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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2021 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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11 the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks well here with me in the studio is the correspondent peter's a man who has reported extensively from afghanistan knows the country intimately and from washington chief in this poll we are waiting for the president to speak momentarily is want to give you the 1st word if i may let's talk about this deadline very very symbolic very poignant but we've seen deadlines before said by previous administrations they've come and gone is this a hard deadline. well you know like i we have to be very precise because some people really especially here in the united states are criticizing this deadline saying that it was kind of give the winning the last window of the endless war to the tally of what. biden probably will. in the next couple of minutes or so is that he will have withdrawn all droops by
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september 11th that means they saw probably earlier and it's not that they wait until this very day this is when they will be finally out of the country now some to want to get the afghan perspective now for you because you know if they hear this deadline in terms of the taliban who were more or less engaged in peace conferences in peace talks that were taking you know months and months and months with making no headway what is the incentive for them to engage in any peace plan now that you know the u.s. basically said you know no strings attached we're out of here i mean that's basically one of the reactions that we saw yesterday the spokesperson for the taliban office in qatar literally tweeted it just a few always after the announcement we are not going to take part in the scheduled eastern conference which is supposed to happen on april 24th which was supposed to accelerate the doha process where peace talks at the moment are stalled but it
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seems very unlikely that this conference is moving ahead as scheduled as planned so yes there is at the moment no real incentive but an exchange of prisoners that's still something that the taliban want the sanctions being lifted against them they're still in place plus also i mean they want money and international recognition but that's the last bit of leverage as far as i can see it and you know in terms of bipolar bipartisan support for this decision by president biden you know does it enjoy universal backing anyone arguing against what the by an administration seems to have decided. well you know you still hear applause and criticism from both sides of the political aisle i mean we mentioned the figures earlier this is the longest war in the history of the united states with trillions of. dollars spent more than 2000 american servicemen.
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and many many. afghan people injured and killed during this war so people here are really tired of this war and they understand that the foreign policy has to move on but on the other hand sure you also find people who criticize the withdrawal for the reasons just money kind of just pointed out because the big question is what will happen to the afghan people and sure the majority of americans probably doesn't care so much about it but there are still many who do care about the civilians in afghanistan let's talk about the people of afghanistan sander you know you have reported extensively from from afghanistan as i started our conversation saying you have contacts there you have you know people there what are they telling you you know after they've heard this decision i mean yesterday when that news broke i was messaging with friends and sources in afghanistan and
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literally everyone told me please don't quote me because i'm scared and i said well can you keep still she assented with me and between all of them especially the women said we are so so so scared and we don't know what's going to happen this feels suffocating all the gains might just slip through our hands and what kind of country will it be when the international troops have left so there is a great sense of abandonment almost they feel like you know we for you you know we supposed to to you we followed your ideas and now you're just out and. what does it leave because we don't know at this very moment if that islamic republic which is in place now with an elected government with a parliament where there is a female quota of 25 percent whether or not that will survive whether the constitution which has democratic principles will survive or what kind of islamic
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state we will get when the taliban do we turn to power which seems like a likely scenario if he's in a power sharing set up. we're going to we're going to take a moment because i'm told that president biden will be slightly delayed so we're continue our conversations with both of you as soon as we find out when that press conference gets under way for now thank you both so much for waiting and we'll continue our conversation later now africa's biggest economy is also one of its biggest nigeria is home to the largest number of very poor people in the world and a 3rd of the country's labor force is without employment or working only a few hours a week what's more the coronavirus pandemic has made matters even worse. queues for fuel formed across nigeria recently over fears of more gasoline price hikes a leader of gas costs more than $169.00 jeery an ira that's $0.35 per liter while
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that may sound cheap in many countries it's a record high price here and a major blow to cash strapped nigerians who sought cheap petro has one of the few tangible benefits they get from their dysfunctional leadership it's set in disheartening honestly it's not encouraging it's weed the poor masses that are suffering they don't feel anything about it. the government of limited costly petrol subsidies last year in the face of a coronavirus budget crunch authorities almost doubled the cost of electricity from $33.00 to $60.00 nairo per kilowatt the policy change has hurt this embroider and printing company which uses a prepaid electricity plan known as neighbor cards. does up the cost of production of lead before now we. hear this but it's just what this business before know has been like most 200000 every month and if i thought would
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tell you it was fun if most of you know that. 2000 and up at the cost of production . due to the rise in prices of petrol power and many groceries inflation is at a 4 year high in nigeria and attempts to diversify the economy away from oil have largely failed while corruption is rampant. this is a blow to politically the sheep that prices is identical steps. we don't understand in duties and obligations the will to do less is a fleeting as is simply it was inflicting months in when putting on an age of yes why the busy day in the expense of. unemployment has more than quadrupled over 5 years now every 3rd nigerian is without work and. those who have a job oftentimes don't get paid for months nigerians are finding themselves in an increasingly dire situation with discontent simmering demonstrations that draw
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attention to these problems are bubbling over. when i tell you about the other stories making headlines around the world we're going to fast those exiled former presidents ablaze comp aurore has been charged with complicity in the murder of his predecessor comparable hat will have to stand trial in connection with the killing of thomas son karr. ousted in a 1987 coup the circumstances behind some cars death have been shrouded in secrecy . iran says it will start enriching uranium up to 60 percent purity a big step towards weapons grade uranium tehran with the announcement 2 days after an explosion it blames on israel hit a key nuclear facility the islamic republic denies it seeking to build a nuclear bomb or go out to. south korea has condemned neighboring japan's plan to release treated radioactive water from the fukushima nuclear plant in 2 years' time
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so has asked officials to explore possible international litigation against japan but tokyo says disposing of the water into pacific ocean is safe and essential in order to decommission fukushima. it is the liquor known to lubricate the wheels of big business in china mao tie a famous brand of chinese the still spirit is the preferred drink for high powered communist party officials and features regularly in private gatherings while that closeness to the party only gives the company that produces it advantages when it comes to expanding its business interests as mitty's belling are reports from china . normally expose this crime and corruption cases now the investigative journalist is on his way to china's most famous for 2. you know you can already smell the alcohol here that much of the southern chinese town of multis also the name of the liquor produced here the
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multi-disciplinary is china's most valuable company with more than the country's biggest back china's political elite is partial to it and us some of the bottles cost several $100.00 euros you says they are the perfect gift to greeks that we did your talent b.r.c. corrupt officials prefer multimeters they only drink the most expensive brands and this alcohol is the most expensive and their love for it lets the prices rise even more. jaguar just to walk into. the lake effect or it takes up large swaths of multi-ton and many more are trying to profit from the big name within sight of the state owned giant is the distillery a family business. customers and people in the industry know that there's a limit to the production capacity of matai that's where we come in the government lets us follow the lead of the mt i company and profit from them and that brings in
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some wealth to us people here. of what. his company uses the same distilling techniques the grain is ferment it in earth it's that it's giving the pungent aroma minnes and of soy sauce many people outside of china find hard to swallow. that mashes fermented in a dry state during the distillation process steam passes through the mash and releases. says the liquor mostly to individuals as well as companies they produce special editions for weddings and company and inverse readings. the intimate relationship between china's communists and the spicy liquor began in the 1930 s. when communist troops hid in the area from their nationalist adverse raise. after they came to power. they turned the factory into a state owned enterprise so it could provide them with. robots i'm going to get
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procreated the factory. and the owner who refused to hand over his business was executed for. these close links to the ready lead have called whose attention he's been tipped off that mo time also produces in a neighboring town a violation of through was on geographic origin so he goes to take a look. he finds the company is constructing vast production facilities there. near him and nobody cares what they do here it's as if the government agencies which should control him don't exist. it's another piece of evidence for the book he is planning to write on china's most valuable company. chew turned on chin in and stayed home that's what millions of music lovers have been doing since the corner is found and 1st
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took hold last year well while music streaming services that received a boost so have more traditional formats and spain's capital madrid the 1st new vinyl factory has opened in more than 2 decades vinyl sounds so much better than digital that's what you hear when you ask any person and this record store in much of it and that it stimulates multiple senses not just the ears when things are going on with violence like cinema in the end you can only see one song or otherwise you'd close yourself off in the end vinyl helps to discover more music in the us sales of vinyl already outnumber c.d.'s it's thought that europe will follow suit yet it's often difficult to find the bands and music you like on vinyl that's why when you lopez decided to press his own l. fees and charges passion for nostalgic sound and to a business. what kind of was dying. of a contact at the groups that we like the labels that have some of the artists who
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would like to tell them we would like to do vinyl additions or even reissue old records. you know that has caught on they will. with concerts and festivals canceled following lockdowns records can remind audio files of the golden age of music many rock soul and jass classics were recorded on vinyl not cd however it's still a nice market when you factor in streaming and down low it's vinyl just makes up 3.6 percent of music consumption however small the impact of rising lp sales on the music industry bottom line is this 100 year old technology with a modern twist is giving music lovers a vintage experience and these trying times 2001 u.s. president is speaking let's take a listen to. it former nation the united states military has begun strikes on terrorist training camps in afghanistan it was just weeks just weeks after the
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terrorist attack on our nation that killed 2977 innocent souls that turn lower manhattan into a disaster area destroyed part of the pentagon and made hallowed ground in a field in shanksville pennsylvania and sparked an american promise that we would never forget went to afghanistan in 2001 to root out al qaeda to read future terrorist attacks against the united states planned from afghanistan our objective was clear the cause was just our nato allies and partners rallied beside us and i supported that military action along with the overwhelming majority of the members of congress more than 7 years later in 2008 weeks before we swore the oath of office president obama and i were about to swear president.


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