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this is news coming to you live from the u.s. jury convicts a white policeman of murdering a black president biden called a start in the fight against systemic racism. no one should be. in today's verdict sends that message. but it's not enough. we can't stop. a jury in minneapolis found derrick show been guilty of all charges in the killing of george floyd we have full coverage coming up. chad's army says president
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has died fighting rebels in the country's north he was an ally of western states in the fight against extremism we'll find out what his death means for the country and places far beyond. plus it's game over for the proposed european super early 6 top football clubs walk away from the controversial project less than 20 less than 72 hours after agreeing to join. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us minneapolis jury has found former police officer derek show been guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd last year he was filmed killing floyd a black man by pressing his knee on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes the murder sparked global outrage and protests against racism and police brutality p.p.
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and people. celebrated the burg. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty guilty guilty verdict to the words so many had been hoping and waiting for guilty on all counts derek show of and now a convicted murderer at the end of a tense 3 week trial. justice for george floyd what began as a rallying cry has become reality. crowds who had gathered at george floyd square the site where he was murdered were overcome by emotion. overwhelmed i'm grateful i'm relieved so i'm i feel grounded i can feel my feet on the concrete i'm super grateful that this is the verdict and that we can now move to the next faith george floyd slow death has now been seen by millions. while
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attempting to arrest him last may show been pinned to handcuff floyd to the ground kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes 29 seconds. i can't breathe were some of his final words. floyd's killing on lease one of the biggest waves of protests in u.s. history against systemic racism and police brutality. president joe biden hailed the decision as an important step toward police reform it was a murder in full light of day and to rip the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism vice president just referred to there are systemic raises this is a nation's soul but it's not enough we can't stop here. in order to live a real change in reform we kid and we must do more to reduce the likelihood
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a tragedy like this will never happen the occur again. show then handcuffed and led away will be sentenced 8 weeks from now he could be facing decades in prison we're here to tell you correspondent stephan siemens is in minneapolis reporting on that verdict from the very spot where george floyd was killed it's going really well i don't think there is any at least. in the african-american there in the black community anywhere in the united states in all the metropolitan areas l.a. new york chicago washington d.c. miami atlanta minneapolis of course anybody or not many people who would say this was not a great day a day they were longing for a day which brought them justice and. joy because of the verdicts issued by the jury we did 10 hours spread over 2 days 4 hours in the 1st 6 hours in
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the last in the 2nd day and there was the verdict then off and on all counts guilty for their issue and for the murder of george floyd right here right behind me that is where this is happened that's why this place is called george floyd square and claimed by this community by the way that this was a no intersection this will never be an omen for searching again. well let's bring in joe hutchinson he's a civil rights lawyer and journalist here in berlin thanks for being with us we saw celebrations across the u.s. following that verdict what's your take on the verdict. well i absolutely understand why people are celebrating this is an event that is all too rare not just that the police officer was guilty but that the police officer was charged at all so you know i definitely want to reach my heart out to the family of george floyd to sort of understand how for them this is justice and then help from the
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activists on the ground of people rejoicing at the same time i do want to point out you know we're not done there were 3 other police officers who watched while there are children pressed the life out of george floyd and did nothing i think the new york times has done the reporting that since the trial started us police officers have killed over 3 people a day so that's i think by the time we're watching this you know 70 people have died at the hands of law enforcement in the united states since this one trial began so there's there's a lot more to say make issues to be keeping in mind of other than just the one police officer. when it comes to confronting systemic racism police brutality in the u.s. are you expecting real change in the wake of this trial in the wake of this verdict . so fortunately are things some but it really depends on the local or municipal level there's been an encouraging find there was
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a former police officer named kerio horn she was a police officer and buffalo new york when the year 2000 they witness another police officer who writes least officer fitting a black man in a chokehold she didn't just stand by intervene she directly physically removed this officer from the handcuffs victim but what happened in 2006 she was fired from the police force she was fired she lost her pension and the reason i mention this case now is because it was just last week that her firing was overturned by a new york court so n. buffalo new york is now coming out of kerio law it requires police officers to intervene when they notice other police officers using unreasonable court and so that is something that i would like to see rolled out nationwide. faster george floyd's death there were protests all over the world including here in germany how would you describe the impact of this case for black people fighting for equality beyond u.s. borders. yes i think this is definitely something that brought activists around the
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world together because you know it was so visible what occurred the challenge that we have here in germany and in europe though is that. the police are killing unarmed civilians here as well the only difference is that without much video evidence he's killing usually takes place within close police custody i point out who are usually those who was killed and his murders have never been held accountable last month that was what they said on colossus and domino who was also killed while in police custody so while george voice has been helpful in garnering international attention what we're noticing is that there is a tendency to focus exclusively on george floyd or on the united states without really paying attention to unredeemable use of force here in germany that lead the same like. joe hutchinson a civil rights lawyer journalist here in berlin thank you very much. thank you.
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western leaders have been paying tribute to champion president interest davey the country's army says died fighting rebels on tuesday they beat was considered an ally in the fight against extremism but questions are no big raised about the country's future troops have been deployed to the streets of the capital. air and land borders are closed until further notice and a curfew is in place davie was reportedly killed as he left his troops in a battle against rebels in the north of the country davies son has been named as interim head of state and promised elections in about 18 months but the rebels have rejected that transition and are bowing to march on the capital. residents of chad reacted with this belief to the televised announcement of president idriss deby death. martial of chad be it no
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as he did every time when the republic's institutions were seriously threatened not to come to he really cleaned in a combat operation against terrorists who had come from libya. he was injured in the engagement and died after being brought back to. the news came just hours after he was declared the winner of the country's presidential election on april 11th. it would have been the long term leaders 6th term in office. if sad news. of the presidential election took place calmly. and just a day after they announced his when they announced his death. whatever this news is very surprising. about them on
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a human level. just touching up water but there are rumors that the information disseminated by the transition council is false no. it was a hoax. it is not known why debbee would have visited the frontline or participated in the clashes the exact circumstances of his death remain unclear and some observers question the military's narrative. following the announcement the military council deployed the army around the capital and imposed a curfew it also just solve the country's government and parliament and named debby's 38 year old son as transitional leader who he has the lead presidential guard that oversaw his father's security. debbie was among the world's longest serving leaders the herders son took the classic path to power through the army in 1990 his rebel forces overthrew the then president in
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a coup. during his 30 year rule he became a key ally of the west and supplied weaponry and soldiers to the anti jihadist campaign in this a whole region his unexpected death could spell the beginning of a new period of uncertainty in a deeply troubled region. a spriggan breed brody here he is counsel and spokesperson for human rights watch and joins us from barcelona thanks for being with us mr brody 1st of all interest david ruled chad for more than 3 decades how would you describe his legacy. well i would say. it's a mixed legacy of course teachers debbie came to power by defeating his predecessor his'n hogg ray who was probably the most certainly most brutal of chad's leaders who committed crimes against humanity and who was recently convicted
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actually by a court in senegal for massive crimes including sexual slavery murder torture and he just i became in promising chad liberty and he established a truth commission one of the 1st in africa to look at the crimes of his predecessor soon became very clear that he was going to use the same tactics and he brought back many of operates people and he became more and more autocratic i mean he never reached that level of brutality and he always maintained a semblance of constitutional rule there were elections there were opposition parties there was opposition press. but these elections more and more became near formalities. and there was a human rights abuses arbitrary detention and probably most of all
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corruption ok what do you expect to happen in. with the death of its leader he'd been in place for 3 decades as we mentioned what are the prospects for achieving stability in chad at this point. well of course stability that's what that's the thing that chad offered with stability i mean this is a a very volatile region you've got libya falling apart above chad you've got sudan which broke in half you've got a war in central african republic you've got. boko haram in nigeria and so what you just have been offered was debility. and that's why for 3 decades the west supported interest debbi just as they had supported his own heartbreak before him i think now. we don't know i mean i'm very worried today for the situation in chad itself i mean on the one hand the rebels i don't
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think that will happen but the rebels could win and they could be big many of them are tied to his harbor if they come from that small ethnic group they could start taking revenge on on. the group. and also the other possibility is that the government will take advantage of this chaos as they did in 2008 when rebels. take advantage of this situation to attack and disappear political opponents so it's a very scary period right now inside chad it's pretty thank you very much for your inside stuff was reed brody council a spokesperson for human rights watch. you're welcome. you're watching to do news still to come will find out why the future of a proposed super league isn't looking so super.
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but 1st in the pandemic year of 2020 executions carried out worldwide decreased significantly that's according to a new report mc international says more and more nations are restricting the use of the death penalty but it points to worrisome increases in some countries in its annual report mc says china continues to execute or sentenced to death thousands of people each year and has criticized beijing for keeping the exact number secret embassy said iran ranked 2nd with at least 246 executions last year followed by egypt which recorded a 3 fold increase from the previous year and in the united states the only country in the americas that still applies the death penalty the federal government resumed executions in the final months of the trial presidency. well for more
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now i'm joined now by son john mc international's advisor on the death penalty and co-author of the report in london thank you for being with us what's behind the decrease of executions worldwide has the pandemic played a big role in. thank you for having me today. as you say we recorded the lowest number of you know at least a decade and they're out for the safety of my own fox friends if it's our upper hand we saw it to mother can't you that's been nice and yes with our support for our high number of executions you can you can see drop there not only is where you are which have excuse earned. which reported a reduction of 6 percent. or so we thought that they copied $900.00. and while it was against for example in many other us states and the opposite
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we were sued. i'll count 2 years and what i'd like is a. display that is staring at their mission to pursue executions and the sentencing is at a time when what was obvious uncivilized. your organization is campaigning for the evolution of pollution of the death penalty do you think it's realistic to expect that all countries will abandon it is there a consensus emerging on the solution. we believe and if you go there on our site when under see the national began campaigning for up recently $977.00 we had 16 that are white in the fantasy and this year is now 108 and now we count only 20 . executions. i think it's pretty gross if you can't. answer you have is a man's and where i'm on there when your was once
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a country and its who it is. that you say. we signed and we still shouts you. see we fall asleep. his son joe joe thank you very much for being with us that was charo son joe joe and the c.n.n. national zoo bizer on the death penalty and co-author of the report in london focus on. sports news the brand new european football super league that was announced on sunday it has crumbled all 6 english clubs have abandoned plans to join the breakaway league only a handful of spanish and italian clubs remain involved. chelsea fans hearing that their club had backed out of the super league. many would agree with the we saved football chant the stunning backlash to the
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super league had worked to reverse an attempted radical shift in the european power structure. inside the stadium players for brighton chelsea's opponents on tuesday night showed what they thought of chelsea's earlier super league ambitions u.k. prime minister boris johnson celebrated the withdrawals posting on twitter that the decision to pull out is absolutely the right one yet it is hoped that the other founding members of the super league would follow. the law and they did egged on by fans old and young tied to the tradition of the beautiful game all 6 of the powerful english clubs had pulled out of the super league 48 hours after it had been announced. the death knell may have come monday evening in spain when real madrid chairman also the chairman of the super league florentino perez said this
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yet i don't think anyone what we want to do is say football so that he can live peacefully for at least the next 20 years without stress and without having to say 200000000 euros have been lost the situation is very dramatic as we don't think we are the future and this guy was younger audience you know and they brought my dad and people to come if only done a great job to get in position that 8 pay raises and some of the dinosaur things he can speak on my behalf. super league clubs learning a lesson that it's never a good look to have fans coaches and players rooting against club bosses and owners . well joining me for the latest on the story is johnson crane from d.w. sports journalist isn't this super elite was only around for like 72 hours and now it's looking like it's going to collapse completely what happened so quickly incredible really is not how quickly it's falling apart i think you mentioned it yourself the superleague not looking so super anymore it really was a bit of
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a domino effect once one of the clubs about the other english clubs followed quite quickly we saw the pictures of the chelsea fans there protesting before their game against price and i don't think we can underestimate the impact fans and how they've really been the catalyst for this in those chelsea fans celebrating what they want to title they were so happy to have this overtime interesting they did not mean so much contrition from the clubs announcing their withdrawals although liverpool's owner john henry has now posted a video statement apologizing to the fans apologizing to coach jurgen klopp and of course the players who also expressed their disapproval of this stupid leak on social media the super league itself has released a statement even those 6 clubs do remain effectively putting it on hold now thing they're going to reconsider how to reshape the leak the reconsidering. the whole thing sounds a bit half baked to me do you really go out front with something a project this big and then just let it go poof within a few few days what went wrong well
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a lot of people probably look at this and think how could they have messed up so badly how could they have gone ahead with this without canvassing the opinion of all of the fans of the players i guess you kind of got money in your eyes and didn't really see much out because the back crash was huge not just from fans and players but sports officials even governments especially the british government prime minister boris johnson was saying they were too everything to stop this from happening in the end the government didn't need to get involved now some top of this was just a big negotiating tactic a bit to get more power through these clubs but it was a company see how it's worked because you ate the pasta reforms and it's champions league without changing anything without changing anything from what the club that initially agreed to so it really looks like that position and that power has been heavy diminished here with the way for kind of bringing them back into line so they've got diminished power what about reputations could this end up damaging the reputations of the clubs who are involved and without a doubt i mean you know clearly there is going to be
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a lot of damage especially in the eyes of the fans there's been a huge but it's going to take a lot to win back trust you a for at the moment though interestingly is being quite conciliatory i mean some of scheffer and the president has a released a statement saying that the clubs made a big mistake but the important thing now is that we move on to rebuild the unit see the game enjoy each before this and move forward together but there are calls for more repercussions edwards vice chairman of manchester united he was instrumental in a lot of this is announced he'll resign at the end of the season pressure props on others to follow or even maybe onus to sell up and also calls for you a friend to really come down hard and punish these clubs what many see was just about pure and simple greed fascinating story jonathan crane from d.w. sports thanks welcome. and some bonus legal news the inevitable has been confirmed shaka have been relegated after
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a defeat to be left out the only goal of the game came when bielefeld captain fabienne close powered home from outside the box the defeat was shock because 21st in 30 games so far this season and brings the club's 30 years spell in germany's top flight to an end. at the top of the business like a table by in munich have edged closer to a 9th straight title they beat violated prison to nail thanks to 2 early goals the victory comes just days after coach hansie flick announced his intention to leave by an at the end of the season. pansy flake was all smiles despite his we can bust up with the by and bosses he shed a joke with opposite number one as votes as his by inside look to extend their lead at the top of the bundesliga table. just 6 minutes in they were right on track eric maxime to promoting reacting sharply to the after thomas miller's effort was saved one nil to the hosts. and with 12 minutes on the clock goes to
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a kidney canada shots into the bottom corner to double the late and pi and were cruising. flick was in such a good mood he even celebrated with ryan sporting director has and sally homage to suppose it never says within the club. because and did give brian cause for concern in the 2nd half and the mary tested manuel neuer with a shot from range. and then edmund taps about fired over from a few yards out. but by and weathered the storm to claim victory they now need just one win from their remaining 4 games to retain the bundesliga title and good flick the perfect sendoff. streamliner of our top story today for minneapolis police officer derek shaaban has been found guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of george boyd is expected to be sentenced 8 weeks from
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now. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin up next we've got the w. africa you can find out much more about our program get all this news and else as force from our website as d.w. dot com i'm terry moore.
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a student i wanted to build a life for myself like these totally but suddenly life became elish kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. and gender equality is not the big pickle concept it used to be 1st introduced scores and scores of women and men around the world have fought to pringle's to the point to be what equal rights are basic but there are still many parts of the world that are struggling to accept this to add to these the pandemic has brought.


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