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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2021 5:15am-5:45am CEST

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fasting from dawn to dusk and communal prayers worshippers who have received at least one covert 900 vaccine shot are allowed to enter much in the. news from berlin we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour for me and the entire team thanks for your company. the fight against the corona virus tend to make. as the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19 special. on t w. n n i was rolled up my dignity to be 77 percent takes on modern slavery shining a light on the feet of men you know german women being obscene thats one man where
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. the source is going to cross the 2 so there are stories. punching forcemeat interesting story. an exclusive edition of the 77 percent of people 17th on t.w. . the year. the u.s. is vaccine program is the envy of much of the world with over 3000000 people getting the job every day. but the virus continues to spread quickly. states like michigan are especially hard hit causing some to call for tough medicine. the answer to that is to really close things down to go back to our basics to go back to where we were last spring last summer and to shut things down with 70000 new
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infections each day vaccines alone might not be enough to turn the tide in the fight against covert 19. no other country in the world has been hit harder by the corona virus. the united states has had the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world and despite its unprecedented vaccination program those numbers are still rising many people have grown weary of lockdown and with warming weather many states have lifted restrictions facing the threat of a 4th wave president joe biden's administration is doubling down on backs the nation as the key to ending the pandemic but local outbreaks threaten to do that strategy. john brooks joins us from the c.d.c. the centers for disease control and prevention how would you say the u.s. is coming along there's been a change in leadership a change in the weather but has there been progress in the fight against covert. well i think there has been steady progress in the fight against covert even since
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we began and this is despite 3 waves including a really unprecedented 3rd wave over the holiday season but we're coming down off the back of that wave right now and really getting the numbers down quickly we're not succeeding yet i mean we're making incredible progress but the number of new infections we're seeing in this country remains about what it was during our 2nd wave last summer so what about 50000 new infections a day and 525021000 deaths a day by the numbers murder. promising when you take a look at who's been inoculated a 3rd of the population has got at least one jap that's over 120000000 americans but with the focus on getting people vaccinated what about new restrictions on the economy because there's a new wave of coronavirus cases as you mentioned and hospitals are getting crowded . that's right and this you know we want to reserve using those really most
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difficult decisions of shutting down the economy too when we have to apply them but it's becoming apparent that we may be at a place where in some jurisdictions certain states it may be time to sort of shut down a little bit to gain control over this virus i mean we're in a big race right now all right we are racing against the virus with vaccine and we've got to get the vaccine out as soon as possible we're asking people to hold on a little bit longer we know it's frustrating it's been a rough year people want to get back to the normal life they enjoyed before but we're not done with this race we're not done with the battle we're going to have to hang on to we can really get vaccinations out but joan is that methane shedding for just state officials because in michigan state health director says the government's focusing on getting more people back to native rather than imposing new restrictions on the economy. well it would be wonderful if vaccination took effect immediately but you know it takes a couple of weeks for you to be to benefit from vaccination with the beyond tech
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vaccine is $21.00 days between doses plus another 14 days until you're fully covered but they're seeing a problem right now and to deal with the problem right now you need to cut off the chains of transmission with whatever you have at your disposal and unfortunately at this time the best needs for that would be slowing down on the reopening of society there so which states would you say are getting it right which are getting it wrong because again despite all those vaccinations the 7 day case 48100000 people is it 515 in michigan california is only a 50. that's right and it's interesting it's also very low in i believe states like texas and florida where one might have expected you know that it would be higher so where we don't understand exactly why the rates are different in different states it's probably some combination of the fact that some states have got more vaccine out they have more social distancing measures still in place the government and
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political opinion is aligned with public health so we're all singing from the same songbook we say right that we're all working together and not against each other what about immunity is there going to be a stage where the u.s. will reach that. yeah i mean i have an infectious disease doctor i've been working in this area for 30 years and i'm certain that we will reach herd immunity i just don't know what that number is we'll know it when we get there because there will be a sustained decline and then leveling off of new infections and that will be the point when there's been enough people vaccinated as well unfortunately as people who've recovered from illness that the virus can't find anywhere else to go and that also depends upon whether or not the virus manages to mutate in a in a sudden direction that's absolutely right we're watching that very carefully i mean these mutations concert these variants they're called really concern us a lot and vigilance really matters when viruses vary so we've put in
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i'm sorry go ahead those that think what we're going to say. i think we put into place a very very. large national effort to routinely screen a large number of these viruses out a model sure for variants and to identify those mutations which either make the virus more transmissible may increase the severity or undercuts some of the activity of drugs that we use against the virus ok on on that very topic i wanted to just mention some americans are already getting a 3rd doze which will be used to some people around the world that they're taking part in a study of updated versions of the ct a virus vaccines and they've been tweaked to tackle mutations of the virus a variant is covered in britain just months ago is already the most common version of the corona virus circulating in the united states current back things off a strong protection against these mutations but researches want to be ready to respond to new threats that emerge of course that study is being run by the
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national institute of health and emory university in atlanta i believe john which is where you'll based these sorts of tweaks can be achieved in a matter of weeks it's the regulators that hold back the process by months can and should that be changed. well i think they'll be a lot of urgency to find a pathway forward where we can make these changes these and adopt these regulatory changes as rapidly as we possibly can while of course maintaining the safety of the public will be receiving these vaccines you know we have annual flu vaccination now in that case every year the world health organization and other public health organizations around the world look ahead as to what may be coming but we have a different situation now we have these m r n a vaccines from beyond moderna and other companies that you can custom create the vaccine with m r n
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a relatively quickly and then it takes probably weeks to a few months to get that into production i believe that given the experience of this pandemic we're going to hopefully see regulators moving just as quickly with us. that would be nice to go on. ok can you can you from the is there is there anything else that you can leave us with they give us some sort of hope it is private. well i'll just say this i mean our food and drug administration is the organization in charge of these regulations and they've they have experienced this pandemic just like we have in our agency which is in charge of things related to prevention and i think that there is a strong desire to move forward into this future in a way that we can keep the public safe but respond more fleetly we've had some bad experiences where we weren't able to respond as quickly as we'd like it is clear that that's going to be an important thing in the future both for the city thank
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you very much for joining us today. it's my pleasure. in another setback the united states has recommended putting the johnson and johnson vaccine on hold it's investigating a potential link between the jab and blood clots nearly 7000000 people have received the single dose vaccine in the u.s. clotting was reported in 6 women in the days off the vaccination several countries have also restricted the astra zeneca short of a closing fee is. over to our science correspondent eric williams who has an interesting view a question about the vaccine and hospitalizations. how come people hospitalized with covered 1000 don't get the vaccine couldn't it save their lives no although ongoing research into what are called therapeutic back scenes is fascinating the approved proven vaccines are traditional and in the sense that they aren't therapies if you already have coke at 19 there are
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a measure to prevent you from contracting it in the 1st place or at least ensuring that if you do get the disease it will be a milder case and you won't end up in the hospital the reason the pandemic went global so fast and so on so quickly out of control is because sars could be too was a novel pathogen that no one had been exposed to before a state that experts call being immunologically naive the vaccines now in use basically teach your body that there's a bad bug out there that looks like this so that if it shows up in your nose or throat your immune system is is forewarned and can jump on it quickly but just like it takes time for your immune system to respond if you're infected for real it also takes time to ramp up in immune response to the fake infection that a vaccine simulates a couple of weeks give or take
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a few days depending on the vaccine so so giving someone who has a severe case of the disease a vaccine won't help and could likely do harm that's why trusted health care authorities like the centers for disease control recommend that if you have copd at 19 meenie to wait awhile after your symptoms have completely subside. it before you even begin to consider getting vaccinated. finally surging coronavirus cases in many parts of the world are overshadowing the start of ramadan south asia's nations a battling a spiraling outbreak europe has passed a 1000000 deaths the muslim holy month is a time of avoiding food and drink during the day and coming together for feasts at night both a challenge during the pandemic indonesia has the world's biggest muslim population of people who've been attending socially distance services the most it's islamic
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body now says coded vaccinations do not violate the fast and permissible under the religious law a relief for the government which has been counting on a vaccine drive to tackle the largest number of infections and deaths in southeast asia. thanks for watching say safe and see you again soon. this speech go in doesn't leave any crumbs behind because there's enough plastic lying around in cheek town to one geo is clear enough. for cycling this isn't the corporate fear and education. when kids see the bigger picture they will think they think it over they live. next to.
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the oceans due to your purchasing power simply don't have any apparent to make products to use and plastic and together we can make the world a little bit better. hold on to. recycling as an advertising strategy but is that behind this or is it just green washing. the closer. 16. w. . boy oh boy. carefully. don't get. too didn't.
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discover a. substantial documentary on. the. one welcome to this week's episode of all environmental show it off because i am somebody we know go he is incompetent uganda you don't know this show is a coproduction of shyness to be in nigeria in germany and t.v. here in uganda box i am most alone i am with my co-host create a lens hello chris. i sound draw a big hello to all of us from
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a illegals large area it's good to have you with us for another edition of vironment show with a focus on africa here are some topics coming up today. why biker plus leagues in the world oceans often begin to see. a bunch of bats vacuuming up south africa's beaches. and a spanish on these things and some leaves from the dreams of kids cultures. but 1st we head to west and west songbirds from your rope like to spend the winter months of them migrate to senegal mauritania and for the south of landlocked book in a fossil while the hobby to its increasingly on the threats from intensive farming steal a number of calls a vision they still doing what they can to ensure migratory birds can still find a way to home in sub-saharan africa.
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the fruits of the. tamari news and a good place for red mist. divided a vast c.t. of cheese in a couple or a tummy national park in south and booking a fossil office feathery believing conditions for many species of bugs. never the list but conservationists are concerned migratory bugs from western europe such as the kingfish are becoming increasingly rare. the woman was. saul a very migratory bugs are indicators of the health of an environment today we can see there are fewer and fewer migratory birds here and this is clearly due to their determination of the nature of the hobby to a lot bigger about still not true. just a few kilometers away from the conservation area they had a varsity is a thing of the past only sheer trees as far as the eye can see there was medics
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industry past where she is driving up and farmers like a nice man are profiting from meat booking a fossil is the wall 2nd biggest exporter of shia mounts which are used to make cooking oil and skin products well the idea of going to china is very profitable for us sometimes i see elements but it on more with a bottle of prime. but awareness is leading to a shift in practices now the farmers are starting to restore that is to a diversity and that begins with creating a healthy sort of i'm a jew must son works for a dutch angels which is concerned with the survival of migratory birds to farmers how to make compost from biological west including cow dung unnice leaves the compost is to place officials for the lies as which keep insects an important food source for the bugs. for secure pornography regarded as one who said bellegarde is the protection of drugs but unless the pharmacy direct financial benefits they
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aren't interested that's why we walk to include business aspects in the project. and what the business dark brown group was or. maze for mob frantically money or raiding the number of us out for some time to get them about how can i save a lot of money every year on a petition for to lasers and the food is much more vital now and we are all much healthier or double proper. the engineer convinced him that it'll be better to live through standing in his food he now knows that in heavy rain the topsoil doesn't wash away so easily the roots of the comments for tree hold the soil where. they want to send the water care a lot. of water from a mom i used to remove all their wishes and young trees on my fields now i practice what is called assisted natural restore ration it's simple you cut back weak branches to help the struggle ones grow quickly into
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a tree then it can flower for bees and other insects truck buyers. up with and of all the. movies modern day vasya t.v. that's the idea behind angel a freak bots complained to teach farmers about keeping bill shell from our dentist non-o. also on extra money when i demanded she already has been given a spinster but is happy to have been fresher. how does one use a small car to come billy's home when is it time to harvest the honey nearly patted 1000 farmers have had training in the last year. or the new printer object to fly fast objective is on an environmental level to create biodiversity because bees pollinate fruit trees and trees in general so this pollination will help the trees and in particular it will help if she had trees.
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this year i noticed that the shia tree produced more fruit and banks to a strong nation on really happy to have the builders don't want. older people will continue to plan she attorneys in the future they're more likely to leave other 2 standing allowing more nature to belong and right. it's a prediction we keep hearing shocking every time experts have calculated that by 2050 plus to the oceans well we fish that is correct it is a qualifying prospect and as if the effects of the debris on marine life were but did not come with such as in the case a look at him to let you know that michael duffy would already be having on that one help let's take a look. what's on the menu plastic. bottle cap dim sum. or maybe some lego sushi sounds strange but that is roughly
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equivalent to the amount of microscopic pieces of plastic that we in just over the course of a month 20 kilograms over the course of a lifetime. we do this by simply breathing and drinking water and eating fish the oceans or rivers in particular are full of my correct plastic says malcolm hudson a professor of environmental science he conducts research on the marine pollution from plastic particles those plastic particles if you like a little time bombs waiting to break down smaller after brain absorbed by wildlife or by people and then potentially have harmful consequences. because plastic does not biodegrade it turns up everywhere flooding the beaches and choking marine foreigner and flora plastic production has risen sharply over the past 50 years there are now over 400000000 tonnes worldwide yeah smaller and smaller particles are created by wind and waves friction and sunlight that's so small that they could
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be absorbed into our blood through the stomach researchers see this as a danger to humans experiments with celko. has already shown that large amounts of particles can be toxic. what we can say i think with some certainty is if we carry on at the moment as we're going producing more and more plastic not managing the waste very well eventually we wait for levels where there are thresholds acceded and there are harmful effects on the environment and potentially even on ourselves . the total impact on humans is not yet clear experts fear that the tiny particles could trigger immune reactions overly toxic substances into the body just one more good argument to put an end to our love affair with plastic. that all sounds very worrying plastic can really mess up our world it is bad for the animals and for what's that on skid row won't be getting rid of meat anytime
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soon fortunately a lot of people coming up will be trusting solutions to top of the problem one of them comes from the africa and it is a pretty cool idea it isn't a regional way of getting rid of the micro plastics what awaits out on the beach. there's nothing in this nose you can't go. no item of plastic can escape the jaws of this giant vacuum tina crisscrosses use in what's called the enviro buggy to collect rubbish in the tree in cape town's beaches the conservation is to works with the organization see the big picture which developed the prototype a couple of years ago every day an estimated 100000 tonnes of plastic a found in south africa's many beaches that's a lot to clean up according to chris sprouse the beach cleaner can even suck up
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a stick that tickles just one minute he says small a special cvs system separates the sun from the past. even with 100 people on the branch we weren't really making we weren't making as much of an impact as we could regarding the micro plastics our 1st came about trying to make that micro plaster collection a lot more efficient and quicker process and these n.g.o.s recently joined forces with a local recycling company on the outskirts of cape town. to full use sought out various items into recyclable materials some 20 people on shift every day given the rubbish not classified as recyclable can be put to good use. this is a make or break here so it's all the plastics that cannot be really used to research purposes to recycle go into one of these. compressed as best they can and
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used as a building material in local building projects and around the community. other initiatives start it's an early stage they concentrate on rivers the community of marina del gamma responded to see resolved nets with different sizes to catch plastic along waterways before it gets to the ocean. peter ryan. a marine plastic researcher at the university of cape town estimates that between 60 percent and 90 percent of marine plastic on the beaches that's a ride fire was always like this one just standing here we can see all of this rubbish coming down the canal here this is the major source of letter that we're concerned about in an urban setting in south africa so poorly managed waste on land getting into waste water systems and being carried down into the sea and initiatives like this where we're actually intercepting this letter before it gets into the sea or starting to make
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a significant difference. for the north in the townships outside johannesburg these volunteers are unemployed locals they're removing plastic waste from literature apps positioned in the head office with. good man in charge explains that mountains of plastic that accumulates in the space of just 2 weeks. to start with their mates in the rainy season run stock exchange and the ranch and in fact in the winter a lot of stuff gets. put on dumps and done just that sort of stuff it's washed down the red sea so it keeps on the whole summer but it will stop its beginnings trying to stop it. not only is the engineer working to be the hang ups of waste is looking into some of the main pinchy beaches off the pollution and back at the ocean the mission to see the bigger picture encourages young people to get involved
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studies in south africa have shown that on the clean up to nearly 90 percent of the plastic latrine the beach east can be collected still even that is only a 1st step once we can teach them the dangers of mating plastics and they all think that they kill where they live and we'll try to stop that spade at the source so instead of. doing things on the road or outside on the beach will actually be allowed to dispose of everything properly. crisscross and his team currently operating the enviro body it's been already do the work of about 30 people the plan is to start producing the machine and ultimately return south africa's beaches so the once pristine condition. while those images remind us that we really need to keep up the fight against plastic what should we all tend to throw we all
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too much stuff the can actually be explained. you're absolutely right sandra kahlil silva from cape verde. is come up with a clever way for using cooking. in case their day one entrepreneur is seeking to clean up the environment one bar of soap at a time. tara very day is an ecological soul which carla silver makes using vegetable oils green clay flour and other ingredients. he tries to source most of the ingredients locally. in ways only. 8 years ago i started out producing soap from cooking oil. could be used to wash dishes and later i began making this eco soap for people to use in the shower.
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silva's desire to help the environment a motivation to move to produce an ecologically sustainable cosmetic products. everything we use ends up in the sewer which will then contaminate the rivers oceans and groundwater. silver has now also measured parts of the production process. even the machinery uses. made from recycled materials. he can now use more bars in much less time. used to take me a town was to make a batch now it's only 3 a lot of the steps are all automated now. carlos silva hopes to sell his terra they had a soap on the internet.


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