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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm CEST

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this is the news live from. the station in paris. kill the assailant and prosecutors launch a terror investigation also on the program. virtually global climate summit brings fresh pledges u.s. president urges world leaders to make good on their promises and says transitioning to clean energy could create millions of jobs. and india's worsening coronavirus crisis sets global record for daily infections small countries traveling south the
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death toll surges. run hours pass christian. welcome to the program prosecutors in france of open to terrorism investigation after a police employee was stabbed to death at the police station near paris the 48 year old administrative worker was reportedly stabbed in the neck by a man who was said shot and killed by police at the same french president emanuel macross said his country would never give in to what he called islamist terrorism. a normally quiet residential area just outside paris now the center of attention in france security agents flooded the area investigating the killing of a police employee that occurred in an unlikely location.
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the police station is very well protected there is a protective lock and so people can't just walk in so the attacker waited for her to go and change her parking ticket the murderer caught her by surprise as she left the police station for just a moment and so it was really a cowardly barbaric attack to kill someone and to kill a policewoman. local media report that the attacker was a 36 year old man with no criminal record some witnesses say they heard him say allahu akhbar arabic for god is great as he stabbed his victim a police officer then opened fire on the attack at killing him there suggestions the man had previously scouted out the site. of. the office of the national anti-terrorism prosecutor has taken charge over the investigation of the crimes committed here. the reasons for this are 1st how the
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events occurred which involved looking for a target. also the way the crime was committed. the profile of the victim but also the remarks made by the perpetrator at the time of the crime. the president in my normal crime paid tribute to the police worker whom he identified as stephanie in a tweet he said the nation stood by her family he added in the fight against islamist terrorism we will not give up. islam as terrorism is again a worry for france and even the police are a target. straight to paterson which journalist and catherine field welcome catherine bring us up to date what more do we know. in the last few hours police have gone into the home of the assailant not far from the police station and home to the southwest of
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paris we also know that they're carrying out a search of his previous home which is in eastern paris police have also taken into custody for questioning free of members of his close entourage we understand one of those could be a family member in the meantime police also say they have his mobile phone they're going through that to see what sort of links he may have had in the last few hours before this attack took place where they were links to jihadist organizations or anyone that can give them some sort of clue as to where this man was coming from what he was doing who were his accomplices if indeed there were any because this is a man who was not known to the security services he was known to the intelligence services so they really just fumbling around at this moment to try to put together a picture of what actually happened in those minutes before this attack took place
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and this is now being treated as a terror attack so what difference does it make in terms of powers of arrest in the way of of investigation or sample. it means that the anti terror prosecutions can call on the french domestic intelligence you know if it means that they can have much more wind a scope for be able to drew and other witnesses they can hold people for longer and of course they have all this other information to hand that they've had unfortunately from other attacks it's been a spate over the last 5 or 6 he attacks on very small police stations and homes of police officers in the western heritage area so they'll be able to get all that information together very quickly and try and find out yet once again what went wrong and then on to tackle was able to get through the front door on the police station and stabbed to death a police employee i what sort of place. where this attack happened.
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it's all some urban telephone really it's about 60 kilometers southwest of paris it has a fast train service into the french capital so the sort of people who live there and generally families you can have a very small house with a little small garden the area is also known for having a beautiful forest a lovely chateau it's where you would really go to get away from the sort of hustle and bustle of the says he and i think that's why the scenes that we're seeing tonight among the a are just so shocking because people are wondering around the street saying how could this have happened in this quiet sleepy little commuter town where everyone is or is being known for being friendly and laura but thank you for that catherine journalist to catherine field in paris thank you the world leaders have joined u.s. president joe biden pledging new climate talk it i think the today virtual global climate summit president biden urged his counterparts to make good on their
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commitments in order to slow global warming. hello everyone good morning everybody i linked in for day 2 of the virtual climate summit the 1st day solar national targets for limits on emissions now topping the agenda innovation u.s. president joe biden playing up the economic advantages of fighting global warming it's an opportunity to create millions of good paying jobs around the world in innovation and innovative sectors you know jobs of bring greater quality. greater dignity to the people performing those jobs in every nation biden says workers in traditional energy sectors must be offered new opportunities the u.s. wants to take the lead in developing green technologies stepping up the pace of research and making more use of public and private investment. and using just
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today's technologies won't allow us to meet our ambitions goals we need new 0 carbon products that are just as affordable that have what i call a green premium aabs erode thank you prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced israel would phase out cold by 2025 but experts say existing targets in schedules won't be enough to cap global warming at the agreed 1.5 percent. washington correspondent to said we saw misconduct who's been following the summit welcome sorry joe biden said how some bishops plans for us cop and emissions does this mean that they're reaching for the stars in their ambition for climate huge holiday. well you know i think the consensus pretty broadly here is that the u.s. has set out an ambitious agenda with this announcement to slash emissions by 50
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percent by the end of the decade and be climate neutral by 2050 and these are targets that we haven't seen from the u.s. so the answer from climate analysts here in the u.s. is that it is at least a sign that the u.s. is heading in the right direction but there is a lot of skepticism over whether this goal is really achievable and how the biden ministration plans to get there so what is a road map to get to a 50 percent cut even and president biden has been pretty light on the details as ministration hasn't told us yet how they plan to implement this so we have heard that it will involve investments in renewable energy and overhauling the transportation sector but at the end of the day we have to keep in mind that this was a non binding commitment and even if president biden could get past opposition from republicans in congress he still could have to convince a bunch of businesses and big industry to get on board as well so i would say still it's reaching for the stars but president biden might be brought back to earth
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pretty quickly we'll talk about business in just a site lots of people are going to be looking at the think you were with the power so greenland that very clear goals on climate change did we hear anything like that from you all from the other news this week the power is didn't already cover. the answer phil is not really so this climate summit which is say was pretty much about symbolism about showing that the u.s. is back on the global stage that it wants to lead on climate change and wants to restore trust in washington as well but to the others the bottom assertion was hoping for a bit more from some of the global leaders who were invited you know a lot of people were looking for more pledges and more on cutting emissions and the only 2 countries that made really new pledges were canada and japan and if you look at what china said china station paying he basically reiterated what we already knew china was planning to do which was to reach 0 emissions by 2060 and he said we will rein in coal power but there was nothing concrete there india also didn't
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pledge anything new and what we did hear from india and china and also brazil is this old conflict that you know the u.s. has been amazing for so long that it is the one that is responsible for making the biggest commitment so that's going to be a challenge we do know that president biden is headed to the u.k. he's headed to brussels in june and he's said that he's going to talk about strengthening alliances and multilateralism so certainly climate change will be one of the big topics on the agenda on that trip for him washington correspondent susan misconduct thank you. we'll take a look now at some here stories making news around the world to russian opposition leader alexei in the volley says he's ending his 24 day hunger strike after his doctor said his life was at risk the kremlin critic began the strike to demand proper medical care and was jailed after returning from germany where he was being treated after his poisoning in russia moscow says more than 20 ships.
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black sea bass after taking part in military exercises need crimea russian troops of all sort of begun pulling back a massive build a russian military close to the ukrainian border has been wary of the international community. a pressure on you malaria vaccine developed by the university of oxford has shown to be is has been shown to be 77 percent. effective in trials on babies and no west africa could be a breakthrough in the fight against a mosquito borne disease which kills close to half a 1000000 people every year. india has reported the world's highest daily counterfeit coronavirus cases for the 2nd day in a row more than 330000 new infections recorded of the past 24 hours now more and more countries are closing the borders to travelers from the country the spike in fashions is a 2nd much more intense wave after infections dropped off in the winter months
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experts say new virus variants and recent super sporadic gatherings have contributed to this latest surge. mourning their loved ones who died at this hospital not from covert 19 but from a fire that broke out while patients were sleeping the blaze was fueled by the oxygen so desperately needed to keep many covert 900 patients alive more than a dozen people died after the intensive care unit was engulfed in a ball of fire. unfortunately made to be roughed up quite a bit after unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was a sudden spark from the air conditioner and since there was additional oxygen in the i.c.u. it was completely overwhelmed within 2 minutes norman had been a completely you're a problem or. india has reached a breaking point hospitals are turning away patients supplies are running out
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queues are hours long at testing and vaccination sites many walk away empty handed . the big. things are not so good. volunteers are working around the clock to cremate and bury the dead. even if it is nightly really try to finish the last father day because so much of the body so that is the reason if you want to finish although. several countries have imposed travel restrictions on india to keep the new variant from also overwhelming them. german chancellor merkel has been facing questions today over one of the country's largest corporate scandals the chancellor testified in front of
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a parliamentary committee that is investigating the collapse of payment processing company. she was asked about her role in promoting a trip to china in 2019 despite allegations of wrongdoing by the company in the media johnson told the commission she had no knowledge of grave irregularities at the time and denied giving any special treatment to the company collapsed last year when she married she could not account for 1900000000 euros in assets has raised questions about informal ties between politics and business and prompted criminal investigations. they don't lose chief political i just spoke to left party politicians for macey one of the lawmakers leading the public inquiry. this is a monster you're one of the m.p.'s who question the german sounds of the 5 hours of a wire caught what is your conclusion did she do wrong over was she wrong it's over wired so well i don't believe the story of the fairy tale that mr merkel
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only lobbied for wire coat in china because a former minister. had a conversation with her about why occurred but we saw clearly in the documents that there was a long process before that in the german chinese financial dialogue where wire coat was one of the top priorities for the government and so i do think that mr merkel is a little bit shying away from the tough questions when she claims that while a card was just a byproduct of the talks in china i think it was a priority for the government while there was already critical reports out in a public one from the financial times and that's something very serious and i do think that the german government must take responsibility for that how much responsibility do you believe. that why a card failure in the damage that comes with it well she certainly has responsibility and so far. as to sort of duty to organize.
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the affairs in a way she can be absolutely sure that if she lobbyists for a corporation with the strongest most powerful man in china that this this this corporation is not a criminal entity and that's the case in the case and so she has personal responsibility here otherwise there is no there is no no no meaning for the word responsibility if not here you are going back only has until the end of september until their next of actions. how damaging is this for her that you see. well i do think that there are probably things probably debated in germany that will have a stronger impact. if you think about the whole pandemic situation the chaos that we had with protective masks and the vaccination program but i do think that while part leaves the open wound because no chance for ones to finish his or her mandate
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in an inquiry committee happy demands the m.p. for the opposition that's the party thank you very much question. when rescuers searching for 3 migrant ships missing in the mediterranean say they're found 10 bodies the search party aboard the ocean viking found the bodies alongside the danger that is going to drift doing it was one of 3 boats that issue distress signals the ocean viking belongs to a french migrant rescue group reid says it was searching for the birds in international waters northeast of the libyan city of tripoli migration and displacement is of course a global problem turkey is currently hosting more than 4000000 refugees from the middle east number surge during syria's civil war which began 10 years ago but today most migrants trying to reach europe from turkey are not syrians but afghans and their journeys are always dangerous and often deadly the w.c. reports from the east and the city of van where many of those journeys have ended in tragedy. cemetery of the nameless this is how the locals call
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this place and for a mean a sufi saga and her son parviz it is always difficult to come here. painful memories or reawakened. motherhood that is if you didn't make. the people who are buried here have mothers brothers and sisters they all have someone who love them but now their families don't even know that they are here it breaks my heart that there is no one who comes and prays for them mobile how did you not active but that is why i'm ina and power of this pray here on behalf of everyone else never learn. they flit from of stunned by iran to turkey illegally on foot over the mountains it's a long dangerous journey many freeze to death or die in accidents and many who
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don't make it end up here. in the eastern turkish city of van in an unadorned grave with no name. on them without a time myself there is a man here who was found dead in the mountains and once they brought women's bodies their fingers and toes were frozen off from the cold. these name as the grave seem like memorials a warning of the fate that lose on this dangerous journey and yet only a few are discouraged by the risk the number of people trying to reach europe why this route has sharply risen in recent years. the route leads through the mountains straddling turkey's border with iran up to 4000 meters high most of those trying to reach europe from afghanistan pakistan bangladesh take this way ticky is now building walls everywhere in the region they are hundreds of kilometers long the
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border with syria has already been closed off the wall to iran is still under construction. human rights lawyer mahmoud cut chances a war won't stop the refugees it only makes their journey more dangerous for. years in this area i've been ignoring people smuggling for too long it's become kind of a business sector that many get involved in this because a lot of money can be made in a short time at a relatively low risk. i mean and power this sufi sadder still clearly remember their own flight from afghanistan the smugglers took everything from them they say they have been living here in van for 3 years now. the family found refuge in turkey but like so many others they want to continue to woods europe. back to afghanistan they say that's out of the question. the women have lost everything in afghanistan it's
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a war zone our house was destroyed how can we go back there when there's no safety for a children or me but if we have to go back they will kill my son that's not an option . so they are holding out in eastern turkey stranded in their new existence and they think of those who lost their lives and are buried here at the symmetry of the nameless. but the u.k. where their domestic intelligence agency m i 5 is warning that some of the people that you may well have linked to on professional recruitment sites like linked in might actually be spies feel that is particularly a u.k. public sector workers who have access to confidential information. connecting with profiles you don't know can have unforeseen and damaging consequences.
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with one click you could become linked to malicious profiles and networks run by hostile states criminals you could inadvertently associate who organized your manager. and your colleagues to. and depending on your role you make the phenomena national security. well they don't report on safe has been doing his own snooping story and joins us now welcome i mean so what is british intelligence what about well this is called think before you link this campaign and essentially they're warning people especially u.k. residents that anybody who that they say they see on linked in they have to be sure that they're not an agent of foreign intelligence agency it's not clear in that video that you saw that they're talking about china in there but you can see that one of the profiles or the profile that we see in the beginning is from somebody
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with the last name wing which is the most common chinese last name and then you see one of the shady characters standing behind her looks like a asian businessman and there's also a history of chinese intelligence agents going on to linked in which is the platform that they're most concerned about and creating fake profiles in order to approach people who might have jobs where they have access to sensitive government for mission and try to befriend them and then get them to leak some of that information to them now there is a history of china doing that but like i said m i 5 was not clear that it's china they're warning right now did do actual grown ups full plate to this game completely random strangers saying hello let me be your friend passes some secrets well m i 5 is trying to say that this is a big problem they've said that 10000 people in the u.k. have been targeted that's the word that they used. by this scheme but they didn't give any information on how many people fell prey to it so i can't really say for
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sure if this actually works or if it's just something that they're worried that will work now there was one high profile case of a academic from singapore who targeted people on the platform linked in he was eventually arrested so that was one case that we can say ok here's where it did happen but that didn't totally fit the bill because he was actually using is real personal profile on linked in to do it ok so if this isn't a problem why they lowered in this campaign well this is this comes in the context of u.k. taking a tougher stance against china china is also ramping up its own intelligence work around the world and i think this is an example of the u.k. u.k. is counter-intelligence so they're trying to warn professionals in the country that they could be targeted on social media from chinese intelligence another thing to consider here is that m i 5 is in the middle of a sort of p.r. campaign a public relations campaign they just launched instagram account for the 1st time
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it's less than 24 hours old and they said they want to shake off the martini drinking stereotype of by a british spy obviously the talking about james bond but i think they're also worried about another reputation that is hounded them since the edward snowden revelations and that's spying on their own population so i don't know if you remember but edward snowden when he revealed that the n.s.a. in the us was spying on its population he also revealed that british intelligence was spying on their own population on a scale equivalent to what was happening in the us ok i mean a safe thank you so much. this is datable here's one from me as a reminder of our top story this hour prosecutors in france about terrorism inquiry after police a ploy to stop the death of police stations their powers to tackle was shot and killed by officers on the scene. as it you'll have to date up next w. up one disney go magazine article much they saw see more world news on top of the
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