alleged coupe lot jordanian authorities have arrested several other high level officials for what they described as security reasons. jordan's crime. hands of bin hussein on his wedding day in 2004.
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an embrace from his half brother king abdullah. 6 months later the king would strip pams of his title of crime prince and give it to his own son instead but hamza remains popular in jordan close to tribal leaders and seen as in touch with ordinary people he now says that's why he's being targeted. in a video sent to the b.b.c. hamza says he is under house arrest after being warned that he got too close to critics of the king he says he is not part of any conspiracy but he does openly condemn jordan's leaders this country has become corrupt from its ism and in this one. state t.v. earlier announced that hamza had been asked to stop activities targeting quote security and stability it said security agencies arrested multiple former top
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officials as reports world of approach to unseat the king the army denies that the former crime prince himself is under arrest but alarm bells are ringing for jordan's allies which see it as a key bastion of stability in a volatile region. recent protests against coronavirus restrictions found concerns that stability could be wavering after years of austerity. but king abdullah has the backing of regional leaders and powerful friends the u.s. and saudi arabia are among those who have expressed support jordan security forces say investigations into prince hamza are ongoing. let's bring in iran us why she's in amman based journalist and also the author of voices of jordan thank you so much for being on our program now jordanian authorities are denying prince
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hamza's claims that he's been placed under house arrest but they do confirm a wave of other high level or arrests what can we make of all this. the lack of information you're released by former. joint entrance hands are. he confirmed and 1st of all that he's virtually armed or house arrest. all communication was cut off he claims that his security taking a razor headed and. important you know prince to east. if you will and eric as a direct talking to jordanians and saying pretty much the same things he sat in in the english as well. all of this took place last nights in jordan where under curfew due to the current number everest and so it's interesting to
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note the timing of press statements and the u.s. and and it's been hard to get information in this environment to be honest with you and government sources have released here of course statements saying that people who are detained include senior member of her little somberly member ashley. and also if former royal and great to saudi arabia. and still we're getting you know continuously some conflicting information i have you were told to earlier today that it's deep mentally give you leave before anyone but as you can see nothing has come up to date. well we should mention this is a quiet and usual set of developments for jordan i mean these types of high level political arrests are very rare in the country also for a senior member of the ruling party to express such criticism of the government is
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very rare what does this tell us about the stability in jordan at the moment yeah its view is judy and their words also rapturous are there it's not unprecedented in jordan where you go west and metering countries you know jordan is normally is that our kingdom. that has been this time shall i like all of the countries in europe and the us particularly when it comes to contour terrorism cooperation in the middle east of course is where do we see. the israeli occupied west bank syria and iraq. is still it is really a bigger. kind of tension stance we have not seen before at the forefront hands there was needed crown prince of course in 99 and i'm.
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just ready to type just signed in 2004. time says usually for 2 graphs meeting with china's leaders that is no n.p.t. to be popular and has any they searched or can be sentenced to his father king hussein journalist in milan we thank you so much for your reporting thank you. pope francis has celebrated easter mass in rome and deliver the traditional or be at or be blessing but for the 2nd year the pope led a scaled back service in st peter's basilica because of pandemic restrictions normally easter mass is held open air in st peter's square in front of tens of thousands of pilgrims italy is currently under a strict 3 day lockdown for the easter weekend. let's get
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a quick check now of some of the other stories making news this hour ethiopia says that eritrea has started withdrawing its forces from t. crime a rebel group launched attacks in the northern ethiopian region in november prompting or trained troops to cross the border or train forces have been accused of human rights atrocities and clubbing the massacre of civilians rape and looting. flash flooding and landslides have killed over 50 people in indonesia and east timor and more heavy rain is forecast electricity and transport routes have also been affected video footage shows a building being swept away in east timor's capital dili. well security has been stepped up across sri lanka on the anniversary of the largest single terror attack in the country's history on easter sunday in 2019 suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels killing more than 260 people
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the islamic state claimed responsibility but despite an investigation no one has yet to stand trial for the attacks chilling surveillance footage shows a suicide bomber with a backpack striding into a parked church on easter sunday 2019 moments before the deadly blast. the explosion here in san sebastián search north of the capital colombo killed 150 people was i heard about that he was going to and i jumped into the chair and i saw that my daughter. who works on the floor. very near simultaneous attacks also targeted 2 other churches and 3 luxury hotels most of the dead were sri lankan catholics although
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a number of foreigners were also killed the commission set up to investigate the attacks recommended prosecuting sri lanka's then president makes the policy restrainer it said political infighting surrounding the president had led to a lapse in security and a failure to act on warnings from foreign intelligence services. but families of the victims say they're not interested in a political blame game last month catholics across sri lanka came to church dressed in black to express their sadness that 2 years on those who organized the attacks have yet to be identified. the archbishop of colombo has said if the authorities fail to come up with answers by april 21st the 2nd anniversary of the bombings he will call for a nationwide campaign. to southern africa now and then maybe where coronavirus restrictions have clearly had one positive outcome
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a reduction in illegal rhino hunting but the lockdowns have also hurt anti poaching organizations who have been left without money to operate conservationists are now warning that poachers may start making up for lost time once the pandemic is over the top of the world. today you're switching the world ready for a snack these rhinos great conservation. and it all off. she's looked after rhinos on a property for 30 years protecting them from parts is. such a. valuable life which just pulled this piece of dust i mean it's just it's just it's just not. fewer than $6000.00 runners and now leaving to be be here and it all of us and her family are trying to save them. but with the
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tourism industry taking a hit during the coronavirus pandemic anti-poaching organizations are worried they will lack the funds to survive leaving the rhinos vulnerable to poach is. we withdrawing from certain farms because of the. financial impact and leave the runners. up for grabs i mean and we are seriously concerned about the fact that the poaching will become again. rondo's a hunted for their holdings they're made of keratin the same substance in human nails and have no healing properties but in some asian countries it's considered a symbol of wealth to holmes so for millions on the black market. he refused to join the coronavirus long but conservationists fear that once the pandemic possible is poachers who want to get back to business. now for
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a look at the developments in the current virus pandemic germany's health ministers considering lifting restrictions for fully vaccinated people that's according to a report in the newspaper bit a german study shows they're unlikely to spread the virus in his easter address pope francis called on countries to speed up vaccine distribution especially to poor countries and turkey has long to record high of nearly 45000 new cases in the 24 hour period infections have surge since ankara ease restrictions a month ago. german soccer now and in the bundesliga is big match on saturday title contenders leipsic welcome to byron munich side with out its top scorer leavened a win would have played live sick within a single point of biron but the champions showed why they're chasing for a 9 to leak title in a row. judgment day for the young pretenders like say coach you leonardo's man
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and his players knew that a win against a buy in sight depleted by injury and suspension would be a shot in the arm in the bundesliga title race while a loss could see their championship hopes slip away. but byron's strength in depth has helped them see off all comers since 2013 and leone got it scott did his best robot leave an impersonation to put by and one up after 30 minutes to pick up work from thomas miller in an emphatic finish like 6 fought hard to get back in the game but danny almost failed to hit the target from a great position on 52 minutes. marcel subject so chilled olmo with the goal was 9 minutes later but manuel neuer broke lights and hearts this time i. was left to rue those misses as by and held on to win one nil with the champions no 7 points clear with 7 games to go few would bet against the byron bandwagon from ruling on to another title. japan's famous cherry trees are
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in bloom all across the country and cherry blossom festival is also taking place in the town of tomioka near the fukushima nuclear plant the annual event resumed in 2017 after the easing of evacuation orders but it was cancelled last year because the pandemic. erupted dave and d.-w. news up next is world stories the week in reports american i haven't seen from you and the entire team thanks for watching. i'm scared that if i were the target and in the end this i mean you're not allowed to stay here and we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with this marvelous what alliances. what's your story ready ready.
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i mean when i was a women especially a victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor another guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. but. this week on world stories. in russia the kremlin takes aim at tick-tock and confronting racism in germany's catholic church but we begin in turkey where on current has set a goal of vaccinating 60 percent of its population against coronavirus by autumn
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which means reaching the more remote parts of the country. almost 2000 meters high up in the mountains la is the village of alton that in eastern turkey a few 100 residents one street. and this is the doctor in charge of the coronavirus vaccinations here in the village. they nip at it and her team come regularly many home visits require some serious climbing but they're almost used to it now. no coronavirus cases have been reported in the dead of 4 months that's why some residents are skeptical about the doctor's visit but they have added this convinced that her commitment is important. people in the villages live close together if there is an infection here it will spread very quickly and many don't like coming
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to the hospitals in nearby towns so we have to come to them. and all of them. are. getting his 2nd dose today when the doctors 1st came here a few weeks ago he almost kicked them out. i was afraid at 1st here in the village they said the doctors were coming to kill the old people or the elderly die from the vaccination i heard and because of that we were scared a lot. they never knows that there is a lot of false information floating around she and her team often tell patients that they themselves have been vaccinated as have their grandparents. that doesn't convince everyone but it did convince ali kazak. your knowledge of geography i hardly felt anything it didn't hurt at all less than
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a bee sting. of your. in. our adventure team have given the last vaccination for today the way back to their car is once again perilous. the doctors are responsible for 20 villages and as long as there are doses they won't run out of work any time soon. tick talk is one of the most popular social media platforms in russia but since users have taken to posting increasing numbers of political videos the kremlin has begun to take notice. time could be taking play these bloggers the unlikely new enemy for the kremlin. the social network is mostly about entertainment with videos of cranks and downs. but
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this month at a meeting with the police russian president vladimir putin made it clear he wants the authorities to be watching anyway. it was limited to the green unfortunately we all know what the internet is and how it is used to promote unacceptable content it's critical for you to unite with other government agencies in order to monitor the web and be more proactive in identifying people who are dragging minors into committing illegal actions but the fact that minors are being dragged into illegal on authorized street protests as well is of course of violation of the law. and your. take talk in particular has been on the authorities radar since the return of opposition politician aleksey not by me to russia his arrest in january caused a wave of opposition protests across the country and a sudden explosion of politics on tick talk. teenagers filmed themselves at
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schools replacing portraits of putin. with portraits of. another to talk trend with videos of teens getting ready to protest and telling their parents they might get arrested. russia's media watchdog responded by calling on to talk to block videos calling for unauthorized protests and last week threatened to block social networks completely if they don't comply with russian laws. but these moscow tip talkers want to keep dancing to their own tune without thinking about politics every week the bloggers meet at this so-called to talk house with their producer to consult about their accounts and collaborate with each other to stay on trend talkers like that i need of a film 2 to 3 videos a day the 17 year old thinks the videos about politics were just a short lived trend. there's too much politics on tech talk i went on there during
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the protests and there was none of the usual content in my feed. cygnus blog. also says he doesn't want to talk to become a political platform. talk is a social media platform for self-expression there's so much negative stuff around us already on state television and so on but being neutral may soon no longer be possible according to my potential he's one of the owners of the p.r. agency promoting these bloggers. most bloggers are not for puttin or against him they're just doing their thing but when they're told they're freaks when they're stigmatized these bloggers start feeling they're outsiders in this country and that's what makes them feel angry at the government. for now these 2 talkers are steering clear of politics but even they know that the
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kremlin will be watching closely if they ever get out of step. in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo and islamised militia known as the a.d.f. has been terrorizing local inhabitants un peacekeepers are charged with protecting them but is it working. it feels a bit odd to move in an armored vehicle like this while people outside seem to live a normal everyday life but the impression is deceptive this area is dangerous attacks happen almost on a daily basis the islamist militia a.t.f. has carried out repeated massacres killing more than 500 people in the 2nd half of 2020 with the u.n. troops we visit a clinic in my moya that has been targeted by a.t.f. in the past. as the director here has witnessed gruesome attacks.
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of the militias slaughters people and when you see the animosity they have to kill these people how they cut off their heads you find the brain scattered all over they head off feet that leaves you with fear and traumatized as your heart. in one incident the islamists tried to kidnap 4 of his nurses. they found them in the waiting room and took them hostage once people realized it was i.d.f. they were very afraid but then the militia said they won't kill them they said it is not a day to kill. because of the constant threat the clinic is only open for a few hours in the morning women and children struggle to get the medical care they need a partner with whom we cannot go and have a can of corn from they have to stay at home they cannot move curry cannot go to school was woman cannot come to the clinic or anywhere the villagers have experienced a lot but many are reluctant to speak to us the local population is in
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a tight corner some of their sons and daughters have joined a.t.f. and often provide them with food but in return the villagers have to cooperate and provide the militia group with information or risk getting killed. and sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are afraid because they can come today or tomorrow they have now become our everyday people. just when we were about to leave a man wants to speak to us out of fear he doesn't want to be named. as the government should help all of the international community should help our government to deal with this phenomenon that has made a lot of people suffer a.t.f. should be finished finished finished. his frustration as palpable and sums up what many people here told us off camera their feeling is they're being brutally massacred while the outside world needs to act.
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everybody is supposed to be welcome in the catholic church including refugees and migrants but sometimes members of a congregation may be exposed to racism even the clergy d.w. spoke with a priest from cologne. i do something i experienced again and again when i'm out and about in different church communities is that the 1st question is always where do you come from and i always say i'm from noise germany and then there was silence they got me to line a time as a catholic pastor in the archdiocese of cologne apparently many people in germany still find it a little strange when they encounter a minister who is not white to land a town is repeatedly asked about his origins or is and salted with racist slurs well from quite a little perk of leipsic. it was that the catholic convention in leipsic i was representing the archdiocese and i can still remember standing at the booth when 2
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women approached the booth i went to watch them in a friendly manner and put them wellcome. them and then one woman said which do gooder let you into the country without any emotion whatsoever rachel would see them and stop to listen. to learn the town is mostly concerned by 2 things and the catholic church in germany it's too white and too euro centric attention to feel them in the direction to be it starts with the fact that many teachers of german theology don't even take into account all the other theological points of view in the world it's only fashionable or to be taken seriously from a scientific angle when it comes from the german speaking world and that's where the difficulties begin when you think you're the only one who is capable of interpret ing the world over and. the lab is still very it's a boy. this is. the 38 year old is
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responsible for new trainees in his diocese he advises and supervisors theology students or those looking to serve in the church for whom he provides rooms in his apartment to learn at time even spoke to pope francis about his vision of a more cosmopolitan church that allows more space for global perspectives and less racism. which it would just. get done he encouraged me to consolidate and develop this idea further to bring more scope into my teaching and not be bound by the small european world order creation. supply. they got me to line a time hopes others like him may 1 day no longer be constantly reduced to the color of their skin.
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they shared one dream to start a new life for young migrants in sicily to taste if their life a living hell was worth the risk they took what i went through. it's not really wanting to you know give you 25 at all costs if i believe that you cannot survive on that coming yet to come here you are rolling in from the wall you are only fronting copper got a 77 percent think the next d.w. . they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural artifacts were brutally stolen from africa by colonialists and carted off to europe . is that lift wounds that have yet to feel
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what should be done with the stone or from africa. the stolen soul. in 45 minutes long d w. w's crime fighters are back to that never goes most successful radio drama series continues in the olympus odes are available online courses you can share and discuss on t.w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters to me now. it's always a pleasure to be with you welcome to another edition of the 77 percent this is the platform for africa's you i'm your host at the micro. so they show will focus on migration to leave your country. or not to leave that's the question let's check out what's coming up. we'll talk to my gran's on the tally
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on the island of sicily to see how life is treating them because it's a gun on entrepreneurs whose business revolves around making coffee. and we'll find out why a young lawyer lets his fable un job to make running shoes in kenya now let's start off with migration well many reasons why people migrate i for example came from god awful my studies and i'm still here in germany for work that's my story but we wanted to hear yours so we hit the streets of jihad as. well i mean i'm only 26 so far as long as i remember this is been my world all are all of you from what i make so i migrated yeah but is this really i was born into a tranny so in the age of 18 and move to what's on the in age of 18 i moved to south africa. and i definitely migrate just because i have no idea
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what sounds like what's outside of this will i was kindly thinking of going to the middle east and kind of shaking you by i don't know i don't know i think it'll be a good opportunity for me. to give it to america. i'm not going on my great again because. it's kind of that you need a lot of energy to. liberalize yourself in the said and country. the people. that a lot of what. i'm prepared to do that one in the fable and. i we've all heard leaving home it's not always easy and unfortunately some people be a high price for it now office reports takes us to the spanish canary islands gran canaria lies to. 150 kilometers off the african coast there are almost daily reports of people risking their lives to reach europe and many find themselves
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stuck on the island with. this small harbor in southern gran canaria is full of memories for amadou dion and his friend for 7 days they travelled in a wooden boat over 1300 kilometers from senegal across the atlantic spanish sea rescue boats picked them and 80 other passengers up and brought them to gran canaria. anything they wanted to show us their boat but one of the rescuers says it has already been scrapped on. we arrived on the 27th of october nothing has happened since i have no work i have nothing to do what i can do is eat and sleep. here we can do anything for our families and centers like sending them money for food. and i was
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a fisherman in senegal he worked hard and even had his own business but he earned very little from selling fish and he couldn't compete with the growing competition from international fishing fleets. and gran canaria i'm a dual lives in a tourist hotel a temporary shelter for him and thousands of other migrants kicking a football is all the migrants continue to pass their time. isn't like africa in africa everything without people in europe only want to seize documents it's just like that. but it's not only the migrants that are caught in a crisis young spaniards like javier domingo's and his colleagues have been jobless for months normally when they work as waiters in tourist restaurants but because of the cold with 1000. endemic holiday makers have stayed away for weeks the young men have organized protests and believe the numerous migrants make things worse. some
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accuse the protesters of racism tensions on the island are high. they have lot of a problem we want to be clear concerned about the mismanagement of the illegal immigrants and the in action of our governmental but we are not racists and we've lived here for years with people from different countries and cultures little by side with. the increasing tensions between migrants and islanders where. he came here 12 years ago from mali and now he sees spain as his home graham it works as a social worker and uses his free time to help newly arrived migrants including i'm a do. i always tell them it's not as easy as you think when you arrive us to stand nothing you need to learn the language you need to get
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a right to stay status it all takes years but when i say this to someone in africa they respond you also made it and you know different from ours. but it was. i'm a dude takes one suggestion very seriously he wants to learn spanish and uses his phone to practice spanish garza's have unfortunately been put on hold due to the pandemic but i'm a do has learned to be patient. one cannot expect friend a great job immediately you must take baby steps nothing ever happens when you move step by step. he and his friend still dream of reaching the european mainland and then traveling on to france or germany but their chances look slim as spain is clamping down on migration and sending more and more people back home. so what happens when the so-called dream doesn't materialize is it worth the
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risk taking such a dangerous journey for the unknown on the other side. so many questions on my mind but hopefully some of these questions come the onset as we move over to an island of sicily my colleague christine mon dieu on our team met with young africans their journey to you and i'm now trying to make a living. in. the 77 percent is in italy this country is home to many young people who left africa they crossed the scorching sun they braved the unpredictable minutes rainy and all in pursuit of a better life in europe today we're asking if the life they're living here was worth the risk they took to get a lot you're going to start out with you right now what does it take to make it in here to get here. didn't the docks a lot of therefore it takes
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a lot of long it takes a great bravery to make the. hard. duty military and but these are the 1st steps it depends on what one piece running from what one wants to see in him in europe right chris i'm going to come to you right now and we'll talk a little bit about coming here what you faced what you saw what you experienced. what i came to italy. not just. alone. like. us and most of them now in in the video scornfully in africa because it wasn't easy for them to decide to do also with luck you know you know like most people live through the sahara desert they 'd also did they went through this the material where they were not that lucky most people have gone through the sea and most most of them went down did they drown these drowned so i was really really really like lucky to be alive also you write in italy elijah i'm going to come back to you
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because i'm picking up that the bride what the reality is this different from from the dream. that we have to be you know if we see enough or is portrayed on. you know by do t.v. by the social media facebook whatever right mama off we go is suffering because. what are the sources that people are believing equal on your stories writing what they have brought us what we are speaking now so the piecing was speaking was that what brought us to look brave to decide it is such a committee today and see around us the cemetery where most of all here doesn't exist that's what did do here is to go on to get beach joy in front of 50 lotty and that's really just information right right and i want to come to you ishmael because you tell us what life is like do you drive a ferrari because that's what people think they mean prosperity if in their life in iraq is they see as their life the equality in the hail in hell says because
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in as i'm put in evelyn be on trade and you are not if you are not meant what are you going to do you go too far to the ground to log may be only. up to 5 even in india seats and i will give you 25 without food you cons of i have that you cannot survive on that in italy here i leave it there because i want to come back to you chris most of last like immigrants we have from home people call at our parents call from any color like can you send me these can you do the skin you did that did only they forgot about like you have these like. that you are in a new place you know ishmael so. you've made it very clear that you're not living the dream and you help me understand why that is the case. more so far so appealing
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still the appropriate to let us travel right because of what's seen how broad a school and take it into your. fierce came and said ok if you want to get a better. job it's intended to 5 debates place for you to entice you. and which is not true l.h.o. you are a lawyer and you specialize in migration it's really is has new laws that make it more difficult for people who come through the mediterranean to be able to stay here legally talk to us about that when you ask and for international protection until 2002 dozen 18 you were able to ask for 3 kinds of protections the 1st 2 kind of protection where the european once said the 3rd kind was an entirely in protection that was given to many people that were not persecuted from in their county and they were not coming from some countries where there is the war civil
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war right now is going to be more difficult because if they're not running away from a persecution or from a dental scoundrel we delegate you know humanitarian protection is not easy to get a protection ok chris you know the journey that you took to get here. crossing the water the desert everything living in the camps. look at your life today right do you reckon it was all worth with it what i have to say what i went through. is not really wanted you know to come to displace to risk your life for the 4th place it's not really worth if you look at body it's ok so you know it's not with israel i want to come back to you because for somebody in africa was thinking about doing what you did what would you say to them the amount of money you are going to spend from west africa to get to europe you can use that kind money to start from destruction and i bet you are the end of serious months you
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will see you all solved in the highest position so was it worth it for you coming here everything you went through for the life. living here today wasn't with it's not their life i'm living in today it's not the kind of life i need election when i come back to you now because in this discussion now what are your final thoughts i want to speak to our politicians and i call them. you know because they are not looking at the interest the needs the vulnerability that constrain people to my grid because to the gumbo to senegal to african political leaders it is convenient even if we die in the streets even if we die in the us we can send remittances so i'm telling africans who are there that i am guilty for being here if you come here you are only in from your walk you are running from changing africa so if i am speaking and if you can hear me today i am saying i should bark and then we should work on what is happening because the future is in africa real question is is the
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future in africa for african is we all slaves we are discriminated we are stigmatized why is africa enslaved do we on board really never be the filter is still there the question is who is this is it for african when we all run from the from from the from the teams that we should try to make up their so you've heard from them and now we want to hear from you this is the story off of shattered dreams they left africa in pursuit of a better life and they're telling us today they have not found it instead they're saying that the life they've long been dreaming for is back in africa on the motherland it's a gauge on social media this is the 77 percent in italy. and
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i say. pretty revealing. thank you christine on the street. now if you guys want to watch the full debate you can catch it on you tube channel africa and don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments section let's take a musical pause from. he's always sending strong messages across through music this is a brand new song could use a screw sleeve for a d w called combat corruption. so let's join the group will be asking for me to keep them going through such a long time many of the players we knew the truth to come other people yes me such . easy access to. the tap junk food such.
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as you know. we have to cut costs and be to fight corruption by raising the living standards of simple services are less than they manage $50.00 a month yet i can understand that no one will buy dental for serviceable but again it will be good fight corruption by check in these politicians we have my superiors we're here to watch and listen to me can fight corruption by changing the situation we face and informed the opposition impeach him he could make corruption if we come together but i need a good cause if it ever so we kick it up in many ways maybe because we've never been in the fish tank your beautiful bunny open cover costs just the sort of shit you will be up to the muslims in the us through such are certainly the players we knew you'd come and i can't recall if you look at me platinum.
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it was. easy enough. thanks guys for that great message now so far we've had people sharing their migration stories with us to remind out of the 1000000 reasons why people one place to the. but let's now running to our next story in kenya where we meet a young woman who's prepared kenya's fast running shoes to give up a high paying job in new york it's gone in a new challenge back home just about. i mean amy's not a layer of symbol but everybody goes we never asked. co-founder and chief executive officer of and i spoke to at. the end i was created with a mission to bring them benefits of running back to kenya. as
1:48 pm
actually me but made to be made that i was in the air force i got my 5 international developments from that on school of economics and the one thing that is really blew me away was just how people who thought about africa you know like every case study to africa if you're talking about dictatorships africa and it wasn't about tagore africa so coming out of that i felt i needed to change something make the days so much reduced to so much against so much beautiful things i frame africa that were not for it which i maybe selected in development i did and they said if i ever did something it would be something that definitely interesting development and at the same time use in sports. i have to make kenya other potential all the famous athletes gotten from kenya show you can do much more than just a few of us being there scythians of i want to praise is always to be used in rocketing how can the country benefit as
1:49 pm
a whole. and that's when i got the job with the united nations and then i moved to new york i was like so full of like joy an oath of destiny seeming leahy i am going to change it was like i mean deceased or when you see and make wear out make decisions i mean. that's the kind of just get in there and you stay there until you die and it would make a dangerous time and all. you have a dream like goofus to meet them get a golden handcuffs because it's just much more to life. there was an event in south africa i think obama went to that event but he just basically said if you want to change africa you have to come to the ground you can just do it from a distance at that point actually since lakers look into me so i basically left the united nations and decided to hand over everything and to just basically take a chance i'm full of my dreams. we had g.
1:50 pm
change of support that but equally there are litter of people who are laying guy you know making a mistake in kind of making taking this for granted some of the challenges of moving back and this made me use to you once you've seen efficiency it had to go back you know i mean had to go back and this is a new team new and that way can't you just do you think there are dismissing the a lot of concerns in terms of weight coming back then you know the from the fix that the economy's in the toilet there's like there's just a matter of that but i only see. if depending what you see which even the eye of the beholder where these drugs do on mondays you forever and i think if you know what you need a great story looks like i should grab my purse shoes break some records well as an entrepreneur now value a symbol he creates an image for herself well that brings us to another group of young entrepreneurs who are trying to carve out of their own business coffee is
1:51 pm
uganda is number one and then exports crop but on through recently the country's youth have been sidelined from the industry luckily some young people are now tapping into that industry helping you to wake up and smell the coffee. coffee is he has been told. the country at least a $1000000.00 every day through exports but until recently the industry sidelined young people mostly because they do not own land to grow the crops. have access to the eastern uganda. to secure their slice of the cake. i'm going to take you through the. experience you're most welcome. that's a before. coffee they do not sell the coffee rather they sell the experience of making it you get. from the tree to the. process.
1:52 pm
it all starts in the fields right cherries are picked and then sorted. we're now going to pile up this one you have they're both in my shoe which for most of this red clover. thanks separating the coffee beans from the red cherry allows easy drying especially for specialized coffees like espresso. but drying takes a couple of days. when the beans are ready to women both the coffee. according to the something you traditionally roasting is a female affair. then the beans are pounded into coffee powder. and finally a delicious cup of coffee is made. in his community everybody is proud of the product.
1:53 pm
coffee has a look because a lot employ more than plain to use and it's been a great advantage to come up with this idea they use a lot. of the standards of living through this process so it's a big advantage to the community. need not be young entrepreneur and uganda's capital kampala. gen cut about he is a consultant forester working with the youth. aims to keep copy processing jobs in uganda upscaling young people he said of exporting more needs because of the domestic with quality so it is beginning it's beginning to appreciate. by being very good standard by standardizing their process and. over the coffee but in addition where you have by young people involved in it is change we are now trying
1:54 pm
to see in because it's now a huge percentage kind of. tapping into the millions of jobs in the coffee industry might solve some of uganda's huge unemployment problems. should be all hands on deck in helping address youth unemployment on the continent . and that's how you wrap up the show so what are your thoughts on the stories we've covered so far let us know social media platforms or writers on e-mail to 77 i. will leave you now with a very special song it's why and i'd say again musician the curse. you saw him in our street debate he's calling for the respect of migrants and refugees you know any time on song title of. meaning not fish and that's accurate because we're human beings come to later if i find out you know.
1:55 pm
even that have you. been sucking. my know bob any cmon. lebanese shimon. but on account of the large yank event outage that i. bet a lot you leaving the scene along. the moon monye. really. must monye. them to.
1:56 pm
load. marijan no matter she thought that god. wanted it done not a protest of all their love. for.
1:57 pm
him. they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural artifacts were brutally stolen from africa by colonialists and carted off to europe . is that left that have yet to feel
1:58 pm
what should be done with the storm north from africa. stolen soul. in 15 minutes on t w. they want to know what makes a jet blue. and bad. i love the outdoors my daughter and everyone with lida holding everything just getting you ready to make a difference then join me right just do it under. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what is the latest research so. information and context. coronavirus up to. the special
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monday to friday w. watching of all the to clean all in the water the poorest of the poor in poor countries. doing education they are demanding good quality education for their children the cost what it wanted also to realize that if they have to have good quality for got some good quality consumers they need to look quality skilled workforce i'm very confident that in 2050 no child or no i go through them and illiterate that is the fundamental human rights that is the divine guard which the nature of the body has given to us and those ruled on a sledge in the way that i had to learn who was trudging over that i had the freedom against nature then i guess bog.
2:00 pm
this is do w. news live from berlin jordan's former crown prince says he's under house arrest prince hums like uses jordanian leaders of corruption and incompetence the military has warned him to stop damaging the country stability also on the show sri lanka steps up security on easter sunday 2 years after a wave of suicide bombings.


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