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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2021 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin commemorating the debt armenia remembers the massacre of its people under turkish ottoman rule as u.s. president joe biden enters ankara by recognizing the atrocity as genocide also coming up. india's hospitals collapse under the weight of a colossal 2nd wave of corona virus infections the capital delhi is counting one cold weather related death every 5 minutes as people struggle to find help.
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thanks for joining us i'm marrying evans dean many historians regarded as the 1st genocide of the 20th century and now u.s. president joe biden has formally recognized the massacre of hundreds of thousands of armenians over a century ago as a genocide in a statement biden said he sees armenians pain and affirms their history his recognition comes as thousands of people in armenia as capital yerevan commemorate the killings deportations and forced marches which began in 1915. marching forward to look back. on officials who lead the nation in commemorating the horrors of the past the procession of this hilltop memorial in the capital yet
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of on included prime minister nicole passion yeah. members of the public to streamed in to are not the dad. yeah there was a deal at the us a she just got that going it's i came here to show my respect to the soldiers. that was it to my family all my god that's the horde to my country. i love armenia and genocide should be recognized regardless of any circumstances. that he would encourage it in dhaka answer. in 1915 a 1000000 armenians were brutally murdered by autumn and turks many more were deported and sent on death marches into the syrian desert. armenians have long campaigned for crimes against their people to be recognized internationally as genocide. turkey argues that there was no systematic attempt to
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wipe out all minions and no such order from the ottoman authorities. but nearly 30 countries have recognized the atrocities as genocide. germany's parliament voted to adopt the internet a 16 that resolution sparked an angry reaction in turkey president one saying germany should be the last nation on earth to accuse others of genocide. many armenians would consider the diplomatic spats over terminology a distraction from the memory of atrocities of more than a century ago that haunt their nation to this day. from war let's bring indeed up is correspondent in washington d.c. seen these and this seems to me so how significant is joe biden statement in which he calls the massacre of armenians during the ottoman era
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a genocide. this is pretty significant you know for decades now u.s. presidents have been extremely careful about the language that they use when talking about the killings of armenians to avoid using the word genocide out of fear of angering turkey which is seen as an important partner a nato ally of course and the last president to use the word genocide was actually ronald reagan in 1901 and since then we've seen the armenian community here the diaspora lobby u.s. presidents they have promised on the campaign trail to deem this a genocide but once they've entered the white house they have not done so so president biden promised last year himself on the campaign trial trail rather to make this part of his agenda he has followed through and in doing so has really broken with his predecessors no sunni what did you bring president biden to break with his present predecessors as you said i mean many of them had also made these kinds of promises but did not follow through when they were in the white house what's different this time. what i think you have to understand the context
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in which this is all taking place you know ties between the u.s. and turkey right now are really strained at the u.s. is not very happy that turkey purchased a russian missile systems that's something that triggered sanctions actually it is not happy about turkey's role in the region its role in libya and syria it is also a not happy about what it sees as a backsliding on democracy and human rights and turkey so certainly these disagreements seem to have bolstered a president biden into making this announcement and i should say there seems to be a certain sense among administration officials that because ties are so bad they are ready and willing to take any blowback that might come from ankara. scandal reporting for us from washington thank you. now let's get the view from turkey and for that i'm joined by our correspondent in istanbul dorian jones hello to you dorian so there has already been a reaction from ankara to the u.s.
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statement referring to a genocide in armenia what is the turkish government saying. scandalous is what the turkish foreign ministry said in a statement saying this is inflicted deep wounds to turkish u.s. relations while the president of egypt type one in a message to the istanbul armenian patriarca said that this issue should be resolved by historians and shouldn't be allowed to be exploited by 3rd party political opportunists while the turkish foreign minister measured in a tweet said that turkey does need any lectures on on its history and said that this was a great. injustice and. peace in the country so a lot of anger also turkey's or main opposition parties have also fallen into line with the government with the noted exception of the shakespeare which does
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recognize the armenian genocide so there's a great deal of anger in the country and why there is not only a feeling of of injustice a storage clique but also the fear that the growing movement of recognizing armenian genocide could open up turkey to claims of international reparations from relatives of those killed but despite the high stakes there's been no talk of retaliation for monk no calls for new reports of recalling to pass it up back to turkey or even restricting the use of a key military air base of in july which is used by the americans and it does appear that turkey wants to look beyond this crisis because it is aware the relations are rock bottom with the u.s. and he's looking to rebuild those relations and present one has agreed apparently to meet with president biden in june on the sidelines on the nato summit all right doreen jones reporting from istanbul thank you so much. to india now where hospitals are launching desperate appeals for help as the health
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system there crumbles corona virus infection rates in the country continue to break global records the government has given top priority of the transport of lifesaving oxygen but hospitals are so overwhelmed that many people cannot even get inside the situation is particularly dire in the capital delhi where oxygen supplies are running out fast. fighting for breath these patients outside a covert 1000 hospital in delhi are among the fortunate ones. the clinic is overwhelmed and lacks free beds but at least it still has oxygen to administer to the most gravely ill among a steady flow of new arrivals. to this edition right down here is really what it was too good to go and all the full control. just off is really cooperative but due to the old girl doing well for the whole meanwhile on the walking casualty it is different they're deployed in equal treatment to all divisions and that's my
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duty as a hike in your division sorry. these scenes are no exception across the country hospitals are full and turning stricken patients away many are critically low on oxygen supplies as india 2nd wave sets global records for new daily infections social media are flooded with stories of people desperately trying to secure oxygen for loved ones. that ordinary that day out the word out that i. know you've got a part of what i do to speed up deliveries indian railways has launched an oxygen express service ferrying supplies directly from production plants like a beacon of hope the 1st train arrives in maharashtra one of the hardest hit states where more than 62000 people have lost their lives to the virus. at the delhi hospital a group of men heaved their brother out of a rickshaw they tried to get him admitted earlier but were sent home now they
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learned it's too late to save him. the father of 5 is dead on arrival since he wasn't admitted to the hospital or taken to its mark his death is unlikely to be counted in a city swiftly rising official toll. and joining us now from the indian capital is did delhi bureau chief. i mean test so many heart wrenching stories coming from across india i'd like to ask you what is it like for you personally living in delhi right now amid this relentless 2nd wave. you know to be honest it's not easy delhi is the hardest hit city in the country at the movement i have gone weeks who tested positive or had family members friends and neighbors who tested positive last night i just. didn't get enough oxygen and he passed away a few honestly to a friend's mother honestly now this is not just my story everybody i know has had
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some kind of story of this kind to share and then you keep hearing these stories of hospitals begging people oxygen sending out a suicide messages and we saw some of those incidents in your report when you see such desperation people begging and gossipy it's very difficult to see i moved. indeed now i'm rita we did at least see that the 1st trains delivering oxygen are arriving is there some hope that conditions could get better soon. will try missionary in them or the hand a high level meeting today to discuss ways to all suggest implies that it really treating was mine and we are doing that in the last immobilize the into airports a consignment of oxygen it was air lifted from single and got to india another consignment is due to come to the united arab emirates it will oxygen car doors
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clocks in coming by road from different parts of the country especially eastern india which has a selfless of oxygen and just to give them a way to come fast and be sadistic nation that they need to and then get $23.00 my oxygen generating plants end if tip from germany and get you to ride in jail within the week so head is underweight but distribution is still a problem and the industry structure bickering who should get how much and why and people feel that's a lasting belief in the midst of a 2nd wave in india i'm going to delhi bureau chief thank you for your reporting and please do stay safe now to some of the other stories making headlines this hour navy officials in indonesia say they found items from a submarine that went missing last wednesday crushing hopes of finding more than 50 sailors on board alive the submarine disappeared off the island of bali indonesia as navy has now officially declared the sub
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a sunken vessel. russia has deployed navy warships to the black sea off the disputed crimean peninsula it says it will block vessels belonging to foreign governments from sailing through the strategic area ukraine the e.u. and nato say the restrictions contravene international maritime law. see the just begun now and buying munich travel to mines on saturday knowing a win would seal the leak championship but the hosts have come out fighting in recent weeks as they bid to avoid relegation and they served up a shock here that put bias title champagne on ice. in this league of fans had seen this movie before buying the main feature. the star turn to another title with the inevitable happy ending. points were cast as the fall guy but they hadn't read the script a 6 game unbeaten run has breathed new life into their bid to steep relegation and
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they showed their renewed confidence when you're not on work hard to get vantage of and kind of touristic the generous goalkeeping from manuel neuer to put them one no up after just 3 minutes. and they weren't finished there. was. robin price on scored on 37 minutes to double binds his lead. the battle scarred hosts went into the break to know up against by and for the 2nd time this season last time the ship 5 without reply in the 2nd half but this time they held firm propelling bines onslaught as the champions threw on attacker after attacker eric maxime was the month foiled this time. he did grab his usual goal 4 minutes into injury time as he posts on alexander. to make it 36 league goals for the season an inch closer to record but it came too late for biron to turn things around and. they must wait
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a little bit longer to celebrate a 9th street title but the day belonged to meit's they celebrated as if they'd already avoided the drop coachable stenson will be delighted to have dealt their relegation rivals a huge psychological blow. you're up to date on the news i'm hearing and and. watching. each team. down the lead up was a. blast to say matters to us. that's why we listen to their stories.


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