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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:04pm CEST

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contrast of the cathedral. people 12 o t w. this is d w news live from berlin mass detentions at the highest levels in jordan the former crown prince claims he's being held under house arrest officials insist he's part of a malicious plot to destabilize the kingdom also on the show pope francis gives his traditional easter blessing and urges rich countries to make sure covert 1000
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vaccines are fairly distributed to the poor. and lockdowns cut down the numbers of rhino hunters in the libya but they're also hitting conservation groups will the poachers return once the pandemic is over. i married to evanston welcome to the program jordan says it's uncovered a malicious plot to destabilize the kingdom involving the former crown prince the government says homs have been hussein and others were undermining security self claims has been put under house arrest a number of other high level officials have been arrested denies being part of a conspiracy. woke up to confusion at the highest levels.
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hamza bin hussein jordan's ex crown prince and half brother to king abdullah was reportedly under house arrest. in a video statement hamza said he was being targeted for associating with critics of the royal family. conspiracy. it's my movement was restricted it's my ability to communicate has been stripped of its people have been arrested to try to distract from the fundamental. system. and incompetence of. state security forces deny hundreds that has been detained but told state television they are looking into potential threats against king abdullah though he no longer holds an
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official title the remains a popular figure. and see in my view it's not right for prince hamza to be linked to these people these are people who jordanian see as questionable who are really frowned upon and what. we don't want to see anything no matter how small happened in this country this country is now in a stable and secure and i ask god to have this country remain stable and secure. jordan is known as a reliable ally to the west and it borders israel syria saudi arabia and iraq the rights group freedom house ranks jordan as partly free it's one of the few arab states formally at peace with israel and it's an important ally to the united states the u.s. u.k. and several arab nations have all expressed their food supply.


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