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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2021 3:03pm-3:31pm CEST

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and he says that these are doctors that he trusts and that the reason why he's now ending his hunger strike is because those doctors told him that if he doesn't stop his hunger strike there may soon be no one left to treat so they essentially said that he could die if he doesn't stop his hunger strike but in that post on instagram need says that he still demands to see another doctor for other symptoms that he has which is for his numbness the numbness that he's been feeling in his arms and legs which his supporters say may be may have been caused by that poisoning last year with a military grade nerve agent let certainly is concerning what more can you tell us about his condition while there was huge concern head of this announcement because the news that we were getting from the prison where now he's being held wasn't great yes this week he was moved by authorities to
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a different prison where there's a tuberculosis ward so he was allowed to kind of lie down am and be treated essentially and the prison service here in russia has been saying repeatedly that his health condition is satisfactory but from his post of orders we've been hearing of this severe back pain that he's been suffering from for about the numbness in his arms and legs and also about blood tests that show that he could be facing kidney failure or even heart problems so rather concerning news there how have russians been reacting to this story and what does novelli mean to people there. well i think there's 2 points to mean made there of course there's his supporters and then there are normal russians when it comes to normal russians i think still the majority of russians don't really know who i think say now biden is he's never really reported on on state t.v.
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and most likely the fact that he's ended his hunger strike won't be reported on state media either he has been gauging song recognition and including among sort of outside of traditional opposition circles with his poisoning with his return to russia and also with the recent investigation that he published on you tube which got which went viral but you know mostly it's just his real supporters who will be following this news they will be breathing a sigh of relief on wednesday their main demand at a protest that was held across russia was for him to be able to see independent doctors and that demand has now been has been met and even some of his supporters were on hunger strike with him they will likely now be stopping their hunger strikes as well emily thanks very much for that data to correspondent emanation in . india has reported the world's highest
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daily count of new coronavirus cases for the 2nd day in a row more than 330000 new infections were recorded in the last 24 hours in response canada is banning all flights from both india and pakistan and the u.k. is also putting new restrictions on travel to and from india. have spiked comes after coronavirus case numbers 1st rose 210-0000 per day last september and then dropped off again through the winter up experts say new virus variants and recent super spread of gatherings have contributed to. yes mourning their loved ones who died at this hospital not from covert 19 but from a fire that broke out while patients were sleeping the blaze was fueled by the oxygen so desperately needed to keep many 1000 patients a lie more than a dozen people died after the intensive care unit was engulfed in a ball of fire. unfortunately. unfortunately
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a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air conditioner and since there was additional oxygen in the i.c.u. it was completely overwhelmed within 2 minutes. india has reached a breaking point hospitals are turning away patients supplies are running out queues are hours long at testing and vaccination sites many walk away empty handed . the. volunteers are working around the clock to cremate and bury the dead. even if it is likely that i finish the last day because you know much of the body
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soul want to finish although. several countries have imposed travel restrictions on india to keep the new variant from also overwhelming them. for more on this i'm joined by dr nair ashtray han the chairman and managing director of adulthood a chain of medical institutes based in going down the tree and your one of india's most respected doctors anything training indian presidents for the last 30 years tell us how bad is the kind of a 19 situation in india right now this is going we've to be surprised he estimates that before so it has pretty sort of britney and sex lies in them both that it is true you don't think that the peak of the last beef was busted so that everybody because. it has to give us all
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a looser brace then the system's all with all this we're going to least in such numbers all that we have we had enough to deal with the 2nd was like the 1st 3 but because the numbers are still within the north and so it's unlike what happened in the united states in the 2nd hood react to the suffering and we've heard. what is needed then most to turn the situation around. so there are several factors which you knew about luke on the 1st wave we were not we did not have enough p.v. as we didn't have enough must have enough data to leaders we didn't have enough hospital beds that fame and i see but that all was done null in the 2nd we were created the problem we have is the medically people who actually learned over the freaking health care system we should definitely has been stretched beyond its
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capacity even null as you see in the patients who we were like 2 going to be a working day and i could do that but sometimes and we were truthful so we try to treat them in full view trying to be driven or means that it does and in hospitals and this isn't so that increases that amount of certain things much like the medicines that we are using look around as if he is one of the misses 2 criteria by the loaded people and the other is oxygen oxygen the requirement for by the medical profession the office didn't have become formed and that all the new science so that by we had the huge supply demand mismatch right now and the government and we all of us doctors of the body is trying to pull with that by doing the following list of all the capacities increase in the means of lukoil also is even
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the dunce formation of oxygen liquid oxygen by the hackers is all sold one being because of the fact that other would be did not and other times we did not need another range rover bank goes to run for the riches of cause of the divine and big must for the gone up so you would then that's the sort of i'll do i would believe difficult being that and also the fact that the government has started importing tankers phone with every. you find a big indian. 76 lifters having said all that listen we started girls who are doing the cryo right so no we are hoping that this one. mate who we will start doing were to start going gold and the options of a city with a steel industry has also led should we all go this. death
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and the rest found thank you we have to leave it there but thank you very much you know time thank you let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world now chad's president interest heavy has been laid to rest in the capital can't imagine man after his sudden death on tuesday standing as an ally of western states in the fight against jihadists the army says he died in a rebel advance in just hours after he won a 6th term in office. hundreds of people have been mourning dante wright the black man killed by police during a traffic stop near minneapolis his funeral came 2 days after the verdict in the george floyd case in the same city the officer who shot right apparently by mistake has been charged with manslaughter. there's been violent scuffles between israelis and palestinians outside jerusalem's old city after protestors were bothered from areas where muslims gather to ramadan israeli police put up barricades and used
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stun grenades to disperse crowds the far right jewish one hover group chanted anti arab slogans and were prevented from mounting to the area. nasa and commercial rocket company space x. have launched a new take on a flight to the international space station before astronauts are the 1st crew ever propelled toward orbit by iraq opposed to the cycles from the previous flight it's the 3rd time astronauts have flown on a private rocket to space. first the. economy is running out in the search for a military submarine that went missing on wednesday with $53.00 people on board indonesia's navy and ships from countries including the u.s. and australia are searching for the vessel after it lost contact near the coast of bali authorities say the submarines oxygen supply will last only until saturday local time leading to is it could be too late to save lives. it's
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a race against time and against the ocean's depth to k i love $400.00 true you may have sunk too deep to be retrained. voyage of 53 crewmembers and very limited oxygen reserves and their families are desperate for them to be found in this woman's husband is one of the crew members he called her right before the submarine sessions out. you know. we were on a video call when he said honey i'm going to sail. i said ok take care come home soon pray for me so i can go home soon he said. yeah yeah. yeah. the search is focusing on this area about 100 kilometers north of bali the submarine was conducting a missile firing exercise here when contact broke off officials say a power outage may have occurred causing a loss of control. indonesia has deployed several navy ships in
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a patrol plane malaysia singapore and australia have joined the operation and other countries offering help and oil spill and a submerged magnetic object in the area of the submarines last dive has rescuers hoping they're on the right track but if the submarine has sunk to date it may be impossible for the rescuers to operate and time is running out. the submarines oxygen reserve capacity in a power outage is 72 hours or about 3 days starting from when it lost contact on wednesday around 3 am it could last until saturday at 3 am let's hope we can find them before then. it was you know. officials say the german made submarine was in good condition before it set out to sea but after 40 years of service in indonesia it may have fallen
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prey to the same waters it's been defending. i'm going to michael has been facing questions today over one of germany's largest corporate scandals the chancellor testified before a parliamentary committee that's investigating the collapse of the payment processing company why a cod will make us want to know why merkel continued to promote the german company abroad despite multiple allegations of wrongdoing her appearance marks the climax of a public inquiry into an affair that has tainted germany's reputation for following the rules it exposed ties between politics and business and prompted several resignations and criminal investigations. more on the story the joint. chief political editor michael is still giving testimony but tell us what she's been telling the investigative committee so this morning. well she basically says and this is the most contentious issue here why she raised why it caught on her visit to china at the very highest level and she said that simply why
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a card fit into germany's overall policy in seeking market access particularly on the financial sector and that that had very little to do with the fact that she had met up with a lobbyist for why a car none other than the former defense minister here in germany. back she also stressed that she is no longer in contact with him so clearly trying to put some distance between her and him and she said that she still had full confidence in one who of her key advisors. not simply color who is her economics advisor and whose wife was also linked to why it caught in directly so that still leaves some question marks the german chancellor very much on the defensive here well before machall rejected criticism of her lobbying company while a deputy elections also refused to take any blame how does that make them look.
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well it makes our so it's the finance minister who was testifying yesterday looked at the very least uninformed although many find that very hard to believe because he was also the one who then started to change the watchdogs to basically restructure it and to have somebody else at the top of the baffin germany's financial watchdog he says he fixed the problem as soon as he was aware of it but there's still some question marks over who knew what when and who should have acted to prevent this from happening with the counter argument being that there was so much criminal energy in why a card suddenly no longer being able to produce evidence for some 1900000000 euros and that that is always something that policymakers cannot foresee that it happens so here we are it's certainly very damaging either way whatever the truth is for the reputation of this government and in the end machall herself well that brings
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me to my next question very damaging machall is in the last months of her chancellery how will this scandal affect her personal legacy what could leave her somewhat tarnished being of course how to the very least by the very successful lobbying efforts by wild cards which was certainly deeply rooted within the upper echelons of bavarian politics at the very least and one could say but at the same time it is only a few more months to go germany is in the midst of a pandemic so yes it will damage her reputation but not grasp on power until those elections in september or we have to leave it there thank you michelle if they have any teeth political editor. turkey is currently hosting more than 4000000 refugees from the middle east numbers surge during self syria's civil war which began 10 years ago but today most vibrant trying to reach europe from turkey and
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not syrians but. their journeys are often dangerous and often deadly junia reports from the eastern turkish city of zion where many of those journeys have ended in tragedy. symmetry of the nameless this is how the locals call this place and for a mean a sufi saga and her son parviz it is always difficult to come here. painful memories are reawakened. motherhood to those who didn't make. the people who are buried here have mothers brothers and sisters they all have someone who love them but now their families don't even know that they are here it breaks my heart that there is no one who comes and prays for them mobile how could you not. but and yet that is why i'm mina and power this pray here on behalf of everyone else alone. they fled from of coniston by iran to turkey
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illegally on foot over the mountains. it's a long dangerous journey many freeze to death or die in accidents and many who don't make it end up here. in the eastern turkish city of van in an unadorned grave with no name. on them. i myself there is a man here who was found dead in the mountains and once they brought women's bodies their fingers and toes were frozen off from the cold. that. these name as the grave seem like memorials a warning of the fate that looms on this dangerous journey and yet only a few are discouraged by the risk the number of people trying to reach europe why this route has sharply risen in recent years. the route leads through the mountains
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straddling turkey's border with iran up to 4000 meters high most of those trying to reach europe from afghanistan pakistan bangladesh take this way. ticky is now building walls everywhere in the region they are hundreds of kilometers long the border with syria has already been closed off the wall to iran is still under construction. human rights lawyer mahmoud cut chances a war won't stop the refugees it only makes the journey more dangerous. he has in this area been ignoring people smuggling for too long it's become kind of a business sector so many get involved in this because a lot of money can be made in a short time at a relatively low risk. i mean and power of a sufi saga still clearly remember their own flight from afghanistan the smugglers took everything from them they say they have been living here in van for 3 years
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now. the family found refuge in turkey but like so many others they want to continue to woods europe back to afghanistan they say that's out of the question. the you will have lost everything in afghanistan it's a war zone our house was destroyed how can we go back there when there's no safety for our children but if we have to go back they will kill my son that's not an option. so they are holding out in eastern turkey stranded in their new existence and they think of those who lost their lives and are buried here at the cemetery of the nameless. tunick system sports news now in europe aims football's governing body says new nick will remain one of the most one of the host cities of the year as following
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a meeting today in it had been at risk of losing its hosting rights due to the e.u. a set requirement that spectators be allowed to attend now local authorities and the german football federation have a great of a plan to allow some fans inside the city despite the coronavirus pandemic bilbao and dublin have dropped out as host cities out the failing to provide the same guarantees. and i'm joined by nelson crime data on this story jonathan hi huge decisions of the city of munich but how will they be able to justify letting people into the stadium during what is incredible cases more i think that's probably the story and 2 sides to it it is important for. such a prestigious tournament specially in view of the fact germany will have the entire thing in 3 years' time you're at 2024 there are many ways it would be a dress rehearsal and i think that's why the local authorities and the german
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football federation have been so keen to have this happen they've been working on 3 scenarios after fans inside stadiums ranging from anywhere between 0 and 27000 fans in the end what they've agreed on is $14500.00 which is about 20 percent of the capacity of the arena so that's obviously enough to sway you a fair but the other side of it is you know the current a virus cases in germany are rising we're about to enter a street potentially because of that. the writer had been airing on the side of caution saying how can we plan for something like this when we don't know what's going to happen in june and july when this tournament takes place and of course you know a lot of people will look at all the restrictions in place at the moment and think is this another example of football getting preferential treatment. i how much pressure do you think you would have put on munich to make this happen. oh you wait for were adamant spectators should be allowed inside the stadium to the storm and they wanted 25 percent capacity and guarantees in the host city 9 of the tribe had
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already done that and dublin as we had can provide those guarantees which is why they dropped out as i said munich slightly under that but props talk that because of the german clubs dropped out of the super league when they refused to take pop that germany kind of won some special favors because of that why is it important for you a for well of course there's the prestigious thing as i mentioned this is the 2nd most watched football tournament in the world so of course they want found inside the stadium and then this money ticket refunds are going to be very difficult to organize. the coming in you know through. as a reminder of our top story alexei navalny says he's ending his hunger strike off to $24.00 days the jailed kremlin critic made the announcement in an instagram post the officer told him continuing the strike would endanger his loss. they're watching data over the news bill to comment did over the news asia with protests in
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myanmar continuing to reach no later as conveying a special meeting to discuss the crisis in the country we look at what options i have it's. a story and more coming up after the break was there a spanish a statement about the debt is also much more news and analysis on our website d.w. dot com i'm rebecca written in berlin thanks very much for watching.
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the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. is the rate of infection in developing . what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context.
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the coronavirus and the coalition special monday to friday on w. are you ready for some great news i'm christine winblad on the guy on the edge of my country with a brand new d.w. music africa the show that tackles the issues shaping the causes now with more time to off on in-depth looks out all of the transfer of. what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you in-depth reports on the inside. w. news in africa every friday on g.w. . you hear me now oh yes we're going to need you and i love stairs gentlemen starts now we'll bring you i'm going to mantle as you've never had to have surprise yourself with what is possible to smell cold really what moves. you towards the people who followed her along the way how maurice and critics might
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join us for metals last august. and so many push polls love us no knowledge of the climate change isn't often stores this is my place it went from just one week. going to guess. we still have time to where i'm going. this is the doctors news coming up for the indios desperate fight against. i'm the fall losing their fire indios funeral services. to cope with the devastating 2nd wave that strikes the country's folk infrastructure to breaking point. and finding a way out of the crisis. to meet them to give me shit over the weekend.
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