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tv   Wenn die Nahrung knapp wird  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] player . play. this is e.w. news live from berlin prominent democracy activists in hong kong and jail terms and suspended sentences they are the latest in a string of anti establishment figures to face the courts over their goals in one of the city's largest ever protests we will call live to our correspondent. also coming up intensive care workers in germany are sending one distress call after
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another that is what chancellor angela merkel told lawmakers urging them to consider granting her the power to impose tougher restrictions in germany's tend to make fight and sometimes when times are tough what you need the most is a hug is touching photo captures what has been a dramatic year for thousands of images that could tell the story of the pandemic this one to the top prize at the world press photo contest you will hear from the photographer. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. some of hong kong's most prominent democracy campaigners have been sentenced for their roles in the 2019 antigovernment protests media tycoon jimmy lie has just been handed a 2nd jail term of 8 months he'd already received
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a 12 month sentence for an authorised assembly during the demonstrations meanwhile mark lee who is 82 and known as hong kong's father of democracy has been given an own levon month suspended sentence almost 1700000 people took part in pro-democracy marches in the city back in 2019. and we have correspondent if you become who is standing by with a view from hong kong live for us now you tell us the sentence is just been handed down what more do we know. i'm now standing at chicago feuding where the judge just kind of now or the sentences what can you leaving figures of the opposition came and the last trip a crowd that's now by chanting coach paso county expressed their support to the challenge they found that was as you have mentioned in the reports that she lied to me that tycoon will have to go to show for board in the year that he was sent to
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school 2 cases about his throat and the and authorize assembly back in august 29th 2000 total with a change he has to serve 18 months in shows just for 2 just for these 2 cases and conduct that among the 10 defendants 5 of them were given suspended sentences that means that although the judge thinks that and present is the only option but offer a suspended sentence for them to carry on so. this is the main conclusion of this is that the sentence we accept today is a little bit out of expectation is a little bit caution and upset. yes and others as you can expect that because this is a charge. not regarding the national security but rather less serious charges among other public other charges but still with the just think that she hopes to send a deterrent to the society and to others like
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a possible friend of the similar charges in the future. ok so if it's being viewed as a signal and just to let our viewers know you've actually been looking at live pictures there i mean we see the scenes outside of the courthouse what is the reaction there there's a lot going on behind you. yes definitely and i just now i'm like walking out of the cochran right after the judge have finished sentencing a lot of supporters inside a cook been shouted and chanted slogans are to support the defendants most of them have already been detained today they want to show support before they were taken away to prison maybe for to disappear from the public eye and from a certain period of time and the defendants themselves to some of them they respond to by chanting slogans like peaceful rallies it's not the crime that we have spoke
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to some of the activists who have come here to attend a hearing today they say this is. literally a chilling effect that were imposed to the society because the charges the conviction in a sentence we're talking about today is about a peaceful protest that definitely send a chilling fact to our to the peaceful protesters who want to organize rallies 7 without permission from the police. to be called in hong kong thank you. and there are so many concerns about what these sentences mean for democracy in hong kong because we just spoke with there who she had the opportunity to speak with one defendant the former chairman. of the hong kong democratic party about how he sees the increasing crackdown on dissent. a silver medal awarded to young song by the government for his political work it was something this former
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lawmaker felt proud of but 12 years later it seems to represent a hong kong that's been lost time to cover been a beating. us to. follow him and approach to hong kong try to as my country my home cause my home to love your country doesn't mean you love a certain political regime your own song was one of 10 defendants found guilty of all going izing or attending marches in 2019 during massive anti-government protests many opposition icons of his generation now sentenced for the 1st time this is just the 1st of 6 charges against young saw him the 73 year old has taught at the university of hong kong for decades while also engaging in politics in court she was the only defendant to read out his submission in person. as
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a civil disobedience beauty but i don't feel remorse because i don't think i have done anything wrong and so i don't be picky my pace and. go for appeal in prison. won't be a surprise to me. your own son calls himself a moderate who hoped for democracy under chinese rule but that hasn't happened before hong kong's handover from britain to china. and fellow activists martin lee set up the democratic party they were among the 1st lawmakers directly elected to voice dissent in the chamber and pay. the way for hong kong's party politics but now the national security law and intellectual overhaul are making it difficult for opposition parties to even survive for a typical really prepares you just to be worth all the praise of democracy we have
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managed over the past and the few years so this is a big retreat of democracy and on call is it world argues time for you action again i'm thinking about the politics i think is a big question of whether we go back to the place of group politics that i did like in 78. the fight of his generation may soon become history but he doesn't think that efforts will have been in vain or history is so full of stock was. never the same gauge myself on politics and i don't think i would leave hong kong at all democracy and not just about the party politics not as about the world but also just how it affects our ways of living but i was to insist on the russian or peaceful approach and i think this is the way to solve the problem in the long run . so middle east democratic values are now deeply rooted in hong kong's culture
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his fight isn't over yet. and we can tell you that young sonne the former chairman of the hong kong democracy party featured in that report has been given an 8 months to spend that sentence he is facing 5 additional charges as we speak now with steve sang he is a political scientist and the director of the so us china institute in london one of the world leading centers of expertise on china steve thank you so much for joining us what does what we have been witnessing today mean for the hong kong pro-democracy movement. finally it is a very sad day for all kong democracy movement is not unexpected i think. on the steep side sentences really have been generally expected and it is i think a judge was trying to do a bit of a balance between and causing
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a lot nikolay and allowing some of the sentenced people to have suspended sentences but still it is to send a very clear message to many people in hong kong that peaceful demonstrations are no longer tolerate. and i mean we have had developments we have to say you know since these charges were leveled since this trial and i'm thinking about the other pro-democracy cases which are now pending in the courts for example the nearly 50 activists that have been charged with subversion in february under the new national security law when you look at these most recent charges what do you think we can expect there and what does that say about the direction that hong kong is going at . now decreases that was sentenced today were traunch not under the new national security law and therefore could be. calibrated much
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more in terms of how the hong kong traditional judicial systems operate. those new cases are being charged under the national security role on mikey's to be sentenced much more harshly the whole arrangement under the national security law is such that only judges who are expected to understand what the chinese government wants to be done under the national security law will be allowed to seek and precisely over those cases and therefore we can expect those cases to be sentenced in gary hart where he's against the defendants i think the results are almost vocal in conclusion wow you think it's you think if that definitive that's really incredible to hear i'd like to also ask you you know about these efforts to have so-called only patriots in the legislative council tell us
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a little bit more about what you think about that and you know what it means for one country 2 systems you know it means the end of the one country 2 systems as the term was being understood in hong kong historically or by the rest of the world also and or china. it doesn't is the end of one country 2 systems as to chinese government understands it because the chinese government understanding is that whatever the chinese come and say says one country 2 systems anyway. now in terms of the. future of all. around him and your home com i think we have to accept that the national security law was introduced to make sure that there is no more democracy movement in hong kong and a democracy in hong kong in the future will be democracy which the careerist expect of the chinese communist party which basically means that. every person who try to
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stand will have to be vetted and being deemed as subtable by the communist party or the chinese government and on that basis then you can have a free. and open election but if you are not pre-approved by the communist party then there is a bit of a problem while political scientists and the director of so as china institute in london thank you so much for joining us to share that expertise on what is really a historic day for hong kong we appreciate your insight you're welcome. well police say that a few people have been killed in a shooting in the u.s. city of indianapolis local media say that several more have been taken to hospitals in the area police responded to reports of shots fired at a fed ex facility on the southwest side of the city near indiana indianapolis international airport the police have confirmed that the gunman is dead and said
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that they do not believe that the general public is in immediate danger. after a preliminary search of the grounds inside a now. we have located age people at the scene with injuries consistent to gunshot wounds. those 8 were pronounced the ceased here at the scene. it is very heart breaking and you know in there was not promptly stuff partment the officers responded to came in they went in and they did their job and a lot of them are kind of faces because this is a site that no one should ever have to see. and here are some other stories making headlines chicago police have released the body cam footage of the moment that a police officer shot and killed 13 year old boy adam to ledo the police said that the teenager had a gun a lawyer for the boy's family said that he had compiled with jim complied with
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demands excuse me to show his hands when he was shot. japan's prime minister yoshihiko suga has arrived in the united states for talks with president biden he will be the 1st foreign leader to visit the biden white house and per cent japanese foreign policy commentator say that china will be the main topic under discussion. and china's economy grew rapidly in the 1st 3 months of 2021 as it recovered from a pandemic induced slump the total value of goods and services china produced jumped by at least 18 percent compared with the same period last year. while europe is in the midst of an intensive 3rd wave in the corona virus pandemic in france more than 100000 people have now died from cove at 19 meanwhile germany is seeing its largest rise in new infections since early january that's despite vaccinations picking up pace new national controls have been approved by the
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country's cabinet but they could take another week to pass through the parliament doctors and health officials are pleading for immediate action. on germany's intensive care ward the 3rd wave looks like more than 29000 new coded 19 cases were reported on thursday the highest number since early january doctors are warning that in parts of the country only 10 percent of intensive care beds around filled the head of germany's public health institute is alone. just the reason yet it is clear that we need to act now on all levels above all the decision makers need to take action we need to reduce our contacts now break the infection chain now and save lives and the health of many people. but not all decision makers share that sense of urgency in particular some regional leaders have been reluctant to implement tough restrictions now chancellor merkel is introducing
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a change in the law to grant the central government temporary powers to enforce lock downs in areas with high infections but even for the health minister this could be too little too late. i already said a week ago that we needed extra measures and that we needed to take firm action time is not on our side and everyone already has the option to be taking measures they need not wait for the law to be finalized but. the new nationwide regime mandates school closures and contact restrictions when infection rates hit defined levels much of the public support staff action but critics say the focus is too much on limiting personal freedoms for instance with the proposed introduction of night turn curfews. much of my doubt a lot of people of my age will just meet at home in secret curfews won't get this
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under control people will meet privately this dimension i've got to that's my guess and i don't like it you can't do that with people marking that's you know it's. all i also like to be outside and meet people but i think we just need to shut things down for 4 weeks and. do you need those you didn't follow the rules before won't listen to these new lows but those you didn't bury feel they're being treated like foals. restrictions in some parts of germany have been life for much of the pandemic but as long as a tightened people here having to face the fact that coronavirus not only costs lives it corrodes liberty as well. a lot of debate over whether to grant the central government more powers for pandemic management is currently playing out in the german bundestag earlier chancellor angela merkel made her case to members of parliament them enough to write. to me if we've learned a lesson 13 months into the pandemic it's this. that's
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a virus doesn't forgive any half heartedness it only makes things worse. the virus doesn't forgive hesitation it just makes everything last longer. the virus doesn't accept any negotiations it understands only one language the language of determination for deputy political correspondent linda crane is at the bundestag. where are we likely to see today germany making finally the steps that public health officials and doctors have been requesting. well the chancellor made quite a passionate case for the draft law in its current form of the government had initially hoped for action by the end of this week but there will not be a vote here today we're almost certainly going to see revisions proposed to the current draft politicians here are saying it will take at least another week for it
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to pass both houses of parliament and even then some of the provisions including those curfew restrictions could wind up facing challenges in the courts coming in fact from one of the opposition parties so still some time to get this law passed where one year into this why do things stand right now when it comes to consensus among the country's leaders with how to proceed. there are still a lot of differences of opinion 1st of all just because of german federalism as we heard in the report until now the country's infectious disease laws have placed much of the responsibility for pandemic management in the hands of the federal states and because infection conditions and rates as well as politics vary considerably across different regions we have seen a lot of discrepancies in the way that the states interpret the rules especially the emergency brake that would tighten restrictions when infections surge and then
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there's also and we could hear this in the debate here today a great deal of justified concern about incursions on personal freedoms particularly incursions that result from a drastic measure like a curfew the chancellor in her remarks talked about the proportionality of such rules the need for a balance between burdens and benefits but drafting proportional rules can sometimes veer off into micro regulation and hairsplitting and we're hearing some of that too in the debate it's interesting to see that among the broader population there's actually quite a bit of consensus with many people still supporting tighter restrictions one infection search and even on the curfew and maybe we can take a quick look at the statistics on this a slim majority of germans absolutely would support a curfew especially members of mainstream political parties 46 percent however have questions about
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a curfew. brain chief political correspondent thank you. the u.n. is warning of a large life a long lasting humanitarian crisis in kabul delgado in northernmost more than 600000 people have been displaced in recent years as a result of attacks by islamist militias of the god was once a remote. chorused destination but the situation there has turned volatile a seat of his adriaan crayfish reports fall. from the air the islands off more than beaks northern coasts look like paradise but life on the ground is increasingly difficult ebor is one of the last islands that have been spared from islamist attacks a flood of refugees has more than doubled its population in just a few months
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a united nations 8 mission isn't able to feed everyone yeah . i know. that we've been here since 7 in the morning and haven't gotten anything i don't know what they tell us they all have their roots down now and minus what should i do now know like you you're what i think you are. not so i was lucky enough to receive some rice flour corn and cooking oil terror groups have attacked her home village on the mainland twice and want everyone to me but the villagers had nowhere to go then the attackers came a search time. once don't be so if you are going to live bunton just chopped off wondrous in his head when no resistance might be a lie even everyone has to watch even the jew has none to do with it i decide. now marie lives in the hut with her 3 children she has adopted another child who
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had lost his parents on the way yeah. for. the next day we started for the neighboring island of cuba the u.n. food program has also plans a mission here. that the island's government administrator helps with distributing food that's critical for survival here. in the crisis almost everyone here lives from this isn't about the refugees are from the mainland they have problems and yet this without. the details. about 4000 people lived on this island before insurgency now is more than 10000 people was thousands of displaced people leaving the mainland and coming here in the past months looking for a safe place to stay just that this isn't exactly a safe place last year terrorists attacked the island pillaging it and killing 2
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villages so terrorists could have 30 islanders mainly gilts couple to gado province people are worried about more attacks most feel helpless against the terrorists and so far not a single soldier has been stationed here on the island. how do you capture a year's worth of motion trauma anxiety and loss of a single photograph all judges of the world's press photo contests have selected the one image that they say tells the story of the unforgettable year that was 2020 it was taken by a danish photographer and it portrays the power of human touch. the many aspects of the corona virus pandemic top photographers around the world captured their impressions of exhausted caregivers people dying alone social distancing and loneliness. the winning photograph shows an 85
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year old woman receiving her 1st hug after 5 months isolation and her son apollo nursing home through a plastic curtain which happens to resemble an angel's wings. she had the jury viewed this photograph as one of the pandemics few positive images this picture suggests vulnerability loss grief and death but above all survival and. brazil has been especially hard hit by the pandemic 350000 people have already died there nursing homes were closed off for months to protect residents. and the split of a 2nd that we see the images we feel. how it must be it's good that all the person get a sense of. what unites us the jury looks through nearly 75000 images. but disposable surgical mask even made its way into the winning photo in
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the nature category. a quick reminder of our top story prominent hong kong pro-democracy figure and media tycoon jimmy life has been sentenced to a year in prison for his role in the 2019 antigovernment protests 82 year old mark foley known as hong kong's father of democracy received a suspended sentence. up next business news with monica jones i'm sorry kelly and
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thanks for watching. to the point. clear position some international perspective of. russia's military buildup on the border to ukraine is the largest $114.00 accounting station of crimea the u.s. and europe are urging russia to stand down russia or ukraine crisis what does putin want to. find out what's going on to the point. of being 60 minutes on the d
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w. until my last drop of my big meeting 77 percent takes on modern slavery shedding light on the feet of men in new jersey and women in the middle being obscene thats what men who wear tread softly on the source things of prostitution they are stories told on she forced me into think straight. and exclusive edition of the 77 percent starts in april 17th on t w. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from we established itself. both religious and secular leaders more eager to display their power. to trace the games.
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and create the tallest biggest most beautiful structure. stone masons builders architects compete with each other. this is how massive churches are created. contest the feel good. story. on d w. 18.3 percent that's china's g.d.p. growth for the 1st quarter it marks the biggest jump since china began its quarterly valuation some 30 years ago we get some analysis from our correspondents also coming up japanese fishermen are frustrated by tokyo's decision to release treated water from the fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea they fear it will


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