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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2021 5:30pm-6:15pm CEST

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but that's what to do with all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing smart solutions overstrained said in our ways. the idea is to listen to a series of complete 3000 on t.w. dom. the ultimate aim for some. is no longer to decorate the collapse trophy cabinet with silverware but to feel the bank account we cash. contempt for smaller cups for supporters as effect full of the vision and for all the institutions is replacing ethics. selfishness is a blessing so we decided to. leave.
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and this quake shook the football world this week but in the end the term before you waste a president i mix on the chance for rain. 12 of europe's biggest and richest clubs agreed to break away from the european system of competition and form their own super league. to sneak the giants by in munich and brucia dog months wanted nothing to do with it and neither did the fabs. the backlash intensified across the continent the super need scheme collapsed like a house of cards within a matter of alice. a major victory for fans since it closed in each league threaten to butcher the best things about football. things he finds in the bundesliga where he's the best is determined on the page.
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where even the weak can overcome the powerful. with fishing in the f. it comes with loopholes. and the consequences of using are a part of the game. still the super leaks aftershocks affect the bundesliga to us 1st signed off on the equally controversial champions league reforms to the player solidarity with. the other causes a commotion in the women's league on my state says he final verdict in the fight against relegation was effectively the title race for the fields. let's begin with by in munich and pansy flick. with the cat's out of the bag the party boy coach can safely was in a boy of make goodness league clash with lady whose. his bosses were annoyed at the
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timing of his apartment announcement on saturday but fleet isn't repentant just being it was a spontaneous thing when i decided to tell the team after the vosper game that i intended to quit and so the logical next step for me was to inform the media and therefore also the public. always you guys would say to put an end to the dallying and. the media by the all my and most is being so please only ask me questions about the leverkusen game what's the team and the speaking give a quick plug on mr stone. but it's been hard to stick to the football with our use firmly focused on this week's super league fiasco and various managerial maneuvers chief among them sporting director has an solid homage and she's an ongoing conflict with flick despite by him being on the verge of wrapping up another bundesliga title. by an soon reminded those watching at home
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what all this is really about eric maxime she promotes the opener. he's not let his coach down during robert leavened offseason absence that's 4 goals in 5 now for the striker. joy all round on the fine bench my contact between you and his sporting director but a slight full ring of relations perhaps. david another but is also leading by him and his 2nd cross of the night set up the 2nd goal yahshua kimmage firing home on 30 minutes. the stretch of the previous few days had evaporated by doing what they do best pulverizing. position. that looks almost best friends again perhaps can see we'll be getting a leaving off the rule.
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meanwhile palaver set to join real madrid almost ended the hoff on a real high. at the interval later coups in may and attacking double substitution. on some decide at half time we weren't good we were missing a bit of grit and aggression here so we should things not to get back into the games. but it didn't make any difference at all. but munich are just too slick and a flick. only the offside flight prevented to promoting from my feet 3 nil midway through the 2nd tough. before supper carrying bella ravi struck the bar with a red charts as late accusing scramble to get something from the game. another hand shake some up bines win as
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a night strange sight awaits the players will miss flick. you know i was on a bit when there was this is special situational before this game we had 5 matches left and we decided we wanted to end this extraordinarily successful time with hands on a positive note and get as many points as possible and in every game to show the sort of football we've displayed in the last 18 months and that's made us so successful that i've always been certain tom would do it before christmas but. i would be a bit easier if you take the germany job and good flick is now able to leave this absurd managerial merry go round no wonder he looks happy. it's not easy being a coach in the bundesliga all those pesky questions about your future the constant what ifs and would you soon become tedious to those who.
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just have one request in advance or. script really sorry but i was nothing since i last. saw the logical next step for me was to inform the media and therefore also the public always you guys would say to put an end to the galley. and for god to plan your trip once applied to me dismissed by double my and more so when you see all the headlines that might bother you a bit when it's practically every day you don't really respond any more. pressure i have is that the team don't let it get to them won't be. this is. intrusive. i mean it's only you can't just say i'm going to leave german model lane again we were never together how are you supposed to comment on something that doesn't exist in this instance creates a bring of sacking of us we haven't been exists and that's good and if i now want to be back where i already was a couple of weeks ago then please just accept that and i certainly wouldn't it i
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don't know 100 percent whether the german f.a. what it was to be as coach i was just adding to the speculation was met off because here to me there was see. everyone assumes you live in not a slum to be the next but i am coach stupid me oh not fucking logic the us is playing it down. and i have been and i. don't know if i'm unit want you had i'm. not the same i'm still hung back in by and for the title is sticking came ahead of the chip to really gauge in fact in cologne he's the only test. we tend focus had lost his name game in charge of his new team speech in how much is the one s. hectare the captain has really suffered one medication with his beloved shot his desperate to avoid another it's what makes what both special. leipsic meanwhile was
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struggling to get going. not so super. don't throw that captain's armband away yet you when asked it's only half time. believe my son you can do this you can do this. and early in the 2nd half had to show you that he could. and. every real fans player. even the pictures he loved she's hoovering gloves fail to help. but whatever level of football you play you have to defend long balls. that's why cologne on down the bottom we're not safe at the level it to make it but. that's something drive for midfielder amadou haidara.
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shot shylocks it could do with the striker who tells them that well. despite the setbacks in football you don't give up you fight for what you think is right. and who else but heck too was right on the money again on the alamar. football has shown this week what it can do the right people stick together was to learn and they have to really believe they can do this fine finish from a man who has played most of his people as a defender. it's not always pretty but the french the british it has to be part of the game it feels passion it fuels desire. ah great stuff time pepto catch. not so onerous snatch demitra like that very late on. maybe that phone call won't
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come off troll. the 1st woman to head the full can only thanks to a man with custom ice is what football is and should be all about not money but probably. for all tones of the pitch exactly what we were knew i was needed of us and we knew we had to put up a fight and take points from the gain or dismiss us what we did over 95 minutes from an inch minute in the must believe pulled from fire escape from relegation is now possible. it's just a list now should be getting to by a next time not a slam might be a good chance it is anyway time to congratulate them. i think so. not everyone was happy after the final whistle but it's a result that means so much the beauty of football without the stupidity is that struggling clubs sometimes do people so cool to think to and sometimes thanks to him like the heroes.
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with cologne up against it and having the place to coach just a week earlier form a germany international youngest checked or stepped up to the plate. in the fight he's at work. to do just one of 2 back kill costs you know such a hurry to get. strong was the captain phillips was the curly brackets curious how to pitch the. turn to stories strong ever bundesliga double limited loses it kill a man who has come to the cold and hard for me maybe didn't call out that we fought hard and we. she's a big factor in this situation so we're just happy. things in the end of. the season defender midfielder was the ploy for the forward this time and did not disappoint his 1st ever brace in the top flight ended his side's 9 damed winless
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streak to give the post and some much needed confidence he was sorely missed with out injured for a month in february but kind of player you need when battling relegation match day hero younis had thought. they was no hero this week any match day they'd leave the top flight after 33 years . what had seemed inevitable if not months was confirmed as the fed begins his new club to a full understanding of medication in this otherwise proud history for cancer 1st is a disaster and hard to understand that we won't be involved next year it's tough. even before kick off the team didn't exactly exude confidence. and the game itself
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would be yet another just the way to performance in a nightmare season for shaka their goal difference of minus $58.00 is the 2nd lowest ever by match day century only the infamous has money i believe fared worse . on 39 points and then lose here in b. the felt too despite playing a rubbish game against freiburg previously then i'd expect us to show a response from implosion a decent final showing. president. that was full previous this is this season coach demetrius gramont seems was unable to get that response even against fellow strugglers been a fed shocker we're always on the. fashion for the hosts it was a chance to put some distance between themselves and the drop zone especially with cologne having won the early tuesday game. shot had to win to
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stave off relegation for at least another few days and they have a top performer of the woeful season to thank for at least keeping the school going list at half time keep a tough sell mind. in an all too familiar scenario shot it could barely get a foot on the board and 5 minutes into the 2nd half it was pretty much over those that for the visitors. will stop and kill. relief would be to face and further just asked if a shot hit him until he was at fault. it's times like this when the younger players are expected to step into the breach but not overstep the mark as monica challenged it here a 2nd booking meant to be dismissive even shouted down to 10 men for the last 20 minutes. when they also conceded a penalty. was even the 2nd of the
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exams to be said for it was offside when netting but no big loss for him at least as his side swells a vital victory. and we know how safe it hoods knowing that we're going down in this shelter after all. it's the 101st time shot hit in the match day in last place believing that g.b. is straightforward and then now down to extend it further after the final full day as they did finally showed signs of life in a challenge from some of the not enough but then came the final whistle confirming the final nail in the coffin push. that's it. deserve to win for being the fight was savoring every week spends about the drops. pounds in survival would be flabby i'm sure. he's already at the club pledging.
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it was close to find time to promotion a year ago and was the hero again against now relegated shaka. thanks. among other teams still in trouble raymond looking very insecure or after losing 5 games a crowd. minus one on babysitting 5 from the off they look alike to me as of take the lead and did so. out of so why the poacher in the 60 minutes. just before the break the hosts then also fell foul of the fia you know kevin moved out of danger of foul problems at the rough draft fumble by the mine's goalie no goals. otherwise greyman would toothless and fortunate not to go further behind one little remained enabling mines to leapfrog an old
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rival sit in the tight. visit lympics stadium was even quieter than usual the coronavirus outbreak at houghton meant a 2nd game was 1st present this time against type books but the players have been busy working out at home while keeping an eye on the relegation rivals has or will miss the next match to do to partying the fixtures are piling up but at least they used to the isolation all teams are being forced into quarantine training camps and make. things look back more stunning than stunning wednesday. things got off to a promising enough start against hoffenheim one deal thanks to allison play i. haven't seen our lives are all made in. time could glance back close the gap on
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labor couzens europa league spot. behind didn't play ball 1st on break from reach the end of the last baby brought the signs level i. am so completely crazy period of football preparation again with the winner is the 1st time home from harm turned around to mill deficits in the bundesliga even if looked a bit clueless. by the fact that the super league nice enough to get upset about in the bundesliga this little to colin ross has played the was a little on the soft side. i don't think it was enough for a penalty there was hardly any contact was if any marco went down very early but you got the option of looking at the video the right thing to do is no blow for
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a penalty from 50 to 5. which has gone on for not great for the excepting the good it was left to force himself to bundle the bully. that was the goal number 152 for the dolphins bringing him level with the need for that in 22nd place. wasn't thailand today as he left the last of prime chances go begging on your own not out of it yet. not this close is telling freekick was headed for the top corner. until mob hits flew to the rescue for that his. boss had the other dog who did. finally get a 2nd to see a proper career as at his side keep up the heat some frank said. martin hints a regular is known as
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a wrong card defender and even against his former cop out but he showed no mercy. but just as well the referee was merciful when frank for attention right to stop small car rishta friends because when i was quite. still on the pitch he was able to head front foot in front 5 minutes later after the previous move on the lettering by black back a big bounce back. in the home so i didn't let some across from philly postage found all right still but still on the 20 fold of the campaign for the portuguese strike. nothing went as planned out booked with alfredsson bogus and then also missing coming to frankfurt eagles flying high and still hoping for a champions league landing. the coming back up last years just cause might still be a bit behind the. one fundamental lesson for defenders is not to tear the bull down
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the middle. not just say thank you and good night with the perfect strike says he minutes in. taking the wrong chances is also possible letting process run that shot because when a false start has yet to muster. on hockey now it the wolves made it to nil. it was taking his season's timing up to train as he. loves but for now how he did not the way to counsel the counter balance in the 2nd top young calf hearts but the results beyond doubt. gonzalez castro did manage to grab a consolation goldfish that got in the fight. when you have a special look very much like a charm. let's recap stores off the match they keep results of the soft ball swimming cologne easy wins the pine and frank.
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fell down to show cold lose hope and pipelines in both books only one half a still himself isolation. varies by me and. i suspect. 1. 00 down. no running. clubs. plus 6 ceremony just. on a spot of course. and you probably. got.
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good. prizes for the target which. just go into the bundesliga. to the table and play in conceal a title which we can do as they now post a 10 point lead over like c. . again frankfurt's are increasingly confident of champions league football next season but still haven't jumped. out of we say goodbye to shelf but cologne and feel are still to speak their hopes of avoiding the drop but don't forget. yes i have games in hand. with such as relegation an entire city will go down with them
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a long way from any simple guessing kitchen is the poorest city in germany as its inhabitants believe you are for the club there's not much else and doesn't you shouldn't other than a child because in these pandemic times without fans it makes dropping out of the top flight over mobile. it's not the 1st time they've been back in the 2nd tier though in the 1980 s. shaka were yoyo top relegated 3 times within a short period 981 was 983. months 988. but then they enjoyed reasonable success and lifted 3 german cups this century. as well as i like a cup in 1997. the moment you the very best days of the 7 time german champions are an age ago they last won the
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german title in 1958. and. his downfall has been a long time coming finally they've hit rock bottom sporting wise and financially. but the bonus league will be poorer without them.
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it was trying to succeed us like a bunch of the queen because we wanted to see if germany was but maybe the last few years have been quite o'brien getting firmly in touch with the poor and learned of the harm that when it comes to german beers on the 4th always look right in the arse for a chance perhaps the biggest fans a new hobby of blood i'm going down the river and i love to be in the news there are pros in their accounts but when you feel them all together they'll realize it because it's just another way of never they are you ready to meet the devil then join me right just do it. we have important
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the week again it does. leave the issues above his wrist bands. each of the books in the book. presumably and shows sudras moves. with. the flow same flow the beach the boost the busts. the book mummy mummy. the gold cup. costs love and respect.
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this is you every news line from berlin knife attack a police employee stabbed to death at a police station in paris and officers shoot and kill the assailants in france as prime minister arrives at the scene calling it a terrorist attack also coming up covert catastrophe india's ever worsening corner virus crisis says another global record for highest daily infections hospitals school supplies running out mass cremations as the death toll surges and now more and more countries are banning travel in and out of india plus
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a new lifeline alexina volley and his weeks long hunger strike the jailed kremlin critic made the announcement in an instagram post doctors told him carrying on with put his life at risk. on laila aka a very warm welcome or we begin this broadcast with breaking developments out of france where prosecutors there are now opening a terror probe after a police employee was stabbed to death at a police station near paris the 48 year old administrative worker was reportedly knifed in the throat by a man who was shot and killed by police at the scene and how. the attacker set to have scouted out the scene before hand. let's get you the latest now with a journalistic catherine fields who is in the french capital paris what more have
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you learned catherine. yes we have learned that the attacker a 36 year old had actually be walking around the police building shortly before he took an opportunity when the doors of the police station open to learn that the minister of assistant who worked in the police station she is as you said aged in her late forty's she was a mother of 2 children police and investigators also now say that during the attack that the assailant called out and remarks that we've taken that from all the administrators other people at the scene who is saying to us off record that he shot and. got his great that was during the attack mediately off the attack colleagues of the minister to assistant police officers shot to face lee wounded the mat the attacker at the moment the french prime minister john key stakes is at the scene he is there he described the attack is 8 barack act of unlimited
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cowardness and in the last few minutes the french president many macro who is on his way back from chad has said that france will not give in to islamist terrorism so i mean are there is there a history of tensions between the police and the community in the area of the attack you know what can you tell us about the area where this perpetrator happened to staff and administer to work or. it's an area around 60 kilometers southwest of paris it's regarded as the great a paris area it's an area of small homes where people go who don't want to live in the center of paris want to have a small garden and their children so it's very much a residential area what is really interesting looking at this is unfortunately when you go back through the list of police officers who have been targeted in these
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attacks unfortunately i'm going to have to list them for you so you get some sort of idea we had $2193.00 police officers stabbed to death and the parents police headquarters 2016 we had at ministers of the system and a police officer killed stabbed to death in their home in front of their 3 year old child we also had 2017 a police officer who was killed on the show so these are attacks against the french state and certainly that's going to be the question that's going to be asked now is if police have been targeted like this so often in the past then why weren't better security measures pushed ahead yes you could say this is a small town. 60 kilometers from the capital but even so police officers are being tugged so they're saying they should have had better security during this catherine field of reporting on the latest from paris france thank you.
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we're going to turn our attention now to india the country has reported the world's highest daily count of new coronavirus cases for a 2nd day in a row more than 330000 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours on now more and more countries are closing their borders to travelers from india the spike in infections is a 2nd and much more intense wave after infections dropped off in the winter months experts say new virus variants and recent super spread are gatherings afghan tribute to the latest search. mourning their loved ones who died at this hospital not from covert 19 but from a fire that broke out while patients were sleeping the blaze was fueled by the oxygen so desperately needed to keep many coated 1000 patients alive more than a dozen people died after the intensive care unit was engulfed in a ball of fire. unfortunately they made it to the author of quite
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a bit after unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air conditioner and since there was additional oxygen in the i.c.u. different it was completely overwhelmed within 2 minutes you know management completely or the problem or. india has reached a breaking point hospitals are turning away patients supplies are running out queues are hours long at testing and vaccination sites many walk away empty handed . the big cannot of x. in their daughter being put on one and a half eyes things are not so good. volunteers are working around the clock to cremate and bury the dead. even if it is night we will try to finish the last body a father did because. the body. that is the reason we want to finish all the.
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several countries have imposed travel restrictions on india to keep the new variant from also overwhelming them. let's bring up to speed with some of the other stories making headlines around the world. apposition new malaria vaccine developed by the university of oxford has shown up to 77 percent think a-c. in trials on babies in west africa will it could be a breakthrough in the fight against them skeeter borne disease which kills close to half a 1000000 people every year. charts president if he's dead he has been laid to rest in the capital germany after his sudden death on tuesday mr debbie was an ally of western states in the fight against the hardest the army says he died in a rebel offensive just hours after you want to 6th term in office. moscow
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says over 20 ships have returned to their permanent black sea base after taking part in military exercises near crimea russian troops have also begun pulling back a massive buildup of russian military close to the ukrainian border has been worrying kiev and the international community. for jailed russian opposition leader alexina vali says he is ending his hunger strike the kremlin critic began the strike more than 3 weeks ago to demand proper medical care for loss of sensation in his legs and arms he was imprisoned after returning from germany where he had sought treatment after being poisoned in russia with a rare nerve agent is doctors urged him this week to end the hunger strike saying his life was at risk. and we can go now to find emily sure when she is in moscow for you what am i missing avani calling off his hunger strike
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a what more can you tell us. well it seems that it's enough on these demands to see civilian doctors have been met in a post there was a new post on his instagram account seems to have been passing these posts on to his lawyers periodically and in that post he says that he was able to see doctors that he says he trusts twice now and that they have recommended that he calls off his hunger strike apparently according to the post they said that soon there may be nothing left to treat if he is if he doesn't stop his hunger strike but he has also demanded to see another doctor he's still complaining about numbness in his arms and legs so that demand goes forward and what this is all mean for his flight . well he's still obviously in prison he was this week transferred to a different prison which has
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a medical ward churchill osis ward actually his lawyers say that he still is considered by the prison service to be a flight a flight risk so essentially he might you know flee the prison and that means that prison guards check on him periodically including at night which means that they are waking him every few hours the prison service itself has said that his health is satisfactory but it does according to his supporters there is still some risk to his health even now that he's called off the hunger strike he himself says that it will be difficult to come out of this hunger strike that will take 3 weeks as well according to his post and recently he's been complaining of this back pain that i mentioned but also according to recent blood tests he may be at risk for kidney failure or even heart failure so i think we have to watch this space and it does
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seem that he's still not out of the woods even now that he has stopped his hunger strike and how have people in russia where you are really your react to to have this story to this development. well lou i think it's worth pointing out that most russians or many russians at least still don't really know who i would say now vining is most people aren't necessarily following the story state t.v. doesn't report on it even though he has you know gained more refuge here i think recently with the poisoning last year with his return to russia and also his arrest more people do now know him but among his supporters i think many of those people will be now breathing a sigh of relief after all this week we saw big protests across the country calling for doctors to be able to see alexei nonviolently people were really worried at those protests that he could be dying some people were even on hunger strike with him over 100 people across russia russia parent were on hunger strike with him so i
6:12 pm
think those people will certainly be very relieved at this announcement due to be your correspondent reporting from moscow thank you. and i've got some more stories that to tell you about that are making news this hour there have been violent scuffles between israelis and palestinians outside of jerusalem as old city after protesters were barred from areas where muslims gather for the holy month of ramadan israeli police put a barricades and use stun grenades to disperse the crowds at the far right jewish law have a group chanted anti arab slogans and was prevented from marching to the area. more in the nation navy ships have joined the search for a missing submarine the last vessel has $53.00 crewmembers on board and officials say oxygen is due to run out early on saturday and search efforts are now focused on a highly magnetic object discovered near bali that was fear to may be too deep to reach
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. nasa and commercial rocket company space x. have launched a new team on a flight to the international space station while the 4 astronauts are the 1st crew ever propelled toward orbit by a rocket booster recycled from a previous spaceflight it is the 3rd time astronauts have now flown on a private rocket to space is that. now european football's governing body you a 5 says munich will remain one of the host cities for the european championship following a meeting today on munich had been at risk of losing its hosting rights due to a u. a for requirement that spectators be allowed to attend when the local authorities and the german football federation have agreed on a plan to allow some fans inside the cities the answer enough despite the pandemic dublin have dropped out as host cities after they fail to provide the same guarantees. some tennis now is new in tennis news rather now for un rafael nadal
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remains on course for a record stretching 12 barcelona open title after reaching the tournaments quarterfinals well in the dollar you who you will see at the bot. of your screen be taking cory in 3 says the spaniard seemed to be heading for an easy victory after dominating the 1st said but he was pegged back by his japanese opponent and eventually won on his 2nd match point he faces britain's cameron nori in the last 8 . for i let you go here is a come from behind win on the running track you have never seen it happened in the u.s. state of utah where the grounds for my 200 meter relay seem to be an easy win for the home school but out of the crowd came holly the hound tearing down the track and across the finish line 1st they ran without a really big time but she did get a prize for crowd pleasing sprint. go holly go thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news
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continues right here on d w up next is business with rob watson i'll see you again at the top of the hour. news. story very poor.


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