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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:58pm CEST

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back. during. this is do w. news live from berlin commemorating the debt armenia remembers the massacre of its people under turkish autumn and ruled as u.s. president joe biden angers ankara by recognizing the atrocity as genocide also coming up india's hospitals collapse under the weight of a colossal 2nd wave of coronavirus infections the capital delhi is counting one to move literally to death every 5 minutes as people struggle to find help.
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america evanston it's good to have you with us turkey has reacted angrily after u.s. president joe biden formally recognize the armenian genocide during the autumn an era both the turkish government and opposition condemned the u.s. announcement with the foreign minister calling it populism in a statement biden said he had all americans honor the memory of all those army and who perished in a genocide that began exactly 106 years ago his acknowledgement comes as thousands of people in armenia as capital yerevan commemorate the mass killings deportations and forced marches. marching forward to look back. and officials lead the nation in commemorating the horrors of the past the procession
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of this hilltop memorial in the capital heaven included prime minister nicole passion yann members of the public to streamed in to honor of the dead and they welcomed the announcement from washington formally recognizing those past events as a genocide. so i think it's a great thing that biden recognizes the armenian genocide because the us are a major country and it might have an effect on turkey. that we've been waiting for this for years we wanted this before biden many made promises trump did and so did those before him and he waited. in 1915 a 1000000 armenians were brutally murdered by ottoman turks many more were deported and sent on death marches into the syrian desert.
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armenians have long campaigned for the crimes against their people to be recognized internationally as genocide. in turkey argues that there was no systematic attempt to wipe out armenians and no such order from the ultimate authority. but nearly 30 countries have recognized the atrocities as genocide. many armenians would consider the diplomatic spots over time in knology a destruction from the memory of atrocities of more than a century ago that haunts the nation to this day. from war let's bring in correspondent in washington d.c. simmons it's you see me so how significant is joe biden statement in which he calls the massacre of armenians during the ottoman era a genocide this is pretty significant you know for decades now u.s.
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presidents have been extremely careful about the language that they use when talking about the killings of armenians to avoid using the word genocide out of fear of angering turkey which is seen as an important partner a nato ally of course and the last president to use the word genocide was actually ronald reagan in 1901 and since then we've seen the armenian community here the diaspora lobby u.s. presidents they have promised on the campaign trail to deem this a genocide but once they've entered the white house they have not done so so president biden promised last year himself on the campaign trial trail rather to make this part of his agenda he has followed through and in doing so has really broken with his predecessors now see me what did bring a president by to break with his present predecessors as you said i mean many of them had also made these kinds of promises but did not follow through when they were in the white house what's different this time. well i think you have to understand the context in which this is all taking place you know ties between the
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u.s. and turkey right now are really strained and the u.s. is not very happy that turkey purchased a russian missile systems that something that triggered sanctions actually it is not happy about turkey's role in the region its role in libya and syria it is also a not happy about what it sees as a backsliding on democracy and human rights in turkey so certainly these disagreements seem to have bolstered a president biden into making this announcement and i should say there seems to be a certain sense among administration officials that because ties are so bad they are ready and willing to take any blowback that might come from ankara. to me so misconduct reporting for us from washington thank you and now let's get the view from turkey and for that i'm joined by our correspondent in istanbul dorian jones hello to you dorian so there has already been a reaction from ankara to the u.s. statement referring to a genocide in armenia what is the turkish government saying. scandalous
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is what the turkish foreign ministry said in a statement saying this is inflicted deep wounds to turkish u.s. relations while the president of egypt type one in a message to the istanbul armenian patriarca said that this issue should be resolved by historians and shouldn't be allowed to be exploited by 3rd party political opportunists while the turkish foreign minister. in a tweet said that turkey does need any lectures on on its history and said that this was a great. injustice and. peace in the country so a lot of anger also turkey's main opposition parties have also fallen into line with the government with the notable exception of the. d.p. which does recognize the armenian genocide so there's a great deal of anger in the country and why there is not only a feeling of of injustice historically but also the fear that the growing movement
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of recognize the armenian genocide could open up turkey to claims of international reparations from relatives of those killed but despite the high stakes there's been no talk of retaliation from uncle no calls reports of recalling bassett out back to turkey or even restricting the use of a key military air base of injury look which is used by the americans and it does appear that turkey wants to look beyond this crisis because it is aware the relations are rock bottom with the u.s. and it's looking to rebuild those relations and president one has agreed apparently to meet with president biden in june on the sidelines on the nato summit all right doreen jones reporting from istanbul thank you so much. all right let's turn our attention now to india where hospitals are launching desperate appeals for help as the health system crumbles corona virus infection rates in the country continue to break global records the government has given top priority to the transport of
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lifesaving oxygen but hospitals are so overwhelmed that many people cannot even get inside the situation is particularly dire in the capital delhi where oxygen supplies are running out fast. fighting for breath these patients outside a covert 1000 hospital in delhi are among the fortunate ones. the clinic is overwhelmed and lacks free beds but at least it still has oxygen to administer to the most gravely ill among a steady flow of new arrivals. this edition right now here is what he live it was too good to go and do all the full control of. the stuff is really cooperative but due to the old girl doing well for the whole meanwhile on the walking casualty it is different there deploying to equal treatment to all the bishops in that fight is a hike into division 3 and. these scenes are no exception across the country
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hospitals are full and turning stricken patients away many are critically low on oxygen supplies as india 2nd wave sets global records for new daily infections social media are flooded with stories of people desperately trying to secure oxygen for loved ones. or night that day out that the other but i. know you can read a paragraph or what i do to speed up deliveries indian railways has launched an oxygen express service ferrying supplies directly from production plants like a beacon of hope the 1st train arrives in maharashtra one of the hardest hit states where more than 62000 people have lost their lives to the. iris at the delhi hospital a group of men he their brother out of a rickshaw they tried to get him admitted earlier but were sent home now they learned it's too late to save him. the father of 5 is dead on arrival since
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he wasn't admitted to the hospital or taken to it's more of his death is unlikely to be counted in a city swiftly rising official toll. and joining us now from the indian capital is did delhi bureau chief. i mean test so many heart wrenching stories coming from across india i'd like to ask you what is it like for you personally living in delhi right now amid this relentless 2nd wave. you know to be honest it's not easy delhi is the hardest hit city in the country at the movement i have gone weeks who tested positive or had family members friends and neighbors who tested positive last night i just. didn't get enough oxygen and you postulate a few honestly to a friend's mother honestly now this is not just my story everybody i know has had some kind of story of this kind to share and then you keep hearing these stories of
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hospitals begging people oxygen sending out a suicide messages and you saw some of those incidents in your report when you see such desperation people begging and gossipy it's very difficult to see i'm. indeed to now i'm going to we did at least see that the 1st trains delivering oxygen are arriving is there some hope that conditions could get better soon. we're trying this in there into more the hand a high level meeting today to discuss ways to manage to gin supplies that really train was mine and we are doing that and we've also mobilize the indian airports a consignment of oxygen it was airlifted from single and got to india another consignment is due to come to the united arab emirates there are also oxygen car doors clocks in coming by a village from different parts of the country fish least in india which has a selfless of oxygen and just to give them
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a way to come fast and he suggests nation that they need to and then get 23 oxygen generating plants which have been end if tip from germany and they're due to arrive in jail within the reaks ahead is underway but distribution is still a problem and it industry structure bickering who should get how much and why and people feel less in the last thing we need in the midst of a 2nd wave in india. thank you for your reporting and please do stay safe. the mistake of soccer now and by and munich travel to mines early on saturday knowing a win would seal the leak championship but the hosts have come out fighting in recent weeks as they did to avoid relegation and they served up a shock here that put byron's title champagne on ice. in this league of fans had seen this movie before byron the main feature. of the star turn to another title with the inevitable happy ending. points were cast as the fall guy but they hadn't
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read the script a 6 game unbeaten run has breathed new life into their ability to speak really geisha in and they showed their renewed confidence when unit on work hard to confront egypt and cut it to stick with generous goalkeeping from manuel neuer to put them one note up after just 3 minutes. and they weren't finished there. was a. drop in price on scored on 37 minutes to double binds his lead. the battle scarred hosts went into the break to know up against by on for the 2nd time this season last time they shipped 5 without reply in the 2nd half but this time they held firm propelling bonds onslaught as the champions be on attack after attack eric maxime triple witching was the man foiled this time. he did grab his usual goal 4 minutes into injury time as he punched on alexander
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era to make it 36 league goals for the season an inch closer to get miller's record but it came too late for biron to turn things around and. they must wait a little bit longer to celebrate a 9th street title but the day belonged to meit's they celebrated as if they'd already avoided the drop coachable stenson will be delighted to have dealt their relegation rivals a huge psychological blow. and also on saturday dortmund be devolves to nil to keep their champions league hopes alive thanks to a pair of goals from alan holland a major blundell by riedel bach who fed the ball straight to holland who needed no 2nd invitation to open this for him it was the young norwegians 24th goal of the season and with dortmund a man down in the 2nd half that of his 25th the 2nd most in the league there is no
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stopping him as he barreled forward with only the keeper to beat. you're up to date now on d w news omarion evans teen from me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for the company. these places in europe for smashing records. step into a trench or it's the treasure map for modern globe trotters to discover some of the record breaking sites. back to know also in book form. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what
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does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the code of special monday to friday on. the. digital art works like this one are selling for big money thanks largely to an f.t.'s provenance ascribing blocked. tech but who profits from the crypto art market and what danger is that's the trying to hide that's our topic unshift today. paintings regularly self a crazy prices but buying a digital works for $69000000.00 us dollars that you could download for free that's insane and yet that's what this digital kalash sold for by the us artist mike
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winkleman who goes by the name people he could hardly believe it himself. was going to mellow like yeah. an unfathomable number to be quite honest. i think i would have been surprised too that kalash is currently the 3rd most expensive work ever auctioned by a living artist and the people jay pick is just the tip of the iceberg the thing that grinds auction off digital art works for nearly $6000000.00 in just 20 minutes the gift from the young cat went for around $600000.00 and the dutch musician don devil sold a digital concert for 1.2 $1000000.00 that's a lot of money the hype surrounding crypto art has been triggered by an f t cryptographic datasets that guarantee authenticity and origin a bit like a signature on a painting curator have found things and f.t.'s will change the art market we have
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been pretty much waiting for technical standards. and he needs unique and can be treated easily for the last 20 years. digital used to be hard to trace but no thanks to a ts you can be rich and they can get onto a contract to pose as a collectible and as investment philip somers who sold online and paid for with cryptocurrency this attracts. totally new type of customer there are people that are interested in art and creative action at the attrition art market just didn't know before and they're basically ready to spend money and support artists. for many artists the sudden spike in the when is primarily brings an important source of income but it also means that in the current appreciation i think there was no way to collect that were before and so at some big budget but it was really
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influential so they have a huge huge our impact our visual language or moral and so i think it now be our collect them and sort of look at them as you know we are as i am super super excited about. entering the op market has also become easier because artists can simply turn they were into any tools and sell them on one of the many online platforms. could this help democratize the market the more mass adopted it gets the more new people and new names we will see it will come into the market and new yorker fees so i think and if and no logical stand i will grant. creatives and the artists of the world much closer to get problems we ask expert freudian cats and berlin about possible risks for buyers.
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when you buy and then if you don't get the copyrights of the book you really do that entry on the block. or. i'm obviously. and this unique and digitally read so to speak as they see there is nothing preventing the artist from saying hey i'm creating a 2nd edition of this book is the tone. going back. but the lawyer doesn't think this is likely to happen despite the current time have shown no such inclination. hi i'm alive they don't have any incentive to destroy the trust of investors and purchases are suddenly making more tokens for a piece of all than they had initially said they would. the conditions of sale for a not with are written in the smart contracts of the n.f.t. . these can be read online for example on this website the contract can be found on
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the given a theory of address and anyone can view it. if the artist breaks the contract and thereby devalues the artwork then you could claim for compensation. such a case hasn't occurred yet. a further problem is how can you know the person offering the n.f.t. art is the one who made the work british tech expert terence eaton warned of this and 2018 he put himself down in the blocks and as the creator of the mona lisa registered his work on the art verification platform there is art and nobody noticed anything strange so how can artists protect their rights on line we ask catarina fatter from artists right society in new york when it comes to lives right . leahy let them know that it's a work that's still under copyright leslie. litter the idea you will be legally
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penalized in the long run. but how can you be sure that the person who is selling the n.f.t. is the person who made the artwork after all fake identities are a fundamental problem on the internet. of thieves have always tried to fake identities that's why solving the problem of identification is considered the holy grail of the 21st century. though i do feel the benefits we now have institutions which try to verify if your identity of . one example is the sales platform foundation artists can't just register themselves they have to be explicitly invited like for example a russian artist's pussy riot. other
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platforms are also trying to keep fakes off their marketplace because they harm their the child missing but they don't always succeed. these digital dimes are pictures by us artist corba rainbolt up for sale by unknown people as n f t's since then he had to clear copyright stamp to his pictures not pretty but helpful. yet there also notable advantages for artists thanks to the block chain artists can profit from all resales if their work and keep up with who owns their art. and interests they can potentially a lot a lot more. so the artists in the guards at work and the resell it work but the biggest problem with an f.t. is the amount of energy they use according to digic khana missed one single transaction on the theorem block chain has c o 2 image. equal to playing around 6000 hours of you tube videos that's extreme
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videos nonstop for $250.00 days this catastrophic carbon footprint of n f t's is being discussed in the art scene. the turkish artist and scientist memo acton examined how much energy is consumed by crypto and. his calculations show that every digital transaction involving an n.f.t. whether you're creating bidding on selling or transferring one uses huge amounts of energy. in the case of the theory of block train this is largely due to the proof of work stand it by each bit of every transaction gets verified by the block train. this is why many plug train start ups as well as a few am i working to improve their huge c o 2 footprints. you will see that other changes will come to the market with. much more efficient
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energy consumption so this is the beginning and it seems. well learn how to who they are with their friends. until then charity auctions such as carbon dropped can help counteract some of the damage it's like people made their works available through the oceans and then the c o 2 emissions were compensated for by a platform similarly to flying the proceeds went to the open foundation which supports innovative and environmentally friendly to talk projects. worth the project but it doesn't solve the problem if you're thinking too bad i would have liked on a quick to art work but not with that kind of environmental impact than here's a tip the website people generator creates pictures like those from the original kalash even people was impressed what do you think our craft art and f.t.
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is the future of the art market or is the whole thing just to try and tell us your thoughts goodbye and see you next time. into the conflict zone to see. libya as a new government of national unity which promises free elections by the end of this year from the roadblocks it faces are immense arms militia groups still hold power throughout the country my guess this week is coming to libya's ambassador to the un in geneva this new government succeed. conflicts are.
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visible and help others with your story. every. 3rd woman is a victim of gender crying. they have experienced it 1st hand and demand that you look and act stop violence against women. 30 minutes. from also need to supply you to need to keep up with i believe eligible for a matching home the 4th time for the most recently that he can come up with that is the bottom of the fannies at the nasa dragon. called the hall where he used to be a book so. there is more freedom of speech to get that ever was in the history of its unique human
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treatment it's barbaric to miss the bye we had to give if they were going to change libya has a new government of national unity which promises free elections by the end of this year for the roadblocks it faces are immense arms militia groups still hold power throughout the country they still kill and kidnap with impunity my guest this week is tommy the bio libya's ambassador to the u.n. in geneva where he joins me how will this new government succeed where all the others fail. coming by you welcome to conflict zone thank you thank you for your invite 3 days after your new government of national unity was sworn in that was a shocking reminder of how little unity there is in your country up to 15 bodies were found handcuffed and dumped on
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a cement factory in the eastern city of benghazi while life remains so cheap and murderers enjoy almost total impunity. in your country there's not been much to celebrate with this new government is there well that's not necessarily accurate because we don't 1st of all we don't know when this crime took place secondly as you know during the transition period stings tend to be. take a little bit of time to to to come to more stable environments where you're not suggesting to be there on daily killings and discoveries of mass graves if these killings go on this government will fail like all the others won't it that's the point absolutely and therefore that 6 truly important for the international community the united nations and other mechanisms of the international organizations to come together and help of the current government in every way possible better facts here in geneva if you checked into this you would know that
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we have passed a resolution at the 43rd session of the human rights council calling for a mechanism of accountability calling for the ability to hold this impunity of crimes committed a human rights violations committed and so we are seeking the help of the international community the united nations and other various organizations to step in and of course be able to put into unity a star where you haven't shown much interest in doing that in the past with previous governments have you. this was just the latest of many must killings that i was talking about by the dozens of militia groups that fight daily for control of your country and unless your government never mind the international community but unless your government comes to grips with these groups the new government is going to be just as powerless as all the others isn't it well again we have to give the government a chance for the keep in mind that the government has not even been in office for 3
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days just gets and to there's a lot of work. ahead there's order of tasks that each of you take care of including security and stability. also keep in mind the role of the international community is extremely important or i should the yes i'm part time with the international community through the united nations is extremely important for the secure instability in libya and the success of any of us so it is important for the international community to do its part let's not forget that we just came out of a proxy war yes i mean you can turn it over to the international community as much as you like but it's got to be done on the ground and this is a government and it's a weak government and it's going to be very difficult for it to gain control of those armed groups that have been allowed to capture so much of your state over previous years suddenly and it doesn't look from what abdul hamid has said your
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interim prime minister that he has very much of a strong commitment to either justice or more accountability does it well the era you seem to be judging the government before it even has a chance to be able to do it in terms of it by what it said or what it hasn't said so far less was judged by what has taken place in the few weeks that it has been asked let's look at the efforts that have already been done to fight institutions let's look at the efforts that have been done into stabilizing the security situation through the joint military commission which lets it might again they ended a war in the last you know where just a few months ago we would not be talking as he said rob it's a cease fire and it's a shaky cease fire so it's a bit premature to talk about the end of the war isn't it. it's not a solid cease fire agree it is nonetheless a cease fire stop hostilities and there is
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a chance for peace again so let's embark on supporting this chance for peace. we've seen that there are there are 2 major advantages in the government for the armed militia groups firstly he's weak and secondly for the time being he has the keys to the safe so it's in their interest to do business with him but for how long they want a chance to get the hands on money and i see that he's already promised local government a flurry of construction projects in various regions as long as he continues buying off these groups they'll go along with him if he starts getting tough with them they'll get rid of him whether. well again you know he didn't get to pose these pressures of the prime minister in know what his plans are but let's keep in mind that when we had a concert war countries that were involved supported some of these armed groups and in libya which caused much of the of the destruction in disarray that we had been
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in number 2 keeping in mind that we had been calling for a d.d.r. program a ceasar program to be reminded day our lady of the what d.d.r. these are things that basically taking these young men out of these armed groups militias environments and here and in training to a more constructive and positive elements of society this is going to take a long time is that this is more short term this is where the short term measure this is only a government that runs for 8 months that's that's not forget that's an interim government doesn't it absolutely so let's not hold the government so accountable for resolving everything with a magic wand so we have to me up unless we can hold it accountable for certain things and in particular for the very corruption it should be promising to fight because even before the vote there were documented attempts by the baber supporters to bribe the le gets to support him that's pretty outrageous behavior isn't it well
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those those are allegations and that's not made by the u.n. they're made by the u.n. so they're not based on nothing of it well the u.n. is the same is the same xxvii the support of the dialogue and supported the coming of the government in syria are so but they didn't support the debate her supporters who were trying to bribe delegates to vote for him did that now in support that that that well again these are allegations and has not been proven of any sort than that nothing has been stated by the u.n. to that effect but the u.n. inquiry said the pm supporters offered bribes as. $200000.00 to induce people to vote for him u.n. report was quite specific it said at least 3 such bribes were offered although all of them were apparently turned down well again let's as the u.n. about that and why they supported the outcomes of the of the dialogue and in having
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the paper government coming to them to ask let's keep in mind again it's a new government it's a very well representative of the entire libya it managed to break the entire country together this is the 1st time that we have one government one of the german recognised internationally and nationally and given the trust aren't a chore which has not been able to do so for previous governments the house of representatives that is correct as represented so we we are seeing some positive steps in the right direction the picture is not rosy we have a lot of work we have a lot of things that we need to address it is not something that's going to happen overnight but we need to build on the positive blocks that we have measured and will begin to come so far you say that one of the worst aspects of these bribery allegations is that the baby was in the room office described the claims as fake news when they clearly won't fake a tour and that doesn't say much for the levels of honesty or transparency that he
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says he's going to adhere to does it is his response to these allegations suggest that his government is going to be as dishonest as all the others have been doesn't it well be happy to connect you with his spokesman and he can address these concerns from. mr the babe has a reputation is pretty checkered isn't it he prospered mightily during the dictatorship of moammar gadhafi he ended up running the libyan investment and development holding company which itself was rumored to have been involved in corruption and money laundering why should people trust him now especially at this critical. let's let's let's talk about it here because you're focusing on an allegation that you have a one particular individual who can address these allegations and sell the geishas of the company the company in particular that he. has that he has a libyan representatives the united nations let's talk about what positive things
11:38 pm
are been able to do let's talk about the resolution that was passed in the rights council conferee out of billy for her rights violations in the mass graves and the crimes that have been noted and in libya let's talk about the resolution that has been passed or repatriation of illicit funds that are right rightfully own by the state of libya let's talk about the initiative that was ordered peace initiative that was supported here in geneva the letter to the signing of the peace agreements and the cease fire in libya but a lot of positive things that we need to focus on and we need to build on the this is the direction the need to go who want to give a chance for the war to have a chance and let's not forget that perspective and this should be the benchmark one libya for is younger country that it is it's come out of wounds ation has
11:39 pm
been and military dictatorship rule for over 4 decades then it had a revolutionary and vicious periods where meddling in foreign countries of the there's an. island with a chapter on state capture by the armed militia groups that were allowed to get close to power and still are. in power this up you talk about passing resolutions passing resolutions doesn't change the fact that you have indicted war criminals promoted to powerful positions in your country and you and they're still there and there are plenty of examples of them up there abdul ghani i'll keep lee also known as guinea we're now head of a new entity called the stability support or 30 he reports directly to the presidency human rights groups have documented war crimes and serious rights violations by his forces for more than 10 years the european un reported these troops have previously opened far on civilians none of that prevented his appointment and is appointment is still in place how is your country can you tell
11:40 pm
me this how is your country to move forward when these people who are suspected of serious war crimes are in these enormous positions of responsibility. suspect you know i'm not here to be a court to judge on these individuals i'm here to be able to unify the international community's decision of the libya situation and we need to arrest many issues some of which are ones you measured but we also have to rest and that some international scope of the interventions and the interference of other countries into the affairs internal affairs of libya if we were combat as far as i'm concerned my position you're geneva that is a major yes we need to work on a lot of fronts but this is the problem we need to focus on and we need to work hard to unify your national army. we've talked
11:41 pm
a little bit about accountability and justice amnesty international described in a report 2 months ago the justice system in libya as dysfunctional and ineffective judges and prosecutors said risk assassination and abduction for doing their jobs is not a fact then the virtually every check and balance every restraint on illegal power and criminal activity has now been removed in libya hasn't it how do you put all that back together again. well it's a process it's a complicated process enterprise of our org recognize that we do know we have problems you do not with that we have major issues that we need to deal with but we need to help with that internship people do that and how do we do that we do that by stopping mention and the meddling into the internal affairs of libya we start the the computer it's a violation. of the security council resolutions and the
11:42 pm
violations of arms embargo by many states some of these sanctions talking about. we do that by helping control the borders of libya and there has been calling for for a long time the support of obama share or it's with our neighbors as well and. our partners the european partners to come in and help with you to do that through the you ben agreements we need we need to activate our arms things we can it's a domino effect issue but business that mr by this government is only designed to last until december the 24th that's the date when libyans are supposed to freely elect the next administration that's only 8 months away what chance does this week government have of organizing those free elections with the massive human rights abuses that are taking place in your country day after day well there are threats and late and they recognize that and they recognize what their agenda is but it's
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a process it's building process it's a process we have to start somewhere we can see a realistic process or it isn't you know you have the u.n. special envoy for libya young telling the security council last month that his office continues to document and horrific catalogue of brutality in your country killings inforce disappearances sexual violence including rape attacks against activists and human rights defenders and hate crimes the international responsibility international community isn't responsible for that. the meddling that you've talked about isn't responsible for that that's coming from people your own people inside your own country isn't it you think that sets the right conditions for a free and fair election in libya in just under 8 months time but again it's a building process we have to take measures steps going forward in the right direction positive direction of these issues must be addressed the international
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community does have a role in this matter of fact as i stated earlier there are national security in some of the countries that have metal into the eternal there's a word primary cause for some of these things that you're talking about we need to be able to make and start to that make sure that we give looking at chance to address its concerns its problems but we do know that we don't have is this going to take how long how long do you want to chance for well you are you have you have a government of national accord before that didn't do it it was a government of appeasement you know if it prioritized the. paying off of the groups in appeasing the armed groups over justice that is this government going to make the same mistake the last one did let's let's be fair and let's get down to the conventions rather than what you just said could be said about countries who have been paying off armed groups in libya who are causing much of these
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problems that you're talking about. we need to be able to address the issues as they are so let's let's let's control the situation where leaders can handle the process attorney and then we can judge and hold accountable the government and what it can do and cannot do well i want to match the situation in the country to the prime minister's rhetoric if that's indeed possible the new prime minister is on record francis as a he wants to spread a culture of freedom of opinion and expression how exactly will he do that when journalists have to work in constant fear in your country the rights group reporters without borders says for instance that the toll of abuses against journalists the media outlets by armed groups associated with successive libyan government has grown steadily we're talking murder we're talking about action we're talking torture here you're keep focusing on the crimes that we recognise of crimes
11:46 pm
and we do understand that there are there to fight them the bigger ones then they're pretty important ones on that because of course they're part of that's why that is going through a transition that's why we need to get out of this violence violence aids and be able to get into the restoration of a country institutions be able to set into a civilian democratic state and be able to give the human rights to the libyan people keeping in mind again if that is the benchmark the established really out of the conversation then this is a new culture that we have to go into that we are not so well experienced about we do need the help to be able to accomplish that and the will is there the the the goals and the objectives have been sat since september 17th 2011 and wanting to is to to set up a democratic state that is based on freedoms that's based on justice that's based on the ability to prosper and do well and the current problems so that there's
11:47 pm
a great words but how do you get there how do you get there. and you have these enormous roadblocks in your path how do you get there you know when it without a free press you don't have a basis for democracy you don't have a free press there's no law in libya guaranteeing the public's right about access to information is that what are the chances they'll ever be one in libya where you know once again there are more t.v. stations in the day than ever were before you know what to the people are talking about wanting to set of freedom of speech in libya not only that there is more freedom of speech today in libya that ever was in the history of libya risqué there's not really not doing even passes the reporters without borders says libya has reached it's a lowest ever position in the groups world press in that once 164 out of $180.00 countries that's worse than during the gadhafi era that's
11:48 pm
a huge step backwards isn't it well again i don't know what if mission they're basing their their reports on but we do do we do need to recognize that there's more of a chance to be able to set up a civil state set up democratic values on freedoms and justice today than we ever had a possibility to be able to do so in the past history of libya and we need to be able to capitalize on that we need to be able to support that we need to be able to work on that and we recognize that the order is far but there is the will and there's a commitment to want to go down this path and we need to get the commitments by of the vians and others the international community to support that effort. even before libyans get to the december elections this government is committed to holding a referendum on a new constitution. again how you doing form the public without a free press is is up to you but what if you missed the deadlines what if you
11:49 pm
missed the deadline for this new constitution and the new elections it's pretty tight isn't it see stuck around ravel if you don't get that. it is it is very tight and you know the possibility missing that that line just is possible as a matter of fact she kind of nations has but has missed many deadlines in the past in the process of coming to this point so we do need to work the commitment again is there the will is there and the efforts are underway keeping in mind the process has already been. established with some other that last there's the july 1st deadline to agreements on a constitutional basis to passing a legislation to ensure the elections law and the preparations for the highly thorough commission to do its work to allow for the 24th of december elections but there's also another very important deadline there's
11:50 pm
a deadline that we have already passed the international community has passed the united nations has passed the exit of off foreign fighters and mercenaries out of libya. that has yet to happen that isn't strictly important because stability and security again to your point is a student important to be able to do these elections in a stable and secure environment was by we've heard a lot of ground rhetoric from the prime minister about libyans being one unit one heart that heart hasn't been much in evidence these last few years has a look at the shocking way migrants have been treated in your country in the last 2 months hundreds of them have been intercepted trying to flee libya in small boats and head for europe do you know why they're so desperate to leave libya and you know what happens to them when they're brought back to libya these migrants many of them do you know that yes i do as a matter of fact some but let me correct you what you're saying is not accurate our number one these migrants when they left their towns and their villages from the
11:51 pm
various countries in africa they set their mind and going to the northern shores of the mediterranean they were not coming to libya libya's a transit country everybody knows that the same reports they referred to the un reports everybody knows that but also you have seen and yet in libya they continue to be systematically subject to arbitrary detention and torture in both official and unofficial places of detention are you proud of that no i'm not proud we do have problems and the libyan government has recognized and continues to recognize the violations of the problems that we have with mike because they've been government has been associated with these violations has been directly associated with these violations. send let me let me just finish this point it's extremely important what you are referring to the constitutes a crimes or alleged crimes on a population of about 4000 migrants in detention centers or what's called
11:52 pm
a gathering end to end departure facilities it's in the human if you have human watch treatment it's bob barassi is the. inhuman treatment we're talking about sexual violence abduction for ransom extortion forced labor unlawful killing it doesn't matter whether it's 4000 or 4000000 why why are you what does it say about your people that you are treating migrants in this way that is not correct to your mission is not fully accurate reporting half of that if the mission that has been out there let me also repeat to you as i was stating the the a legit crimes you're talking about which the libyan government has been dealing with and continues to work with and deal with with the various u.n. or it is a chanst is concerning some of the solutions where there's no more than or $5000.00
11:53 pm
at the most migrants that happened to be in these facilities because they're supposed to and the u.n. organizations also know that these are migrants they're supposed to be limited to another country the rest of it of that of the migrants that we have and we have about a 1000000 in libya live freely and safely among all libyans throughout libya all right. i mean by we've run out of time thank you thank you for making our point thank you very much for your time.
11:54 pm
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the state of the news and these are our top stories turkey has condemned a formal declaration by u.s. president joe biden of recognizing the armenian genocide which took place during the ottoman era and $915.00 the white house had avoided that term for decades for fear of alienating ally turkey thousands of people in armenia as capital yerevan have been commemorating the mass killings deportations and forced marches.


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