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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm CEST

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tackles the issues shaping the content now with more time to off on in-depth look after all the time stuff hot talk to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you in different forms on the inside. w. news africa every friday on g.w. . and the long term health effects of the coronavirus a still polio understood. some people bounce back quickly. while others struggle to recover from the virus facing trouble focusing and breathing. well suffering severe symptoms like organ damage. such as a turning to a new chimes of therapy. as we learn to live with code 19.
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and if that's too wacky for you how about an opera singer to teach you how to breathe more easily if you're suffering from long covered they don't use london correspondent to get mascotte up with an operatic voice coach. knowing bubbles to help with. susie do basic training. she's developed special greeting exercises patience i'm sure some of them is a bit too hard work at the moment but what it does is it just allows your voice a little bit of a chance to un press. and she says it's thanks to susie that she feels well again and is able to take a few hobbies just a year ago she was suffering from a lung infection and needed oxygen. 3 months song
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i remember feeling so fatigued breathless. i mean literally from my bed to the bathroom i would just get breathless. shiva never dreamed of people rushing as would be the ones to help as. stand to show the heights. in weekly zoom sessions participants love to relax and improve that posture and roast a fool to breathe and just hold that for a moment we think a lot about. breathing down because. if you're breathing you're taking in lots of that and actually tend not to be expanding so just giving people tools to slow things down and i think the minute my mind is really out. there a being part of this is new to me. i could have never imagined coming
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out of that darkness all by myself so it's been a huge support system for me it's like my family now we had i guess you can say a common purpose to get better and more beautiful way to think. out and heal them at the same time the shiba dreams of singing on a real opera stage together with others like. that dream could. i soon as per week restrictions allow english national opera plans to state its very special opera. patients. through singing. run frances is a cardiologist and you cheaper and joins us today and covered special so can blowing bubbles special breathing techniques and things like singing actually help
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with long covert all or even help protect from covered 1000 in the 1st place. i think the honest answer is we don't know for definite because we simply don't have the data specific to kobe but we can compare to other similar kind of her spirit tree viruses and i think there's certainly when considering long coded and you know we have got. things to compare with post viral fatigue syndrome is nothing new but they've been rather neglected. i think in medical research so hopefully this will mean that we allocate a bit more resources to things like that i think yes breathing exercises certainly can have a role in the long type syndrome i'm not sure that it necessarily has a role in the acute setting in that sort of initial setting when you're infected and acutely unwell i think breathing exercises aside from just staying mobile and making sure your lungs are well ventilated i don't think it necessarily has
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a role there but in that chronic condition which obviously is troubling a great deal of people i think it has a role what about something like cold exposure you've looked into that quite a lot and i've been living here in germany for quite some time now and know all about coal exposure. yes i think this is an interesting kind of phenomenon that. maybe. is slightly kind of simplistic in how we looking at it but essentially that we know that exercise has obviously got many proven benefits to physical health and mental health as well and exercise is all about sort of making your body work a little bit harder most of us lately pretty sedentary lives and we're not getting the kind of physical exertion that really audi's evolved to do and so we're quite familiar with the concept of exercising to try and some of those benefits and cold exposure and maybe things like sauna both of which have an evidence base although i
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would just advise a little bit of caution because i think a lot of the claims that you'll find online are a little bit outlandish but i think it's all part of the same phenomenon of trying to stress the body in a controlled way and maybe improve our overall physical fitness so can you give me some of the tips that you give on your own on prepping my immune system achieve better handle a corona virus infection. well the 1st thing i'd say is that if anybody gives. suggestion about how to boost the immune system a bit too easy it's going to be too good to be true because i think the best way to keep your immune system in the optimum shape is by maintaining physical and overall wellbeing and fitness and that's with a healthy diet and regular exercise and a quick fix is on really going to do that so in terms of preventing infection you know again it's nothing too complicated it's all the advice you've already had social distancing ma squaring and those kinds of things no amount of immune system
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preparation is going to prevent an infection but you can prevent the severity by by having a good state so if you do get infected as long as you're in the best possible physical shape beforehand that's going to be your best preparation what about something like that make much of a difference. yes a younger i think actually has quite a considerable evidence base behind it now yogurt of course combines different elements you know we mentioned breathing which is central to it but also a physical exercise as well so in terms of things like the method which brings in a lot of you get practices alongside things like cold exposure so yogurt is a nebulous and off as i think many many benefits it should also be said that you know one size doesn't fit all so you don't have to can try to crowbar yourself into
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a yoga program if other. techniques work better for you but i'm a big fan of the benefits that yoga can offer and we've seen that not only in terms of the physical benefits but i think it particularly in this day and age medications enjoying a resurgence and that offers a lot of additional benefits on top of the of the physical side of things ron i guess one of the big questions is can you actually go as far as saying these types of techniques are viable alternatives alternatives to conventional medicine. you know i'd certainly be very cautious of suggesting anything like that and again i think that would raise alarm bells if people started saying that kind of thing conventional medicine. is is simply a way of talking about interventions that are tested and proven so that is nothing on natural one a natural about the other if things don't work then we don't call them proven
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methods and so i would always regard this as an adjunct but not a replacement however if you. pay attention to all these these preventative methods maybe you can avoid coming into contact with what is deemed this sort of conventional medical system and that's great but if you do get you know heaven forbid and then of course conventional medicine is going to be the thing that's most likely to help. us thank you very much for being on the show today thanks very much for having me. and over to derek williams for the last time this week and if you question about the availability of russia's ha growing karate vaccine. when will the russians public view vaccine be available in europe. since its launch last summer sputnik a has generated a lot of controversy but but some of that has died down since the publication of phase 3 trial data in january indicating the russian made vaccine is effective and
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safe india approved it for emergency use earlier this week becoming the 60th country to do so among them a couple of countries in europe including hungary and serbia slovakia also wanted to begin vaccinating people with sputnik v. as well but has become embroiled in a dispute with russia about the quality of the doses it received most e.u. member states however are waiting for the european medicines agency to weigh in it monitors new medicinal products seeking approval in the block and it makes them before ols to national health authorities the e m a is still looking at the evidence and still carrying out inspections if it does give sputnik the thumbs up orders from vaccine straps european countries will
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follow of course. because of the early controversy gaining wide public acceptance for the russian backed scene in the e.u. would i think prove tough sputnik be is also based on the same platform as the astra zeneca and johnson and johnson vaccines which in the current climate won't make the sell any easier but but with a approval if russian manufacturers can deliver another big f. then i suppose sputnik v. could start going into more arms in europe by the summer if you have a approval is withheld. the most of europe's national health agencies will also probably refuse to greenlighted. lastly lebanese doctor is among those who have developed an un orthodox method for testing people for covert 19 we leave you with the specially trained sniffer dogs that can
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detect the virus in a person in just a few seconds even in very early stages when a p.c.r. test with negative their margin of error is just 5 percent even so the techniques not intended to replace regular testing but has been rolled out in a number of airports like you by helsinki and sydney thanks for watching stay safe and see you again sir.
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more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity firmly established itself. both religious and secular leaders according to display their power. to trace the games. and create the tallest biggest most beautiful structures. stone masons
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builders and detectives compete with each other. this is called massive churches or create a. contest of the good. stores. on t.w. . on the show an iconic singer who refused to be silenced we'll find out why andrea de could win an oscar for her role in the united states versus be holiday also coming up. as the world bids goodbye to the u.k.'s prince philip we ask why the bush well family is so popular here in germany. and do any kind of british possible sing of peace and cowering messages set to be feeds her making her
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a star. welcome. the oscars are almost upon us and on arts and culture when looking at some of the contenders for the golden statuettes andrew de stars in the united states versus believe holiday it's the grammy nominated singers 1st major acting role and she threw herself into it even taking up smoking to make her voice sound more gravelly the result is a degree of authenticity and passion that's winning her accolades. pleases you. believe it. or just keep this could be who you are you do the things you do this when i took. a. single 100 day praise jazz icon believe holiday it stays 1st ever film role and it's found her a well deserved golden globe and an oscar nomination.
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didn't want to do it. and i kept trying to get out of. the reason i didn't want to do it was because i love and i was like why was her story so. why would we hire someone who's not an actor to do this was the story of a part of the journey from poverty to fame and back again has been traumatized before but this film explores this well known chapter in the 1940 is her song strange fruit about the lynching of black people in the american south and f.b.i. target black bodies it is. in this sad. breed. strange shrewdly hany. sad that pab cheese this holiday woman's cause a lot of people think. those lyrics provoke people y'all gotta plan she's
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a drug addict exactly. ambitious black f.b.i. agent jimmy fracture uses holidays drug addiction to end trap she's sentenced to a year in jail for heroin use and banned from performing on n.b.c. no well no clubs no money no net. kalou face. i want to sing a damn song for her own good. i want back her comeback concert she sings the controversial song. to be a stage. that. the 1st thing i want people to do is understand she was not trashy and she was not it was like she was a fighter and you know she showed it to sauron so it's relevant because her fight allowed us right the civil rights movement as we know it. for us to go start
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bold enough to do it. united states versus billie holiday is an unflinching portrait of a courageous fighter under diet plays the role with heart breaking intensity it's the story of a charismatic woman who in the end even won over the plaque f.b.i. agent sent to bring her down. something listen to this sure you have. multiple births awards and grammys and a platinum deb you album that's no. denying the talent of do at lipa the singer from london describes her style as dark pop her latest album future nostalgia is released this year the bulky melodies reminiscent of the disco era and not just good for adults they have an empowering feminist message.
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to work on overall the nose down there are 2 keys between you're not good. enough. there's nothing funny. the message to women i think in general you know push strength and empowerment in confidence you know fighting for equality everyday making sure that our voice is standing up for women's rights you know speak up for women that maybe i can use they have voice the way that they would want to. the song boys will be boys is seen as a condemnation of toxic masculinity. this is women we've been dealing with this you know whole life so you know it's something self policing ourselves and each other and making sure we get home safely and make sure you send me your location and make sure you know all these little safety precautions that we do this is something that's very 2nd nature to us but it would be nice to not have to fear for our lives
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you know when leaving the house. to go saying if you were lepers hitched the message to the forest is creo respect our founder. was deafening. that it could show. you a live birth parents were kosovo albanians they were. students when war broke out in the region fled to london bureau was born in the british capital her name is albanian for love. in london she was known as the girl from kosovo but when she was 11 pap errant returned to push dina.
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i definitely felt like the new girl a lot of the time as much as you feel like you see leave london you're like ok i'm going to go to costco and they were going to think my name's not and i'm going to really you know things just going to be a little bit different and you go in you're on this like the english girl it just came to cross over and it was hard and i really find myself being a party places i'm very much from london and i'm very much appreciate that. she dreamt of becoming a pop star and made that dream reality that age 15 she returned to london without her parents who trust her to make it on her own she done to be fearless at an early age. my grandfather was a historian in kosovo and. i guess when the war started there were lots of things happening obviously with the occupation of the serbian forces and my grandfather was. well was told that he had to rewrite history and to kind of change it and
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obviously he refused to do that and. he got taken out of work you know during the war i think that's incredibly strong of him to be able to stand by what's true to you i think a lot of that has rubbed off on you know my parents and what they've been very firsthand. and during the war that happened in yugoslavia. but it's just been you know they've empowered me so much and this story is incredibly inspiring and i feel like i have a 2nd hand like strength and empowerment and the feeling like can do anything overcome anything and be whoever i want to be you know and reach whatever goal i set my mind to. today she's one of the biggest singing stars in the world her videos not chopped more than a clearly interviews political just go with a message of empowerment. when you think about men you think about
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strong and powerful and but when you think about women it's more like they're vulnerable and that's and that's sensitive in the delicate and that's fine but we're also very strong and powerful we can be all those things. is always a mirror of the times and this is the era of empowerment. stay safe and. high. the death of the u.k.'s prince philip husband to the queen received wall to wall media coverage his funeral on saturday will be watched by millions around the world as was the recent t.v. interview of his grandson prince harry no matter the event interest in the british royal family has never waned but how popular are they here in germany the country
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many of their ancestors came from. queen elizabeth and prince philip on a state visit to germany in 2015 their 5th official trip to germany together once again they were future stickley received some german travel to hundreds of kilometers for a glimpse of the royals. that's the most of my we just wanted to do it i'm very glad we did. they embody certain values tradition pride and the friendship between england and germany perhaps the cleaners and the queen is a special kind of personality when she's in germany you have to be there. the british royal family is very popular in germany royal weddings are broadcast live on german television and millions watch during state visits republicans can briefly become royalists. you. do project a lot on for the entire royal family because they are so present in the media but
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at the same time the royals personally want as little as possible to be known about them and of course many people find the tradition and the glamour fascinating ceremonial aspect that castle's the titles the carriages. but most germans don't want their own monarchy abolished in 1918 back by 2020 poll conducted by in protest the map showed that 85 percent were opposed to having a monic as head of state but germans are nonetheless very interested in the glitz and glamour of royal houses around europe. prince philip staff also touched the hearts of many germans german newspapers had emotional front page coverage the day after he died chancellor angela merkel praised his integrity his dedication to duty and his friendship with germany prince philip had a special connection to germany his parents were german nobility and he spent part of his childhood in southern germany to marry elizabeth he became british and
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changed his name from battenberg to mountbatten. prince phillip had an infamous sense of humor which often crossed the boundary of political correctness but he understood his secondary role and always had the queen's back with the loyalty diligence and worked prince philip earned respect during his 73 years of marriage to queen elizabeth the 2nd from subjects' in britain and from royal fans in germany. now one of the most photographed statues in europe is undoubtedly michelangelo's david $2000000.00 people visit him in a sense masterpiece in florence every year just imagine the time savings if there were more well there will be because restores a using the law. just technology to make a perfect clone the finished product will be on show this october at the world expo
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in dubai in the meanwhile he is a taster to buy. eco
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africa. this image is deceptive because bats are endangered in rolonda. she means fear them and chase them away. but these creatures really support the ecosystem. and one organisation is coming to their rescue. eco africa. 30 minutes on g.w. . in the art of climate change. remain a civil suit. which tastes. people. want to do years do they have their future.
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w. dot com for their groceries for the making media. click contact or. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. just 3 of the topics covered in the weekly radio program. if you would like and information on the program virus or any other science topic question to really check out our podcast if you know where ever you get your podcasts you can also find us at twitter dot com slash science.
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news life and girl when punished for speaking out on kong's pro-democracy activists are sentenced some will serve more than a year in jail for joining mass demonstrations against china's tightenings grip on the territory also come this violence must end so says the u.s. vice president after 8 people are killed in yet another mass shooting this time in a fed ex facility in indianapolis a massacre known as clear motives and a show of confidence dangler met.


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