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or a station in the rain forest continued carbon dioxide emissions brazil india. young people the world are committed to climate protection. but willing. to change doesn't happen on its own. make up your own mind to play w e 4 minds. and . greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to arts and culture and here's a look at what's in the pipeline for today's program. norwegian director under us hummers documentary do not split explores the pro-democracy protests in hong kong and is shortlisted for an oscar an apparent source of content concern for beijing.
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and after 3 years of renovations the house of british mexican surrealist artist leonora carrington has now opened as a museum. well it's not every day that an investigative journalist sees his or her story made into a feature film and even less likely the film will be picked up by netflix for international distribution but that's what happened with ono to ok a nigerian crime drama that not only gets under your skin but could have quite an impact on the future and perception of african cinema. to do things you think shall not be every scene. until. they tell you that i was a very good actress of scroope. strongest to go that this is not the route you i grew up on. the put often feels like a crime or it was work of fiction young journalist goes undercover to expose the
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sordid world 6 work and human trafficking in an injury in city. if you've now my story at the now famous netflix film was very much based on the facts and experiences of real life journalists. it's very bored of exploitation. i mean social economic it was psychological exploitation of women i had to because. i had to become a sex worker and mingling with the sex was as. wanted university lost a friend who she says died after being trafficked to italy. in 2015 of your recent out to see how young women alluding to the trade she went undercover as a street walker in lagos and then for 7 months. i was able to follow
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every day lives. and 7 years down the line i still try as much as possible. scares. human trafficking is $150000000000.00 global industry young manager in woman a promise passage to europe but they are at the mercy of the traffickers in country and rape sexual exploitation and forced labor. some of this lady is 1000 cape from local. and mean bigger books so i decided to also tries it's weave them into the next level in reality i wasn't a sex worker but in the i mean i was a sex worker i did what they did the only thing. i. was too apt to wildly do real cost. the
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jury has a high number of traffic victims especially in europe to kenya believes that since its release in october 29000. people suspected of trafficking but what it has done in nigeria it has been able to . bring 4 of the conversation around trafficking and a lot of people like i remember when the film came out it was trending for a long time on the general social media we're just. created. after the. fall of unity the memories of our deal still haunt her. as every day trying to block out. the memories of the young women i came across even before the final journey. for the woman she met on the street in
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hopes to talk. and joining me on the line now from bond today is our film expert scott roxboro high start a very tough film about a tough subject and it generated a lot of buzz on social media as we just heard what kind of impact do you think this can have in terms of raising awareness to the problem of sex trafficking. i think it could really have a quite significant impact particularly in nigeria where it really exploded on social media i mean this isn't necessarily obviously not a new topic but also for film i mean just a couple of years ago netflix released a film joy which was also a story of a nigerian woman whose sex trafficked to europe but that that was made by an austrian and while it meets an impact here in europe and caused some waves it didn't really imply that packed the discussion back in nigeria with this new film maybe because it is told from
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a nigerian perspective from an african perspective maybe you could have some real world impact. ok so we know of course nigeria's very very well known for its booming entertainment film industry that's known as nollywood but this really doesn't fit that mold does it. no this definitely isn't a nollywood film i mean nollywood like like hollywood like bollywood basically is mainstream entertainment and the industry there tends to avoid controversial subjects and this film looks really unflinchingly at a subject that many nigeria that many around the world would prefer not to see now we've seen really sort of socially conscious impactful movies out of africa for quite some time but there's never really been an industry to support the making of these movies in till now that's now what's starting to change ok that's very interesting now you know today does seem to be part of a broader trend whereby the big streaming services like netflix are featuring more african stories by african creatives do you think we can expect to see more of off
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this type of film in the future. oh definitely yeah that's definitely does work it's what coming i mean netflix is the pioneer here they've made a lot of these type of movies just recently from the british nigerian director and actor chiwetel e g o 4 the boy who harnessed the wind a phenomenal film and the interesting thing about this is netflix now the other team is are looking at africa as a market and they're realizing that if you want to get african an african audience to watch your streaming service you have to give them african stories and if the best people to tell african stories are not well meaning europeans or americans but africans themselves with for the 1st time african directors and have the money and the platforms to really reach a worldwide audience. well that's absolutely great news and we'll keep an eye on those developments and thanks for bringing us those background insights we'll talk again soon scott roxboro in bonn. all the documentary do not split follows pro-democracy protests in hong kong from the summer of 2019 until
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the new national security law came into effect a year later it's been nominated for an oscar for best short documentary and following the nomination hong kong broadcaster t.v. be announced that it would not air this year's academy awards for the 1st time in over 50 years on a region filmmaker under his hama believes that decision was politically motivated . democracy can't say that. we expect. anything to react to our documentary we are not surprised that they are not. we have been nominated. so we expected them to take action. authorities have set rights and freedoms in
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hong kong remain intact but more than 10000 people have been arrested in relation to the protests many activists including us based josue who appears in the documentary have fled to the city to continue that advocacy. i mean i. do not mean being nominated for us to be a very encouraging and motivating news for the people of hong kong who are still trying so hard to sustain a movement the hope is that they ask us can still be viewed online and hung. there for. and that is another story we will be sure to keep tabs on well she may not be a household name for everyone but the late leonora carrington was one of the last surviving members of the surrealist movement back from the 1930 s. british mexican painter and sculptor spent most of her adult life in mexico city she absolutely fell in love with mexico and there her house of nearly 60 years has
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just been transformed into a museum. do you know a character in space know her magical paintings and sculptures. carrington was born in 1917 into our family in england rejected her upper class life in favor of becoming an artist she ran away to mexico and it's here her home of 16 years in mexico city it's now being opened up as a museum i. think i'm going to talk of. going into her home getting to know the book she read the objects that accompany ted the things she thrives on this was the home of leonora and her family for more than 60 years and that meant filling it up with a bundle of things any family or do. was an asset. so nothing.
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like illinois particular case i believe that will allow us to know or have a complete idea of who she was what she thrived on in order to create the entire universe of leonora everything she created work that. they're not a goal ok cheering her long life carrington produced an extensive body of work that celebrations across mexico. only in order carrington. have fantastical not explored. since alchemy and the occult. a lifelong interest for carrington. the new studio house museum which holds some 8600 catalog objects and more than 45 of carrington sculptures aims not only to show how the suit really tank today.
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but it also helps to answer questions about what. fueled carrington as an artist. something she would never have personally revealed in life canton refused to be drawn into discussions about the meaning of her work. and i said we found a collection of texts we found underlying phrases or textbooks we found drafts of art were all these the findings that definitely are for the right person for research is will be useful to explain many things with regards to leonora canta really was and when she got her inspiration from. one of cantons earliest and strongest influences came from her turbulent love affair with jim and soon list max and sed gage the beliefs of the time greatly encouraged the young carrington in her work it was her son pablo vice his 2nd child to her 2nd
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husband who convinced her to turn their home into museum after her death. you know accountant died in 2011 at the age of 94 the story of her extraordinary life as one of the world's leading sunni realist artists consumed be experienced when she lived. well that is all for this time on arts and culture in the meantime there's more on the web site at w dot com slash culture and until we get all the best for lent. we have the airport news. smoking is healthy post decides are good for the d.c. . reading doesn't exist. to juggle it goes well
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not yet comes to integrate. industry is controlling your thoughts they are tense really. the rail science it's not easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. stephanie and helen roscoe are passed a couple from i'm up from the lower saxony and countryside and the cheap stuff. we want to bring day life in the church together the regional bishop is not a fun either. there's not a story out there constantly going on about it's not my thing. and what about the
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congregation how do you treat church village life and being good go together. they said don't do this stuff. in this you tube clip the couple told the story of their experience trying to have a child then you must show viewers a cryogenic sperm can tell you they are bringing home. their. ellen rocks has had a positive pregnancy test. that there. is a not just that it's i can't. ellen's excited about the change in her life becoming a mother and starting a family. and how overwhelmed she is with feelings of love for the baby growing
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inside her him i'm in just half a year and this aman osman with a different has hit 10000 subscribers on new cheap making it the most successful program of the even jellicoe churches new social media campaign in germany the videos are recorded in the old parsonage of aima and produced by lucas sheen cut from the even jellicoe radio station the system of the 4 of this would have been unthinkable 5 months ago but then with covert came a digitalisation porche from the church and now maybe under saddam and heralds a new. one we couldn't imagine before for. stephie is normally bothered by negative comments but one recent criticism came from one of her churchmen us she takes such things to hot and it's getting to her during her latest film shoot. that you know what's troubling here is that the host about how i changed my voice i
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sound selling. off at. the church of i'ma with its ancestral hall behind the altar has only ever had male pastors but 3 years ago the congregation was faced with a choice either they took on this lesbian past a couple or the past his position would surely remain very controlled long time. stephanie rocca became the pastor and imo it's a final meeting with a young congregants before their confirmation time to check their shoes fausta rathke asks them to lift up their shirts and examines the saul. ok. ok. ok. yeah now we got oh my this is the ones what. there's no price tag still stuck to them but now comes the hard part the dress
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rehearsal for the declaration of faith starting with ziegler twins. you also confess your faith before the congregation. i believe in god the father the almighty creator of heaven and. the forgiveness of sins the resurrection of the dead and life everlasting. life great job well done voice one last thing for the pastors to worry about that. but not everyone has learned the confession of faith that well. so pastor rocco makes an announcement. if you don't have down i'm just going to call it off tomorrow i keep telling you guys you have to know the confession of faith you're going to recite it alone in front of everyone and i'm not helping you with. the boys and girls don't care that stephanie rutgers lesbian the more excited the whole
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the confirm and get to have a personal plate with the pastor can go wherever they want and she can't back out as a co carding is a cool thing to do. not everyone does that. outside in front of the go cart track they take a rather unusual photo to remember the date with the pastor. as well as now we know we can do anything we want with stephanie and she won't just get mad i will say no . it's like i've never got to go karting before so that was nice and just because i'm 35 i can still keep up with the youngsters. church wife ellen is teaching the intern how to perform communion with eyes in these
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a moment and the apostle ones are standing up front here we have to turn around and stretch out our arms and sing to the congregation my. dog. you might have had that for. ellen is officially the pastor's wife but since she is an ordained pastor herself she voluntarily takes on some of her wise to tease the church expects dedication from pastors spouses and partners. and there's armand is something that the 2 pastors do in their spare time only the production costs a finalist from the church's media budget i was not expose of it it was just in this video clip from on this arm and the couple talks lightheartedly about what it would mean for them to have a polyamorous relationship that ellen writes carex plains that each person has to discover their own needs some of.
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the regional bishop ralph meister based in hanover is stephanie and helen rats because boss he's not a fan of and this armin. is my new mom is me for me well they don't make it for me i'm not the target audience for the call so there are a lot of things where after 3 minutes i think oh no not again this is really too silly for me now or the whole so far anything on this love story that they're constantly telling us about no i don't need that. this. but oh others do you find precisely that very interesting and that's how it is. for the pastors they you tube channel is part of the per store will work including their story about trying to have a child you bet english that is the future for one in 5 couples can't get pregnant on their own life. and the church is silent on this topic right now. and that
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isn't passed and here's a pastor couple that has gone down that route even of your business is we know what it's like to have a negative pregnancy test in your hands after 2 weeks of you and having spent a lot of money on your wife up with this life and remain silent even though our fellow church goers are going through this trial. this is it's hide and pressed her work means showing people hey you're not alone even giving them hope look we did it . to share human stories that's preaching and that's why we are doing it or i am anyway. the group is preparing for the confirmation church service one of the highlights of the year for the church and the series lending a hand. setting up the chairs tables and decorations but that model and i mean on this in
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a bar. 3 years ago the church community in iowa made a conscious choice to have a lesbian past a couple and they've never regretted saying yes to stephanie and helen rathke isn't there wonderful pastors for the congregation it was like a rejuvenated sure from a very conservative pastor as we were used to to a modern fresh completely new approach we had packed service from the very beginning and i thought what's going on here we'll have to build an extension soon but once everyone. within being on and off on a 5 by monday working together they put the final pieces in place a small stage area in front of the altar and i walk. about in the back. and then the confirmation church service marathe and get started with one group after the other 2 to cohabit restrictions. of the scene at times of the
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last ones up. so you said yes to our church to your god yes and saying yes means to everything. and that includes communion start is great we can celebrate together now he says my life choice the price said this is my body given for you do this in remembrance of this. inside from co not can call the times we can't shake hands but we can do this. was either side you give that went to your brother and you give me the other. jesus christ spoke and the light of the world wherever follows me will not back in darkness but will have to lead of life. and so go in that place if the lord the same and.
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we spent a week in the little village and no one had a negative thing to say even off the record. and i remember when i was young and a bit later still when you had to hide it and i think it's great how things have turned out that it's. it's funny how she interacts with the congregation or takes the church some. time sometimes i think. yeah she's friendly likeable and reaches out to people like her. fans they you cheap channel is really taking off as well they recently won 2nd place in the small to hero award from facebook and 10000 viewers. in the video reacting to the award stephanie in avenue share how ecstatic to one can say they are overwhelmed by the media and customer of 10 charlie for someone from. one of the well wishes is the regional bishop the census congratulations via twitter i
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think graduations too on this can. gratulations to sheffield and ellen aka you're doing great work keep it up. under is an all round success but the stone work to do. it up the surface of i think the best thing we could achieve is to no longer be different for us to just be us in the church and in the world. and maybe we'll have a channel for seniors about incontinence or whatever hops are no one is different i'm more. inclined to them and stephanie and helen roscoe say they may just keep on running their you tube channel until they're old and growing themselves.
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this is a fine shot and it finally being upset by the pandemic. migrant workers not only do they use their wages to support their families but. also supporting the local economies of their home country. new ideas to help ensure that their families are provided for it in the future. it means minutes on t.w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss trying to do through the topics covered and the weekly radio program. if you would like and more
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information on the chrono laroche or any other science topic you should really check out our podcasts if you know where ever you get your podcast you can also find us at dot com look for it slash science. news managed to snag. any new. money.
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frank food can help watch international gateway to the best connection cells in road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world . experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be allat gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from. this is news and these are our top stories for minneapolis police officer derek sovan has been convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd he was found guilty on all 3 counts 7 killed floyd's a black man when he was filmed pressing his knee on floyd's neck the murder spot.


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