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this is e w news live from berlin tonight in search of a reset a fresh visit to repair europe's troubled times with turkey for he's president ever wanted a host of the european commission president for face to face talks in uncorrect were they able to find common ground on migration trade and human rights also coming up tonight international negotiators renewed their push to revive the 2015th
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nuclear deal with iran washington in tehran insisting they want to return to the agreement so what's stopping them and he is a communist politician in russia and he's determined to have his voice heard in the duma you'll meet it plus an eruption in iceland interest a fiery new phase 2 new fish were supposed to end up at a volcano directive it spewing lava and sending hundreds of sight seers scrambling for safety. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with an attempt at starting over somewhat the european union's top officials have met with turkey's president in an attempt to improve relations president richard tell your pair to one says he wants to turn
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a new page in his relations with europe but the european union is concerned about turkey's record on human rights era. it's a year since the european union's most senior officials last met the turkish president both sides say they want to improve relations which have become increasingly strained but the europeans have serious concerns about turkey's assertive foreign policy and its often heavy handed create meant for minorities and political opponents the rule of flu introspect of fundamental rights all values of the european union and we show. deep freeze on the latest developments in turkey in this respect in particular on the shooting of speech the 3rd it into a full media. and today show michelle and i clearly underlined that respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are crucial for the european union this
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must be an integral part of our relationship turkey must respect international human rights rules and standards. there's a lot at stake millions of refugees who fled from syria's bloody civil war are living within turkey's borders they would otherwise head for europe and ankara once the e.u. to pay more to support them turkey for its part is keen to advance its stalled bid to join the european union. thousands of demonstrators turned out recently to protest against turkey's decision to pull out of an international agreement on women's rights ironically that's called the istanbul convention both the e.u. emissaries condemned that move the sending the wrong signal on rights. another area of dispute is turkey wanting to drill for gas in the mediterranean in areas
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which greece and cyprus see as their territory thank you the latest talks between the e.u. and turkey aimed to mend fences but there are still huge differences to overcome thanks r.k. let's get more now from our correspondent dorian jones who joins me now from istanbul good evening to yearly door you'd so can we say that both sides were successful today and resetting their relations. well certainly seen this is a major diplomatic when the fact that 2 top officials were paired to come all the way to turkey and meet face to face at a time when these these meetings are extremely rare is seen as a victory in itself and while there was a lot of focus on turkey's to to rating human rights record at the press conference after the meeting a press conference by most of turkish news channels here will be focusing on the commitment that they have received for the opening and starting of
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a customs the modernization of the customs union agreement that is a key and also appears the opportunity of possible visa liberalization with the e.u. officials talking about the importance of face to face contact between the 2 that will be seen as possible efforts and liberalizing visas for the country to keep them. is definitely seen this is a positive victory given the fact that the u.s. president biden is continuing to do one at the present moment he's an action victory so turkey's seen this is a positive spin. what about the. member of the european union does turkey still want to join. well president one only a few weeks ago said that this sees a key policy of turkey to join the european union but it has to be said that neve aside believe that this is really stick in the short meeting or even long term most people think the turkey's accession bit is dead and that has presenting the
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european union with a big problem because turkey succession bait was also always its most important leverage over turkey now that it's seen as e.u. is now looking for new leverage and this is why i think they are opening up the talk so if a customs union modernization and possible leave of visa liberalization they see this as providing very important leverage going forward and that's important given the fact that they are looking to turkey to honor its migration and we heard that that is seen as a priority for the e.u. that turkey continues to know all of the parts of the migration deal oh aren't you just use dorian joins with the latest tonight from istanbul during as always thank you. our here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world egypt and sudan so he talks aimed at resolving a dispute with ethiopia over a dam on the river nile have ended without progress ethiopia is constructing the
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dam and says it's vital for generating power but egypt which wise downstream fears a drop in its water supply while sudan is concerned about the dams safety in me and mark protestors in the city of daraa while i have held a candlelight vigil to remember those killed since the start of the military coup as dawn broke they marched through the town observers say security forces have killed at least 570 people since the beginning of february hundreds of people have marched through bosnia's capitals they were demanding the government's resignation they blamed political leaders for the slow procurement of vaccines bosnia has reported around 7000 coronavirus fatalities one of the highest per capita death tolls in europe. indian state leaders are calling for a wider vaccination rollout as the country faces a record surge in corona virus cases nearly 97000 new infections reported on
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tuesday close to monday's 100000 record a senior health official has more into that the fight against hiv in 19 over the next 4 weeks will be very very critical. hospitals across india are seeing an influx of patients with covert 1000 and they're turning up in record numbers the rising he says is leading medical experts to warn that this wave could be stronger than the 1st with new variants reported from south africa brazil and the u.k. big enough and. also good before we have the same level but. it is not a single person in the. majority of cases are in the state of my heart russia home to india's financial capital mumbai nearly 60 percent of all of india's new cases were found here in just over the last 2 weeks curfew is
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now in place with tightened lockdown restrictions and it's being welcomed by some. on the other lock down is imposed that at least people will stay home safe and the coronavirus will be under control. the government has issued almost 18000000 vaccines it hopes to inoculate 300000000 people by the end of july and last week it opened its vaccine drive to those over 45 years old. but the coronavirus hasn't stopped politicians running for regional elections gatherings continue in several states talk to say not enough is being done to contain that risk and warned that cases may bellew in in the coming weeks if i were. in that group and your behavior with the one before this right so i think the whole country needs to understand and start practicing it from there be don't go out of the house and the necessary wired. people collecting and cloth rooms maintain
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social distancing and never never step out of your house without a mosque many him may have thought the pandemic was the high. but now india may have to prepare for another deadly few months. ahead of the center for disease dynamics economics and policy in delhi she told me that much of the current surge is being fueled by public exhaustion from viral control measures. well 1st of all it is about complicity because. the beat that has said it over the possible i know you are in a few months has people and the contact tracing and estate you know was not adequate as it should be the states that i bought it especially the state of maharashtra for example i don't want if you're doing a good job of say so the last number is you know those you think that built by this
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is gone and the cases that it really went as it is when you start in domingo and forget awaiting the must come out for social gatherings this so it comes up and surprises you so it is a guide is it is you who would appropriate behavior well at well it isn't what is in the situation in the had be it under your pillow got the test to buy and you know create the beds and capacity that was required to face this so and this sign down you must remember that norm goal weight has related treatments have also started in bed being occupied so this isn't was limping back to you know kind of a regular situation and then that is the so so non-corporate treatments will have to be again because down to increase bet's local rate patients and that's again where the whole system will be is that this that is the need for more beds but public private partnership the government is gearing up to set up all those nation
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cities if required and down and meet up on issues that are also being discussed. well here are some of the other developments in the pandemic in france the number of covered 1000 patients in intensive care is now at its highest in almost a year the country is in a month long walk down ukraine has signed a contract with pfizer to supply $10000000.00 doses of vaccine the president says all the doses are due to be delivered this year ukraine is currently facing a spike in infections and the biting ministration is preparing to announce that all americans over the age of 16 will be eligible to get vaccinated as of april 19th. here in germany despite half a year of restrictions the country is still struggling to contain a 3rd wave of coronavirus infections the high caseload is fueling calls for a tougher lock down but some german states are experimenting with easing certain rules. a quick test on activities like sports and cinema visit sir lived again
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summerland western germany has become the 1st state to start loosening restrictions elsewhere scientists and some politicians are reporting for stricter measures among them chancellor merkel's conservative party leader i'm a large share he's suggesting a temporary tightening of restrictions until enough people have been vaccinated for discipline. until that point in time and we are talking about 2 or 3 weeks we should make another effort to limit public life if you can show its common something mesh with criticism also from the opposition. for over a year the only thing policymakers have been able to come up with is shutting down public life telling people to stay at home locking down selling the same old policy with a new slogan what it. all stars he's are hoping to accelerate the country's sluggish
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vaccine rollout by allowing 35 carriers in general practitioners across the country to start administering the jobs this week but in the capital berlin the vaccination there 1st has experienced a further snag with deliveries delayed by washing sarsi is called technical problems to vaccination center start to close on tuesday because they run out of doses frustration by the situation the people in germany are calling for a unified approach. the way the 3rd wave is looking it will be even more devastating than the 2nd got so i think there will be another hard lock down politician somehow can't seem to come up with anything else they will just lock down until everyone is vaccinated. we should 1st implement the measures they've already agreed upon they keep changing the rules then they disagree then everyone does their own paying it's hard to understand.
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if our leaders manage to stop arguing then there will be a hard luck down this probably no other way to solve us. but the countries that are all political system is getting in the way both timidly it's the states that decide on and implement the measures for now chancellor angela merkel is not intervening but she has warned off if the situation demands this she could try to take matters into her own hands. in germany in the pandemic you're watching news coming up next in the show the communist lawmaker pushing back against a crippling crackdown that will take you to the russian city of sorrows hope to meet the politician who says he will not be muzzled is coming up in just a moment. iranian representatives see a 1st round of talks aimed at reviving the 2050 nuclear deal were constructive
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international negotiators are meeting in vienna in a bid to bring the u.s. and iran back into compliance with the agreement the trumpet ministration turned its back on the deal back in 28 teams american and iranian envoys are not meeting face to face not even in the same room but it appears there was some progress with further talks now planned for 5 it. starting on tuesday delegates in this hotel began discussions on reviving the nuclear agreement with iran envoys from france germany britain russia and china are in talks with iran and acting as intermediaries with the u.s. . iran has high expectations. on state television a government spokesman projects confidence. that he says the talks are a good sign for the future but he says iran has conditions one is that sanctions must be lifted a spokesman for the u.s.
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state department says they will work to ensure that both sides can return to the agreement any unusual return but in return for an end to sanctions the u.s. is demanding that iran stop supporting terrorist groups and on the part of the united states the international nuclear agreement was put into place in 2015 on the mutual understanding there would be no iranian nuclear program and in return restrictions on iran's economy would be eased 3 years later u.s. president trump unilaterally terminated the program for iran the stakes are high the country wants to sell oil again and hopes for an end to economic sanctions and for more now i'm joined from los angeles by a solid rod a senior research fellow at the national iranian american council it's good to have you on the program we've already heard that further talks are scheduled for friday are you encouraged by what is coming out of vienna. absolutely i think you know
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there was an initial slow pace of the biden ministration to take certain steps and this was a key promise of foreign policy that by then supporters expect it and now we're actually seeing those steps be taken and you know right now you have to expect groups that have been tasked with looking at how both parties both the united states and iran can return to full compliance one focused on lifting sanctions on the other focused on nuclear issues so everything you're seeing right now is encouraging the fact that those groups are going to continue hashing that out and that the joint commission will meet again on friday again gives us that sort of optimism that we were lacking in the 1st couple of months of the biting ministration so you can describe it to do list for the iranians and for the americans but we know that the representatives of both countries they're not even sitting in the same room at the moment what do you think it will take to get them to be face to face. well something to keep in mind is that the united states as of right now is still not actually a party to the deal when president trump former president trump withdrew from the
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deal in may of 2018 to this day the united states does not return to iran and all the other parties are still parties to the deal and they're the ones that are having direct direct discussions the fact that we have these intermediaries i mean that's the entire point of internationalism and bringing a group together for diplomacy so i don't think we should be discouraged from that i think that once there's a clear picture on both sides of what steps need to be taken to get both into full compliance then you'll see the direct negotiations as well president biden ran on the good returning the u.s. to the nuclear deal does this foreign policy does it have support across the u.s. political spectrum absolutely actually one of the things that's fascinating about this particular policy is while we know we talk about a context in which the united states is particularly maybe polarized and divided politically this is actually something that has support across the spectrum in a economists you go poll at the beginning of march biden entrance voters were asked
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about their feelings about a threat of a nuclear iran and there's you know clearly in the american populous there is the feeling that that is a threat that they do not want you know you don't want iran to have a nuclear weapon but 84 percent of biden were to support supported direct negotiations and 54 percent of trumpeters supported direct negotiations with here to resolve that issue so there's certainly bipartisan support and really support across the american political spectrum to resolve this issue through diplomacy. as all wrong with the national iranian american council ms roberts good to have you want to program we appreciate your time your insights tonight thank you thank you for having. well the russian newspaper is reporting that jailed opposition politician alexina valving has been moved to a sick ward the kremlin critic was jailed back in february and has been on a hunger strike since wednesday to protest the lack of medical care and with parliamentary elections less than 6 months away authorities are cracking down on
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kremlin critics but they could be facing new threats including from within the traditionally loyal communist party really sure when traveled to the southwestern city of saratov where she met a local politician who's determined not to be silenced. in the footsteps of lenin. sees himself as a politician of the people just like his communist forefathers but he has a huge social media presence. because you tube channel has over a 1000000 subscribers fight for your rights is the motto here. his social media accounts show him fighting against corruption and for more equality including as a representative in the regional south of parliament and beyond that ankara doesn't shy away from criticizing the kremlin and the ruling united russia party. it's your actions the actions of the russian government of your president of your united
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russia party you gave our national riches away to oligarchs. and now one that i think that is facing what he says is a political campaign against him local politicians have accused him of corruption for monetizing his social media accounts he could face a criminal case that could prevent him from running in the upcoming dumas elections . the government is afraid of people uniting uniting around a concrete political program which provides an alternative to the course they have taken. throughout my whole career during the many hours of live streams online or in my videos i never asked people to follow nicholai blundering co. i'm just asking people to be political if you don't like what i say follow your own line the main thing is to not give up. in russia there are traces of the soviet
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past everywhere including in south of the communist party is still popular here and across the country even though critics say the party ultimately follows the kremlin line but even russia's so-called systemic opposition parties have recently become an outlet for people's anger at the government. last. here the arrest of a popular governor from the right wing liberal democratic party led to weeks of protests in russia's far eastern city of how. every monday he has his office hours the 35 year old spends most of the day with constituents people stand in line for support with issues from benefit applications to problems with corruption. i've placed my hopes and. i heard how he talks to people and i've heard his speeches. in russia they don't like people who tell the truth it's always been that way so if he's trying to get the truth out to people naturally he becomes undesirable to the government at this and you can see how he
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acts at all as parliamentary session c.i.'s uncomfortable questions the authorities don't like that but. experts agree that the kremlin might try to keep people like out of federal politics. ahead of the duma elections the kremlin makes clear arrangements with the main opposition parties about which candidates can run and what results they should get they don't want to let anyone in who will rock the boat. but despite attempts to intimidate him but isn't ready to give up. people today are hungry for justice and for truth they don't trust the authorities on the whole. i went into politics to prove to citizens that lawmakers can work honestly. the choice. is already preparing his campaign for the duma elections and he hopes he will be allowed a fair fight. our take a look at this in iceland hundreds of hikers have been evacuated from the site of
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an erupting volcano near the capital ricky of bitch that's after new fissures opened up on the mountain spewing smoke in steam the fire respectable has proven to be a huge draw for thousands of tourists ever since the volcano ward to life last march . a sight to behold iceland's spectacular nearly 3 week old bookending corruption has entered a new phase 2 new fissures have opened near the rich know side in the gal doing the dollar valley measuring 200 meters in total and lab also spewing from the new openings. and some of the most impressive thing is this river down into the valley actually more than the fissure itself the good research. the new lava river is flowing down through the hills for hundreds of meters from the fissure and into neighboring you not only a valley if. we
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have new cracks opening up. right developer of people or. so. what we're doing we just cleared out they are there to try to figure out what is happening or. something for which people did not have the chargers to grab you and. it's beautiful but possibly dangerous authorities have sealed off access to the side as a precaution and began evacuating sightseers more than $36000.00 people have visited the site since the ruction began in mid march iceland has more active volcanoes than any other country in europe but an eruption like this hasn't happened under ray canas peninsula since the 13th century. all right here's a reminder of the top story that we're following this hour. top e.u. officials have held talks with turkey's president. ursula fund
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a lion in charles me show said that they expressed concerns about turkey's commitment to human rights migration and richard g. policy were also on the agenda today. you're watching news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see you then.
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kick off. town atmosphere means listless clay soft from the. looks of guns and the men plus 5 successive. non-stop excitement to the final match to.
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designed so long even it's not by us i was it's with. my choice in this card because given their way toward transmitting the troops. and it isn't a question how much and i want. to tell you. how strong.
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was crunch time in the bundesliga as much state 27 featured some season defining fixtures with the campaign nearing the finish line.


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