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well it does appear that there's a striping is cautious optimism there was a large part of the press conference was devoted to human rights concerns to bolton to the rule of law stressing that these are important principles for the european union but beyond that we also heard about how they mapped out key demands that turkey been looking for an indication the e.u. does appear to be ready to accommodate some of them talked about that they both sides agree to work towards a modernizing of a customs union agreement between turkey and european union this is something turkey's been looking for for many years and in fact in the past has been held up because of human rights concerns he seems now that they are ready to enter into into dialogue they also talked about to the importance of person to person the stressing of the importance of this arrest was part student exchange but also turkey will be seen that is a positive sign to its much bigger. liberalization for all of its citizens another
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important concession. on the line did underlined these human rights concerns could possible hamper the progress of these concessions but she doesn't say they will stop them so that will also be seen as something important from her and also she talked at length about the importance of this migration deal between turkey and the european union this it makes turkey the gate keeper for migrants and refugees into europe european union very keen that that continues and also on the important parts of that the except in back of migrants that have had their asylum requests in greece have been rejected and turkey takes those people back that's something that is also seen very important and they say they will be looking to turkey to go forward and to meet those commitments so at the moment it seems that both sides are seeing this as a cautious optimistic situation a positive environment. to. talk about. agreement and visa liberalization. bring the 2 sides closer together it is what
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15 years ago 16 years ago the negotiations for turkey to become a full member of the e.u. began as to give a bad idea. well officially president heard one only reiterated turkey's commitment a few weeks ago to joining the european union but i think it's extremely significant that the worst turkey joining the european union was not mentioned once in the press conference by eva sharp michele. it is i think a commonly accepted fact on both sides that turkey's accession bid is all but dead at least for the short if not long term future now we're looking there both sides are looking for a way forward beyond turkey's accession be a more pragmatic transactional relationship and this meeting this meeting is seen as a crucial step in that process a long way to go yet he issues like resolving the ongoing tensions with greece over the territorial disputes that scene is something that's very important talks are
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going on with turkey and greece that is seen as a key from the european union's back to both sides of our where there are many obstacles ahead. thank you. ok more stories making headlines around the world now emergency response teams are trying to prevent a dutch cargo ship which is drifting in the north sea from sinking of course an oil spill off norway's coast this footage shows a crew being rescued by helicopter and taken to safety. and there are protesters in the city of daraa how the candlelight vigil to remember those killed since the start of the military as dawn broke they marched through the town for service a security forces have killed at least 570 people since february. the united arab emirates airline betty had airways has begun direct passenger flights to tel aviv in israel for the 1st time since the 2 countries established diplomatic ties last year the 1st aircraft landed in tel aviv both ambassadors on board the
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way he says it's looking forward to deepening relations as both countries emerge from the pandemic. now to india west state leaders are calling for a wider vaccination rollout as the country faces a record surge in coronavirus cases nearly 97000 new infections reported on tuesday as close to monday's record a senior health official has won the fight against coverage 19 over the next to 4 weeks will be very very critical hospitals across india are seeing an influx of patients with covert 1000 and they're turning up in record numbers the rising cases is leading medical experts to warn that this wave could be stronger than the 1st with new variants reported from south africa brazil and the u.k. the enough of a. positive for this and that but no. it is not the single person in the family. majority of cases are
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in the state of missouri russia home to india's financial capital mumbai nearly 60 percent of all of india's new cases were found here in just over the last 2 weeks curfew is now in place with tightened lockdown restrictions and it's being welcomed by some. lock down is imposed that hadley's people will stay home safe and the coronavirus will be under control. the government has issued almost 80000000 vaccines it hopes to inoculate 300000000 people by the end of july and last week it opened its vaccine drive to those over 45 years old. but the coronavirus hasn't stopped politicians running for regional elections knowledge gatherings continue in several states doctors say not enough is being done to contain that risk and warns that cases may believe and in the coming weeks it's our
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hoovered in that group behavior which is the one for this right so i think the whole country needs to understand and start practicing it from today don't go out of the house and if necessary avoid close. people collecting in closed rooms maintain social distancing and never never step out of your house without a mosque many him may have thought the pandemic was the hind but now india may have to prepare for another deadly few months. where you had a vaccine strategy of the european med sensations here so that there is a link between the astra zeneca covered 19 vaccine and blood clots last week germany suspended the vaccine to routine use in people under 60 after 9 people died from a rare blood clotting after receiving it fair mary has consistently said that the
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japs benefits outweigh its risks it's expected to release a new assessment of the drug of wednesday or thursday. so here's some more of those these developments in the pandemic starting in new zealand which has announced it will open a travel bubble with australia from april 19th allowing quarantine free travel between the neighboring countries so the post says that from next month it will accept visitors who use a mobile travel pass containing digital certificates covered 19 tests and vaccines it's one of the 1st countries to adopt such an initiative and new data from israel suggests fascinating people are unlikely to pass the virus on to people who have not been vaccinated the study indicates that as the number of vaccinated i don't see increases infection rates amongst unvaccinated people in the same community decreases especially amongst children. and diplomats have been meeting in austria's capital vienna for talks aimed at salvaging the iran nuclear deal the u.s.
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wants to revive the agreement which the trumpet ministration withdrew from in 2018 iran is refusing direct talks with the u.s. for the sanctions to be lifted for european countries are seeking to mediate u.s. officials laid out their aims ahead of today's meeting our overarching goal is to ensure that iran's nuclear program is permanently and verifiably constrained and that on a permanent and verifiable basis iran will not be able to obtain a nuclear weapon. does who to call it whether the joint commissions agenda produces a result or not depends on the europeans and reminding the us of its obligations and the americans acting on their commitments it was good move from d.w. brussels correspondent to teri schultz welcome back terry there have been some developments from vienna brace up to date. that's right phil of the man who is
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heading up the e.u.'s job of mediating between the parties in reconned morris has has tweeted that he had a constructive meeting with what's called the joint commission that's the east 3 britain france and germany china russia and iran he said it was a constructive meeting and he confirms that there is what he calls unity and ambition for a joint diplomatic process and that is for these 2 expert groups that are now working on on separate lists one for what the united states would have to do to rejoin the iran nuclear deal and one for what iran would have to do to come back into compliance with the deal and morris says that he is now going to intensify contacts there in vienna so that's our signal that these talks aren't ending tonight right so this sounds like good news where would put on calm type stuff for us where does this leave these negotiations. it's certainly good news when you look back at where the nonexistent talks were and relations and tone between the 2 sides
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under the trump administration with trump calling this the worst deal ever and and the iranians of course besting the trump administration so where the talks are now is that the americans will remain in vienna and the other parties the parties that remain in the nuclear deal including iran will also stay there now with the goal of the mediator of the e.u. would be to bring the 2 sides together the iranians and the americans to the same table and try to to marry up these 2 lists and get the sequencing working so that both would happen in tandem and then everybody would be in compliance we're a long way from that but as long as the talks are going on it certainly isn't a blow up which was certainly one of the possibilities so people are sounding quite optimistic that the russian between iran and the united states is dialed down significantly since there's been a new president just explaining to us what's at stake domestically for the 2 sides . well certainly joe biden took
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a risk in campaigning on rejoining the nuclear deal there's a lot of opposition to it not just among the conservatives but even among those who would want to rein in nuclear activities for iran they weren't sure this was the best way to do it and that's because in the deal there are some restrictions on iran that expire within just a few years so a lot of people thought it wasn't tight enough that iran wasn't found permanently to stop its nuclear activities now in iran there's the same kind of pressure from conservatives and also just from the average iranian who didn't see the deal deliver economically the promises that the europeans made that you know that with sanctions lifted their lives would get better the u.s. reimpose those sanctions and the economic situation for iranians is still very difficult so there's a lot of pressure to dump the deal as well as pressure to get it back on track thank you so much for. all right that's it you're up to date i'll have more world
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news at the top of the hour on one of the more demick museums dado views are covered 19 special which is next i'm going to. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update coming 19 specials. on d w. i mentioned how many foolish old loves are thrown out in the water right now climate change to fend off a story. this is much less the way from just one week. how
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much wealth can really get. we still have time to an ongoing. success. that subscribed in the news like this. the problem in society we have at the moment is every one of the great of making a mistake what may happen if we don't do. the pandemic has changed life as we know it. but what comes next. will our fast paced lives pick up again. who we can. new to innovate regardless of the cost.
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of live lives profit driven. and globally connected. or has this pandemic sparked irreparable change. how we live in the future after the pandemic. hello and welcome to covert 1900. 11 all this week we're taking a look ahead at life after the pandemic from what it means for cities 2 economies even nutrition today climate change as the world focuses on getting past the pandemic the urgency of climate change has taken a bit of a backseat but slowing global warming could actually be critical for preventing future disease scientists warn that it warming planet will provide fertile ground for viruses and other pathogens and introduce disease carriers to new habitats. a
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german climate activist and author david nellis has been mapping out some of those dangers he spoke with us earlier take a listen you know one example is the type mosquito which spreads to the anger a fever that you could come you're going to possibly live just south asian regions because of climate change it's warmer you have sort of you know came to europe and therefore there is reason to be affected tropical diseases if you're organized. german climate activists and author david nellis there and for more on this let's talk with out of najah he's dean of the party school of global affairs at boston university professor now jumping you so much for joining us this connection between changes and wildlife habitat and disease has the benjamin helped make this clear to normal people and perhaps added some urgency to climate change. i hope it will i'm not sure it has certainly had the beginning of the pandemic until it was
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a bit of fear mongering about how it had come here but all concerned about it about you know how did it get here and because you know places that it had transmitted from sort of those zoological system or into the human system there was this concern that maybe we will again sort of start looking at meijer is the any good i hope what will happen and is happening not as much as i would like but i hope the right message is that we have to live in coexistence with nature that nature has a huge think that nature it is what not issues us and if we restrict the space of nature to fritter strip the space on biodiversity then nature will hit back in the reason for example that your guest was talking about we're doing it all in the view that we have seen it could all of us that in some ways the big lesson is that there is no human held without a colossal help that it to come together and say what the management of climate change managing the pen demick has required an incredible lot of collective action
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and sacrifice which climate change will also require based on what you've seen so far from the ben demick should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the fight against climate change. at this point and i did but i do do hope that we should be very to flick to have about what has happened we should try to think part of it work or just happened we're going to learn about ourselves about our own behavior and we should have a considered in some ways this pandemic give you an early warning if you will of what it truly all of them either because you've heard it before what are truly global crisis looks like you know we've talked about climate as as as a as a crisis possibly in the future and having this in your fiercest meek's you 10 can should make you think there are good lessons and there are some disturbing this is the disturbing lesson is that this was not a very global movement our immediate reaction especially in the beginning was closing up was getting tribal was building was was trying to blame the other
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was trying to put more workings are ok i have too many many problems myself i can share my ventilators i can't really give you my mosque if you go back to march of last year the good lesson if you want is the lesson of vaccine development for example the lesson of science coming in to help the lesson of listening to knowledge and intervene and the choice that we will make really to do in the future in somebody is the sad part is and this is what is big much like climate change some to act surprised there's been demick happen but there was no surprise in the pandemic we knew about endemic he talked about but never actually prepared or he said we prepared for print comics and yet we didn't seem we have ignored it so often that vivid found dorky unprepared that is exactly the story with climate change at the same time i wouldn't help and no one has the right to feel surprised
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when we look at climate change versus the pandemic the pandemic has very specific in that as we all get to a certain number of vaccines we reach her immunity with climate change there's no solid there there perhaps does that make it more difficult for someone to imagine tackling climate change versus the pen demick. it might it might make it more difficult it also makes it more urgent you're exactly climate change does not have a vaccine whether it is pfizer or no our astronauts go wherever they're going to come up with a vaccine or build that you're going to walk in and climate change will be solved yes that harvey is that what's going to duck dish and we will have to adapt and adapt issue will not be comfortable and our nation will not be be be cheap as india have you learned that in the end have ended but never you know what is it that issue means something bad happens and you adapt to it you learn to live it so you build your buildings higher if seeds healable it's right that. i be a distributor because of discord i'm adapting where that is exactly pink about what
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we did with the pandemic we had that are we learnt how to build a mosque we don't how to lock ourselves up we learned how to not need to mess we learnt how to not hug people we love how much that is what are not dictionaries and the list is a definition is not comfortable how much harder will that shift be will those adaptations be especially as we're going from the end of the pen demick to climate change i get the feeling that not many people are in the mood to talk about personal sacrifice right now but they'd rather be rewarded for a period in which they feel like they've already sacrificed a lot so maybe taking more trips things like that. yeah i think i think you have night i get into the i don't want to begrudge them sort of going out and sort of you know after having me locked up for a year but on the other hand this is why this should be a moment different flexion this should be a moment of learning because you've also got so many things right we have learned good lessons we have learned the lesson that if you spend a dollar in advance to overt
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a crisis you will save millions of dollars when if the crisis hits so i think those are the lessons that come not in terms of climate in bend any can predict here in the beginning there was a little sort of target ok we were driving as much and we want to be using energy as much and because auction will go down i'm sure not sure that has exactly happened maybe it's happened in a few cases to the extent it does happen you know timely strategy should not be locking people up in their hopes. and on the other hand we found there you know we have a consumptive species we find new ways to consume wheat be other people who go and travel on our behalf and emit carbon on our behalf and develop and drop food to at our doorsteps but really r e v p r e smart species we should learn from this i hope the biggest lesson we learn it's not that we will all become sort of self-sacrifice that's that i don't mean that some are over the question is not some sacrifice this question is smart behavior we
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do not get pleasure out of american car vs pleasure out of quality of life and i hope for the better known it also teaches us is that what you know of life means more than just getting into your car and getting stuck in traffic or i will have to leave it there for now professor. with asa university thank you so much for joining us. and let's check in now with our science correspondent eric williams for another question related to climate change. demand for meat is growing and that has consequences for human health and the environment how does science trying to address this problem our hunger for me contributes in a major way to climate change and environmental degradation and the conditions in which billions of animals are kept also poses a direct health threat to humanity since experts say intensive animal
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agriculture provides a nearly perfect breeding ground for pathogens to evolve so what's science doing to help improve the paradigm well 2 things jump instantly to mind one is all that research behind plant based meat alternatives that look and taste like the real thing but are mostly made from the ingredients like soil or or peeves or mushrooms discoveries in a range of scientific you it's especially those that involve how we process taste and texture are improving the experience of eating those products which is reflected by a recent big boom in demand. the other science driven approach to the meat problem involves the cutting edge field of cultivated or cultured meat it's based on the
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fact that that animals themselves are actually pretty inefficient meat factories lots of what you put in comes back out again as as problematic waste or it goes towards creating unwanted by products like light skin or bone so so why not just grow only what you want the mean directly from the right types. of cells replicated in giant bio reactors the science behind doing that in a commercially viable way has actually proven pretty pathetic a maybe you remember the hype around the 1st lab grown burger back and 2013 which cost 250000 euros to make but the technology has come a long way since then and production costs are coming down fast the big question of course is how willing people will be to buy it.
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our own sons of birds eric williams there that's it for us today thanks for watching stay safe and we'll see against of. the familiar to.
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me. i'm secure in the fame or not hard and in the end this i mean you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers what alliances of the what's your story ready. i mean when i wasn't women especially in victims of violence in. part and send us
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your story we are trying. to understand this new culture. for you or another visitor another guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. you're watching news asia coming up today what happens after years of drought across the continent we speak to an expert on the need kind delta about that and how climate change makes straus even harsher. plus crews in taiwan work to recover the final carriages from the tunnel where the country's worst train accident in decades occurred. and you'll meet a group of art is it is in india we've turned the prejudice they faced into profit .


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