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surgery. present day hoaxes this is. and who's behind the. beat goes into the behavior is an example it will not be. many drudgery ignorance of destruction may do it on d w. a t. this is deja vu news and these are our top stories u.s. president joe biden has repeated calls for congress to pass gun restrictions after thursday's mass shooting at a fed ex where has facility in indianapolis police say the 19 year old gunman started shooting at random and then entered the building killing 8 people it's believed he killed himself before officers arrived. but i will castro is standing down as head of cuba's communist party his resignation will bring an end
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to the leadership of cost though and his brother fidel who ruled cuba for more than 6 decades customer says he's handing on power to a younger generation. german chancellor angela merkel has received a 1st dose of the astra zeneca vaccine the 66 year old to say that she was delighted to receive the job fewer than one in 5 germans have been given a 1st dose but the speed of vaccinations has picked up dramatically in recent days this is the news from berlin you can find more headlines on our web site that's t w dot com or you can also follow us on our social media channels. org. or. the price for resistance 9 veteran activists and lawmakers in hong kong have been
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sentenced to prison terms of up to 18 months for participating in mass anti-government protests nearly 2 years ago. now punish the region's most prominent pro-democracy campaigners including media tycoon jimmy lie and martin lee known as hong kong's father of democracy the convictions are a blow to the pro-democracy movement in hong kong which is facing an unrelenting crackdown by beijing and hong kong authorities i'm michael okwu in berlin this is the day. it is a very. wealthy people who have fought for so many decades. democracy for rule on their search for all god i don't think.
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i'm going to push your. thoughts into government basically should not give up people from. what they're telling the promise us no one. also coming up a change of power in communist cuba for the 1st time in 6 decades of their country's president will no longer be someone named castro but will they hand over usher in the change many people are hoping for. the whole people a chance the people have to say we're going through a time where that has to be china and not just in what i'm finally home and. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome kong which was once one of the few outposts of democracy in asia is
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a little less free tonight some of the city's most outspoken pro-democracy campaigners are paying the price for standing up to maine. and china's increasing power over the territory accords handed down sentences to 10 protest leaders over their role in mass demonstrations 2 years ago little by little beijing has been clamping down on freedom of expression in hong kong despite assurances it would respect the former british colonies autonomy when china took control in 1907 new security laws make it increasingly dangerous to speak out in defiance of beijing but despite a brutal crackdown remaining anti-government activists say they haven't given up hope was they've just been handed a sentence for participating in protests yet they are still calling for hong kong as freedoms was media tycoon jimmy lie was among those sent to jail for producer fighting in huge pro-democracy protests back in 29 tain. he
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received a sentence of 14 months. i think it is i don't know if you know but there are many more time travel more people get off of it in. i don't know that there are. hold on there even. 4 of those convicted were given suspended sentences including 82 year old former lawmaker martin lee and felt a statesman of the pro-democracy movement. the convictions are employed to the pro-democracy movement in hong kong which is facing a strong crackdown by beijing and hong kong authorities. cannot lead of course the civil human rights front is very very disappointed by the sentencing today it creates a chilling effect that makes us citizens afraid of speaking up it also makes the
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society gradually lose a rational patient and peaceful voice to communicate with the government so you're fair would. massive protests swept hong kong organized 29 tane they began as a reaction to an extradition build allowing people to be transferred to mainland china and then activists feed opposition leaders could be sent to china now they are being prosecuted at harm. despite the sentences activists say they won't back down in the fight for freedoms for hong kong but it's getting tougher and tougher to stand up for democracy in the city. to talk more about the situation in hong kong we're joined now by glacier quarreling an activist from hong kong who's currently living here in berlin she is the founder of the n.-g. o. keyboard frontline which monitors privacy security on the internet welcome glacier tell us more about your story why did you decide to leave hong kong. and others
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have been home how and 20 trying to get primary election from a judge or not but then as i have been working on lobbying and international advocacy agitator hong kong and and excessively in germany and i feel like if i want to continue to work and speaking at her home then i will have to leave our home base in order to be safe so i fled hong kong and late july journeys you on one hand continue my studies it's your ph d. not here and on the other hand he's working on it for the. ok you know i can't help but wonder whether the sentences handed down will have a chilling effect on activists is the pro-democracy movement in hong kong now a lost cause. i'd say it's not a lot lost cause and it sure certainly can't did create a little chilling effect this is handy but on the other hand it is actually making
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the citizens more angry because their government seems to believe that if they can house or figueres for sam and to foster them into exile or actually put them behind bars then there will be no one's out to organize anything with the city but that's actually not true because the movement into a 19 is actually leaderless that that means there's no one who can decipher all haha what are they going to do and what do they want to do to force is more difficult for resistance have been a systematic level you won't see a fair election so you won't see even a form of political participation a lot of resistance is happening on a local and civil society not just last week because the government crackdown on a shop that was very outspoken at that movement thousands of citizens are lining up and trying to sort of just just show support and say the movement is not dying out but is changing its formats into something that is lastly to cope with more related to their daily lives each citizens so the movement's not dying down it's not
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a lost cause so bear with me while i go through what you might describe as a litany of woes since the protests ended last year china has expelled opposition lawmakers from the legislature beijing has new rules in place to give it effective control over how the legislature and the region's chief executive or selected and the new security law his made political dissent effectively impossible what do you say to observers who might argue hong kong is now effectively authoritarian a north or tarion state. i cannot actually provide any comparable to one just that systematically how consistent is obviously compromise and there has yet to be anything that can be done to reverse those changes at this time but that doesn't mean that resistance cannot happen and after acceptance and haha we slide for example there are people trying to preserve halasz cantonese there are people who are trying to preserve a ha ha local time hang in there are actually a lot of things going on and my civil society look and then you are right there
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there isn't any thing there is happening on and within the plato system because they have already blocked all routes of entering that of the resistance it's not just about political system there are other things that could be done but at this point i do see what you mean there is that space that we can express also freely are dying down and it's has been strengthening and i do feel very concerned about that that's up to us so much of a similar vein in its outside of home and the media will be the one who will continue talking about how come that's what is clear is that the local leaders and in the mainland government on china. or showing real resolve how worried are you for your activist friends back home i am extremely worried about them a lot of them that i have been friends with i have worked with are already put that congress i joshua won't let it go and so on of course i am very concerned and every
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day when you turn on the phone the 3 saying you wary of and i'm going to see someone being arrested if i'm seeing someone i know that i fast this is a very real situation for all of the activists in. western countries clearly you have criticised china's clampdown on hong kong what more should those countries be doing. i think in the country seelye hong kong's freedom and how consistent has been compromised and they are in the right position to provide hong kong is like a state program like that and u.k. provided congress with you know skin can 80 and i can he can't say canada and australia have provided some service a power promised i think the european union or germany can follow suit if it's i mean safety for commerce who are in need of that glacier if you and i speak again about hong kong 10 years from now what will you be saying about how much it's changed. i'd say i never i somehow expected
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things to be very bad and home content for like 10 years ago but i never thought it would happen so i'd say a lot of things have changed hong kong was not the place that i was boy lloyd if you know i was being deprived. freedom of speech is no longer in there for you know what's m.p.'s got limpy for projects that hong kong has a very famous for and not allowed any more just like date all of the thinkers have been sentenced and tom guilty because carrying out a piece of process and how come you organisation of course is called a keyboard front line how much do you fear that your activities are being monitored by the chinese. and chinese monitor is happening since a long time ago because the legal system in hong kong do not provide enough protection for data privacy and there is no law that can provide effective check and balance
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the answer so i believe that a lot of the our activities are being monitored and the chinese government or the comments of say i have recently block some of the websites to be accessed from home as much as i consider to be silencing national security and that's why the howard government decided to block them and other to prohibit people to access those information. understood personal level what is it that you're feeling right now is it anger is it sadness is it fear i don't see it's the 1st game more more more frustration that i'm feeling because i feel like i'm not doing enough and i don't have enough. however or knowledge to know how do i stop things are turning out worse but i still feel that i was very much encouraged by the courage of the activists in hama no address from joshua early all it takes that were convicted and sentenced to die because
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a show that stayed out haha those who never will continue to fight for what's right so i'd say it's being very much motivated and at the same hatteras traces. glacier originally from hong kong now living here in berlin and the founder of keyboard frontline really appreciate your time thank you very much. now to another place in southeast asia where democracy is being rolled back and that's miramar opponents of the military regime say they have formed an interim unity government including representatives from the country's ethnic minorities this as the u.n. human rights chief has warned the situation in miramar could be spiraling to a full blown syria style conflict more than $700.00 people have been killed since the military took power in a coup in february and since then its crackdown on pro-democracy protesters has
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only grown stronger. these are the lengths myanmar's military will go. to crackdown on dissenting voices. this video from social media shows the moments a prominent protest leader is deliberately rammed into his motorbike. was arrested by armed men after trying to flee the incident with friends saying they now fear for his safety. security forces have used increasingly violent tactics to quell the movement the u.n. says there are echoes of the civil war in syria. there too we saw peaceful protests met with unnecessary and clearly disproportionate force the state's brutal persistent repression of its own people led to some individuals taking up arms followed by
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a downward and rapidly expanding spiral of violence all across the country. despite the risk to their lives protesters have been trying to keep up the pressure on the military regime the spilled red paint symbolizes the blood of. activists say at least 700 people have been killed since protests began in february . i normally at the moment people in myanmar would be celebrating can jam new year holiday but not this year. it's important for young people to rebel against a dictator we can't be happy now as long as we live under this dictatorship our future is lost. the protesters aren't giving up but neither it seems is the military. cuba today is beginning a historic transition the country is communist party is meeting to choose its new
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leader and for the 1st time since the 1959 revolution his last name won't be castro castro took over the party leadership from his brother fidel the 26 party congress was the last time they appeared in public together the 89 year old expected to hand over the top leadership post to president. communists have launched. some reforms including expanding internet access but the country's economy has continued to struggle with shortages of even basic items most cubans have never known a time when anyone other than a castro was in power here's what some cubans are saying about the prospect of change no idea how proud i shouldn't leave now times are bad and every day gets worse. from about you know the whole of young people a chance and the people have to say we're going through
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a time where that has to be china's you know and not just in what i am i don't know you know but i know i'm a. parsi missing is a great opportunity to implement the plans that raul castro announced back in 2008 which were never carried that are going. time to free up the country to set people free and a lot of cubans to unleash their creative potential they were both in terms of their opinions on their livelihoods gaited i mean did well that no one can really earn a living here without having to resort to crime. to discuss their changes at the top in cuba we're joined now by jorge dwane he's the director of the cuba research institute at florida international university in miami welcome jorge how big a transition for cuba is this weekend's communist party congress. well on the
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one hand we've already heard guster announced formally today that he's going to step down and that there will be a new secretary of the cuban communist party beginning on monday on the other hand there's a subtle more subtle transition which is the transition from an older generation the so-called historic generation that built the cuban revolution to a younger a revolutionary generation that was born after $959.00 and that's really what the congress is what are what many cubans say they are hoping for change or are they likely to get it change has already started some of these changes have been very difficult for every day cuba such as the unification of the monetary system which had long been recommended by experts on the cuban economy but unfortunately that has created inflation rising costs of living and just hunger among many cubans who are having a very difficult time on the other hand there still is
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a need for more reform for instance the so-called non-state sector of the economy the private sector in which people work for themselves needs to to grow because of the limitations of the state employment and the current economic crisis and so cuba's i think they're hoping that some of the. things will continue to take place and that short run life will be better for them. well the economy continues to be the biggest problem for many cubans help give our international viewers a sense of what living standards are like in cuba right now today. well people are completely comparing the current situation with the so-called special period in the 1990 s. after the disappearance of the soviet union which of course and the main trade partner for cuba and reports of those ears those who lived them are terrible people
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lost 20 pounds and had trouble moving from one place to another that was no fuel there was no electricity and so compared to that terrible period 30 years ago it seems that a lot of those things are coming back so again most especially the lack of food on the table and the lack of other basic resources for daily life salaries are extreme you know living conditions all sorts from you know there rationing of food continues and does not support people's. cities and then finally another recent impact has been the decline in the tourist industry as a result of the closing down of borders because of the coronavirus pandemic and then the reduction in remittances and the money that cuban americans and people around the world sent or whether it is all the overall it's really a very dire economic situation one issue that continues to hamper cuba's economy is
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u.s. sanctions of course the white house wares astra earlier today about the budget in ministrations stance toward cuba have a listen support for democracy and human rights will be at the core of our efforts through empowering and caring the cuban people to term in their own future cuba policy shift our additional steps is currently not among the president's top foreign policy priorities. it doesn't sound like cubans can hope for much change from washington soon how much is the u.s. embargo hampering the island's development after all these decades. well it's not just the embargo it's also the tightening of the embargo on the previous administration by president trump and i think a lot of these measures are definitely hurting just every every day life and even citizens regardless of their political opinions so for instance the closing down
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remit is this which again was something that the trumpet ministration did last year the. retirement of the main transfer company western union now really has left the houses literally thousands of cuban families without money to spend on their basic necessities ok so unfortunately the efficiency is very well i'm afraid we don't have much more time we have to leave it there so sorry to interrupt you as jorge dwane from florida international university a man miami many many thanks thank you. britain's royals are getting ready to bid farewell tomorrow to the family patriarch the queen's husband prince philip who died at the age of 99 last week since then preparations for the carefully planned funeral have been in full swing at windsor castle with millions expected to tune in to watch the event on t.v.
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but the actual ceremony itself will be a small family affair. mourners won't be lining the streets of windsor on such a day when the british royal family gathers to pay their final respects to prince philip the public has been asked to respect pandemic restrictions and stay away. but a steady stream of people have been coming to lay flowers outside windsor castle ahead of the ok asian. he's been part of our lives or the whites throughout life but he has been a yes to the queen and that's a way feel sorry for to tomorrow be a massive loss massive his family out for the public in general. it we're not in him around with the money move. here. the plans for philip's funeral have been in place for many years and were personally approved by both that you on the queen
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they include a modified land rover that will carry his coffin designed in collaboration with philip come south the hearse is being repainted in the shade of green used for many military land rovers. more than $700.00 military personnel will take part in the funeral and they've been rehearsing their roles the juke was a world war 2 veteran and the ceremony will pay tribute to his lifelong ties to the military philip gave up a distinguished career in the royal navy when he married the queen. coronavirus restrictions mean there's only 30 mourners will be allowed inside st george's chapel wearing masks and social distancing the queen will sit alone we really have to avoid judging from anything extra. she's the
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queen she will behave with the extraordinary dignity and extraordinary courage that she always does. and at the same time she is saying farewell to someone to who she was married for 73 years. i think. that must be a very very profound thing and in any produce only. a farewell to a decades long love story and the husband the queen once called her strength and stay. finally her us health care worker on the front line of the grown up virus crisis received the surprise of her life this week when a package arrived from one of her idols oh my god oh my god
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oh i don't know how. do you want it. i can't read it isn't a cry for this is dear but i wanted to write she would personally thank you for serving on the frontlines of this pandemic and for being brave enough to put yourself in danger to hope others i am so inspired by your passion for helping in caring for patients and i must know types that you mentioned liking my music recently i sent you some crazy some cozy clothes for when you're off duty i'll be thinking about you and forever grateful of taylor. pretty thomason receive the gift box and a handwritten note after she told a local newspaper that she listened to taylor swift music to wind down from her job thomas and said she was touched by the pop star's jester. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter and at the news i'm like a local i have a great job. of
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positions international perspectives russia's military build up on the border to ukraine is the largest settlement in 14 an extension of crimea the us and europe are urging russia to stand down to russia ukraine crisis what does putin want to find out. to the point. of being 60 minutes on the t w. y subscribe to g.w. books you meet your favorite writer. but iraq is to share where to find beautiful. books on you to. fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken.
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