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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2021 3:00pm-3:04pm CEST

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context of the. story. on t.w. . this is beautifully unused live from berlin jordan's former crown prince says he's under house arrest prince homs accuses jordanian leaders of corruption and incompetence the military has warned him to stop damaging the country stability also on the show sri lanka stepped up security on easter sunday 2 hears after a wave of suicide bombings rocked the country so why has no one been brought to
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justice and lockdowns have reduced to rhino hunters in the media but they also for conservation groups will the poachers be back once the time time is over. i'm married to evanston welcome the former crown prince of jordan homes have been hussein says he's been placed under house arrest in a video message the king's half brother sharply criticized jordanian leaders but he denied being part of an alleged kook plot jordanian authorities have arrested several other high level officials for what they describe as security reasons. jordan's crime prince hands of bin hussein on his wedding day in 2004.
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an embrace from his half brother king abdullah. 6 months later the king would strip pam's out of his title of crime prince and give it to his own son instead. but hamza remains popular in jordan close to tribal leaders and seen as in touch with ordinary people he now says that's why he's being targeted. in a video sent to the b.b.c. hamza says he is under house arrest after being warned that he got too close to critics of the king he says he is not part of any conspiracy but he does openly condemn jordan's leaders this country has become corrupt from its ism and in this one. state t.v. earlier nights that hamza had been asked to stop activities targeting quote security and stability it said security agencies arrested multiple former top
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officials as report swirled of a plot to unseat the king the army denies that the former crime prince himself is under arrest but alarm bells are ringing for jordan's allies which see it as a key bastion of stability in a volatile region. recent protests against coronavirus restrictions found concerns that stability could be wavering after years of austerity. but king abdullah has the backing of regional leaders and powerful friends the u.s. and saudi arabia are among those who have expressed support jordan security forces say investigations into prince hamza are ongoing. well for more on this story let's bring in far from arabic service she's been following developments in jordan for us hello to you now jordanian authorities have been denying prince hamza's claims that he's been placed under house arrest.


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