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this is here we news live from berlin a new life line election of ali ends his weeks long hunger strike the jailed kremlin critic made the announcement in an instagram post doctors told him carrying on would put his very life at risk where moscow for the latest also coming up a covert catastrophe india's ever worsening cooling of our resources sets another global record for highest daily infections hospital school supplies running out mass cremations as the death toll surges and now more countries are banning travel in and out of india plus
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a race against the clock search and rescue teams have just hours to find an indonesian submarine that has vanished with $53.00 crew onboard before the oxygen runs out agonizing wait for families holding out hope for their loved ones and i'm going to go in the hot seat germany's chancellor defends her lobbying for of treatments company that collapsed just months later and one of germany's biggest fraud cases. rock a very warm welcome to all of you jailed russian opposition leader alexina vali says he is ending his hunger strike the kremlin critic began the strike more than 3 weeks ago to demand proper medical care for loss of sensation in his legs and arms he was imprisoned after returning from germany where he had some. treatment after
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being poisoned in russia with nerve agent is doctors urged him this week to end a hunger strike saying his very life was at risk. and we can go now to find emily sure when she is in moscow for you what am i missing avani calling off his hunger strike a what more can you tell us well it seems that extent of on these demands to see civilian doctors have been met in a post there was a new post on his instagram account seems to have been passing these posts on to his lawyers periodically and in that post he says that he was able to see doctors that he says he trusts twice now and that they have recommended that he calls off his hunger strike apparently according to that post they said that soon there may be nothing left to treat if he is if he doesn't stop his hunger strike but he has
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also demanded to see another doctor he's still complaining about numbness in his arms and legs so that demand goes forward and when this is all made for his flight . well he's still obviously been in prison he was this week transferred to a different prison which has a medical ward tuberculosis ward actually his lawyers say that he still is considered by the prison service to be a flight a flight risk so essentially he might you know flee the prison and that means that prison guards check on him periodically including at night which means that they are waking him every few hours the prison service itself has said that his health is satisfactory but it does according to his supporters there is still some risk to his health even now that he's called off the hunger strike he himself says that it
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will be difficult to come out of this hunger strike that will take 3 weeks as well according to his post and recently he's been complaining of this back pain that i mentioned but also according to recent blood tests he may be at risk for kidney failure or even heart failure so i think we have to watch this space and it does seem that he is still not out of the woods even now that he has stopped his hunger strike and how have people in russia where you are really your react to to this story to this development. well they lie think it's worth pointing out that most russians or many russians at least still don't really know who i would say now vine is most people aren't necessarily following the story state t.v. doesn't report on it even though he has you know gained more refuge here i think recently with the poisoning last year with his return to russia and also his arrest more people do now know him but among his supporters i think many of those people
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will be now breathing a sigh of relief after all this week we saw big protests across the country calling for doctors to be able to see alexei nonviolently people were really worried at those protests that he could be dying some people were even on hunger strike with him over 100 people across roth russia apparently were on hunger strike with him so i think those people will certainly be a very relieved at this announcement the correspondent emily show in reporting from moscow thank you. india now has the report of the world's highest daily count of new current virus cases for the 2nd day in a row more than 330000 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours well in response canada now is banning all flights from both india and pakistan and the u.k. also putting in new restrictions on travel to and from india will be on presidents and spy comes to coronavirus case numbers 1st rose to 100000
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a day by last september and then they dropped off again through the winter experts say new virus variants and their recent super spreader gatherings have contributed to the latest surge. yes mourning their loved ones who died at this hospital not from covert 19 but from a fire that broke out while patients were sleeping the blaze was fueled by the oxygen so desperately needed to keep many covert 900 patients a life more than a dozen people died after the intensive care unit was engulfed in a ball of fire. unfortunately. unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air conditioner and since there was additional oxygen in the i.c.u. it was completely overwhelmed within 2 minutes. india
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has reached a breaking point hospitals are turning away patients supplies are running out queues are hours long at testing and vaccination sites many walk away empty handed . the bee could not be vaccinated out of 800 i'm going to 5 things are not so good . volunteers are working around the clock to cremate and bury the dead. even if it is night leave it but i finish the last father day because so much it is going to keep the body soul that is the reason if you want to finish although then go home. several countries have imposed travel restrictions on india to keep the new variant from also overwhelming them. i'm now joined by sure he is secretary of
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indian a public health association delhi and the vice president of the indian association of epidemiologists to a very boring but welcome us or thank you so much for joining us i mean very bleak situation in india horrifying scenes that we've just been seeing very palpable fear . where the government i mean the government seems to have completely lost control of the situation right now. yes drew this is a very grave situation we're facing not only in one part of the country but the whole country all the states are facing the similar kind of situation and there because of bed as you know the media is a hughes population and below we have 162000000 to 2 cases and point 1000000 deaths and yet the dva been point 3000000 cases so it's
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a huge burden on on the system unfortunately the feds but a population by country you know of 1000 of vision is very less as compared to any rest and. the problem is the distribution of the bit in india you know in some estate you will find a point. you know bates 121000 population but you know that you will not find it into the any standard because of the my distribution of you know these beds having broken. the number is increasing and the problem is because of the you know the people. taking it very likely taken in very lightly has been some complacency sorry for interrupting you there but i mean the money government is also frankly well has failed in this situation you've got hospitals literally sending out an s.o.s.
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they are not getting the oxygen they need to save lives the vaccination scheme is in shambles you are the world's for do sir vaccines so you know what has the government of mr modi doing to help his people. in modeler meant business and development in the you know run by bay state gardening and they've stayed actually governing the help and that is why there are a lot of flow carbonation is required menu and it is feeling and that is way knowing something you know it is shortly. so you need to be said that many more things has to be done but it is not according to what is expected although we are good in many things but bad in other things now let's talk about this double variant that well frankly the world is now very worried about as well so when we
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hear the double variant does this mean code with 2.0 or does this mean something else because it really strikes fear in the hearts of many people your double variant means that the matters of the video which is phoning you can bet as eat and you know the i phone in a single person in some of this state and that is way become you know difficult for us because they have more of the really and more better jenny it is a spreading faster and you do sometime you know escaping from the you know antibodies with general inherent immunity which is there in the body the problem now is because of the panic getting authentic there the fear then the population and that is why those are who are dying off you know material substances like you know oxygen and the litle drugs and you know occupying the beds so that is the problem you know that for policing itself is independent testing that is way many
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of the god meant it in he said feeling here too cocky sure a secretary of indian public health association gallium vice president of india association of epidemiologists are thank you for joining us and. and now we turn our attention to turkey where migration and displacement is a global problem that turkey is currently hosting more than 4000000 refugees from the middies numbers surge during syria's civil war which began 10 years ago but today most migrants trying to reach europe from turkey and not syrians but afghans well their journeys are always dangerous and often deadly indeed amused you'll be a hot reports now from the eastern turkish city of on are many of those journeys have ended in tragedy. cemetery of the nameless this is how the locals call this place and for a mean a sufi saga and her son parviz it is always difficult to come here. painful
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memories are reawakened. motherhood that is a good image going to you the people who are buried here have mothers brothers and sisters they all have someone who love them but now their families don't even know that they are here it breaks my heart that there is no one who comes and prays for them mobile hut that is you not active but it that is why i'm nina and power this pray here on behalf of everyone else alone. they fled from a found a stand by iran to turkey illegally on foot over the mountains it's a long dangerous journey many freeze to death or die in accidents and many who don't make it end up here. in the eastern turkish city of van in an unadorned grave with no name. on that without it i
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myself there is a man here who was found dead in the mountains and once they brought women's bodies their fingers and toes were frozen off from the cold. that. these names as the grave seem like memorials a warning of the fate that looms on this dangerous journey and yet only a few are discouraged by the risk the number of people trying to reach europe why this route has sharply risen in recent years. the route leads through the mountains straddling turkey's border with iran up to 4000 meters high most of those trying to reach europe from afghanistan pakistan bangladesh take this way ticky is now building walls everywhere in the region they are hundreds of kilometers long the border with syria has already been closed off the wall to iran is still under construction. human rights lawyer mahmoud could chance has a wall won't stop the refugees it only makes the journey more dangerous because.
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he has in this area been ignoring people smuggling for too long.


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