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now has $28.00 days to break an unprecedented political stalemate and create a governing majority talks held by presenter ruben rivlin on monday is netanyahu received the most in toss wins from parliamentary factions. top european union officials have been meeting with president roger type ankara today to see how serious the president is about repairing relations with rolled out the blue carpet for his counterparts saying he wants to turn a new page in relations with the bloc european leaders have criticized his record on human rights and increasingly assertive policy of recent years officials from the red means he will lead to a new chapter in relations after a period of president attention. thousands of istanbul citizens protesting turkey's recent decision to leave the convention named after their cities a treaty aimed at fighting violence against women it's one of many points of
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dispute between turkey and a state the european union but since the end of last year relations seem to have improved turkey has toned down its rhetoric and shown renewed interest in reconnecting with the e.u. that's been welcomed in brussels is specially since a bloc relies on turkey to take in migrants its part in the e.u. turkey deal we will further engage with turkey on issues such as migration financing high level dialogues and modernizing the customs union if turkey does not move forward construction constructively if it returns to a unit that will actions or problem in particular in the eastern mediterranean of course we would suspend these corp measures relations reach a low point when turkey is data drilling in the mediterranean sea in areas that countries crease in cyprus consider their territory turkey has now put these
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activities on hold but other strains remain for example turkey and the use diversion policies on regional conflicts like libya and syria and you concerns over democratic standards in turkey even if the. hoping for a new chapter in their relations cooperation between the 2 will likely remain fragile. as. dorian jones in a stumble well dorgan a press conference is about to start one of the what is each side hoping to get out of this meeting. well this meeting is seen as pretty important the message coming from e.u. diplomats is that they seek to create a new framework to work with turkey which is seen as such an important country to the european union it's seen very much as. a reward for the fact that turkey has now opened up negotiations with greece to resolve territorial disputes which had
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threatened to even military confrontation and the fact that you have these 2 top e.u. officials coming to turkey at a time when most of these meetings are by virtual communications is seen as a very important statement and an important gesture to turkey and the message will be turkey continues to be corporative then turkey will receive awards. rewards one presumes that is the hope of membership negotiations for turkey to become a full member of the he began back in 2005 does he still want to joy. well turkish president egypt type one has in the recent months has reiterated takes commitment to join the e.u. but it has to be said both sides realize that to turkey's accession bid is all but dead certainly in the near and medium future and i think what this meeting that we've seen today is so important is quite a new framework going forward beyond turkey's accession bit where it's based on transaction and some turkey will prove to be cooperative with the e.u. and the e.u.
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will offer thing concessions turkey's looking for the modernization of a customs union agreement visa liberalization this is a message coming from brussels if you are co-operative especially issues like the migration agreement turkey is basically europe's gatekeeper for migrants and refugees and market seeking to enter europe if turkey continues to work with the e.u. then they will be growing cooperation on these levels of trade and these are liberalization and this is why this meeting is seen as so important is it possible to create a framework beyond the arctic he succession bit. commission president has actually begun to press conference will find out a little later what you have to say in the meantime. to the significance of the tensions between turkey and e.u. members greece and cyprus over these gas fields in the mediterranean. well that's right at the sea in the mediterranean are believed to have vast reserves of any cheek and that has been the catalyst for the resumption of of
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territorial disputes over the control of all of these seas between both greece and cyprus that has been the last clashes between warships pouncing off one another as they both try to enforce their claims of those seas and they really will see concern that these 2 nato members could ultimately have signed come kind of military clash that's why the e.u. now is rewarding turkey with these talks although these talks have sorted there is the concern that still nothing has been resolved as of yet and they the belief is certain concessions from the e.u. will the hope of them can be the facilitator for some kind of agreement but it's still a long way off during journeys in both are now thank you. i mean while diplomats from russia china the u.k. germany and france are meeting in the austrian capital vienna today for talks aimed at salvaging the 2015 iran nuclear deal a former u.s. president donald trump withdrew the united states from the agreement 2 years ago
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and reinstated sanctions current president joe biden says he wants to revive the deal but iran is refusing direct talks and calling for those sanctions to 1st if european nations are attempting to mediate between the 2 sides ahead of today's meeting u.s. and iranian officials laid out their items our overarching goal is to ensure that iran's nuclear program is permanently and verifiably constrained and that on a permanent and verifiable basis iran will not be able to obtain a nuclear weapon. who to call whether the joint commission's agenda produces a result or not depends on the europeans and reminding the us of its obligations and the americans acting on their commitments. well let's get more from g.w. brussels correspondent to teri schultz so welcome terry both sides say they want this agreement but won't speak directly to each other so what's happening in vienna
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now and how will that meeting to bring the 2 sides together. well phil actually the united states said it would be ready to meet face to face with iran but tirant says until the u.s. list the sanctions re-imposed by president donald trump it is not willing to hold face to face talks to so that's where things started today in vienna and the european union as the mediator of the original deal is going between the 2 parties meeting with iran and the u.s. separately so even even though this is still a long way toward bringing the u.s. back into the deal and bringing iran back into compliance with the deal everyone seems quite optimistic that they've even gotten this far this incremental step of having diplomats in the same city at the same time talking about the same thing is seen as progress and this is going to return to the terms of the original 2015 agreement all use that as a sort of starting place for a new deal. it remains to be seen both of those are possibilities iran
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is now well out of compliance with that 2015 deal after the us pulled out in 2018 and the us even under the biden ministration is not completely satisfied with the deal for the main reason that some of those. requirements of iran timeout some of them in as little as 5 more years so as you heard the state department spokesman say they want a permanent ban on iran's nuclear activities that could lead to a nuclear weapon so that remains to be settled in negotiations but the 1st step that the rest of the parties would want is that both of them return to the 2015 deal and then other things can be negotiated one of the things that we saw especially during the years was each side the united states i'm sure i'm demonizing the other so what is not having sort of reached out but it's going to be up to that
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play what is at stake domestically for for 10 and washington in these talks. well as you know phil the tone has changed a lot they are not saying the same things about each other and the by the administration isn't calling this the worst deal ever even if it thinks it's an imperfect deal but neither side wants their own publics to see them being soft on the other side and that's been very important the difference right now is that president biden won the white house on a pledge to rejoin the iran deal as unpopular as that is with some conservatives in the u.s. and iran is headed into a series of elections in june that could put the deal at risk so the iranian negotiators right now are telling their counterparts that the best thing for them to do would be to make the deal to come to these resolutions now with the current negotiating team and not leave it to chance that new elections would bring politicians who are less likely to revive the deal so there is some time pressure
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now based on iranian elections and that's why the clock is really ticking now in a way that it wasn't necessarily before the results in brussels thank you so much. we'll start with football and munch as the city manager pep guardiola says he thinks it's possible his club could mount a bit to sign dortmund superstar and in holland colors came a surprise i said previously said the club could not to beat you know massage comprised the timing was also interesting adios club play dortmund in the 1st leg of a champions league quarter final on tuesday. we already knew pitt guardiola wanted a champions league title as much as anyone but we didn't know it was that beyond victory against dortmund on tuesday night he also like so many others wants the german side's most prized position in whole and it's wayne seriously goal of the
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season. that they just called his amount of what is not easy to find in the past honestly so i think 20 years old with the numbers speak for himself and i think everybody knows it's a blank guy who will realise that with a striker. that's why some say the price it could be as high as 150000000 euros and maybe that's why pick guardiola was not just papering price on holland but trying to gently persuade the club's immorality ownership to spain's like they've never spent before so far the club have decided not to spend. not close 100000000 or more than 100000000 for blame even if it is going to happen when the club is necessary for improved the to the club the team for the next 510 years for many reasons how it's 2 months left to run on the current season and
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every of a pseudo will have to white but now it seems not so much if he believed 1st year dortmund but rather from way exactly brianna black. eye that's it you're up to date i'll have more world news at the top off our news a ship with mr chapman is next have a good. kick
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off. tom atmosphere. plenty means listless play stuff from the. looks of guns and the mentalist fights the senseless nonstop excitement of the final much to live
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lives. around the world more than 300000000 people are seeking. limits her place because no one should have to sleep play make up your own mind play w. played for minds. you're watching news asia coming up today what happens after years of drought across the continent we speak to an expert on the new candelo about that and how climate change makes droughts even harsher. plus crews in taiwan work to recover the final carriages from the tunnel where the country's worst train accident in decades occurred. and we'll meet a group of artisans in india turned the pages as they faced into profit.
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i'm melissa chan thank you for joining us we take a closer look today at drought across the continent it's been a spring of extreme weather in asia where people from india to taiwan has been forced to adapt to record temperatures and the lack of much needed rainfall not just for this season but the fact is certain regions have faced several years of this crisis and it's all coming to a head. these thirsty lions trying to beat the heat in india's clear forest where park officials have made hundreds of watering holes for wildlife as temperatures exceed 40 degrees it's just one of many scenes from what has been a dramatic spring for weather across the asian continent. to the east
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drought has forced the government to tap groundwater resources in order to keep crops irrigated like these watermelons in central thailand. it's awfully dry here the northeastern region is very drought prone trees were widely cut down for timber so there are almost none left to hold water we dug wells but the water dries up by march or april every year. using ground water may be a temporary solution but in the long term it can lower the water table and create sinkholes. the effects of drought in mongolia have been felt as far away as tokyo which was enveloped in yellow desert sand for the 1st time in a decade in beijing were living with dangerous air quality is a way of life resigned residents took the sandstorm in stride. just as when she defeated exercise on a day like today it would be bad for your health but actually perhaps because i'm
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used to it now it doesn't bother me that much. in taiwan reservoirs are dangerously low as the island faces its worst drought in 50 years the government has decided to ration water for more than a 1000000 households official say that the restrictions may become the new normal then by your eyes and by usual at that point though some people say this is a short term phenomenon if we look at the history and it's hard to deny that this has become a long term trend we just can't allow this to continue while climate change affects the whole planet experts warn that asia is particularly prone to an increase in extreme weather events such as drought flooding and heat waves and the decades to come. we have and you why it from the international union for conservation of nature with us he joins us from vietnam and you know we've just had a round up of the water shortages across the continent let's start with where you are in southeast asia there have been places that haven't seen much water in years
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tell us about that. yes certainly in the mekong delta in vietnam so in the south of here where i'm based. we just come through the worst drought in history in the mekong delta and this follows from the heels of the 20152016 el nino driven drought that was at that time the worst in history in the 100 year recorded history of the may come delta in terms of water levels sand and forced fresh water availability. and this is had considerable. negative consequences both on. human population says well as the agriculture which is the main focus off
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people's livelihoods here in the mekong delta and it's a major export. area as well exporting rice to send troops and lots of agriculture type products as well. one of the one of the consequences of this drought. is that the the lack of fresh water availability has forced. farmers and households to seek. fresh water sources and that meant that they'd have to. seek. out a source of fresh water from groundwater that's the water that lies below the surface and the reason for that is of course the with with droughts the list flows coming down the mekong river and we have greater intrusion of salinity into the rhythms. so you have 2 consecutive serious droughts and the farmers are
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drilling deep down to the aquifer us explain a bit more why the drilling of the aquifers is a problem. the major problem is that this then leads to a ground subsidy and. as soon as we draw more water on the road of compaq's fouda and we have. subsequent in an already very low elevation landscape. the recent research suggests that this. loss of elevation of the some students as it's called in scientific terms is up to 2 and a half centimeters per year. now that that may be a conservative figure because the research just along going. to that is
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multiples on top of the actual sea level rise which amounts to 5 millimeters per year so in fact they subsidise the 2 and a half a centimeter compounds on that 5 millimeters of sea level rise so this is really leading to an existential threat for river deltas like me come delta which will face major flooding issues. as i see the whole rise progress is substance progress is over time. now so i'd like to connect this to our global climate emergency so many experts talk about how that explains the more extreme weather events we're seeing and many say asia is particularly vulnerable why is that. yeah it's a bit because it's influenced by the el nino la nina cycles. and
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climate projections have already projected that we know cycles will get more frequent become more frequent and we see that for example in this very. close following of the 20192020 drought shortly after the 20152016 drought and they also make the you know driven events more intense and more extreme so we see this. very recent drought 2920 drought being even more extreme than the 201516 drought got it and you know why it thank you so much for joining us. it's been taiwan's deadliest rail disaster in decades with 50 people killed and
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some 200 injured when the high speed train usually a point of pride for many taiwanese to rails as it entered a tunnel and initial report on the investigation into the crash has just come out with people asking whether this could have been prevented and demanding accountability. after days of clearing rescuers in taiwan remove another piece of wreckage from friday's fateful crash. as the cleanup nears the final stages questions are being asked how this could have happened and who is responsible. investigators are trying to determine exactly how a runaway truck managed to slip on to the track the most likely explanation its driver failed to engage the brake he's been remanded in custody without bail but in gun. goes to serious accident to the time one railway during the 2 sweeping
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holidays this year. this caused people to be wounded and dead. i deeply regret this and i also express my most sincere apologies song so it. charity i will do all i can to cooperate with investigators and take on the responsibilities i have with. the terracotta express train was packed with people at the start of a long weekend holiday when it collided with a vehicle and derailed in a tunnel. both already say the driver of the train had just seconds to react he and 49 others died in the accident it's the island's was trying disaster in decades prosecutors are appealing to the public for any photos they may have taken to assist them in their inquiries. in mumbai the work of one group of what the country calls lower caste indians faces an end because of prime minister narendra modi's
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campaign against consumption that has caused a domino effect on the leather industry industry they work in so these workers have had to innovate and pivot to using a new material for their products yet they still face old and entrenched prejudices . another day at the office for sudhir raj bar here in india's largest slum the office is a tiny studio where artisans who once worked with leather are plying their trade now in recycled rubber leather workers in a mostly hindu nation that reveres cows have been called chum ours a rather serious slur based on the sense grit word for skin so what's the name of the studio producing high end rubber bags called. white chum our studio of course. and get out of there by turning shamar into a brand
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a luxury item people will see tomorrow as a brand not as something backward or beneath them. the product is high end but still mars the skilled craftsman are seen by many in india as unclean. bags when you buy a bag you only think in terms of its quality or its brand no one thinks about the craftsman who made it or wonders who is he or does he live. perhaps it's time for luxury shoppers to think about the people making these shoulder bags totes and clutches wrapped in pink and white boxes their costs to the high end consumer up to 39000 rupees or 500 dollars the payoff for the work or the trim are artisans in measurable. that's it for today we need you with pictures of drought across the asian continent thank you for watching we'll see you tomorrow and the by.
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the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update. on t.w. . the best. person the drama competition
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private marketing numbers out was here by that time intuition love hate money millionaire fans for arms fire spam and fuck only. because for me. to call on you to join us. problem in society we have at the moment everyone is afraid of making of what may happen if we don't do. dependent has changed life as we know it. but what comes next. will our fast paced lives pick up again.
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will we continue to innovate regardless of the cost. live lives profit driven. and globally connected. or has this pandemic sparked irreparable change. how will we live in the future after the pandemic. hello and welcome to the 1900. 11. out of the pandemic from what it means for cities 2 economies even nutrition today climate change as the world focuses on getting past the pandemic the urgency of climate change has taken a bit of a backseat but slowing global warming could actually be critical for preventing
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future disease scientists warn that a warming planet will provide fertile ground for viruses and other pathogens and introduce disease.


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