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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2021 1:00am-2:00am CEST

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the c.w. news live from berlin a police employees stabbed to death at a police station and friends after officer shoot and killed the attacker prosecutors launch a terrorism investigation also on the program a moral imperative to future generations u.s. presidents buying urges world leaders to make good on their promises on the closing day of his worst shoulder global climate summit and. more countries sever travel links with india as the country's coronavirus search hits another local record for
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daily infection. and call for a wish welcome to the program prosecutors in france have opened a terrorism investigation after a police worker was stabbed to death at a police station near paris 3 people thought to be connected to the attack or have been detained french president of money on the call said the country would never give in to what he called islamist terrorism. a normally quiet residential area just outside paris now the center of attention in france security agents flooded the area investigating the killing of a police employee that occurred in an unlikely location. the police station is very well protected there is
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a protective lock and so people can't just walk in so the attacker waited for her to go and change her parking ticket the murderer caught her by surprise as she left the police station for just a moment and so it was really a cowardly barbaric attack to kill someone and to kill a policewoman. local media report that the attacker was a 36 year old man with no criminal record some witnesses say they heard him say allahu akhbar arabic for god is great as he stabbed his victim a police officer then opened fire on the attacker killing him there suggestions the man had previously scouted out the site. the office of the national antiterrorism prosecutor has taken charge over the investigation of the crimes committed here. the reasons for this are 1st how the events occurred which involved looking for
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a target. also the way the crime was committed. the profile of the victim but also the remarks made by the perpetrator at the time of the crime. the president in my normal crime paid tribute to the police worker whom he identified as stephanie in a tweet he said the nation stood by her family he added in the fight against islamist terrorism will not give up. islamist terrorism is again a worry for france. earlier we spoke to journalist catherine sailed in paris she gave us more details about what's known about the alleged attacker. in the last few hours police have gotten to the home of the assailant not far from the police station and humble you to the southwest of paris we will soon know that they're carrying out a search of his previous home which is in eastern paris and is they've also taken into custody for questioning free of members of his close entourage we understand
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one of those could be a family member in the meantime police also say they have his mobile phone going through that to see what sort of links he may have had in the last few hours before this attack took place with links to jihadist organizations or anyone that can give them some sort of clue as to where this man was coming from what it was doing who were his accomplices if indeed there were any because this is a man who was not known to the security services he was known to the intelligence services so they really just fumbling around at this moment to try to put together a picture of what actually happened in those minutes before this attack took place catherine sail from paris there leaders from around the world have joined us president joe biden in setting new climate targets and think the 2 day march will global climate summit president biden urged his counterparts to make good on their
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commitments in order to slow global warming good morning hello everyone good morning everybody ling in for day 2 of the virtual climate summit the 1st day soar national targets for limits on emissions now topping the agenda of innovation u.s. president joe biden playing up the economic advantages of fighting global warming. an opportunity to create millions of good paying jobs around the world in innovation and innovative sectors you know are jobs of bring greater quality. greater degree the people performing those jobs in every nation. button says workers in traditional energy sectors must be offered new opportunities the u.s. wants to take the lead in developing green technologies stepping up the pace of research and making more use of public and private investment and using just
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today's technologies won't allow us to meet our ambitious goals we need new 0 carbon products that are just as affordable that how what i call a green premium of 0. thank you prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced israel would phase out cold by 2025 but experts say existing targets and schedules won't be enough to cap global warming at the agreed 1.5 percent. my colleagues and we so it's gonna have been following the summit from washington so me and joe biden set out some very ambitious plans for us greenhouse emissions he wants to slash them in half by 2030 could these goals be too ambitious perhaps. well that's a sideline question a lot of people are asking here in of coal and as you said the by the administration has set itself this is an ambitious agenda and if you talk to
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climate analysts here they say that this really shows that the u.s. is heading in the right direction but there is a lot of skepticism that you're referring to whether this goal is really achievable and we also don't know what the road map is how the u.s. is planning to get to this 50 percent cut and president biden until now has been pretty light on the details i mean we heard him say that it's going to involve a lot of investment in renewable energy cutting fossil fuels and really overhauling the transportation sector so electrification of vehicles but at the end of the days we have to keep in mind nicole that this is a non-binding commitment there is a lot of opposition among republicans in congress he would have to also get a lot of big business and industry on board so yes the u.s. is aiming higher than it ever has but it's going to be very tough to get there the pair's agreement established clear goals on climate change what did joe biden announce this week harrison. well there's not much new to call this really was
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a lot about symbolism about showing that america is back and it wants to lead on climate change and to restore trust among our allies but really the by the restriction i think was hoping for more concrete commitments than it actually got so you know we only saw 2 countries pledge new targets on emissions it was canada and japan a lot of people were looking to see what china would do china's the world's biggest polluter and she basically reiterated what the country had already planned which is to get to net 0 by 2060 and to strictly control coal power but again there was nothing concrete there india as well didn't promise anything new so there is some disappointment perhaps that there wasn't any any new pledges that the buy demonstration of been looking for but we know that joe biden will be heading to the u.k. in brussels in june we found that out on friday and he's really going be focusing on strengthening alliances so i think we can expect that climate change is going to be very high on the agenda there joe biden says he sees huge opportunities in
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developing green technologies but do u.s. companies agree with them there well you know joe biden has made the argument that this is going to be crucial to make a clean energy sector that is competitive with the rest of the world but there is as i said a lot of pushback republicans here say this is going to kill the economy this is going to see millions of jobs lost that being said i think it's important to point out that earlier this week the biggest coal mining union said it would back president biden's plan as long as those jobs are replaced the people essentially are not displace so there is a feeling among the biden ministration among officials there that there is more momentum behind this plan and there is optimism that at least he will be able to convince some people in the economy that this is the right way forward to telling your correspondents and we so much kind of thank you very much. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world at this hour
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10000 people have marched through armenia's capital a year of on to commemorate the estimated 1500000 ethnic armenians killed by ottoman turks and 958 the mass killings are widely regarded by historians as the 1st genocide of the 20th century though turkey rejects the term. olympic gold medalist and transgender activist caitlin jenner has announced that she is joining the race as a republican to unseat california's democratic governor gavin newsome he faces a likely recall election this year a growing number of republicans oppose new sims business disrupting response to the pandemic. a u.s. health panel has recommended resuming vaccinations with the johnson and johnson kovac 19 single dose shot its use was suspended across the country last week after reports of a rare but potentially fatal blood clotting disorder but experts agree the vaccines
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benefits outweigh that serious but small risk. india has reported the world's highest daily count of new coronavirus cases for the 2nd straight day more than 330000 now more and more countries are closing their borders to travelers from india experts saying new virus variants and recent super spreader gatherings have contributed to this latest search. mourning their loved ones who died at this hospital not from covert 19 but from a fire that broke out while patients were sleeping the blaze was fueled by the oxygen so desperately needed to keep many 1000 patients a lie more than a dozen people died after the intensive care unit was engulfed in a ball of fire. unfortunately. unfortunately a major fire disaster happened at our hospital at about 3 am there was
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a sudden spark from the air conditioner and since there was additional oxygen in the i.c.u. it was completely overwhelmed within 2 minutes. a problem. india has reached a breaking point hospitals are turning away patients supplies are running out queues are hours long at testing and vaccination sites many walk away empty handed . volunteers are working around the clock to cremate and bury the dead. even if it is night to finish the last because. that is the reason we want to finish although. several countries have
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imposed travel restrictions on india to keep the new variant from also overwhelming them. jailed russian opposition leader alexei navalny says he is ending his hunger strike the kremlin critic began the strike more than 3 weeks ago to demand proper medical care for loss of sensation in his legs and arms he was imprisoned after returning from germany where he had sought to. went after being poisoned and russia with a rare nerve agent and doctors urged him this week to end the hunger strike saying his life was at risk. earlier we spoke to our correspondent emily share when in moscow she says alex and of on the is still not out of the woods even now that he's and his hunger strike is that extent of on these demands to see civilian doctors have been met there was a new post on his instagram account seems to have been passing these posts on to
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his lawyers periodically and in that post he says that he was able to see doctors that he says he trusts twice now and that they have recommended that he calls off his hunger strike apparently according to the post they said that soon there may be nothing left to treat if he if he doesn't stop his hunger strike but he has also demanded to see another doctor he's still complaining about numbness in his arms and legs so that demand goes forward according to his supporters there is still some risk to his health even now that he's called off the hunger strike he himself says that it will be difficult to come out of this hunger strike that will take 3 weeks as well according to his post according to recent blood tests he may be at risk for kidney failure or even heart failure so i think we have to watch this space and it does seem that he is still not out of the woods even now that he
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has stopped his hunger strike. you're watching to do a news live from berlin next business with my colleague rob want to have more global headlines for you at the top of the hour in the meantime remember there's always more our website w dot com because really for me and the entire team in the newsroom thank you so much for your company. i'm secure that they were not hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to steal we will send you back. are you familiar with this . with the smugglers who are liars. what's your story. 'd 'd with numbers and women especially of victims of violence. part and send us your story train always to understand this new culture.
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another visitor. you want to become citizens. into migrants your platform for reliable information. the feds harassment surrounding germany's biggest ever business scandal why a card was an investment darling that cooks the books lawmakers have been asking the chancellor why she promotes at the company overseas even as allegations of wrongdoing swirled. bremer's of joe biden's capital gains tax plans cause a crypto currency selloff with bitcoin dropping below $50000.00 for the 1st time in months we'll ask our correspondents in new york why. and the health care workers
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and health workers are leaving nigeria in drugs or seeking better conditions elsewhere well look at the impact it's having on one nigerian click to. receive your business on robots in berlin welcome to the program questions over why the scandal surrounding the company have now reached the very top of the german government on friday chancellor angela merkel face the parliamentary committee investigating the biggest fraud in german corporate history just how did the company often promoted by the german government had an almost 2000000000 euro hole in its finances. a world leader arrives to testify the bundestag committee investigating the wild card scandal wants to know why chancellor angela merkel spoke on behalf of the company during a trip to china in 2019. the no insolvent payments processor committed fraud worth billions merkel has defended promoting why
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a card saying it's common practice for the german government to do so abroad. despite all the press reports there was no reason to assume sirius can regulate he said why a card the german chancellor told the committee. however they aware already indications that something was very wrong and why a card in september 29000 when angela merkel met chinese president xi still new to the german government nor the financial regulator bothin were suspicious opposition politicians find that troubling. market entry in china also a key product. storage companies desperately needed in 91 when certain shareholders and investors and so i think not deliberately not intentionally in fact supported how any fact at least the continuation. sheet i mean relation and this is of course well it politically
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a mistake why a card collapse into insolvency last june after admitting to the 1900000000 euro hole in its finances leading politicians auditors and regulators have since all been accused of major failings the big question now is whether germany is any better equipped to avoid further large scale frauds by fin techs especially with increasing digitalisation of the financial services sector. ok techron says have been posting sharp losses following reports of a capital gains tax hike in the us president joe biden is thought to be planning to almost double its to around 40 percent of the wealthiest americans likely bad news for investors sitting on large amounts of digital assets like kryptos friday's sell off so bitcoins below the $50000.00 for the 1st time since march other. ether. also plunged in value. let's get more on this with our
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financial correspondent in new york quarter welcome to the program yes would the proposed capital gains tax have lasting damage. well and definitely quite a drop that we've seen a year cryptocurrency is within a day lost about $200000000000.00 in market cap and also texas could get costly because the texas we're talking about those other federal taxes but look at new york for example there's also from the state and from the city of capital gain tax already in place so that could sum it up in total to about 60 percent so that is quite costly but we shouldn't forget we are talking taxes on americans making more than $1000000.00 and only people who are holding cryptocurrency is for heroes also yes it was a bit of a bumper when we got word of those plant texas but also already last weekend we had
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a sharp drop in the prices of kryptos because countries like turkey or india for example are thinking about banning trading of cryptocurrency sold their different forces at play white group those are under pressure not just today but also for a couple of days and these plans for almost doubling capital gains taxes in the u.s. have created quite a storm or around haven't they i mean what are the reaction we've been seeing. well actually we did saw a drop in the series this session if you look at equities for example but overall analysts are quite relaxed because there's not a big correlation of higher capital gain texas and a drop in stock prices and then we. for example is quite certain or so is hope for the let's put it that way that we will see the increase to 40 percent that congress probably might level in at around 28 percent of
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a couple to gain stick so after initial shock the market got much calmer and actually also the stock market overall it's a pretty nice finish here in the friday session ok new york thanks now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines j.p. morgan has apologized for backing the now abandoned super league involving elite european soccer clubs the u.s. investment bank promised to pump billions into the project which collapsed swiftly after a huge outcry from almost all courses of. the you want to order an additional $1800000000.00 doses of the biotech pfizer covered 19 vaccine agreement is expected soon it would be the world's biggest vaccine supply contract and would give the new enough doses to vaccinate its entire population twice over to nigeria now which is currently facing an exodus of medical professionals
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a recent survey suggests that 9 out of 10 doctors there are considering leaving the country heading to places like u.k. or the united states is putting enormous strain on nigeria's already under funded health care system has flourished to quora reports. right emotes is anxiously waiting for the birth of her grandchild she rushed had a lots of this private hospital for an emergency c. section. she has been laboring since 1 am she didn't have any more that's why we brought her here for the surgery kills me. nurse the glory only away is the owner of the hospital she's well known in the community for providing health care to people who cannot afford it. private health care providers like when you we are forced to get the burden of nigeria's feeling health care system most people
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don't have health insurance so the hospital often has to cover the bills of the patients or depend on donations if i should wait for the boards it's gonna happen you walk back to that because it was all that's why i don't that's. what about life meanwhile the new baby has been born it's a girl the mother is still in the operating room. as well waiting for the doctor to finish up the operation on the power goes off and that is part of the challenges of practicing medicine in this country. we're not going to. the doctors have to make do with what they have patients can only hope that they survive without any complications nigeria's health sector is grossly underfunded private and public hospitals and not equipped to stand at and doctors out all
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salaries from among us this is why many of them are leaving the country. you study so hard to become a medical doctor you don't have time to suicide lies but when. i come back you see doctors jump in buses there are a. lot of books to publish and most of which. now we are similar to seems in nigeria we don't care about because one what you can do is to get. even doctors continue to leave nigeria as health care crises could get worse for now right he most remains grateful to the doctors that saved their lives but had daughter in law and granddaughter. a hollywood award season like no other has been bad news for those who make their living helping with the glitz and glamor the academy awards
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takes place this weekend with a little over 100 people gathering across 2 venues the decision not to make the oscars online only will come as some relief to those hoping for the return of the usual hollywood treatment. the red carpet a symbol of hollywood glamour rolling it out is an event in itself awards ceremonies all typically happen around the same time each year high season for tony and his event production company in good times they're all out 25 to 50 carpets every week. or season i don't sleep much. it's just nonstop. we walk no stone roll the clock back to back events that was before the pandemic this year he estimates that his turnover has crashed by 80 percent he keeps his company afloat by building partitions and
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scenery for video events. but it's not easy to simply turn your hand to something else the photographer alberto rhodri gets knows that well for years he works the red carpet as a photographer for a major studio but now struggles to find other work i've done this exclusive the almost 20 years so people were looking for other types of the time if you would on your resume and look at it and i was yeah we do that grandmama to for something our . award ceremony galahs have been a gold mine for many people in the l.a. region from service personnel to limousine drivers to security people. there was work and cash aplenty. into the billions of dollars when you collectively put together what it would cost and what you spent for security for trade a rig for lighting for publicists. but this year many will be left empty handed. while this year's oscars will take place in person it will be a long time before things are truly back to normal in hollywood.
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so for me the business team here in berlin far more do head over to our web site studio we don't come slash business you can also find us on facebook and twitter of course you find us in business all back to back to washington so next time good bye and take half. are you ready for some breaking news i'm christine one blood on the i phone i did my good you know with the brand new the dean of the news offered this show that tackles the issues shaping the. car with more time to off on into the car to all of the crime stuff comes up to you what's making the hittites and what's behind it where on the streets to keep you in the force on the inside d.w. news in africa.
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racing with cars or injuries what. 911. is timeless design and powerful sound music sports car of choice for many car enthusiasts a legend an icon and a best seller the 911 the very essence of the porsche read. 60 minutes on w. 19 . their story their very own personal drama. to deter strophe remember.
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and they share private sort each with us there has never been seen before. back to turn the church of people 26 on g.w. . this is deja vu news africa on the program today could. turn chad into africa's next libya the strongman up to say hello is gone killed on the frontline just as he won re-election after 3 decades in power. and nigeria's dirty tells how we go to ogoni that when the people want global oil to pay its bills and clean up the mess it's yet just. going underground through those barrels i want to call the cumberland block the strange the pluto.
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hello i'm christie munda it's good to have your company for 3 decades chad's president idriss deby has been an act of stability in the so how at least that's how his western allies like to see him chad is surrounded by and stable neighbors libya to the north fell apart when woman gadhafi was ousted so dance this into and this wall in the central african republic a 1000000 conflicts in booking a fossil. in nigeria and new j. and militants on the move in mahdi today were could it possibly turn his country into an even deeper well of instability in the region. confident of victory and another term in office his 6th this was just debbie just a few weeks ago and the end of his election campaign. obviously will be moved to
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go and look inside and outside the city to see for yourself it is not interest debbi who will speak it is the ballot boxes that will speak. his promise to restore peace and security in chad. the country wrecked by years of violence armed rebel groups at attacking from across the libyan border more than once they reach the capital and you know this latest attack began on the 11th of april election day when provisional results made him the victor did he had gone to the front line but this time he misjudged his might. there be came to power in a coup in 1990 and was one of africa's longest serving leaders. the son of a herdsman he had risen through the ranks of the military as president he shepherded
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his flock with an iron fist. a weak and divided opposition had called for a boycott of the election there be one easily with 80 percent of the vote. the opposition has long criticized he's off on a tear in room. we are dealing with a regime that has shown terrible governance and corruption. this means that young people are completely abandoned here. chad is africa's 10th biggest oil producer but many here are jobless or live in poverty. instead if you step in and spend the money on military power is specially the fight against the hottest in the sahara. this made him a key ally of the west including france that promise of stability was one of the main reasons why he was able to stay in power for so long. we've
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invited paul simon had the on to the program he's a senior regional advisor at the institute for security studies welcome to news africa is chad estimating or a failed state could could debby's death turn chad into africa's next in libya. if you go to. compare it outward. just danny burstein there the conditions in my book on trees are slightly different the way out where the e.s.b. . sure we shouldn't forget the media regime was contested by our prime. not really the case of oil pricing we mistreated in china but the right thing in media led to the creation of. non-state armed groups which did just that the regime of you with their strong part
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of eastern outdoorsy child would have a very different equation going to station of the regime by north vietnam groups has always been big. and here saw that we have never seen the same live out of the station we. buy the population that we saw in libya so conditions the population of the state. we never know how this impression got in for us so there's a lot of uncertainty regarding the next. talking about that feature what do we know about interest abbey's son who's now in charge will he be like his father. if you could just see he's not he's fine 1st of all not a car either. officer he doesn't have the same education military training that his father got in his father was there and i don't know stuff off the wall each he
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never went to wally's or he got some military indication he's found out how the experience of being managing some of the unions he had of those 10 carrier within the army probably was driven by the fact that his father was the president broadly never would have career if it was a big. he's not well known for having money any sneers of our artists instead he served only mean i got to eat i saw a nice of you don't plan on no one we don't know exactly what. he's going to vote for and he and he is only being really what with the backing of the army the army is saying is that it's in charge but how much is the army in control. we present our united states army child we know that there are predictions both with the
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chinese and we being the collateral for prisoner followers and maybe. also annoyed that we question would be where the prison needed to be so enjoying their respect for the spirit generally dawdle function lines might actually have an impact on how united the army of course the government parcel service is really and that is after the raid you know the doctor concrete beds. i'll be shot for an op we don't know superiors or the trained or we did you see the end and it maybe says there are going to be serious run. there are going to fish but i'll try to be charged and we'll see if these were terrorists how much they are in charge of the whole upper right that's paul simon headed from the institute for security studies thank you. and the other problem in
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chad is climate change has straightest can no longer raise livestock or grow enough to eat because of changing way of the in the same arid saheli take a look at this lake chad used to be one of africa's not just the lakes this was its extent in the 1960 s. and this is how far the water stretches today has lost 90 percent off its surface area over recent decades here you see 975 on the left that make shrunk to a speck by 2014 on the right not the lake the last warship because off climate fluctuation irrigation add a simple human needs drinking water. my next case runs radio doris on into nasional that's a radio that brought costs from jimmy that's a chat and hold in nigeria i'm happy to welcome to news africa david smith he is the direct self copy consulting regularly in chad welcome to news africa we've we've just seen a snapshot of the tri myth rates in the chat basin they is the threat from terror
1:39 am
groups one of the main problems of fixing daily life they say the main the main problem is probably the absence of state presence in many parts of the country and you mentioned lake chad you know that's an area where there's virtually no state presence as if there's a serious problem with governance there's a lack of infrastructure there's obviously the instability that that is it has been in the news for many years whether it be boko haram around the lake or rebel groups who are coming from the north. near that near the libyan border a few years ago the biggest instability threat with rebels coming from from the east from the sudanese region of darfur. there was a list as log in development levels the chat is near the bottom of almost every development list david the military council named the son as president and they say
1:40 am
that he'll restore democracy but rebels say chad is not a monarchy how do you see that rivalry playing out well this rivalry is not new. rebels have been at the palace gates an intimate on several occasions as almost the most serious rebel attack recent years was in 2008 when members of to be zone late president of his own family made it right to the gates of the presidential palace at the french french not launch the mirages and driven them off president. what if would have left the palace probably horizontally a long time ago the son of president hu's it was a general and he has he's had many military people in his family he's a member of the ruling ethnic group in the exit i was make up about 8 percent of the chaldean population you know part of the problem is that there's
1:41 am
a guy was 10 to fight amongst themselves that there's there's never been any clear decision within these ago ethnic group as to who should who should be in charge so we've got this we've got this gala conflict and then bend the rebels outside outside of those ago ethnic groups who would like to would like to take a turn at ruling the country as well david's very quickly how will the people of chad remember interest a big hit he'll be remembered mainly as the man who hung on to power for far too long and didn't share it there you know there are positive elements of what he did and he was very good with the environment he gave a lot of support to to protecting wildlife and natural areas in the country but he'll be remembered by most people in the country as as as the man who did everything he could to hang on to power and was not really keen on on sharing it with members outside of his own ethnic group all right that's david smith executive
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terry south a copy consultant thank you. you're welcome. also coming up on the show what do you get if you put an international opera style in lockdown with the canines of cape town and an old baath beyond series dug. in they're not foreign to you you are your baritone ammonia virtually stolen meat food here deal or no are you know farai chideya and this coffee. official that is nigeria's oil and cash cow or a coastal the country's citizens our reporter went out to the streets of los and got quite a resoundingly response to the question do you profit personally from nigeria's huge oil wealth take a look at our very unscientific survey i don't but if you turn on drugs or. guns
1:43 am
and you are going to. think you're going to do so for me. i think it's for. some selected fuel. that's going to show up in a nazi yeah you go there you know somebody to be said. not to do them live one nobody really going to fit in i think i want this it will. be to your. generator head on what are you assuming people have no food it's all just a big big of. a weapon of business on to me to believe that. now in a case that has taken 13 is a court earlier this year ruled that the nigerian subsidiary off royal dutch shell is liable for oil spills in nigeria's finest al niger delta was ordered to clean up the area and pay the people compensation but the teen up awful goni land could take
1:44 am
yes and the company can still appeal the ruling elite of his friend move on went to the niger delta to speak to those affected by they give off pollution oil and gasoline this made me think i was in the hole to me this is a new ground in nigeria as all you reach niger delta but for the people or even the reaches have become their cause you can see of massive oil spills an oil pollution have destroyed would tough and drive recruits this feels have heat the poorest had used some sick crime is there on an ocean. since 10.2. percent from the start. of months to grow your 1st new car so important for those who can do something and you can go oh. my family. he's a member of a gang that could not for ransom and attack oil pipelines so he wants to conceal
1:45 am
his identity he blames poor butt and corruption for the region's insecurity. and want to prove in. court who listens. from the u.s. consumer. groups. it local state officials say is his administration is not to blame he points the finger at the federal government. i want to deny him and treat people well i deny that but it is true that they have oil and there are so much of a process of oil on a small want to see but there is hope that being schooled no change fast it dutch court and little britain supremum court recently ordered the oil companies share one of the companies operating in the area to pay compensation cleaning up this
1:46 am
vast area could take years even decades some experts say it's impossible the u.n. has recorded nearly 7 calvin spews over 30 years but i'm the see international says that's number maybe 60 times higher share denies causing this pos saying they are caused by sabotage. their future on the health of the people of niger delta is at stake here is they say that they feel exhausted as by yesterday go bottles have yet brought and a significant victory to them. the impact on the environment from oil production is 0 to korea cross the niger delta. chief shows us the scale of the pollution dark suit in the air he's determined to keep fighting well under and around through that period of mourning because the cumberland and
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long beach and streams. and position paid could be billions of dora's and you could pave the way for more cases being brought against my national or your farms in nigeria. for more on this we've invited nigeria's minister of environment onto the program dr mohammad mahmood of a bucket joins me from a butcher welcome to. news africa minister our correspondent at once to the and miss a village chief who is fighting pollution which is happening now in his village isn't it the case minister that things all guessing worse in the delta and not better. no they are not yet in the was is current in the project prep hydro carbon pollution a mediation project is supposed to be for the entire niger delta but. in one area the land this is one of the most prominent areas currently and.
1:48 am
the area remediation of the number of logs that was started 15 lots have been cleaned out of those $1567.00 have been satisfied in the presence of such a fixation and areas of niger delta i will be mediated in time ministry you were in ogoni land last year and you handed over several at cleaned up oil sites some of them that you were referring to and on that day on one particular day you say that it was a day off a promise camps and kept to the let's say in terms off standard and depth of work done but anyone in the delta knows that the stench of crude is every way a little bit del so if it be clean again here in time however we should understand do we have some issues. to send the refined and refined is the illegal refining that is going on in the forest. clean in the
1:49 am
land and so of course as. exploration is continue in. sometimes you have spins but you have an agency that is. that kind of spirit we need the cooperation of the people of that area and so. by lines also sometimes part of the problem so really is a project that needs effort of the government and the people of the area are that wise it will be difficult to clean. when you are cleaning up and somebody is. refining. or somebody is bust in pipe somewhere and minister x. if it. had to go to datchet and british courts to get justice why couldn't they get justice in nigeria and courts. they are pinned in kisses here in nigeria and court . of the case is still being hard to. get in just
1:50 am
nigeria and just the system works just as well just assume no wood court cases sometimes it takes longer. if you have competing interest in this particular area and then minister what would be the practical difference to these foreign court decisions and what difference would they make to the lives of people in. what i'm sure the to give some kind of compensation. to the people i would expect that when they get. it should make a difference in their lives just as the kind of. life changing activities we provide in livelihood today people. now can support.
1:51 am
and we just recently and it 6 what's our contract what 66000000000 to provide. what not grieve in what. so i would expect that the compensation from the british court decision should make a difference to the people of that area are you confident that that compensation will be given to the people of land that these oil companies will compensate the people off. if that is what the court judgment said i believe yes it should good today people judgments that i have nationally and. be informing a good judgment shouldn't the nigerian government be forcing them to do that minister oh yes oh yes that's what i'm saying that once we have the full knowledge of the judgement. the government will look into making sure that the
1:52 am
compensation goes to the people or to the communities in question definitely yes nigeria is the world's 5th largest oil exports and when we talk about alex climate crisis fossil fuels already the number one culprit if we can say that. it's nigeria offering its citizens and the world really a different future. absolutely in nigeria is very big in. protection and that a mental management. kalinin the me in d.c. is nationally the time contribution up we are the 1st country in africa to raise. bond green bond and that would go to our environmental differently project so nigeria is not just for the climate fight for nigeria but for africa and the rest of the war and nigeria is highly committed i mean right now we are in
1:53 am
preparation to a cuppa and to see fully in preparation. thank you minister that is nigeria's minister off environment mahmoud of a bucket joining us from a budget thank you minister. now we all know this sound of a hound with wolf but what can keep a good dog down well it turns up the answer is a good barked a good fresh and a good burst of operatic power from the same. sword say you see now we have this report on the canines of cape town so take a wolf. i mean take a look. oh no. my name is must see i am full of the place called my that up and i'm pretty in the
1:54 am
face. my calling is a. singing ghost a genius was just a put up you also saw a city with a tom doing production on the field of the. hunger in the countries you need to name a few often hegemony. in the u.k. off toward the u.s. . getting ready for another toy european told with a production called 2 money shot. just opened this offense. it's. like 90 percent of the houses of mice who. look at it now people calm almost every day.
1:55 am
i know that it. wouldn't. be so happy you know when you can actually see you have just looking at it it's amazing when you get more people coming in and enjoying what he's doing he's so nice friendly and everything he's. going to trigger enough of his was that i'm. so i think. i hope for a very good future for the business but then yeah looking forward to go and. get in there. i don't know morning. oh the socks your. son. that's quite something now that's it for now i'll be sure to check out all of the
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stories on forward slash africa or facebook and twitter that will see you next time i'm back.
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present day hoaxes this is futile and who's behind the. just the behavior is unacceptable it will not be. ended tragically you know sports made on g.w. . doesn't stay that way news and these are our top stories prosecutors in france have opened a terrorism investigation after a police employee was stabbed to death at a police station in rumble yeah about 60 kilometers west of paris a 49 year old administrative worker was reportedly stabbed in the neck by a man who was then shot and killed by police officers at the scene. a us.


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