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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2021 3:03pm-3:30pm CEST

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the founders were given suspended sentences. and that includes march ileus you have mentioned in the report 11 months joe term a suspension of 24 months and also mark but now the whole many of them are lawyers and barristers and also former lawmaker say you know that's just nature so. i think the reaction on the ground has been pretty expected that people expect that they will face are not lenient sentences given the current political climate but the length of the imprisonment is a little bit out of expectation and it was quite a scene at the courthouse where you were standing earlier in the day to just walk us through what you've been witnessing today. yes this cases have been put on the spotlight in hong kong not only at the local level but also the international communities are still very concerned about the restart of these cases at that point their permits from western countries and
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including you the european governments they sent representatives here today on to attend a hearing and observe the results of the part and a lot of supporters but talking about. thousands of supporters from the opposition came show up here and they are swiss inside the courtroom and chant a slogan for it that owsley and fairy we can say that certainly after the sentence is that they want to cheer up the church defenders and was and in response to that some of the chose to defend as they are told to supporters to hang in and insisted that there's no nothing criminal to our all denies he saw assemblies even those without police permission to be put this into the bigger context for us i mean this is a dark day today for the pro-democracy movement talk with us about other efforts and how things have been going. yes this is and not
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a major setback after opposition came because all these defendants but talking about i don't know symbolic icons of the back a strong start off democracy movement in hong kong that they represented see this people society and various fronts including the media the legal sacked the whole of the pope at the foot of a political sector that they were. literally the pictures of the haute camp but now today the caught want to censor deterrence to the whole society that the court is not going to tolerate similar kind of those fans even though they are dissipating in a few seoul rallies and their conviction and also the sentences were in fact other similar cases that many of the defenders and now also facing multiple charges often lie about unauthorized assembly and illegal assembly charges that pending conviction that these results wait may affect the sentence of the similar case says
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that even though for those who didn't have to go to cho today they are expecting that's any time soon they will have to be sentenced to jail because of other charges that they are facing here because in hong kong thank you. and we have the opportunity to speak with one defendant the former chairman of the hong kong democratic party about how he sees the increasing crackdown on dissent. a silver medal awarded to young song by the government for his political work it was something this former lawmaker felt proud of but 12 years later it seems to represent a hong kong that's been last time the central government agreed. to. i thought my. approach to hong kong time is my country home cause my whole.
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to love your country doesn't mean you love a certain political regime young so much one of 10 defendants found guilty of all going izing or attending marches in 2019 during massive anti-government protests many opposition icons of his generation now sentenced for the 1st time this is just the 1st of 6 charges against your. the 73 year old has taught at the university of hong kong for decades while also engaging in politics in court he was the only defendant to read out his submission in person as a civil disobedience per beauty but i don't feel remorse because i don't think i have done anything wrong and so i don't be picky my case to. go for appeal in prison. will be
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a surprise to me. young son calls himself a moderate who hoped for democracy under chinese rule but that hasn't happened before hong kong's handover from britain to china you saw him and fellow activists martin lee set up the democratic party they were among the 1st lawmakers directly elected to voice dissent in the chamber and paved the way for hong kong's party politics but now the national security law and intellectual overhaul are making it difficult for opposition parties to even survive. typical really to impress me just to be worth all the praise of democracy we have managed over the past 50 years so this is a big retreat of democracy you know and call it world argues time for you action again i've been talking about the politics i think is a big question of whether we go back to the pressure group politics i did like in 70. 5 of his generation may soon become history but he doesn't think that
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efforts will have been in vain all history is so full of struck oath to never be said gauge myself on politics and i don't think i would leave hong kong at all democracy in martyr's about a party politics voters about the world but also just how it affects our ways of living my life through instance of the russian law peaceful approach and i think this is the way to solve the problem in the long run. so member leaves democratic values are now deeply rooted in hong kong culture his fight isn't over yet. and we can tell you that young song the former chairman of the hong kong democratic party featured in that report has been given a suspended sentence he has now left the court but is still facing 5 other charges . for some other stories making news several people have been killed in
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a shooting in the u.s. city of indianapolis police responded to reports of shots fired at a fed ex facility on the southwest side of the city near indianapolis international airport police have confirmed that the gunman is dead. chicago police have released body cam footage of the moment that a police officer shot and killed a 13 year old boy adam to later. the police said that the teenager had a gun a lawyer for the boy's family said that he had complied with demands to show his hands when he was shot. french president emanuel of ma kong is hosting his ukrainian counterpart followed amir's olinsky in paris for talks on escalating tension with russia they will be joined on video by german chancellor angela merkel russia's recent military buildup along the border with ukraine has sparked fears that it may be preparing an invasion. of iran says that it has begun
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in virtue uranium at 60 percent its highest level ever the move brings it closer to the purity needed for the production of a nuclear weapon it comes after a suspected israeli attack on a key plant that has cast a shadow on talks aimed at reviving tehran's nuclear deal with world powers. the head of the world health organization has sounded the alarm saying that covert 19 cases around the world are rising at worrying rates at a press briefing the deputy director general warns that steep increases are being seen even in countries where widespread outbreaks were previously avoided around the world cases and is continuing to increase rates globally the number of new cases but we cause nearly double over the past 2 months
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. this is approaching the highest rate of infection that we have seen so far during the pandemic. and europe is in the middle of an intense 3rd wave in the koran a virus pandemic in france more than 100000 people have now died from cofa 19 meanwhile germany is seeing its largest rise in new infections and so early january of despite vaccinations picking up place new national controls have been approved by the country's cabinet but they could take another week or so to pass the parliament doctors and health officials are pleading for a media action. on germany's intensive care ward this is what the 3rd wave looks like more than 29000 new coded 19 cases were reported on thursday the highest number since early january doctors are warning that in parts of the country only 10 percent of intensive care bans around filled the head of germany's public health institute is alone because the recent yet still good it is clear that we need to
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act now on all levels above all the decision makers need to take action we need to reduce our contacts now break the infection chain now and save lives in the health of many people feeling that. but not all decision makers share that sense of urgency in particular some regional leaders have been reluctant to implement tough restrictions now chancellor merkel is introducing a change in the law to grant the central government temporary powers to enforce lockdowns in areas with high infections. but even for the health minister this could be too little too late. i already said a week ago that we needed extra measures and that we needed to take firm action time is not on our side and everyone already has the option to be taking measures they need not wait for the law to be finalized but. the new nationwide regime
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mandates school closures and contact restrictions when infection rates hit defined levels much of the public support staff action but critics say the focus is too much on limiting personal freedoms for instance with the proposed introduction of night turn curfews. a lot of people of my age will just make it home in secret curfews won't get this under control people will meet privately this dimension i think. that's my guess and i don't like it you can't do that with people marking that's you know it's. all i also like to be outside and meet people but i think we just need to shut things down for 4 weeks and. those who didn't follow the rules before won't listen to these new laws but those who did a very feel they're being treated like foals restrictions in some parts of germany have been light for much of the pandemic but as laws are tight and people here
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having to face the fact that coronavirus not only costs lives it corrodes liberty as well. well that debate over whether to grant the central government more powers for pandemic management is currently playing out in the german bundestag earlier chancellor merkel made her case to the members of parliament them enough that i've seen more if we've learned a lesson 13 months into the pandemic it's this. that's a virus doesn't forgive any half heartedness it only makes things worse. the virus doesn't forgive hesitation it just makes everything last longer. the virus doesn't accept any negotiations it understands only one language the language of determination and for more i'm joined now by since he is general secretary of the german society of medical intensive and emergency medicine and chief of internal medicine at the st antonia hospital in the city of thank you so much for joining us
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this afternoon what is the situation right now in your hospital compared to say 6 months ago and how is your staff coping. it's the same with 6 months we've flora's 8 months before we are all rooting on a higher level of trust. because we have to treat overnighted patients but also we have to treat patients without covenants and with quite sick so this is a mixture of cover 19 patients and nonpublic patients and at the moment the increasing numbers here in near to cologne and overall germany puts a very big pressure load on the ice use you just reported it and in some areas there are only 5 to 7 percent 3 i.c.u. bit that is not enough for example in cologne 5 percent 3 i assume as this
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means 20 beds for is city of 1000000 inhabitants for if to demerge and see that it's really not enough and there must be there must be taken very strong measures to get the infection rates down let's talk a little bit more about those very strong measures and i hear the sense of urgency in your voice we know that the chancellor said today the virus does not forgive hesitation and yet one year into this pandemic things appear to have gone from bad to worse how high is your hope that politicians will now act decisively. i think at the moment we see that many of the response of politicians they got the message the message we pronounced and of you of 20 that is false from not for weeks and months we told them to get very well measures like strict lockdown to get to smoothen the current to get the curve down nobody. to us and all
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they realize and that's good that they realize that the pressure with very sick people is increasing and that means not only sick people cope with 19 patients on ice use that means if you go get it on a nice to you have a mortality rate. about 50 percent that means from these patients at the moment 4670 patients and as you that means perhaps the half of them not quite enough will die of and that's very very very sad message and everybody should notice that and i think the politicians and dr merkel the chancellor she realize that but she did realize that in the last year but nobody strong the prime minister followed an absolute tragedy you know the statistics that you're mentioning from from those i.c.u. patients tell us i mean even you mentioned lockdown for example you know this is currently you know being being debated tell us what specifically are you
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looking for. you see we are physicians we are not politicians which do the measures with decide which measures to be taken but if we look too great united can and if you if we look to our law and order to portugal you can clearly see that these measures these countries 2 of them were very effective they did for instance beside many other measures person yes so this is 1.11 little piece of the most to get the contact rates down to 2 to ensure that social distancing takes place in the evenings and i think to do the curd to do occur for between 9 pm and 5. that should be. very it's an add on on all the other measures but the people of very very tired and
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following these regulations and the compliance of. greater great population germany is decreasing and that's i think the problem and the result of a very very discussions between the chancellor and of those only anson's general secretary of the german society of medical intensive and emergency medicine thank you so much for joining us on our own says some other developments in the pandemic japan is set to extend coronavirus restrictions to 10 of regions a 4th wave and of infections is casting doubt over whether the summer olympics can be held in tokyo and india has seen another spike in cases recording its 8th record daily increase and 9 days plus denmark is speeding up reopening plans as
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infection rates stabilize restaurants and bars will be back in business next week. the un is warning of a large life a long lasting humanitarian crisis in kabul delgado in northern most big more than 600000 people have been displaced in recent years as a result of attacks by islamist militias couple delgado was once a remote tourist destination but the situation there has turned volatile. to the region play by insecurity. from the of the islands of muslim beeks northern coast look like paradise but life on the ground is increasingly difficult ebo is one of the last islands that have been spared from islamist attacks a flood of refugees has more than doubled its population in just a few months a united nations 8 mission isn't able to feed everyone. i am yes. i'm. been
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here since 7 and very own i haven't gotten anything and now they tell us they all have their roots down our limbs what should i do now know like you. know you are. lucky enough to receive some rice flour corn and cooking oil taro groups have attacked her home village on the mainland twice and want everyone to leave but the villagers had nowhere to go then the attackers came with their time. don't be so european to live until just chopped off wondrous instead of the one no resistance why even everyone has to watch even the jewish nun is there with you. now marie lives in the hut with her 3 children she has adopted another child who had lost his parents on the way here. for.
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the next day we started for the neighboring island of cuba the u.n. food program has also plans a mission here. the island's government administrator helps with distributing food that's critical for survival here. without. them there's a crisis almost everyone here lives rather says look god the refugees are from the mainland to look at their problems and and tell me this without. the details down. about 4000 people lived on this island before the insurgency now is more than 10000 people was thousands of displaced people leaving the mainland and coming here in the past months looking for a safe place to stay just that this isn't exactly a safe place last year terrorists attacked the island pillaging it and killing 2
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villages to terrorists kidnapped 30 islanders mainly gilts couple to gado province people are worried about more attacks most feel helpless against the terrorists and so far not a single soldier has been stationed here on the island. well how do you capture a year's worth of emotion and drama anxiety and loss in a single photograph judges of the world's press photo contest have selected one image that they say tells the story of the unforgettable here that was 2020 what was taken by a danish photographer and a portrays the power of the human touch and resilience. the many aspects of the coronavirus pandemic top photographers around the world captured their impressions of exhausted caregivers people dying alone social distancing and loneliness. the winning photograph shows an 85 year old woman receiving her 1st hug after 5 months isolation and her son apollo nursing home through
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a plastic curtain which happens to resemble an angel's wings. the jury viewed this photograph as one of the pandemics few positive images this picture suggests vulnerability loss grief and death but above all survival and. brazil has been especially hard hit by the pandemic 350000 people have already died there nursing homes were closed off for months to protect residents. and the split of a 2nd that we see the images we feel. how it must be that other person get a sense of. what unites us the jury looks through nearly 75000 images. a disposable surgical mask even made its way into the winning photo in the nature category. papers and have an i.q.
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about are celebrating the birth of 4 bengal tiger cubs including a rare white tiger the new arrivals are the result of 2 decades spent trying to bring the endangered animals up the zoo white tigers are internet a variation of bengal tigers which argues all the orange numbers in the wild have to windell to race in years due to poaching deforestation and excessive hunting. here's a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you several of hong kong's most prominent democracy campaigners have been sentenced for their roles in the 29000 anti-government protests media tycoon jimmy lie has been sentenced to 14 months in prison and 82 year old martin lead known as hong kong's father of democracy received a suspended sentence. next sunday during a news a targeted violence by myanmar's military is forcing people to flee to border areas
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we track developments in the on mars fight for democracy and how the coronavirus pandemic has spurred a cosmetic surgeries in taiwan. all that more coming up with my colleague there ash better g in just a couple of moments time i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching take care and 60.
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their story their very own personal drama. people love to chesterfield remember play and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before.
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back to chernobyl starts april 28th on d w. w's crime fighters are back quite a bit africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of this odes are available online of course you can share and discuss on w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms such crime fighters to mindanao. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being tons of blame. em up absolutely. please pretty please demonstrate just. please extreme claims. to be. more than 300000000 people who are seeking. justice.
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because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w. . made for mines. this is due to other news coming up today and intensifying product on protesters in me and. violence like this protection by the military has prompted warnings of a syria like situation from the us and we ask if there is increasingly confident of holding on to power in the country plus. taiwan's new 10 top boom has gone up by the.


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