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selves as a founding member of the council of europe. let's get more from d.w. correspondent dorian jones in istanbul welcome dorian let's start with that press conference we just heard to us from the from the line speaking of what else did we hear. well it does appear that while there's a striping is cautious optimism there was a large part of the press conference was devoted to human rights concerns to importance of the rule of law stressing that these are important principles for the european union but beyond that we also heard about how they mapped out key demands of turkey been looking for an indication the e.u. does appear to be ready to accommodate some of them talked about that they both sides agree to work towards a modernizing of a customs union agreement between turkey new european union this is something turkey's been looking for for many years and in fact in the past has been held up because of human rights concerns it seems now that they are ready to enter into
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into dialogue they also talked about to the importance of person to person the stressing of the importance of this harassment project the student exchange but also turkey will be seen that is a positive sign to its much bigger. visa liberalization for all of its citizens another important concession. on the line did underlined these human rights concerns could possible hamper the progress of these concessions but she doesn't say they will stop them so that will also be seen as something important from and also she talked at length about the importance of this migration deal between turkey and the european union this it makes turkey the gate keeper for migrants and refugees into europe europe is your opinion a very keen that i continue and also on the important parts of that the accepting back of migrants that have had their asylum requests in greece have been rejected and turkey takes those people back that's something that is also seen as very important and they say they will be looking to turkey to go forward and to meet
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those commitments so at the moment it seems that both sides are seeing this as a cautious optimistic situation a positive environment. to. talk about a customs union agreement and visa liberalization. bring the 2 sides closer together it is what 15 years ago 16 years ago the negotiations for you to become a full member of the e.u. began was given a bad idea. well officially president one only retreated turkey's commitment a few weeks ago to joining the european union but i think it's extremely significant that the worst turkey joining the european union was not mentioned once in the press conference by eva sharp michele. it is i think a common excepted a fact on both sides that turkey's accession bit is all but dead at least for the short if not long term future now we're looking there both sides are looking for
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a way forward beyond turkey's accession bit of a more pragmatic transactional relationship and this meeting this meeting is seen as a crucial step in that process a long way to go yet key issues like resolving the ongoing tensions with greece over the territorial disputes that scene is something that's very important talks are going on with talking greece that is seen as think as key from the european perspective but both sides have are aware that there are many obstacles ahead doria journeys in istanbul thank you now to india west state leaders are calling for a wide vaccination rollout as the country faces a record searching coronavirus cases nearly 97000 new infections were reported on tuesday close to monday's 100000 plus record a senior health official has warned that the fight against kobe 19 of the next 4 weeks will be very very critical hospitals across india are seeing an influx of patients with 1000 and they're turning out in record numbers the rising he says is
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leading medical experts to warn that this wave could be stronger than the 1st with new variants reported from south africa brazil and the u.k. . but. it is not. majority of cases are in the state of mind russia home to india's financial capital mumbai nearly 60 percent of all of india's new cases were found here in just over the last 2 weeks curfew is now in place with tightened lockdown restrictions and it's being welcomed by some. on the phone lockdown has imposed that hadley's people will stay home safe and the corona virus will be under control. the government has issued almost 80000000 vaccines it hopes to inoculate 300000000 people by the end
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of july and last week it opened its vaccine drive to those over 45 years old. but the coronavirus hasn't stopped politicians running for regional elections not gatherings continue in several states doctors say not enough is being done to contain that risk and warns that cases may bellew in in the coming weeks if i were hoovered in that group. with the one for this right so i think the whole country needs to understand and start practicing it from today don't go out of the house and if necessary wired. people collecting in closed rooms maintain social distancing and never never step out of your house without a mosque many him may have thought the pandemic was behind them but now india may have to prepare for another deadly few months. as take
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a closer look at the situation in india with dr jyoti joshie who is south asia head of the center for disease dynamics economics and policy she joins us from delhi welcome to the w. why is this latest surge in covered in factions in india so worried. i think it could you by having me when this comes after that leadership and. since last week prompted many people to believe that he had been good to go to nevada and lead to complacency in behavior so this behavior for being together with a change in the season leading and having lots of social and going to the students mad it's easy to. do what interaction and does this have been bush talking since right. here in europe there's been much has been made of the emergence of these new strains of coronavirus how much is
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a problem in do when to go to know why this is or why this will continue because that's how it survives and we have to understand and be chilled people a little bit of if you do if you don't make so willing to something that is being stressed by the government now contract the situation but so far nobody instead of being founding media are the ones that have been found all over the world that you keep dominated and the south africa one next day i don't believe it is coming in but it is not being significantly changing it to show that there could be a change in the kind of key thing that one candidate if you will get so that will continue but i think it's the bully pulpit behavior which is pretty good to control this so much as the knowledge so let's talk more than about this this this covert appropriate behavior you talk about the the wedding phase and i'm being a cause of a greater social mixing but when you look at the figures india is in the top 4
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countries for covert deaths and infection so. are people not seeing people around them dying this is about complacency or perhaps they're just not actually able to maintain the social distancing and hygiene measures. well 1st of all it is about this is because. the beat has stated over the past one hour you're literally one year in a few months rather than people and the contract treating and misty you know was not adequate and that you being the steve that i've been specially the state of nashville for example i don't want you doing a good job of it so the law number is pulls you team that will buy this is gone and is there any reason where it is when you start in the meeting and forget meeting that must come out for social gatherings this surge comes up and drives you so you
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can revise it is it is your view. if you were active and in. amongst the tools and the vote but health authorities needs to deploy not only vaccines but more and better contact tracing is the right. mix of bought that tracing will help you know . the pieces that are rising and asking the group date and giving it a fetus and see if you are. and how is the health system cope with this record certain cases at the moment. well it isn't what is in situation just going to be happy if i'm going to go god that is just by dying and you know creed and the battle that was required to face the still and this dying down you must remember that norm goal weight has really didn't do a good treatment as it was started being occupied by dad so the system was limping back to you know kind of a regular situation and it is the service and no i'm going to be treatments that
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have to be again increased down the whole bit patients and that's again ways of consistent with is that this it is the equal more bad public private partnership the government is giving up all of those nice shifts to the city. down and meet on issues that are also being discussed and that's very clear dr thank you so much for joining us dr joshi joshi from the center for disease dynamics economics and policy thank you i've had a vaccine strategy of a european medicines agency has said that there is a link between the astra zeneca covert 19 vaccine and blood clots germany suspended routinely use of the drug in people under 60 after 9 people died from or have blood clotting after receiving it the a.m.a. has consistently said that the jobs benefits outweigh its risks it's expected to release a new assessment on wednesday or thursday. it was people around the world
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ask how their governments could have been better prepared for this pandemic a killer i might provide some answers to the latin american country established ties with the chinese by a pharmaceutical company signed in fact long before the covered 19 pandemic began and the chileans are still facing coronavirus restrictions countries and bureaucratic vaccination campaign has got off to an encouraging start. father christian castellan is leading the lord's prayer in the side aisle of his church san fernando rey the rest of the building has been reserved for a more urgent matter under the eyes of st francis chileans are being backs unaided against the coronavirus an injection in the house of god. that we have agreed to serve as a vaccination center after all we are currently in a state of war so we also have to help our country and the people of.
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chile as health department is making use of churches across the country to roll out the vaccine the small nation is one of the fastest in the world and getting it done but it's not just the churches stadiums and parks are also part of chile's vaccination campaign there are solutions that aren't hindered by bureaucracy and that's one reason why chile is vaccination program is such a success another reason is this man alexis. the university biochemist made the crucial contact with china so that chile could get hold of millions of vaccine doses early on. our scientific contacts were instrumental in getting a contract in place early on that committed sign of act to supply chile in a timely and prioritized manner for the product. as well as the contract it was also important that chile's researchers could demonstrate the vaccines efficacy. alexa's calera says involvement has helped to build confidence
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here in the chinese vaccine while germany still had reservations about it the university is rector explains before the study only 50 percent of chileans trusted the active ingredient from china now things are different because we were able to credibly show that it works today more than 80 percent trust the vaccine. but despite the vaccine success the infection rate in chile is rising sharply so a strict lockdown has been imposed again anyone out on the streets needs a permit. but why are infection rates rising despite progress in the vaccination campaign apparently many chileans became careless. we're coming out of the chilly in summer and people wanted to relax. they didn't always protect
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themselves the beaches were full many people went back to having parties even though they were forbidden. so for now people in chile will just have to be patient before they get their freedom back. but take a look at small stores making headlines around the world starting in north korea which has become the 1st country to drop out of this year's tokyo olympics authorities say they made the decision to protect athletes from coverage 19 south korea has expressed regrets of the decision saying it had hoped the came from provide an opportunity to improve relations. israel's president has asked prime minister benjamin netanyahu to try and form a new coalition government following the 4th inconclusive general election mr netanyahu now has $28.00 days to break the unprecedented political stalemate and put together a governing majority he received the most indorsements from parliamentary faxes
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during talks hosted by presenter riven rivlin on monday. diplomats of meeting in austria's capital vienna for talks aimed at salvaging the iran nuclear deal the us wants to be 5 the cold which the trumpet ministration withdrew from in 2018 iran is refusing direct talks with the us calling for sanctions to be lifted 1st european countries to seek to mediate between the 2 sides ahead of today's meeting us into arabian officials laid out there and our overarching goal is to ensure that iran's nuclear program is permanently and verifiably constrained and that on a permanent and verifiable basis iran will not be able to obtain a nuclear weapon. who to call whether the joint commissions agenda produces a result or not depends on the europeans and reminding the us of its obligations and the americans acting on their commitments. it was good move from brussels
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correspondent to teri schultz welcome back terry there have been some developments from vienna breaks up today. that's right phil of the man who is heading up the e.u.'s job of mediating between the parties in reconned morris has has tweeted that he had a constructive meeting with what's called the joint commission that's the east 3 britain france and germany china russia and iran he said it was a constructive meeting and he confirms that there is what he calls unity and ambition for a joint diplomatic process and that is for these 2 expert groups that are now working on on separate lists one for what the united states would have to do to rejoin the iran nuclear deal and one for what iran would have to do to come back into compliance with that deal and morris says that he is now going to intensify contacts there in vienna so that's our signal that these talks aren't ending tonight ron so this sounds like good news where with put on context for us where
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does this leave these negotiations. it's certainly good news when you look back at where the nonexistent talks were and relations and tone between the 2 sides under the trump administration with trump calling this the worst deal ever and and the iranians of course besting the trump administration so where the talks are now is that the americans will remain in vienna and the other parties the parties that remain in the nuclear deal including iran will also stay there now with the goal of the mediator of the e.u. would be to bring the 2 sides together the iranians and the americans to the same table and try to to marry up these $22.00 lists and get the sequencing working so that both would happen in tandem and then everybody would be in compliance we're a long way from that but as long as the talks are going on it certainly isn't a blow up which was certainly one of the possibilities so people are sounding quite optimistic that the referee between iran and the united states is dialed down
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significantly since there's been a new president just explain to us what's at stake domestically for the 2 sides. well certainly joe biden took a risk in campaigning on rejoining the nuclear deal there's a lot of opposition to it not just among the conservatives but even among those who would want to rein in nuclear activities from iran they weren't sure this was the best way to do it and that's because in the deal there are some restrictions on iran that expire within just a few years so a lot of people thought it wasn't tight enough that iran wasn't bound permanently to stop its nuclear activities now in iran there's the same kind of pressure from conservatives and also just from the average iranian who didn't see the deal deliver economically the promises that the europeans made that you know that with sanctions lifted their lives would get better the u.s. reimpose those sanctions and the economic situation for iranians is still very
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difficult so there's a lot of pressure to dump the deal as well as pressure to get it back on track thank you so much for. russia is a vast your newspaper is reporting that jazz musician politician alexina valmy has been moved to a sick ward a kremlin critic was jailed in february and has been on hunger strikes and so wednesday to protest about the lack of medical care the parliamentary elections less than 6 months away with or has a crackdown on crime the critics but they could be facing new threats including from within the traditionally loyal communist party w.'s emily show in travel to the southwestern city of tal of where she met a local politician who's determined not to be silenced. in the footsteps of lang. sees himself as a politician of the people just like his communist forefathers but he has a huge social media presence. because you tube channel has over
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a 1000000 subscribers fight for your rights is the motto here. his social media accounts show him fighting against corruption and for more equality including as a representative in the regional parliament and bondarenko doesn't shy away from criticizing the kremlin and the ruling united russia party. it's your actions the actions of the russian government of your president of your united russia party you gave our national riches away to oligarchs. and now is facing what he says is a political campaign against 10 local politicians have accused him of corruption for monetizing his social media accounts he could face a criminal case that could prevent him from running in the upcoming dumas elections . the government is afraid of people uniting uniting around a concrete political program which provides an alternative to the course they have
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taken. throughout my whole career during the many hours of live streams online or in my videos i never asked people to follow nicholai blundering co. i'm just asking people to be political if you don't like what i say follow your own line the main thing is to not give up. in russia there are traces of the soviet past everywhere including in south of the communist party is still popular here and across the country even though critics say the party ultimately follows the kremlin line but even russia's so-called systemic opposition parties have recently become an outlet for people's anger at the government where. last year the arrest of a popular governor from the right wing liberal democratic party led to weeks of protests in russia's far eastern city of god. every monday he
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has his office hours the 35 year old spends most of the day with constituents people stand in line for support with issues from benefit applications to problems with corruption. i've placed my hopes and. i heard how he talks to people and i've heard his speeches. in russia they don't like people who tell the truth it's always been that way so if he's trying to get the truth out to people naturally he becomes undesirable to the government at the you can see how he acts at all as parliamentary session c.i.'s uncomfortable questions the authorities don't like that but. experts agree that the kremlin might try to keep people like john that anchor out of federal politics. ahead of the duma lections the kremlin makes clear arrangements with the main opposition parties about which candidates can run and what results they should get they don't want to let anyone in who will rock the boat. but despite attempts to intimidate him it isn't ready to give up.
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people today are hungry for justice and for truth they don't trust the authorities on the whole. i went into politics to prove to citizens that lawmakers can work honestly. that anchor is already preparing his campaign for the duma elections and he hopes he will be allowed a fair fight. i could line of sports on the organizers of the tokyo olympics are continuing to deal with covered 900 disruptions which have not seen some pool based qualifying events cancelled international swimming federation house or council the limper qualifiers for diving on doctors to disciplines that wish that will take place in tokyo next week on the meets with council because the rules may not technical officials unable to enter the country 15400 athletes a juicer and to japan for their free shuttle games which are due to begin on the 23rd of july. as a reminder of our top story this hour for u.s. officials of health talks with the turkish president. on the line of strong show
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said thanks french that themselves turkey's commitments to human rights migration and refugee policy also on the edge of. the world news for you at the top of the hour program kick off is next with highlights from much say $27.00 of the day. the full.
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going. to. kick off. those tomahawk missile means listless clay soft from the. looks of guns fundamentalist fighting assessable. nonstop excitement in the final match to.
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see god. should go. first on d w. o. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss and trying to just through the topics covered and so we could read your part. if you would like and more information on the coronavirus or any other science topics you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com look for it slash science. a little guys this is the sub into some of the sounds the platform for hottest new to these issues and share ideas. you know does this tell me i'm not afraid to talk on
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a delicate topic among people you have the solution good few jobs norms. 77 percent every weekend on d w l. it was crunch time in the bundesliga as match day 27 featured some season defining fixtures with the campaign nearing the finish line.


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