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space her successful mission made her a role model for women everywhere her achievement was also a symbol of gender equality in her home country the saga union but almost 60 years later there are many jobs that women in russia are officially banned from doing because they are allegedly too dangerous for instance it isn't a bill gifts was not allowed to drive a subway train but recently things have changed. women are finally in the driving seat and are pushing full speed ahead on gender equality in the russian capital. is doing her dream job as a metro driver she started working at the moscow metro almost 18 years ago at the time she didn't know that women couldn't legally drive the subway trains now they finally can and the rena says for her it was worth the wait. this is my childhood dream i used to play with model ships and airplanes with the boys my father is
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a pilot i've liked the technical stuff since i was little so why the metro somehow it drew me in the fact that it's underground i guess it's like flying but underground. before every shift gives the metro train she'll be driving a once over she looks for damage and vandalism and checks that all the fire extinguishers are where they should be a moment of calm before the empty cars fill up with commuters again you rena has a lot of experience dealing with passengers she worked as a station guard on the platform for years now as a driver she tries to get a sense of each individual metro train her connection to the train she's driving feels almost spiritual to her. in russia people say the way a ship sails depends on what name you give it i treat each train like a person and i think each train has a soul to one train i drove had
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a male soul but most of them are female. the feeling of driving the metro is like pure happiness and happy when i'm driving. the rena is proud to be one of the 1st 12 female metro drivers after all the moscow subway is legendary its construction began in the 1930 s. at the time the soviet government. wanted to build a palace for the people for commuting workers and it shows. in the 1980 s. the government banned women from the driver's seat of these trains they said the metro is too deep underground too loud and too dark to be safe for women and they said the constant vibration from the trains could damage women's so-called childbearing function. a new generation brought new trains and a drive for change though it's not quite a u.-turn for now women drivers are only being deployed in the most modern trains
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and only on the line which runs over ground for part of its route and that's despite the fact the women have the exact same training as their male counterparts . we don't differentiate between women and men there's one single training program and all the metro drivers need to know it but of course these are still the 1st women and this metro line is less busy the volume of passengers isn't quite as high and because this line runs mainly over ground it's less of a health risk. in the moscow metro has been celebrating its new generation of women drivers they've even released a limited edition barbie for the occasion admittedly not the most clear cut symbol for gender equality their advertisements for the dolls in the subway itself you can be who you want to be is the slogan but for women in russia that's still not quite true. metal manufacturing like the work in this is still off limits to women
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mining and drilling on an oil rig are also considered men's work $100.00 jobs are still banned for women the list of jobs was initially introduced after the 2nd world war to drive up the birth rate this year the russian government published an updated list but lawmakers in the country are still driven by traditional family values and deep seated patriarchal. attitudes. we treat women with care here these tough jobs and hard labor are still seen as men's work in our society also women are mothers so providing for and taking care of their health and their reproductive functions is important and that's why we used recommendations from doctors to determine factors that are harmful to women at work. or more who are given that.
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it is on her way to work she does her commute there on the metro to mixing with the other passengers ahead of her shift. i think the moment when the government allows women to carry out the band professions will come i'm sure they're already working on it the bans must be in place for a reason the government is taking care of women i would tell other women to keep believing and keep hoping that their dream will come true too no matter who you want to become everything is possible. already has her dream job and the next group of women will start training to become drivers soon but outside of these metro tunnels gender equality is still a long way away. our next report comes from greece in the agency and there are more than 200 inhabited islands and one of them is the eyelets at there is no hospital no police station just the school which is in fact
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of the smallest school in all of greece 12 year old crystal's is the only student on the whole island life there can be pretty lonely so he and his teacher are trying to do something about it. as crystal says a lot. i'm talking each morning soon after he sets off for school it's a kilometer right here on the tiny island of aki in the aegean sea. just some 40 people live here 12 year old christophe's is the youngest president and the only child far mind. when he gets to school his teacher in marion see a letter he's waiting for him along with his only blaming the school's dog you want to. miss friends like a play list of course friends who go to school with me and who i could play
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basketball with. or girl i love the school day begins outside by raising the flag and singing the greek national anthem even though it's just the 2 of them i try to make daily life the same as every other elementary school increase. one pupil one teacher one classroom here marriott see a lot of teaches every subject whether it's joe graffiti music or math she'd love to have more people but so far no more families have been persuaded to move to the island. yet why men want to get the cube or papa because i would love to have some fellow teachers also an active part of the situation has brought us together. and i've always been able to offer chris store some variety. we've visited other schools. and gone to the movies in theaters on other island we have to keep on
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asking to see but. for now christoph is still spending his breaks along. next summer he'll move on to a new school and if no new people show up only school will have to close. there's little work available on the island handful of people live from fishing and farming like crystal says parents who don't want to speak on camera and a few live from tourism like those who work at the islands to tell them. it's a long time residents are skeptical whether the school can remain open or. in my childhood there were almost 20 peoples and equally there weren't more families but each family had 6 or 7 kids. and we were all taught together only from the 1st grade list. to keep. going it's easy to move from here to a bigger island but coming here from
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a city or a larger island is tough it's a nice actually. still maria hopes to say 1st school from closing every evening she sits a computer and tries to find families who'd be willing to settle on this beautiful line and. i aim is to persuade businesses to pay for their moving expenses are borne up on of others the up of or part of the i've found a greek family and who puts all germany. or yeah me up they've already been why is it so and seen everything harmonious a man up a horn your policy now i'm constantly on the phone of office writing emails and trying it with the help of a t.v. station. to find someone among the country's big companies to finance the move and a job man oh my god oh god now you said all of us. until then this will remain greece's smallest school and crystals its only student but he too has formed
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the plan to help his school in future. i want to go to high school and later become a teacher and then i want to come back here and teach if there are still. i want to spend. but because none of showed up so far christoph sets off for home alone like every afternoon. he says sometimes boys or girls his age are among the tourists that come to the island he shows them how to catch fish he takes them to see his horses visiting the horses is always the 1st thing christophe does off to school. without children like christophe's and his little school the island has no future that is why hakim will continue to fight for every people. i really hope that some
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families will move to the island so that kristal get some friends well that's it from us we'll bring you more stories from across europe next week until then take care of the back. the by. law. the law. the biblical.
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law subsea endless fronting the business model in suburban companies are sensing gold rush. future markets with a substantial enough space the best science fiction the beat in germany. on w. he can't move for. drought instead of rainy
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season in rwanda climate change is threatening harvest a startup is now increasingly yields it's out in forms farmers about the plants water needs and solar energy and sure is chief irrigation. climate smart eco africa. 90 minutes on d w. are you ready for some break means i'm christine one glass on the eyes on the edge of my country with a brand new deed of emus africa this show that tackles the issues shaping the conscience of the car with more time to off on end up to the cot all of the crime stuff caught up to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you enough reports on the insights w. news africa every friday on d w. of
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this is news of live from but joe biden announces his 1st gun control measures as u.s. president. while it's. moving to tighten some regulations but the announcement fall short of his campaign promises will this be enough to stop the killing also coming up. also a resurgence of violence in eastern ukraine as moscow masters troops on the disputed border while the 2 sides trade accusations of provocation. and
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rubble fashion designer vivienne westwood turns 80 we'll take a look back at the mother of tom's life and setting. i'm told me a lot of. president joe biden has announced new measures to tackle gun violence acting on the issue was a key campaign pledge and a spate of mass shootings has increased the political pressure but the power of the u.s. executive is limited and biden also urged lawmakers to do more. flanked at the rose garden by vice president. and attorney general merrick garland president joe biden didn't mince his words what happened that gun violence in this country isn't at but dammit we say to get a gun problems in this country is an epidemic and it's an international buyers. and
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he sent a clear message to the u.s. is deeply divided lawmakers shoes but there's much more of the congress can do to help that effort and they can do it right now. they've offered plenty of thoughts and prayers members of congress but they passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. enough prayers. time for some action. the vice president also appealed to congress. real people on both sides of the aisle want action so all that is left is the will. and the courage to act. paul biden announced 6 executive orders including tougher regulations on homemade firearms and legislation that would make it easier for states to adopt what are known as red flag laws they allow for individuals to
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ask a court to permit police to confiscate weapons from a person deemed to be a danger to themselves or others the changes come just a day after the latest mass shooting in the u.s. this time in south carolina 5 people including 2 young children were killed it follows 2 other attacks in colorado and georgia in recent weeks an estimated 11000 people have been killed so far this year because of gun violence in the united states despite the staggering number of deaths president biden faces an uphill battle to implement significant gun control laws. german chancellor angela merkel has called on russian president vladimir putin to pull back his forces from russia's border with ukraine i made an escalation of tensions between the 2 neighbors of the build up of russia's military presence in
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the disputed region has fueled fears of large scale hostilities in eastern ukraine the white house says moscow now has more troops on ukraine's eastern border than at any time since 2014 russia insists that this is the victim of western provocations. the russian state television offers a different way of looking at things it reports that ukraine and nato pose a threat to russia and not the other way around. the narrative present ukrainian soldiers is the aggressors and shows video footage of moscow's response russian troops engaged in military exercises in crimea. what to the west looks like saber rattling is viewed differently by russia from moscow it's a necessary reinforcement of its defenses against the west for you. the majority of the ukrainian military understand the fatal consequences of any actions that would lead to conflict. you know i hope they won't be provoked by
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politicians who in turn are being provoked by the west especially the united states . ukrainian president volodymyr selenski sees western troops especially those provided by nato as essential backup for his own forces on. the mission here just as of last season starts now there's an escalation in the donbass region it's a budget everyone can see it when our soldiers are attached and there are casualties obviously we must retaliate i mean if you put it at. a few days ago zelinsky paid a visit to nato secretary-general un stoughton bad selenski stressed that the western military alliance is ukraine's only way to end the war in don't pass experts in moscow say that statement would not have gone down well in the kremlin. any cooperation between ukraine and nato any help from the north atlantic alliance
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is a red flag for the kremlin. but that doesn't mean that all members of the alliance welcome ukraine's desire to join nato as soon as possible letting right know better steps towards membership are not on the agenda. a clear statement that gives many in russia hope that a war is preventable. the people of donbass are less optimistic though the pro russian separatists insist they don't want war either. useful if ukraine takes the 1st step nobody knows where it will end the muslim. kremlin is doing all this to blackmail ukraine and the west. troops are reinforced if their school ation continues even a small provocation will be enough to set things off with unpredictable consequences. russia's defense ministry says this footage shows recent
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exercises if the situation escalates t.v. screens may soon be showing the real thing. let's take a look at some more stories making headlines around the world help has come to cycling ravaged indonesia the country's navy delivered supplies to the hardest hit area of the archipelago authorities declared a state of emergency until early may after tropicals tropical cyclones the rajah devastated small communities the death toll has risen to more than $200.00 and most of those people lived in the poorest provinces in northern ireland massed demonstrators hold petrol bombs at police and set fires as violence spread to nationalist parts of belfast crowds have ignored lawmakers peaceful calm the unrest began last week in loyalist communities tensions have been fuelled by the pandemic and post barriers to trade between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k.
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. covered 19 deaths in brazil reached a new daily record for the 2nd time this week with a toll again climbing above 4000 people the country's leading health institute is calling for an strict nationwide lockdown. and still on the pandemic let's take a look at other developments germany's vaccination campaign is picking up pace after family doctors were finally allowed to administer shots this week over 650000 shots were given a wednesday more than double the previous record france has recorded its 1st decrease in the number of patients in intensive care units in 8 days indonesia has announced a ban on travel during the upcoming muslim celebration of ied in may to curb virus transmission many people typically travel during the holiday for. the number of
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refugees fleeing the military's violent crackdown in myanmar is rising india and myanmar share a border that's 1600 kilometers long with strong ethnic and cultural ties between local communities on both sides so india might seem the natural destination. for those forced to leave their homes but those who end up there feel at home we met one woman and her daughter settled in the indian capital delhi a warning that some viewers may find this report disturbing for the last 6 years henny dollar and her girls have felt safe here in delhi but it didn't come easy to get here they had to leave everything behind in their need of man much henny says her husband was taught jordan killed by the military. they were forced to run for their lives after they were caught sheltering students protesting against the military. now the situation in myanmar is bringing back painful
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reminders from home again last month when his brother was arrested for demonstrating against the group he was released a few days ago but this still isn't good news. right now he's in the hospital because when the military arrested him they tortured him so much that we're told his fees isn't even recognizable the. protests broke out across non-modern right after the military coup in february this year. since then hundreds have been killed a vested and detained for opposing the armed forces. and the numbers are likely to . india myanmar share a long border in times like these people have often fled across more dough into india to escape the authorities. but the indian government is not happy with the influx of refugees it has ramped up border security to stop them. here and
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thousands have sought asylum since the late eighty's refugees are disappointed by india's lack of support the value of both friends and relatives back home as internet shut down slow regular updates to just a trickle. requests for information have been pouring into james. who heads a refugee support group the group has written to indian prime minister nadine's more be urging him to condemn the putsch as a democratic country they are shocked by his silence it is indeed aside. the violent. human rights violation you know the way of the military torture of the people. in the street and dead body and all but india is doing nothing. any feels helpless in her safety because she can do nothing for those back
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home but she believes that the international community should speak up. in. assistance and brothers have to defend themselves against the military with their bare hands they don't have any c.v.s. please i beg other countries to help my and not citizens even before the cool hennie new myanmar good never be safe again she values that if things remain as bad as they are far too many people in her home country will end up feeling the same. there are some people who manage to stay young at any age like british designer vivienne westwood from her early days selling point of pornographic t. shirts to becoming one of the top names in high fashion was what has always done
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things her way now the d.n.a. of punk chic is celebrating her 80th birthday still as edgy as. a lifetime of rebellion vivienne westwood makes fashion about much more than just clothes it's. for more than 5 decades the british designer has used her creations as a platform for political activism she's championed causes from wiki leaks to what west would herself has described as a war for the very existence of the human race the battle to save the planet. so traumatized by the stock of understanding what was going on how it gets on and on a couple of generations millions of people as we do something now. in 1974 along with coconspirator malcolm mclaren who also managed to conquer them for sex
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because those quest would open the iconic sex clothing store on london's kings road . from here westwood showcased her designs helping set the style for punk and new wave so. i think. in the early 1980 s. westwood went from punk provocateurs to being britain's best loved fashion designer she famously plundered history for inspiration. many of her ideas were immediately picked up by the mainstream unconventional and outspoken westwood twice earned british designer of the year and was awarded the order of the british empire by the queen her designs and activists. some combined to spark cultural change. when i just use my fashion as the next to say what i think about politically and culturally but i do think that fashion does do something i think my fashion gives
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you an incredible choice in an age of conformity and it makes you look great and it helps you to express your individuality today at 80 years of age the icon of british fashion shows no signs of slowing down as a fellow designer once said vivian does and others follow. coming up next. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update 19. on t w. 1986. it's their story their very own.


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