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this is deja vu news live from berlin as the pandemic rages human rights. on the sea international paints a grim picture and its annual report saying that women health workers and my brains have borne the brunt of the brunt of fires governments have used it to stifle dissent you will hear from one of its authors also coming up one of europe's worst hit countries has bounced back from a devastating surge of the coronavirus earlier this year but as fishelson portugal
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say it's still too soon to welcome back to tourists and an eruption in iceland enters a fire in the face to new fissures open up by the volcano in direct give thanks lava and sending hundreds of sightseers for safety. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program. i'm to see international's annual report says that cold in 1000 has further amplified massive global inequalities and it accuses many world leaders of using the pen demick to crack down on human rights the report singles out 3 groups that have been disproportionately affected 1st women they have suffered an increase in domestic violence borne the burden of home schooling and in many cases lost their income because they have informal jobs that they couldn't do under lock downs 2nd health care workers around the globe they
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have suffered more fatalities than any other group chronic under-investment and health systems means many hospitals are understaffed and their workers are not sufficiently protected against the virus of the pandemic has also worsened the already precarious situation of refugees and migrants that's the 3rd group lockdowns border closures they have left some trapped in squalid camps without access to vital supplies so let's get more on all of this we're joined now by. the international deputy director for research in east and south east asia welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us how badly has the on slot of the coronavirus exacerbated the human rights situation especially in the region where you operate asia. as you know. in these countries many of these countries already had poor human rights records and in these countries rightist types of lockdowns have been imposed and there were also
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a lot of limitations on the freedom of movement and in many of these countries such as and hong kong there were public assemblies were often not allowed and there were protests were greatly restricted so that people were very limited on. their way of demanding political reform. however as we have seen during the later part of last year there were many many more public assemblies happened and people started up expressing their opposition to certain government. action and the police and government authorities responded with excessive and unnecessary boards what patterns are you noticing in that regard when you look at a thorough terry of governments exploiting the pandemic to crackdown on dissent is exactly what you have mentioned sara so the limitations that were imposed were
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either based on already existing draconian laws or the governments use the existing situation or the cool 1000 fund that needs to adopt more draconian laws to limit people's freedom of expression and freedom of movement and duty infringe on their human rights. and has even mentioned their widespread repression the use of enforced disappearances they're also documented in this report i want to take a closer look at that we're going to get your reaction we're going to look now at one case of a thai citizen who vanished while living in exile have a look. save one charley are they demand this was june 2020 days after one chilly arm such sacks it a pro-democracy blogger was abducted in cambodia. c.c.t.v. footage captured 2 men stopped in their tracks as they reportedly watch one chile
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on being bundled into an s.u.v. . he was targeted one day after uploading this video mocking thailand's prime minister or and he has not been seen since his the 9th such case of a tie exile disappearing since 2060. if one charlie arm is dead we want his body brought back to thailand. in the past year thailand's military has reacted with an iron fist to a growing youth movement calling for democratic reforms rolling up dozens of activists under strict laws that forbid any criticism of the monarchy last month the architects of the uprising began filling up courts their resolve undiminished
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30. they can lock me up but they cannot lock up the truth the truth is always the truth whether in prison under torture or awaiting execution the truth is the truth. other organizers face 15 years in prison if found guilty of sedition and insulting the monarchy protests leaders say the campaign cannot be crushed. hi allowing it to them me funny how in the end no matter how many of us go to jail there will still be people outside that are still fighting oh yeah fool and you're. in the meantime the families carry the burden either of not knowing where their loved ones are or facing the years of separation. and we're back now with arlen gale from amnesty international what more can you tell us about forced disappearances like these. ugh in thailand the situation is getting more
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and more concerning for us that report says that there have been a lot of prosecutions. because of people who are expressing dissent or expressing critical criticism about the current government or even the monarchy and as. seen in the adler report thailand or thought for it these are figures in prosecuting cases on expressing dissent against the monarchy or against the government and these trials are often behind closed doors it is it is quite concerning that you can go through jail inside for years just for sharing a facebook post or sharing a b.b.c. article about the current monarch expressing or this simple matter of
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discussing what is the situation in your country or what is what is happening in your country and either said between shayla or have you disappeared even in a neighboring country wow and you know as as those efforts accelerate so do the demands for democracy as well how hopeful are you that that will win in the end. i think we're more concerned than hopeful we are concerned about the violence that is being used against peaceful protesters inside that we are very concerned that many of these protesters are actually children are minors and these are side and seeing their voices and preventing them to speak about what is happening in their own country which is actually their future it is
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very concerning that these are children and these they are treated in such a manner that violates their rights and bilingual from amnesty international thank you so much thank you sara and let's update you now on the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic in france the number of patients in intensive care is at its highest in almost a year france is now in a month long lockdown india has hit another new record of daily cases new delhi by and dozens of other cities are imposing curfews to try and slow the soaring infections and in brazil the number of daily deaths passed 4000 for the 1st time on tuesday the country is facing shortages of hospital beds and the supply of oxygen is running short in some states portugal has started easing coronavirus restrictions after a strict lockdown that lasted more than 2 months cafes museums shops they can now
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welcome back guests under strict hygenic guidelines it's a comeback story for portugal which back in january had one of the highest coronavirus infection rates in the world john philip schultz went to the capital lisbon to see how they did it. sitting in a cafe with friends still a dream for millions possible again in portugal nearly everyone spent the last 2 months at home this was forbidden but now shops primary schools and cafes are open again and people are delighted. so it feels almost euphoric simply to be able to sit here and watch people walk past. and so quantum i was in no way against the lockdown it was very important but i think we now all really need to be able to enjoy life again instead of just going to work and then looking at our own 4 walls . what i miss the most was just looking out at the water and drinking
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a beer. centralist one looked like this for the last couple of months everything was closed the government ordered most people to work from home a radical locked in response to a disaster portugal had the world's highest corona infection rates they health system couldn't cope intensive care units were overwhelmed lockdown took daily infection numbers from more than 12000 at the start of february to fewer than 400 just 9 weeks later here outside lispunds largest hospital more than 40 ambulances had to wait in line in front of the emergency ward during the worst days of the pandemic now only a few covert patients have to be treated in the intensive care unit and a field hospital on the other side of the street was close to weeks ago some observers are already talking about the miracle of portugal but the new niche believes more insight than miracles and if you're damn ologist he's a member of the portuguese government's coronato advisory group he says one of the
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most unpopular lockdown measures could have been decisive. who cannot dream sequencing to learn numbers went down somewhat when we 1st closed the shops and made remote working compulsory but it was only when we closed all the schools that the infection figures really started to fall apart he gave you some we fighting to get out. he says despite the progress the danger is not over and the pandemic will continue to affect people's lives even into the next year and the locked on was tough on the economy pushing unemployment up by a 3rd right now though many portuguese people are enjoying a moment in the sun. while despite half a year of restrictions germany is still struggling to contain a 3rd wave of corona virus infections the high caseload is feeling calls for a tougher lockdown at some time and states are experimenting with easing
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restrictions. a quick test and activities like sports and cinema visits are live again summerlands of western germany has become the 1st state to start loosening restrictions elsewhere scientists and some politicians are reporting for stricter measures among them chancellor merkel's conservative party leader i'm a large share he's suggesting a temporary tightening of restrictions until enough people have been vaccinated for a decent book at this site until that point in time and we are talking about 2 or 3 weeks we should make another effort to limit public life if you can lash its comments have been mesh with criticism also from the opposition. for over a year the only thing policymakers have been able to come up with is shutting down public life telling people to stay at home locking down selling the same old policy with a new slogan what it. all stars he's are hoping to accelerate the country sluggish
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vaccine rollout by allowing 35 carriers in general practitioners across the country to start administering the jobs this week. but in the capital berlin the vaccination effort has experienced a further snag with deliveries delayed by wash of sars he is called technical problems to vaccination centers thought to close on tuesday because they ran out of doses frustration by the situation the people in germany are calling for a unified approach. the way the 3rd wave is looking it will be even more devastating than the 2nd that's why i think there will be another hard lockdown politician somehow can't seem to come up with anything else they will just lock down until everyone is vaccinated. we should 1st implement the measures they've already agreed upon to keep changing the rules then
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they disagree then everyone does their own paying it's hard to understand. if our leaders manage to stop arguing then there will be a hard lock down this probably no other way to solve most. of the country's federal political system is getting in the way oh timidly it's the states that decide on and implement the measures for now chancellor angela merkel is not intervening but she has warned off if the situation demands it she could try to take matters into her own hands. and correspondent thomas sparrow joins us now from berlin thomas i.c.u. staff in germany are warning that there are not too many beds left how hard is this 3rd wave hitting the country. it is certainly hitting the country very hard in particular because of the more prevail and corona virus variant which has been
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described as more contagious and contagious also for a long gun which has led to an increase in the number of corona virus cases here in germany and also by the way to a growing debate about what path the country should take in the next few weeks and in the next few months this is by the way a debate on a situation that is not only happening here in germany also in other european countries and in many of germany's neighboring countries as well which only makes the situation here in this country more and more difficult and more and more challenging there are a few caveats a few good news spot of all this situation one of them being that the number of deaths have been going down and also a positive development when you look at the infections among germany's older population but all in all the situation is certainly very difficult when it comes to this 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic and is taking place the pen demick we have to say against the backdrop also of federal elections that are coming up later
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this year tell us you know in terms of management of the pentameter how politicized has it therefore become thomas and how is that potentially impacting the prospect of further lock down measures. well it has always been political right from the start but it is. important to stress now that it's becoming more and more political more and more intense as germany gets closer to that old important federal election in september which will decide the successor to call in the german chancellor and all vicinity all parties involved all candidates involved are trying to position themselves appropriately when it comes to deciding what pot germany should face in the next few weeks and in particular to decide a very important dilemma that politicians are facing whether the country should catherine the cautiously open up or whether further and stricter restrictions should be in place to try and deal with this 3rd wave of the pandemic thomas
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sparrow and berlin thank you. u.s. president joe biden says that all adults in the united states will be eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine by april 19th 2 weeks earlier than the previous government deadline he warned however that cases are still going up for the moment urging people to get vaccinated as soon as possible in new york state everyone older than 16 can already get a shot. relief for 3 teenagers who know how dangerous curve 19 is and his whole family got sick with the virus last year paul loves playing for his wheelchair high school basketball team but going back to school threatens his how embryon has a rate condition. vaccination is a matter of luck for deferred. until i get the end of the day as always you have some sort of rejection in against the deadly virus it's all worth it in the.
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downtown new york city it's not bustling not yet at least. but an estimated one in 3 new york is has now been vaccinated which means there's a feeling of reawakening this spring. i think there's a new found sense of optimism in the possible for her my family's future so they're still in a lot of doubt and like my parents did you get a shock yet so i just kind of wait that i already got it here. 6 at a church the washington now being used to vaccinate people applause for the u.s. president. biden came here to tout the hundreds of millions of doses set aside for americans across you probably k. we want to show them via unfolded yup here the u.s. has already given a 1st studies to more than 150000000 people tens of millions more still waiting no later than 890 in every part of this country every adult over the age
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of 1818 or older will be eligible to be vaccinated not everywhere in the u.s. is advancing so rapidly in sunny california adults of the 50 only became eligible at the start of the month but here to the effects of the vaccination program a visible with los angeles reopening and crowds gathering at this flower festival nice san diego. it's not the end of the pandemic not yet but much of the world could only dream of pleasures like this. as a look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world diplomats have been meeting for talks aimed at salvaging the of wrong nuclear deal for european country is our mediating between iran and the united states to try and frame the season bring washington back into the agreement at the top administration walked away from tehran and washington called the talks constructive.
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alexina volleys doctor has been briefly detained after trying to visit the jail rushed. jailed russian opposition take care police also bundled journalists and supporters into a bus. who is on a hunger strike has been complaining of a fever and back pain. at least 16 people are dead after 2 buses collided in northern mexico officials say that all of the deceased were minors aboard a minibus over a dozen people on a larger tourist bus were injured in this accident it is unclear how the collision happened. the european union's top officials have said enhanced ties with turkey remain conditional on the country improving its human rights record and role of law they met with president wretch of typer to won on monday the 1st time in over a year out of one says that he wants to turn
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a new page in relations with the e.u. but turkey's human rights record remains a sticking point. it's the years since the european union's most senior officials last met the turkish president both sides say they want to improve relations which have become increasingly strained but the europeans have serious concerns about turkey's assertive foreign policy and its often heavy handed creek managed to minorities and political opponents really from introspection a fundamental rights all true values of the european union and we should it's responding to their den oh deep. in the latest developments in turkey in this respect in particular in the freedom of speech and to turn it into a filter media. and today show michelle and i clearly underlined that respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are crucial for the european union this
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must be an integral part of our relationship turkey must respect international human rights rules and standards. there's a lot at stake millions of refugees who fled from syria's bloody civil war are living within turkey's borders they would otherwise head for europe and ankara once the e.u. to pay more to support them turkey for its part is keen to advance its stalled bid to join the european union. thousands of demonstrators turned out recently to protest against turkey's decision to pull out of an international agreement on women's rights ironically that school the istanbul convention both the e.u. emissaries condemned that move the sending the wrong signal on rights. another area of dispute is turkey wanting to drill for gas in the mediterranean in areas
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which greece and cyprus see as their territory the latest talks between the e.u. and turkey aimed to mend fences but there are still huge differences to overcome thanks. and now to iceland for hundreds of hikers have been evacuated from the site of and are rotting vault that is after new fissures opened up on the ballot and a lot of us know. the spectacle has proved a huge draw for tourists as you might imagine since the volcano ward into life last . a sight to behold iceland's spectacular nearly 3 week old bookending corruption has entered a new phase 2 new fissures have opened near the which no side in the gelding a dollar a valley measuring 200 meters in total and lather also spewing from the new openings . some of the most impressive thing is this river down into the valley actually
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more than the fisher it's. good research. the new lava river is flowing down through the hills for hundreds of meters from the fisher and into neighboring united a live reality. if. you crack opening up. right of our people or. what we do we just cleared out there are 2. try to figure out what is happening to . the people who are really good people they did not have the chargers and you cannot do it. it's beautiful but possibly dangerous authorities have sealed off access to the side as a precaution and began evacuating sightseers more than 36000 people had visited the
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site since the ruction began in mid march iceland has more active folk a knows then any other country in europe but an eruption like this hasn't happened on their great count as peninsula since the 13th century. soccer news for you now and there were 2 champions league quarter final 1st legs played on tuesday night manchester city hosted for a sea of dortmund the german side suffered a heart break when phil foden scored in the 90th minute to give city the way and meanwhile your going clubs liverpool side were completely outplayed in real madrid the reds will have to make up a 31 deficit in the return like. one of our top story this hour imus international says global inequality has grown during the pandemic with women health workers and migrants among those forced fact it and its annual report released today the human rights group also accuses governments of using a coronavirus crisis as a cover to stifle dissent. you're watching the news live from berlin i'm
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sorry kelly there's always more on our website w dot com you can also follow us on social media as for watching take a. blood .
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