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well i'm not even allowed to vote. and everyone with me to hold in every. day are you ready to meet the 2 of them and join me right just do it on d w. w news line from berlin police employees stabbed to death at a police station and friends after officers shoot and kill the attacker prosecutors launch a terrorism investigation also on the program a moral imperative to future generations u.s. president biden urges world leaders to make good on their promises on the closing
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day of his virtual global climate summit. and chats better than rule or entrance to be is it leave till draft after dying in battle against rebels is causing has thrown the country into cranks isn't going to hamper the fight against jihadism and the entire stockpile of region. on the welcome to the program prosecutors in france have opened a terrorism investigation after a police worker was stabbed to death at a police station near paris 3 people thought to be connected to the attack or have been detained french president of money and mccall said the country would never give in to what he called islamist terrorism. a normally quiet residential area just outside paris. now the center of attention in france security
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agents flooded the area investigating the killing of a police employee that occurred in an unlikely location. the police station is very well protected there is a protective lock and so people can't just walk in so the attacker waited for her to go and change her parking ticket the murderer caught her by surprise as she left the police station for just a moment and so it was really a cowardly barbaric attack to kill someone and to kill a policewoman. local media report that the attacker was a 36 year old man with no criminal record some witnesses say they heard him say allahu akhbar arabic for god is great as he stabbed his victim a police officer then opened fire on the attack at killing him there suggestions the man had previously scouted out the site.
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the office of the national anti-terrorism prosecutor has taken charge over the investigation of the crimes committed here. the reasons for this are 1st how the events occurred which involved looking for a target. also the way the crime was committed. the profile of the victim but also the remarks made by the perpetrator at the time of the crime. the. president in my normal crime paid tribute to the police worker whom he identified as stephanie in a tweet he said the nation stood by her family he added in the fight against islamist terrorism we will not give up. islamist terrorism is again a worry for france. leaders from around the world have joined us president joe biden and setting bowl new climate targets and during a 2 day virtual global climate summit biden urged his counterparts to make good on
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their commitments saying that in the fight against climate change there is no time to waste warning hello everyone good morning everybody i linked in for day 2 of the virtual climate summit the 1st day saw national targets for limits on emissions now topping the agenda innovation u.s. president joe biden playing up the economic advantages of fighting global warming. it's an opportunity to create millions of good paying jobs around the world in innovation and innovative sectors you know jobs of bring greater quality. greater degree of the people performing those jobs in every nation button says workers in traditional energy sectors must be offered new opportunities the u.s. wants to take the lead in developing green technologies stepping up the pace of
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research and making more use of public and private investment and using just today's technologies won't allow us to meet army bases goals we need new 0 carbon products that are just as affordable that how what i call a green premium aabs erode. thank you prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced israel would freeze out cold by 2025 but experts say existing targets and schedules won't be enough to count global warming greed 1.5 percent my colleagues and me so it's gonna has been following the summit from washington so me and joe biden set out some very ambitious plans for us greenhouse emissions he wants to slash them in half by 2030 could these goals be too ambitious perhaps well that is so my question a lot of people are asking here in the coal and as you said the by the
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administration has set itself this is an ambitious agenda and if you talk to climate analysts here they say that this really shows that the u.s. is heading in the right direction but there is a lot of skepticism that you're referring to whether this goal is really achievable and we also don't know what the road map is how the u.s. is planning to get to this 50 percent cut and president biden until now has been pretty light on the details i mean we heard him say that it's going to involve a lot of investment in renewable energy cutting fossil fuels and really overhauling the transportation sector so electrification of vehicles but at the end of the days we have to keep in mind nicole that this is a non-binding commitment there is a lot of opposition among republicans in congress he would have to also get a lot of big business and industry on board so yes the u.s. is aiming higher than it ever has but it's going to be very tough to get there the pair is agreement established clear goals on climate change what did joe biden announce this week. well there's not much new to call this really was
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a lot about symbolism about showing that america is back and it wants to lead on climate change and to restore trust among our allies but really the by the restriction i think was hoping for more concrete commitments than it actually got so you know we only saw 2 countries pledge new targets on emissions that was canada and japan a lot of people were looking to see what china would do china's the world's biggest polluter and she basically reiterated what the country had already planned which is to get to net 0 by 2060 and to strictly control coal power but again there was nothing concrete there india as well didn't promise anything new so there is some disappointment perhaps that there wasn't any and the new pledges that the buy demonstration of and looking for but we know that joe biden will be heading to the u.k. in brussels in june we found that out on friday and he's really going be focusing on strengthening alliances so i think we can expect that climate change is going to be very high on the agenda there joe biden says he sees huge opportunities in
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developing green technologies but do u.s. companies agree with them there well you know joe biden has made the argument that this is going to be crucial to make a clean energy sector that is competitive with the rest of the world but there is as i said a lot of pushback republicans here say this is going to kill the economy this is going to see millions of jobs lost that being said i think it's important to point out that earlier this week the biggest coal mining union said it would back president biden's plan as long as those jobs are replaced the people essentially are not displace so there is a feeling among the biden ministration among officials there that there is more momentum behind this plan and there is optimism that at least he will be able to convince some people in the economy that this is the right way forward to building a correspondence and we so much kind of thank you very much. so you can look now at some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour u.s.
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health officials say the use of the johnson and johnson coated 19 vaccine can resume immediately summations using the single dose shot were temporarily stopped 11 days ago after reports of rare but potentially fatal blood clots but experts agree the vaccines benefits outweigh the risk of blood clotting. british socialite gilling maxwell has pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges that allege she helped the late financier jeffrey epstein recruit and sexually abused girls she entered her plea before a judge in manhattan her trial is set to start in july but her lawyers are seeking a delay for additional preparation. and 1000 people have marched through armenia's capital here of on to commemorate the estimated 1500000 ethnic armenians killed by ottoman turks in 1950 and the mass killings are widely regarded by
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historians as the 1st genocide of the 20th century turkey rejects the term. around 30 countries including germany have officially recognized their meaning in genocide but not the united states this saturday all eyes will be on washington as president joe biden is expected to make a major announcement on the topic to double your reporter joel garreau is following those joe what exactly. are we expected to hear from joe biden well for the 1st time the u.s. president is expected to officially recognize the armenian genocide now this would mark a major shift in u.s. diplomatic policy because up until now u.s. leaders have instead referred to those events of over a century ago as a great evil but on friday president biden held a phone call with president of on of turkey now reuters news agency is reporting that during that cold biden told of on that he will in fact be making an
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announcement to officially recognize the armenian genocide we'll find out in a matter of hours if he does and if he follows through on that it would also mark the fulfillment of a campaign promise made by biden the candidate on the trail campaign trail as the one year ago today but this is a highly contentious issue right turkey categorically rejects the term genocide and what could this do to you. usar accumulations well we got an idea of that back in 2019 when the u.s. congress although not the president passed the resolution to recognize the armenian genocide and that triggered a diplomatic spat with turkey turkey later went ahead and completed a major deal with russia to buy are you a missile defense system instead of using a u.s. one and turkey is again warning that relations could sour if biden goes ahead and makes this announcement but it does appear if the reports are correct that biden is willing to take that gamble here's a symbolic an ounce mint that could be awaiting us there tomorrow but what would
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actually change if biden did recognize the armenian genocide as such well it would basically be another of the major series of major policy announcements the bottom has been making as he sees to reset relations between us and the rest of the world following the trump years and it does seem that this issue is quite important to biden personally here's what he said a year ago he said we must never forget or remain silent about this horrific and systemic campaign of extermination if we do not fully acknowledge commemorate and teach our children about genocide there would never again lose their meaning now recognizing the armenian genocide would be largely symbolic in terms of international relations but it would also appear that it's going to be important to biden as he tries to shape his legacy. will be waiting to see what binds us and thank you very much. chad has held a state funeral for a long time ruler interest in b. he died on tuesday after battling rebel forces president de vere old the central
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african nation for 30 years as son mohammad interests deby has taken over as president and french president of my own home was among the thousands who attended the funeral in the capital in germany. 30 years of leadership have come to an end thousands of mourners packed the main square and the chatting in capital to pay their respects to president just day by the 68 year old military leader died on the battlefield shortly after winning re-election for many here he's the only leader they've ever known. they're going to us are going to help us to keep the joy life has decided you must go and i must say goodbye the chatting and people have loved you and give you over to remember our dear. western powers and african nations leaned on the long ruling strongman as the linchpin and the international fight against islamist militants there but they could lose it in the
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battles that you led always had the goal of the finishing your country's territorial integrity the preservation of stability and peace and the fight for liberty security and justice. you lived as a soldier civic you know sort of you died as a soldier as its most sort of. human rights groups often pushed against what they called his repressive government but now the president's death bring stability in the country into question france has its regional counterterrorism base in chad and is pressing for a peaceful transition of power while promising continued support to its former colony the fastener france will not let anybody put into question or threaten chad stability france will also be there to keep alive the promise of a peaceful chad creating a place for all its children. and deb a son mohammad to interest their bay as head of the military law took over
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temporary presidential powers and neatly after his father's death the opposition calls it a coup but the younger dead a promise is free and democratic elections after an 18 month transition period. you're watching video your news live from berlin next business with my colleague robert watson i want global headlines for you at the top of the hour in the meantime remember there's always more on our website called a recall for the 3 and the entire team thank you so much for a company. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and if your newspapers when official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many can trust problems are always the
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same 14 the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption and afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the human consumer why the fools who have decided to put their trust. enough. is. part of the. i'm going to go the trends her options surrounding germany's biggest ev of business scandal quiet college was an investment darling to coax the books have been asking the chancellor why she promotes a company have a c.z. even as allegations of wrongdoing swirled. bremer's of joe biden's capital gains
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tax plans cause a crypto currency selloff with bitcoin dropping below $50000.00 for the 1st time in months when i asked our correspondents in new york why. i'm a health care worker is in the health workers are leaving nigeria in drug use or seeking better conditions elsewhere well look at the impact it's having on one nigerian clearly. this is going to be a business owner walks in but then welcome to the program questions over why a cod the scandal surrounding the company have now reached the very top of the german government on friday chancellor merkel face the parliamentary committee investigating the biggest fraud in german corporate history just how did the company often promoted by the german government had an almost 2000000000 euro hole in its finances. a world leader arrives to testify the bundestag committee investigating the wild card scandal wants to know why i. spoke on behalf of the
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company during a trip to china in 2019. the no insolvent payments processor committed fraud worth billions merkel has defended promoting one card saying it's common practice for the german government to do so abroad. despite all the press reports there was no reason to assume serious the regularities card the german chancellor told the committee. however there were already indications that something was very wrong and why ecard in september 29000 when angela merkel met chinese president xi still neither the german government nor the financial regulator bothin were suspicious opposition politicians find that troubling. market entry in china also a key product. storage company is desperately needed in 2091 when search shareholders and investors and so i think not deliberately not intentionally in fact supported how any fact at least
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the continuation. sheet i knew palatial and this is of course well it politically a mistake why a card collapse into insolvency last june after admitting to the 1900000000 euro hole in its finances leading politicians auditors and regulators have since all been accused of major failings the big question now is whether germany is any better equipped to avoid further large scale frauds by fin techs especially with increasing digitalisation of the financial services sector. ok techron says have been posting sharp losses following reports of a capital gains tax hike in the us president joe biden is thought to be planning to almost double its to around 40 percent of the wealthiest americans likely bad news for investors sitting on large amounts of digital assets like kryptos friday's sell
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off so bitcoins below the $50000.00 for the 1st time since march other. ether. also plunged in value. let's get more on this with our financial correspondent in new york quarter welcome to the program yes would the proposed capital gains tax have lasting damage on protector as well and definitely quite a drop that we've seen a year cryptocurrency is within a day lost about $200000000000.00 in market cap and also texas could get costly because the texas we're talking about also the federal taxes but look at new york for example there's also from the state and from the city of capital gain tax already in place so that could sum it up in total to about 60 percent so that is quite costly but we shouldn't forget we are talking taxes on americans making more than $1000000.00 and only people who are holding cryptocurrency is for heroes also
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yes it was a bit of a bumper when we got word of those plan texas but also already last weekend we had a sharp drop in the prices of kryptos because countries like turkey or india for example are thinking about banning the trading of crypto currency so they are different forces at play white group those are under pressure not just today but also for a couple of days and these plans for almost doubling capital gains taxes in the u.s. have created quite a storm or around haven't they i mean what are the reaction we've been seeing. well actually we did saw a drop in the search space station if you look at equities for example but overall analysts are quite relaxed because there's not a big correlation of higher capital gain texas and a drop in stock prices and then we. for example is quite
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certain or is hope for the let's put it that way that we will see the increase to 40 percent that congress probably might level in at around 28 percent of a careful to again stick so after initial shock the market got much calmer and actually also the stock market overall it's a pretty nice finish here in the friday session ok in new york thanks now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines j.p. morgan has apologized for backing the now abandoned super league involving elite european soccer clubs the u.s. investment bank and promised to pump billions into the project which collapsed swiftly after a huge outcry from almost all courses of. the who wants to order an additional $1800000000.00 is of the biotech pfizer covered 19 vaccine agreement is expected soon it would be the world's biggest vaccine supply contract and would give the new enough doses to vaccinate its entire population twice over
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to nigeria now which is currently facing an exodus of medical professionals a recent survey suggests that 9 out of 10 doctors there are considering leaving the country heading to places like u.k. or the united states is putting enormous strain on nigeria's already under funded health care system as flourish to cora reports. right emotes is anxiously waiting for the birth of her grandchild out she rushed had just throwing lots of this private school spits all for an emergency c. section. she has been laboring says 1 am she didn't have any more that's why we brought her here for the surgery. nasa glory only away is the owner of the hospital she's well known in the community for providing health care to people who cannot afford it. private health care providers like when you we
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are forced to get the burden of nigeria's feeling health care system most people don't have health insurance so the hospital often has to cover the bills of the patients or depend on donations if i should wait for deposits anything can happen you want that back you get it out also will die that's why i go that's more and more about life meanwhile the new baby has to be born it's a girl the mother is still in the operating room. as well waiting for the doctor to finish up the operation on the power goes off and that is part of the challenges of practicing medicine in this country. are run out of. the doctors have to make do with what they have patients can only hope that they survive without any complications nigeria's health sector is grossly underfunded
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private and public hospitals and not equipped to stand it and doctors out all salaries from among us this is why many of them are leaving the country. you study so hard to become a medical doctor i don't know trying to shift eyes but when. i come back you see doctors jump in buses here and there i don't have a lot of books to post most of which. now we have 7 lives it seems in nigeria we don't care about because one or 2 can wish to go. even doctors continue to leave nigeria as health care crises could get worse for now right he most remains grateful to the doctors that saved their lives but had daughter in law and granddaughter. a hollywood award season like no
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other has been bad news for those who make their living helping with the glitz and glamor the academy awards takes place this weekend with a little over 100 people gathering across 2 venues the decision not to make the oscars online only will come as some relief to those hoping for the return of the usual hollywood treatment. the red carpet a symbol of hollywood glamour rolling it out is an event in itself awards ceremonies all typically happen around the same time each year high season for tony and his event production company in good times there all are 25 to 50 carpets every week. the season i don't sleep much. it's just nonstop. we walk no stone roll the clock back to back event that was before the pandemic this year he estimates that his turnover
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has crashed by 80 percent he keeps his company afloat by building partitions and scenery for video events. but it's not easy to simply turn your hand to something else the photographer alberto dri gets knows that well for years he works the red carpet as a photographer for a major studio but now struggles to find other work i've done this exclusive the almost 20 years so people are looking for other types of the photographer with their resume and look at it and i was young we do that grandmama the something off . award ceremony gallows have been a gold mine for many people in the l.a. region from service personnel to limousine drivers to security people. there was work and cash aplenty. into the billions of dollars where you collectively put together what it would cost and what you spent for security for trade a rig for lighting for publicists but this year many will be left empty handed.
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while this year's oscars will take place in person it will be a long time before things are truly back to normal in hollywood. so for me and the business team here in berlin for more you head over to our website studio read up com slash business you can also find us on facebook and twitter of course you find the business of back to back so watching him so next time a bite take us. to the point to strong opinions clear positions of international perspectives. who would replace our going to america germany's leader also september's election there are 2 new candidates conservative stalwart i mean last chance and the green party's young and inexperienced but much to the bounce and alaina bell soon to be joining
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us on to the point to the point. of the good news the t.w. . out of. a. country in turmoil. 5 young people from algeria it slipped out it's not an issue to talk about their dreams and fears of south spring. and about a life caught between hope and resignation algeria my love. in 45 minutes on d w. we're all set. to go beyond t.l.c.'s.
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take on the world lead out of all this guy. we're all about the stories that matter to you. believe. me. we are here is actually on fire. well it's been a remarkable few days here in germany with the 2 biggest political parties announcing that candidates to replace i'm going to meg old when she steps down off the september's national election for the conservative christian a democrat sits amin chief minister the lalage sates off north rhine-westphalia thoughts after not cremona this campaign battle against.


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