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security question mark in isolation. or not i am going to keep so much money to you john and i think people have to be on to you should my name is on the card and i will occur to tell you. this is news and these are our top stories for minneapolis police officer derek chauvin has been convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd he was found guilty on all 3 counts 7 killed floyd's a black man when he was filmed pressing his knee on floyd's neck the mud response global protests against racism and police brutality. chad's army has announced that president interest debbie has died just
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a day off that he won elections for a 6th term in office he was killed while visiting back while he was visiting troops battling rebels in the north of the country debbie sun has been named as interim leader but the rebels are rejecting the transition. they use medical regulator has given the green lights to johnson and johnson's covert 1000 vaccine despite a possible link to red dust clouds the a.m.a. says the benefits outweigh the risks but that's a warning should be added to the vaccine abel's this is g.w. news live from but then you can find much more news on our website w dot com. on monday germany's greens presented their chancellor candidate for the september
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election and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive today chancellor angela merkel's conservatives presented their candidate in the reaction was overwhelmingly underwhelming arming lush it today won the backing of his party's leadership but a 3rd did not vote for him does he have what it takes to lead the conservatives to victory and to fill the shoes of uncle americal he says yes but he'll have to convince many in his own party 1st that what they have in him is a winner and not a mistake i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. i know that some people would have preferred a different result. i think at the time he's not my type and i don't see him as this in science if he did that i am hoping for and that we might meet. as of now
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what counts is which party has the sense to ideas for the future of our country in the slightest i think well i would have preferred it so i don't think national succeeds and become chon sometimes it's. done is const i mean blush it will be the chancellor counted all of our parties. also coming up sweden has one of the highest corona virus infection rates in western europe and yet it has shunned the lockdowns and never mandated wearing face masks tonight we look at sweden's pandemic path the path that many say should not have been. if they make it more tight that everyone should make it and should wait mask that would be very important maybe we could have passed on life. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states into all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the battered and bruised candid if he wants to become germany's next chancellor on
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monday knowing the leadership in chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. party voted in favor of making their leader arming lusha their chancellor candidate ahead of the national election in september the decision came after a week of wrangling between wash it and the other conservative who wanted to be the chancellor candidate but very in gov mark whose zuda law should and serve spent the past week fighting against each other details from their closed door meetings were often leaked making an unpleasant situation that much more unpleasant wash it emerged the winner a week winner wash it heads the conservative c.d.u. party yet a 3rd of the party's leadership did not vote for him to be the chancellor candidate one reason his unimpressive polling numbers among all voters if army mush it wants to take the reins from angela merkel in september he has a lot of convincing to do among the voters and among his own party members. he
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cannot victorious from the conservative policy now i mean lush at once to focus on battling the parties. say what counts from now on yes which party has the best ideas to the country's future pm for me it's just basic can pull together the best team to deal with the challenges we're facing we're disappear and that's why all the union they see to you and see is you need to had into this election campaign as a team this city you will not win this without they see is you and vice versa. team that from now on will be led by him lash it back to ally carnival king and committed to a strong europe the 60 year old has been state premier of north wind of a scaly germany's most populous state for 4 years and was elected c.d.u. party leader in january. born in the western city of often close to the dutch and
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belgian borders russia does a former member of the european parliament and fluent in french for the most part his politics are moderate and have really reflect maquettes positions. the long and bruising power struggle within the conservative alliance only came to an end when his very and rival pulled out of the race i mean actually i called i mean lushington congratulated him i also offered him our full support in what i believe will be the extremely difficult election campaign ahead of us we will support him without any sense of resentment and with all of our strength i speak for myself as well as for my party this year's year since he is the support of german voters however is something i mean lash it will have to work hard for in recent polls the majority do not believe he has what it takes to lead europe's biggest economy. as if he apparently is not my type and i don't see him as the decisive leader that i
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am hoping for and that we might need. i'm his just the other way around he's not determined enough. if the conservatives andriy handling it well now they finally have a candidate but they don't even have a program what kind of procedure is that it's like getting a driver's license but there's no cause and in law. it is 5 months ahead of germany's federal elections i mean lash out now faces an uphill battle to defend the chancellery against the greens and succeed america. or political correspondents i mean young joins me now also i mean has been following army lusha on a rough and tumble way to becoming the conservative chancellor candidates good evening to you simon someone said that among the conservatives there was no best choice for chancellor candidate they referred to army lush it today as the cd use
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2nd best choice is that what he is. well brant certainly he is as you mentioned the 2nd most popular in the polls of the 2 men who applied for the job but just to give a little bit of context what normally happens in an election year is that both of these conservative parties get behind whoever is the c.d.u. leader and backs them to become german chancellor and in the past when that hasn't happened it's easily worked out badly for the conservatives so why didn't get immediate support will it comes down to this question of his popularity and indeed his personality i mean lashon is not the sort of politician who easily lends a soundbite or who could sort of sway any crowd just with the force of the way he speaks he's often a bit bumbling he gets caught up in the details and seems uncertain at times in
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front of a microphone and during the pandemic for instance he's tried to strike out on his own he wanted to open up things rather more quickly than many members of the german public he seemed like a man he wanted to sort of set his own plan and paradoxically it seemed a bit weak. as a result and unfortunately for ahmed lashon he had a strong contender a much more popular contender in the bavarian leader marcos but having said all that it's now won he won 3 to become c.d.u. later in january now he's he's won this battle if he can have some positive news in the months going had during the campaign maybe can assert himself more clearly and we know simon that army law should he was never grew by chancellor angela merkel to be next in line and that says a lot considering that merkel has had 16 years to possibly think about who will follow her her party the c.d.u.
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was not going into the campaign on a very strong footing how much is to blame here. well of course grooming he's difficult because the incumbent leader never wants to bring anyone on too clearly that they might undermine their own position but i think the any leader any conservative leader wanting to become chancellor has to think about what the legacy of angle americal means for them it may well be a question that plays with the votes has come in time in september. as sort of so to be a continuity candidate but also say that he's he stands for reform and something new so a bit of both i think i'm glad machall has stayed out of this competition but you're right it's a rocky start but that may be a footnote as i say if lash it can convince people that he's he's what the country needs and in particular if there's positive news on the pandemic you know i mean
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young with the leaves tonight here in berlin simon is always think you. president injuries debbie of chad has died just a day after winning elections which secured him a 6th term in office he was reportedly killed while visiting troops on the frontline of a battle against a rebel group into the north the army has named davies son as interim head of state but the rebels have rejected that transition they are valen to march on the capital . residents of chad reacted with this belief to the televised announcement of president idriss debbie's death. martial of chad idriss deby it know as he did every time when the republic's institutions were seriously threatened not to go to heroic lead in a combat operation against terrorists who had come from libya. he was injured in
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the engagement and died after being brought back to. the news came just hours after he was declared the winner of the country's presidential election on april 11th. that would have been the long term leader's 6th term in office but. it's sad news. that the presidential election took place calmly. and just a day after they announced his when they announced his death. all over this news is very surprising. but they want a human level it is touching the water but there are rumors that the information disseminated by the transition council is false no. it
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wasn't if. it is not known why debby would have visited the frontline or participated in the clashes the exact circumstances of his death remain unclear and some observers question the military's narrative. following the announcement the military council deployed the army around the capital and imposed a curfew it also just solve the country's government and parliament and named debbie's 38 year old son as transitional leader he heads the elite presidential guard that oversaw. his father security. debbie was among the world's longest serving leaders the herder's son took the classic path to power through the army in 1990 his rebel forces overthrew that then president and coo. during his 30 year rule he became a key ally of the west and supplied weaponry and soldiers to the anti jihadist campaign in the south region his unexpected death could spell the beginning of
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a new period of uncertainty and the deeply troubled region. the u.s. embassy in moscow says ambassador john sullivan is returning to washington for what it called consultations it's another sign of rising tensions connected to a long list of disputes between washington and moscow there's the alleged russian meddling in u.s. elections to help the kremlin critic alexina vaulting and the recent massing of russian troops along the ukrainian border as it has done before ukraine is asking the u.s. and europe for a joint response ukraine's foreign minister labor wants more western economic sanctions against russia and he says the time to act is running out predicting that more than $120000.00 russian soldiers will be near his country's border by the end of the week ukraine's military has begun reinforcing its border presence here is
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the country's foreign minister earlier today. the cost of preventing the russia fill the escalation will always be lower than the cost of stopping it and mitigating ensconce sequences and i hope our friends and partners understand that. it is way more effective to clearly make moscow understand that a new stage of aggression will have dire consequences for russia. international isolation and painful and comic sanctions. but what can we realistically expect from the west especially from the u.s. now that joe biden is president let's bring in jonathan katz from the german marshall fund he joins me tonight from washington it's good to see you again jonathan. what does washington make of the buildup of russian troops near the border with ukraine well i think there's a deep concern in washington about the build up it's not only on the dons boss but
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it's also in the black sea see it as of crimea and i think there's increased concern and of course today you saw that u.s. ambassador is coming back to washington for consultations the u.s. has been very clear that he deescalate this situation and i think that it washington taking it taking it very seriously right now that this is the biggest military buildup they've seen since 2014 and i think everybody including both in washington brussels with the european side is taking it very seriously what can u.s. president biden do even with his allies because the end of the date in the ukraine is not a member of nato. that's that's true and the president has said that the u.s. nato will not get involved militarily again this is about diplomacy it's about bringing russia to the conclusion that their actions if they decide to take it in in ukraine
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and it gets ukraine would be against its interests and so right now there's lots of consultations back and forth minister of foreign affairs of ukraine is correct that the u.s. does have tools in its tool belt including sanctions it can accelerate ukraine's nato membership process as well further excel rating your atlantic integration for ukraine bringing it closer and so those are some of the things that we're seeing right now we are already saw last week with an introduction of new sanctions focused on a number of items which you mentioned the beginning including response u.s. elections response to concerns about headhunting and afghanistan's concerns about cyber cyber wins as well these are things that i think that the administration is contemplating right now thinking about but i think what we want to see right now in washington i think elsewhere is the escalation and unfortunately moscow in the kremlin is moving in the wrong direction well jonathan why should you green believe
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president biden when he says that there will be consequences if we russia moves against ukraine biden also said that there would be consequences for saudi arabia over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and the world is still waiting for those consequences. yeah what the this administration from day one has said that it was going to hold russia accountable for action that took place over the last several years including i mention the cyber intrusion but also the elections have to ferrets afghanistan and so it actually has a proven record of introducing sanctions ever responding to actions taken by the kremlin that we're not only talking about what's taking place on ukraine's borders but we're also talking about what's taking place internally at russia as well and so i think there will be a response from the united states and from u.s. partners including in europe to what's taking place and that has happened before it
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happened even post 2014 when action was taken in crimea and in the dumbass for the us responded with sanctions and really led the effort to i think to push back on criminal actions that so i expect that it will take place in addition the u.s. has already under this administration continue to provide weapons to ukraine and that's something that's important it's not only the united states that's doing that but it's other nato partners of the united states that are working to support ukraine security. jonathan like to talk about alliances in a moment but 1st i want to listen in to what german chancellor angela merkel said today at a council of europe video conference take a listen. in and. i have the impression that with north stream 2 we may be waging a conflict and that is much wider and touches upon the question of the extent to which we want to trade with russia especially in the energy sector by touch and
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that the here from germany has decided to build new and strange to me but it's a political battle that many see differently and. didn't feed on the the in jonathan americal in the past has regarded nord stream too as a matter of energy policy not a matter of geopolitics do you hear her beginning to shift her stance there. there is a number of items that berlin is increasingly concerned about one is clearly the situation on the border with ukraine where the chancellor has been clear about the need to deescalate and to step back but i also think the situation with the with leading opposition figure valby is also of deep concern should germany the fact that right now he cannot get the metal to medical attention that he needs he is one of over several 100 political prisoners in russia right now so i think there's
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a whole host of actions that russia does russia has taken there are deep concern to the german government nordstrom to is one of those issues that's been on the table between transatlantic allies it's something that i know that the biting administration cares deeply about president biden said that he opposes north stream to the u.s. congress has spoken loudly on this and so there is a potential on both sides if any action is taken you can see a shift a possible shift in the german government and i expect that the u.s. will continue to push hard of this issue if germany were to hold. to jonathan would that strengthen or weaken the western alliance these would be russia. well i think that you know the position has been out of concern about energy security in europe and about being reliant on russia as an energy supplier a supplier that in the past has cut off. energy resources when it suited its needs
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so i think from the perspective of the u.s. i think absolutely the north stream to project not going forward is seen as something that's positive and important for us in transatlantic security and energy security so absolutely. you mentioned the kremlin critic alexina of all that he is in the hospital now after being transferred from his prison cell do you think western pressure had anything to do with that. but 1st of all i have 00 confidence that mr putin the kremlin will do the right thing in terms mr ball these health i think there's many people here come to the conclusion that they would like to see that mr putin would like to see him dead and so i think there's no confidence here because his doctors and others have not allowed in and so right now we're relying on the kremlin which is locking what your political prisoners like mr vantine for this type of support this is the same government it just
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several months ago tried to poison and kill the leading opposition figures so i think that it's really it's important for the u.s. and others to keep focus on this all right john of the camps with the german marshall fund joining us tonight from washington as always jonathan we appreciate your time in your insights thank you absolutely. for most european countries have been relying on measures such as lock downs mask mandates and travel bans to keep infections down during the pandemic but sweden has taken a different path led by top epidemiologist understated no one who does not agree with lockdowns now that's turned the country into and away says freedom of sorts but sweden is now seeing a surge in corona virus cases health authorities are urging people to follow their recommendations but will they listen to the w.'s teri schultz reports. sweden seen as the land of sweet liberty for those chief ing against coronavirus
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closures curfews and mandatory masks while most of europe has been in various stages of lockdown over the last year swedes have been skiing shopping dining and drinking restrictions in swedish restaurants mean giving customers space and closing at 8 pm i think we have taken away ron paul for the rules so we have one bank gun jamie head waiter at the concern and restaurant in stockholm says sweden's done it right. in learn from czech republic the comer taking it we were. just free to freedom the architect of this model state epidemiologist understand now we did basically the same as many other countries we do that's a slightly different way trying to think sweden has tried maybe a bit more than notices to pinpoint what to do when you throw stones but technology
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the different way has seen sweden record a far higher death toll than its closest neighbors finland and norway a comparison he rejects they all to sweden compare very much more true belgium or stray even germany and sweden these. $5.00 to $10.00 countries for the least excess mortada to sit in europe but sweden's care homes in particular were hit hard last year and still now hospitals warn intensive care units are nearly overwhelmed in december even the king said he thought the strategy had failed but techno stands by his recommendations he says the only problem with them is that people don't follow them take masks for example understand doesn't believe they're very effective so on public transportation writers are urged but not required to mask up during rush hours if you appear to do. so some feel that's
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a failure of the government's 1000 communications strategy at least journalism professor christian christianson says the lax approach to mask wearing exposes inequalities in swedish society in danger inc especially minorities you're seeing people who are probably in lower paying jobs service industry jobs must take public transportation their trains in the morning day in day out with hundreds of people in a small container i think it's reasonable to ask like you know might that not be a possible public health problem if they make it more tighter that everyone should make it and should wear a mask that would be very important and maybe we could have spent some life through a new emergency law gives the government temporary power to impose a lockdown but it hasn't been used polls show some swedes have lost faith in their country's approach to stuff lloyd blood isn't one of them he still trusts in ender's ted now he represents like this different kind of way crisis in the world
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we did it in a way where people still could have a lot of different for me freedom is really important blood support isn't likely to fade quickly last year he immortalized the epidemiologist on his epidermis. on his epidermis well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter news or you can follow me a brick golf t.v. give me a member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then everybody.
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to own. or not to open. the book about a sure economy step it. could change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new. economics magazine in germany. next.
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play out of. place country in turmoil. 5 young people from algeria to speak out. about their trini feelers. into. a life caught between hope and resignation algeria my love. in 45 minutes on d w. in many countries education is still a privilege comedy is one of the main causes some young children blocking mine shafts instead of going to cost induced can attend classes only after he finished shooting. millions of children all over the world who can't go to school.
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we ask why. because education makes the world more just. make up your own mind. w. made for minds. our world such a beautiful place and yet this is walk with faced with on a daily basis not during the past demick but maybe that's what it takes a pandemic to make us rethink about how we get about acetates could soon mean taking off to work old literally zipping down the road to grab a bite or without food.


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