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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2021 7:30pm-8:30pm CEST

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i'd return to. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. this is. coming up in the desperate fight against corporate 19. times of thousands losing their fight every day indios funeral services go into overdrive to cope with the devastating 2nd wave that strikes the country's infrastructure to breaking point. and finding a way out of the me and my prices. are set to meet with indonesia over the weekend so what can be expected. as.
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i'm british manager welcome to news. india is experiencing its most serious health crisis in yaz patients with covert 19 are struggling to get hospital beds drugs and treatment supplies of medical oxygen are running you know and hospitals in the capital delhi and elsewhere are issuing regular appeals for supplies it's a human catastrophe with many causes a more infectious fight invariant superstruct events like election rallies and religious festivals and complacency the result is evident in india as burial grounds and crime authority. the funeral pyres are burning nonstop in delhi as the city grapples with the coronavirus
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predatory are working around the clock at 100 percent capacity. a makeshift facilities have been set up in places like door car parks to cope. children who were 5 years old 15 years old 25 years old i've been cremated newlyweds are being cremated my heart filled with so much grief seeing such small children so many small children dying from the coronavirus or from the tradition of a survivor. workers say the deaths already far i've number the peak of the 1st wave last year and with new infections breaking daily records the situation certain to get even worse relatives are often forced to search for hours for space to crim a their loved ones. going to the
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suffering amid their bereavement. in many other parts of india funeral services are also struggling with the rapidly growing death toll. even if it is night even try to finish the last body a father did because no much abuse may keep the body full that is the reason we want to finish although. across the country the virus is making its impact felt leaving behind a stories of grief. and you can find all the latest developing over 1000 situation in india on our website. myanmar's one time leader senior general min on theone who deposed the country's elected government by force is expected to be in jakarta on saturday for a special meeting the 10 member regional grouping is gathering to consider ways to
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restore peace in myanmar the general's attendance has been questioned by human rights groups who say any participation by the honda legit allies as quote the genocidal slaughter being committed by the military regime activists say more than 700 people have died in the military and police crackdown on protesters demanding out of town to democracy in myanmar u.n. secretary general antonio good turner says arcee on has a crucial role to play to end the crisis a crisis which plays out on the streets of the country every day. they still have to leave in the en mass democracy. crushing the 3 finger salute a symbol of resistance citizens have been protesting since to february 1st coup. but the demonstrations have often been met with lethal force. it's
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a crisis that looms over the region and the united nations hopes this weekend's meeting could help bring a resolution. as a result is mark crucial than ever as the region faces an urgent crisis in myanmar idea that regional actors leverage that if ones to prevent further deterioration and ultimately find the peaceful way out of this catastrophe but so far the response from the regional actors has been divided indonesia has taken on an active row it says it has been pursuing a solution through dialogue and is hosting the meeting. jakarta also sent its foreign minister to thailand for the 1st international face to face with the junta government after the coup. yes safety and well even if i conveyed that the safety and well being of the people of myanmar is the number
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one priority. we ask all parties to exercise restraint and not use violence to avoid casualties and bloodshed at. malaysia singapore and the philippines have also voiced similar concerns others such as cambodia a more reserved leader hunston has refused to comment on the situation in myanmar saying it's an internal affair. and then there is thailand despite feeling what it called gravely troubled by the casualties of the crisis the country has been criticized for turning refugees away. we have spoken to those who enter thailand and ask them if they had any problems in their area if they say they had no problem we just asked them to return we ask we did not use any
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force. similar criticism has also hit india a nonmember of ours ian but a close neighbor of myanmar. it field is north eastern border after a steady stream of people who try to flee into to state of missouri. according to you and at least 250000 people have already been displaced by the hunters crackdown this year. evonne luxman ies a political scientist and senior researcher of the center for strategic and international studies in jakarta and joins me from there welcome mr luxmore indonesia has been pushing for this special leaders' meeting for some time now and now that it's happening what can we expect from it well the best case scenario would be for the leaders to agree on a commitment to do one to do 2 things one is to ensure that there is an us and let mechanism to address the crisis in men mara number 2 that mechanism should include
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a framework to end the violence currently to deliver humanitarian aid and to potentially facilitate a myanmar lead and a myanmar on dialogue process among all the stakeholders. human rights groups servitor by talking to cool you know general mean on hearing is illegitimacy in his government to these people have a point i think what is happening right now is a recognition of reality not legitimacy legitimacy is something the people of myanmar has to decide from themselves what ason is doing right now is recognizing that currently the main goal of the summit is to end the violence and the one that's doing the violence is the military so therefore we called the military to the summit to get them to stop the violence you also said earlier that it's important that all stakeholders in myanmar sit down and talk speaking of those 3
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callers were talking about the ouster of democratic government would it not have been better to invite them as well to this austrian leaders' meeting. again the goal of the summit as it stands right now is to end the violence 1st and foremost the goal of the summit is not to negotiate a settlement just yet because for such dialogue to be taking place we have to 1st and the violence and i deliver humanitarian aid which was necessary to create the space that would allow such a dialogue to take place so it should be very in mind that the summit or the meeting tomorrow is not a venue to nikos shaped settlement just yet it is about ending the violence that can lead to debt settlement down the line how united odd aussie on member nations in their approach to myanmar i mean the leaders of thailand in the philippines on attending and thailand is also a major trade partner for me and modern you also have our border and vietnam which
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are essentially one party states so i'm wondering how united is this grouping it is certainly not all united i thing a different members have different urgency to the crisis they certainly have different interests and stake with the crisis right now so it is certainly not unified as it stands right now which is why i think the process of convening this meeting took several months since the coup it hasn't been easy but i think we are at the precipice of a potential breakthrough if all the negotiations leading up to that summit goes well you belong to a thing turned does leah's a lot with the indonesian government and indonesia has been one of the promoters if i can call it off there's also meeting trying to get everybody together especially the indonesia malaysia singapore grouping what exactly is indonesia's game plan. well our hope is is obviously that any kind of solution to the myanmar crisis
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should take place within an os and framework because i think this allows some acceptability played a part is in man mark and that we can hopefully solve this without external parties but of course the ideal goal of getting there would require that the violence to be ended and we can deliver aid to that effect and we've done this before so this is not our 1st stance which is why we always try to make sure that our 1st option is to try to solve this within the family framework one last question so no throughout its history also member states of germany tended to focus on economic cooperation more than political issues is this a pivotal moment for the role that ends up playing here i think it is certainly the case that the meeting itself is not scheduled that this is not a normal asan calendar year the fact that engine president has to call for
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a special meeting shows you the gravity of the situation so it is certainly on the one hand not our 1st stance in terms of dealing with problems for myanmar but also the gravity of the situation makes it unprecedented so which is why i think we should have to see what happens tomorrow. everyone looks upon a pleasure talking to you thank you so much for this and you were having me. and before we go this weekend a rare painting by a chinese artist should hong is expected to fetch the highest price ever for an art . slave and lion we go under the hammer on saturday in hong kong inspired by us the story from roman mythology the owner on canvas painting is viewed as one of the most important in chinese history the artwork was painted not in asia but here in berlin in $1024.00 it could go for as much as $16000000.00 u.s. dollars.
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that's it for this be sure to check out the stories on the. flash on facebook and twitter on monday at the same time from the entire team thanks for watching and see you next week but. we have important news. smoking is healthy pesticides are good for the d.c. global warming doesn't exist. well not yet. you haven't read my mind. industry is controlling your thoughts here tends to lean to you. it's not
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easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing it starts may 3rd on d w. it's that time again and film buffs are primed as we head into oscar's weekend with many things of note this year including the most diverse group of nominees in history more on that in a moment and also coming up. scandal in germany after a group of actors staged an online campaign criticizing the government's further tightening of parole restrictions caustic and cynical videos have largely backfired . and in honor of world book day it's time once again to share our love of reading
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with another landmark german novel the hunger games all by nobel prize winning author. welcome to the show well it's quite a thing to have an academy award ceremony in the middle of a pandemic and especially strange to think that because of continuing lockdowns most of those films involved have never even made it to a movie theater streaming services have largely come to the rescue both as viewing platforms and as creative engines for some high class cinema here's an overview of the nominees. make with 10 nominations is technically the front runner at this year's i ask us david finch is black and white to the golden age of hollywood is up for best film and best director gary oldman could take home a 2nd best acting oscar for his performance of the alcoholic screenwriter herman manc mankiewicz the man who wrote citizen kane. any distraction eliminated
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average. fellow oscar winner of biola davis is a favorite for best actress performance and the music drama rainey's black bottom playing the 1st black female blues artist truly caught the professional. 8 it is my assumption i'm playing her because she had to know her because it was either knowing your word or going. dying under the weight of a culture. didn't understand you were. also nominated from mar a nice black bottom is a biola davis' costar chadwick boseman who recently died of cancer but his final performance as a blues trumpeter to determine to make it to the top a posthumous academy award for best actor i would go to chicago to protest would be
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a bit overused to be with 6 nominations aaron sorkin's the trial of the she can go 7 is one of this year's most political contenders a group of activists protesting the vietnam war face a kangaroo court and this real life drama sasha baron cohen as activist every huffman has a good shot at the oscar for best supporting actor i. love you judas and the black messiah another 60 set drama has to supporting actor nominees daniel as black panther leader fred thompson. and like keith it stands fia's as the informer who betrayed him to the f.b.i. this year's oscars are the most diverse ever 9 nonwhite actors are nominated i include ing steven ewan he's the 1st asian american to receive an oscar nomination for best actor for his performance in me natty as a korean immigrant who moved this family to arkansas to become
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a farmer. there is something comforting about its own point of view. wire another priest upon it be juxtaposed to you know. the true front runner this year considered a shoo in for best film and best director is no mental end the poignant road movie from chinese spawn director close joe francis mcdormand place of van living modern day known that no cause i'm just. the same thing right now. no matter and explores a life lived off the great frances mcdormand has a good shot at her 3rd oscar for best actress her appeal on the stage of the 2018 academy awards for more diversity among nominees is already coming true.
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and to finish up the week let's bring in scott ross perot for his expertise on the 2021 oscar it's great to see you scott so this is really quite something of course because the oscars are looking to be the 1st host pandemic in person award ceremony tell us a little bit about how this is going to happen this year. you know it's completely unique and still be an oscar ceremony like we've never seen before and as you say it's a it's going to be in person i mean they're going to hold in a live ceremony at the dolby theater in los angeles and also this is going to be something to see at union station which is the main train station in downtown los angeles most of the nominees will be there in person to be a limited number of them and they're also of course have to be tested in fact the nominees will have to have 3 p.c.r. negative p.c.r. tests before the ceremony for nominees who can't make it who are coming from
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outside the country some of them will be piped in by a video link satellite link so it can be a huge technical challenge it'll be really interesting to see i mean it might be a really amazing show it could also be a complete disaster but will definitely be something to watch wow ok very briefly your tip on where we might see a surprise on film i think the one who can go to look at we could see it upset is best actress carey mulligan who's in the promising young woman i think she could be the upset could maybe be davis in that category but will be neck and neck we will think well thanks very much for that scott and i'd ask you to just stay with me for a moment because of course here in germany another story from the acting world has not only overshadowed any oscar suspense but it's also provoked quite a good amount of huge outrage on thursday night over 50 well known actors posted videos on you tube in which they delivered by turns out sarcastic statements
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mocking or directly criticizing the german government under the hash tag i was dished which basically means shut everything down they were ostensibly a response to tighter nationwide restrictions but in no time the campaign backfired . i'm gonna do it in the next days i'm stressed it's not. that's not new. it's been a few days yet i let it all clanking inside. and the baby somewhat alive. very eager to try crew after move to give me a short legged credit knocked out of me i. wasn't. going to. dunk another media in
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wenceslas and the media would make fun totems for the class hard on deaf ears on this no doubt that to him good english guns guns all that corner. land. or maybe not spac over to you scott those are quite some performances there can you tell us a little bit about the reactions. well the internet is essentially exploded i mean that's all the german twitter is is talking about right now and. the reaction i mean was immediate most of the media in germany but also most of these actors german called leagues immediately condemned these these videos and said they were they were stupid they were cynical and maybe even dangerous. to see maybe how dangerous they are or could be you can look at the people who really like them online and including a lot of far right politicians including members of the f.t.
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the far right party in the german parliament who who applauded this action and say these videos show support for their actions against german lockdown policies right ok well that's obviously not a very well thought through campaign and somewhat of a of a huge embarrassment what kind of consequences do you think this might this kind of thing might haue yeah. yeah i mean basically everyone's backpedaling now i mean after this reaction a lot of the actors who are in these videos have come out and apologized they said they do not want to be associated with the far right that was not their intention in making these videos and the company that produced these videos has taken them off their main site of course they are still available online they're still circulating but they've essentially everyone he's backpedaling it's just one huge mess all the more shocking perhaps when you think that just 2 days ago we were talking about health film and television were actually booming here in germany has all of these particular actors are certainly doing pretty well thanks very much for
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the lowdown on this unfortunate story thanks very much scott and do enjoy the oscars i'll see you on monday see a monday. well when she won the nobel prize for literature in 2009 house was 56 years old the remaining born german had just celebrated her greatest international success with a story that described the fate of many ethnic germans in transylvania after world war 2 the swedish academy praised the hunger angel for its artful fusion of poetry and prose in its depiction of the landscape of the dispossessed have you ever stolen something for your mouth in german there's a word for it. a mouth robber. was hungry would you have to be to start stealing other people's food.
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the 17 year old leo is consumed by hunger and by homesickness and how to minimize novel the hunger in jail it's $945.00 in romania the soviets are sending tens of thousands of ethnic germans into labor camps as punishment for world war 2 leo is one of them i wanted to slow because i want the soup to last for my hunger crouched in front of the boat like a ravenous dog. the author's own mother survived years serving a coup the odds would have been a one but nobel prize american and british media asked who. aren't asking that anymore. and that's a tough one for sure but of course a timely recommendation for world book day finally til lindemann best known as the
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lead singer of german heavy metal band comes to mind is always good for a surprise and he's posted a brand new video of himself singing. insall s. a russian on the song newbie new growth which translates roughly as beloved city is part of the soundtrack for v to escape from hell that's an upcoming film by the russian cousin actor director timor bekmambetov well no doubt liniments fans particularly in russia will certainly appreciate this rendition and so we'll leave you with some strains from that melody and with fats domino from us and until we meet again i was cute. little. girl or old perceive me.
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it's not going to. be. remade girl. a name. you. see. years news.
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interview this week in the bundesliga in from here on out down to. the champions. definitely regulated goodbye to the 1st lead. the sleep 1st few places high voltage excitement in. w. . what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore the mating world heritage sites of the b. w. world heritage 3 sixty's getting up now. and you you know yes yes we can hear you and how the last years german chancellor will bring you i'm going to mask off as you've never thought have surprised yourself with what is
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possible who is magical really what moves her and what all some who talk to people who followed her along the way i admire those and critics alike now as the world's most powerful woman shaping public if they join us from eccles law stops. their story their very own personal drama. the chesterfield remember the flame and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before. come back to china mobile starts in full 20 minutes on d w. of the.
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plague. this is you don't use life from berlin then for attack a police employee stabbed to death at a police station in paris officer shoot and kill the assailant france's prime minister arrives at the scene calling it a terrorist attack also coming up cold with catastrophe india's ever worsening coronavirus crisis says another global record for highest of daily infections hospitals full supply is running out mass cremations as the death toll surges and now more and more countries banning travel in and out of india plus child's bedroom
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ruler it is that he is laid to rest after dying in battle against rebels joining the ceremony french president in many ways vowing france won't let anyone challenge child stability. on land iraq thank you so much for your company while we begin our broadcast in france where prosecutors open a terror investigation after a police employee stat was stabbed to death at a police station near paris the 48 year old administrative worker was reportedly stabbed in the neck by a man who was shot and killed by police at the scene of the attack or will portably scouted out the scene before hand. let's get you an update now on this developing story
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a journalist katherine that field joins us from the french capital of paris catherine any more details that have been released by authorities. what we've been learning within the last hour is this investigation has now been taken over by anti terror investigations you know prosecutors they're now working hand in hand we're told with the french domestic intelligence service the d.s.e. they say that they are going to be looking into any types of links that the assailant might have had a 2 groups abroad. terrorist groups abroad we also know that within the last hour police have gone into the home of the assailant the alleged assailant they're looking for any type of information they can get computer documents anything at all gone into his home which is not far from the police station where this fatal attack took place they're also going into his previous home which is in eastern paris to see what more information they can get we also
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heard from the interior minister who said that all police stations and all military installations across france will have the security reinforced in the next few hours a very very shocking incident there that they had has happened just outside of paris tell us a little bit about the area where this happened because the victim was she was a police officer she was just an admin staff. years she was an admin assistant she'd been working at that the police since 1993 she is a mother of 2 teenage children what did happen was she left the police station to go and do something outside of confusing reports about what she was actually doing most she was looking for something in her car but when she came back into the police station the assailants not confined to her and that was how he was able to get into the secure area of the police station the attack took place at a police station and honeymooning which is about 60 kilometers southwest of the
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french capital it's a quiet suburban community area it's where you would go to live if you had young children and you wanted to have a house with a small garden it's like everywhere else you are it's instead of now become part of the news of this space of attacks against police across france and this isn't the 1st time we've seen that nearby to their money and you know don't forget 2016 to police officers one of them was an administrative assistant and so was stabbed to death in the islamic terrorist attack that had everyone shocked we've also had 23 parents police were killed attack so it's all part of a very sad state series if you like of attacks against french state symbols across paris train with catherine field reporting from paris france thank you very much for that update appreciate your reporting thank you. we're turn our
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attention now to india that country has reported the world's highest daily count of new coronavirus cases for the 2nd day in a row more than 330000 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours well now more and more countries are closing their borders to travelers from india the spike in infections is a is a 2nd much more intense wave after infections dropped off in the winter months experts say new virus variants and recent super spreader gatherings have contributed to the latest search. mourning their loved ones who died at this hospital not from covert 19 but from a fire that broke out while patients were sleeping the blaze was fueled by the oxygen so desperately needed to keep many coated 1000 patients alive more than a dozen people died after the intensive care unit was engulfed in a ball of fire. unfortunately made of it after quite a bit after unfortunately
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a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air conditioner and since there was additional oxygen in the i.c.u. you can it was completely overwhelmed within 2 minutes norman had been a completely their problem. india has reached a breaking point hospitals are turning away patients supplies are running out queues are hours long at testing and vaccination sites many walk away empty handed . the big revaccinated out are being put on one end of things are not so good. volunteers are working around the clock to cremate and bury the dead. even if it is night and even try to finish the last body of father day because no much it is going to keep the body will that is the reason we want to finish
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although and then go home. several countries have imposed travel restrictions on india to keep the new variant from also overwhelming them. i'm now joined by sure he is secretary of indian the public health association delhi and the vice president of the indian association of epidemiologist a very boring but welcome sir thank you so much for joining us i mean very bleak situation in india horrifying scenes that we've just been seeing very palpable fear . where the government i mean the government seems to have completely lost control of the situation right now. yes drew this is a very grave situation we're facing not only in one part of the country but the whole country all these states are facing the similar kind of situation and there because of bed as you know the b.s.a.
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hughes population and below we have 162000000. and point 1000000 deaths and yet the dva been point 3000000 cases so it's a huge burden on on the system unfortunately the beds but a population by country you know of 1000 of vision is very less as compared to any rest in the world the problem is the distribution of the bits in india you know in some estate you will find a point. you know bates 121000 population but you know there you will not find the body into the any standard because of the my distribution of you know these beds having broken. the number is increasing and the problem is because of the you know the people. taking it
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very likely taken him very lightly down into has been some complacency sorry for interrupting there but i mean the money government is also frankly well has failed in this situation you've got hospitals literally sending out an s.o.s. they are not getting the oxygen they need to save lives the vaccination scheme is in shambles you are the world's for douceur of vaccines so you know what has the government of mr modi doing to help his people. more development business and development in the v.a. you know run by the bay state got new and they've stayed he's actually learning the help and there is way that a lot of look at mission is weak that menu and it is feed and that is way you know in some years you know it is in shambles so you take it he said that many things has to be done but it is not to bite into what is expected although we are
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good in many things but bad in other things sir thank you for joining us. let's take a look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world. jailed russian opposition leader alexina vali says he's ending is 24 day hunger strike after his doctor said his life was at risk the kremlin critic began the strike to demand proper medical care in the shelter after returning from germany where he was being treated after his poisoning in russia. more in the navy ships have joined the search for a missing submarine the last vessel has 53 crewmembers on board and officials say oxygen is due to run out early on saturday search efforts are now focused on a highly magnetic object discovered near bali and spirit though it may be too deep to reach. where leaders have joined us president joe biden in pledging new climate
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targets to protect the planet that's as the global climate summit mr biden is hosting a wrapped up today he urged his counterparts to ensure the summits commitments become reality in order to slow global warming but good morning hello everyone good morning everybody dialing in for day 2 of the virtual climate summit the 1st day soar national targets for limits on emissions now topping the agenda innovation. u.s. president joe biden playing up the economic advantages of fighting global warming. an opportunity to create millions of good paying jobs around the world an innovative and innovative sectors you know jobs of bring greater quality. greater dignity to the people performing those jobs in every nation biden says workers in traditional energy sectors must be offered new opportunities the u.s.
8:12 pm
wants to take the lead in developing green technologies stepping up the pace of research and making more use of public and private investment and using just today's technologies won't allow us to meet our ambitious goals we need new 0 carbon products that are just as affordable that have what i call a green premium aabs erode. thank you prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced israel would phase out cold by 2025 but experts say existing targets in schedules won't be enough to cap global warming at the agreed 1.5 percent. chad held a state funeral today for a long time ruler in these he died on tuesday after battling rebel forces to the world the central african nation for 30 years his son mama used to be has taken
8:13 pm
over as president assad is a key player in the fight against islamist extremism in the song all region and seen as a western ally in tackling the issue as president a man might call a time of the funeral in the capital. 30 years of leadership have come to an end thousands of mourners packed the main square and the chatty in capital to pay their respects to president it just dating the 68 year old military leader died on the battlefield shortly after winning re-election for many here he's the only leader they've ever known. they're going to us they're going to help us to keep the joy life has decided you must go and i must say goodbye the chatillon people have loved you and give you over to remember our. western powers and african nations leaned on the long ruling strongman as the linchpin in the international fight against islamist militants there but they live in the battles
8:14 pm
that you led always had the goal of the fin in your country's territorial integrity the preservation of stability and peace and the fight for liberty security and justice. you lived as a soldier civic you know sort of you died as a soldier was it also done. human rights groups often pushed against what they called his repressive government but now the president's death bring stability in the country and to question france has its regional counterterrorism base in chad and is pressing for a peaceful transition of power while promising continued support to its former colony the fastness france will not let anybody put into question or threaten chad stability france will also be there to keep alive the promise of a peaceful chad creating a place for all its children. and deb a son mohamed to address that day as head of the military law took over temporary
8:15 pm
presidential powers and mentally after his father's death the opposition calls it a coup but the younger dead a promise is free and democratic elections after an 18 month transition period. and the news continues right here on the w. business is up next and i thank you for keeping me company and wish you a wonderful weekend until next time your. happiness is for everyone schuman penises are very different from primates we have a totally ridiculous emphasized view of nature and there. is climate change regular sex how do you know in these books you get smarter for free you know where your books on. the training. fuel innovation and education.
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but this is one game we can't afford to lose the world food program fights and gold watch helping people help themselves my goal. germany's biggest business. card was an investor. why she promoted the company even. better conditions will look at the. nigerian clinic.
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cautious optimism might finally be rising again the tourism sector. and welcome to the program questions over the scandal have now reached the very top of the german government on friday. face the parliamentary committee investigating the biggest fraud in german corporate history just how did a company such as often promoted by the german government managed to hide an almost 2000000000 euro hole and its finances. a world leader arrives to testify the bundestag committee investigating the wild card scandal wants to know why chancellor angela merkel spoke on behalf of the company during a trip to china in 2019. the no insolvent payments processor committed fraud worth billions merkel has defended promoting why a card saying it's common practice for the german government to do so abroad.
8:18 pm
despite all the press reports there was no reason to assume serious who regularly he said why a card the german chancellor told the committee. however there where already indications that something was very wrong and why a card in september 29000 when angela merkel met chinese president xi still neither the german government nor the financial regulator bothin were suspicious opposition politicians find that troubling. market entry in china also a key product. storage companies desperately needed in 2090 when so shareholders and investors and so i think not deliberately not intentionally in fact supported how in effect at least the continuation. sheet i mean relation and this is of course well it politically a mistake why a card collapse into insolvency last june after admitting to the 1900000000 euro
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hole in its finances leading politicians auditors and regulators have since all been accused of major failings the big question now is whether germany is any better equipped to avoid for the large scale frauds by fin techs especially with increasing digitalisation of the financial services sector. to nigeria now which is currently facing an exodus of medical professionals a recent survey suggested 9 out of 10 doctors and nurses that are considering leaving the country heading to places like the u.k. or the united states is putting enormous strain on nigeria's already under funded health care system. reports randy moss is anxiously waiting for the birth of her grandchild she rushed had just turned the lots of this private hospital for an emergency c. section. she has been laboring says 1 am she didn't have any more that's why we
8:20 pm
brought her here for this surgery he wants to share with me. now is the glory all here we is the owner of the hospital she's well known in the community for providing health care to people who cannot afford it. private health care providers like when you we are forced to hear the burden of nigeria asked feeling health care system most people don't have health insurance so the hospital often has to cover the bills of the patients or depend on donations if i sure wait for deposits anything can happen you want that you've got walsall that's why i don't that's what adds more and more about life meanwhile the new baby has to be born it's a girl. the mother is still in the operating room. as well waiting for the doctors to finish up the operation the power goes off and that is part of the challenges of
8:21 pm
practicing medicine in this country. oh rather than. the doctors have to make do with what the half patients can only hope that they survive without any complications major as health sector is grossly underfunded private and public hospitals and not equipped to stand it and doctors at all salaries for months this is why many of them leaving the country. you study so hard to become a medical doctor you don't have time to shift so i. think. you should look towards jump in there i don't have a lot of book to the house and most of the stuff i know we are saving lives it seems in nigeria we go. because remote you can go to.
8:22 pm
i give the doctors continue to leave nigeria as health care crises could get worse for now right he most remains grateful to the doctors that saved the lives of had daughter in law and granddaughter. now some of the other business stories making the news the european investment bank has announced a 350000000 euro aid package for sustainable projects in africa and follows the e.u. africa green investment for a place to buy portugal the ib says the cooperation will help to create jobs and reduce inequalities. j.p. morgan has apologized for its role in promoting the now abandoned plans for a super league involving elite european football clubs the us investment bank had promised to pump billions into the project which collapsed swiftly after a huge outcry from almost all corners of the game. and diamond made a net profit of 4400000000 euros in the 1st quarter 2021 thanks in part to high
8:23 pm
demand in china but the company has put thousands of its staff in germany on subsidized short time work after being hit by the semiconductor shortage. of dinah's microchip troubles didn't overshadow the positive figures coming from the mercedes maker on friday here's more on that from our financial correspondent in frankfurt ashutosh hyundai strong results and the boost to profit outlook meant that dam load was one of the best performing stocks in the dax today that today's performance adds to daimler electrifying run at the stock markets the stock has risen 160 percent over the past one year making it one of the best performance on the index now investors are clearly happy about this company's performance as faces a concern especially in china its biggest market investors are also happy about its strategic push towards electric. the company plans to spin off its stock division and focus more on high margin cars but the company want today that the chip
8:24 pm
shortage would continue to weigh on its sales in the 2nd quarter however some analysts fear that this chip shortage would in fact give more pricing power to car makers like daimler because there is going to be a huge demand but at the same time they invent trees would be running low. in frankfurt now it took spain over a decade to recover from the fallout of the global financial crisis then along came the coronavirus pandemic which badly hit the country's crucial tourism sector however after a dreadful year there are signs of a brighter future along spain's sunny mediterranean coast. along the costa del sol countless cranes are at work building houses and apartment complexes everywhere for developers it's a sight to behold. the construction sector at casa del sol in
8:25 pm
particular has seen a significant boost for more than 3 years. cove it hit the industry in the beginning but normality has returned. over the last 5 years real estate prices on the coast around mar bheja increased by 20 percent real estate agent marco serrano knows that's partly due to international demand then came corona. currently i don't know of any property where prices have gone down but that also means that prices aren't rising that might not be surprising as beaches have been empty for months no tourists no buyers this complex was completed during the last crisis and stood empty for a long time and just as business picked up corona hit. but look at that it was a dream is what we have right now is uncertainty through coded we didn't know how customers would react but we have indications that people are buying again. the
8:26 pm
industry as a whole seems to share this optimism but for now it's wishful thinking means largest real estate appraiser tins an estimate after a period of stagnation prices will drop real estate has already gotten cheaper in madrid barcelona and also and i do see where the casa del sol lies and demand for cement fell by 10 percent across spain another indicator of a weak market the reason. the virus has mainly affected the start of new projects we were more conscious in 2020 in watching the market and postponing many projects. that i saw them falling prices and falling construction activity maybe it's just a dip but it could also be the end of a boom if so thousands of jobs will once again be at risk ali would season awards season like no other has been bad news for those who make
8:27 pm
their living helping with the club and the glitz the oscars takes place this weekend and the decision not to make it online only will come as a relief to those hoping for a return of the usual hollywood tree and. the red carpet a symbol of hollywood glamour rolling it out is an event in itself award ceremonies all typically happen around the same time each year high season for tony and his event production company in good times they're all or 25 to 50 carpets every week. or season i don't sleep much. it's just. we walk nonstop roll the clock back to back. that was before the pandemic this year he estimates that his turnover has crashed by 80 percent he
8:28 pm
keeps his company afloat by building partitions and scenery for video events. but it's not easy to simply turn your hand to something else the photographer alberto dri gets knows that well for years he works the red carpet as a photographer for a major studio but now struggles to find other work i've done this a coup for almost 20 years from people who are working for other types of the time your food or your resume and look at it and i was never you do that ramón looking for something out. award ceremony galahs have been a gold mine for many people in the l.a. region from service personnel to limousine drivers to security people. there was work and cash aplenty. into the billions of dollars when you collectively once again or what it would cost and what you spent for security for trade a rig for lighting for publicists but this year many will be left empty handed. while this year's oscars will take place in person it will be
8:29 pm
a long time before things are truly back to normal in hollywood. so for me in the business team. if you want more from us to check out our website data we dot com slash business you can also seek us out on facebook twitter or on their state a real business thanks for joining us and until next time take up. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update those 19 special. auntie w. . bush reached in the buddhist leader and from here on out we get down to business by. champion. shonda.
8:30 pm
definitely regulated goodbye to the 1st lady bugs between 1st t.v. places high voltage excitement is guaranteed to. sustain . w. . the world health organization says vaccine hesitancy is among the top 10 threats to global health. skeptics around the world are taking to the streets to protest against code 19 jabs. of the french are hesitant about getting the shot. in germany it's a.


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