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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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plague. plan. the be playable . this is g.w. news live from our lead dozens are dead many more critically injured in a stampede at a jewish festival and israel that it's one of the country's deadliest civilian disasters it happened at the 1st religious gathering to be held israel lifted coronavirus destruction it's. also becoming top ranking for oxygen to see you tell
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us who's life in india people desperately searching for medical supplies as the country battles a record breaking spike coated 19 infections and deaths. and stocking up on provisions and fleeing cities for their hometowns turkey enters its strictest lockdown of the pandemic with the country fighting its own ways of covert 19 infections flops are turning africa's stolen cultural treasures germany's will start handing back ancient looted sculptures to nigeria plundered during colonial times berlin says that it wants to shine a light on its own colonial past. the big. plague. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. in israel at least 44 people have been killed. and around 150 others injured in a stampede at
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a religious gathering attended by tens of thousands it happened at mount marin in the northern part of the country were ultra orthodox jews were holding all my prayer and a dance celebration. this footage from social media shows the scene shortly before tragedy struck a densely packed crowd dancing ecstatically at the annual loch homer celebration. authorities believe overcrowding is likely to blame for the fatalities and injuries . that rescue workers say many of the dead were either trampled to death or suffocated. just finished. for the worst. terrible disaster of. celebrating their own short of.
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her. it was the 1st large scale religious gathering to be held legally since israel lifted most coronavirus restrictions. but despite israel's successful handling of the pandemic health authorities had warned against holding a gathering of this size. to lug home a religious festival is particularly popular with israel's orthodox community. israeli police report nearly 100000 people attended the gathering which they say is 4 to 5 times as many as should have been in a location like this. and let's get more we are joined by correspondent tanya kramer it's roussillon tania what more do we know. well as you said the death toll has risen in the past hours so we know that 38
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people have been crushed to death there on site had been evacuated from there 6 more have died of their injuries in hospitals now a lot of those injured we're talking about roughly 160 people where to 2 hospitals in the northern part of the country around mt meron and some of them are critically injured so i mean expecting the death toll might be rising even more now the 1st distress calls were received from the area that's according to rescue services in the early morning and what has been described now as we also heard in the report as one of the worst tragedies in the country's history also phone lines and we're open now hotlines to people to look for their loved ones because this was so overcrowded that all the mobile services of course i went down and people are still being guided back now to the buses and to come back also here to jerusalem
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and the law as we can hearing i mean this is a celebration it's considered to be one of the most important in the orthodox community it happens every year tanya what went wrong this time and could have been prevented. well absolutely this is one of the major religious festivals for the hardy for the ultra orthodox community and last year because of the crew were no virus pandemic it was severely restricted and this year so arrangements have been defend the plame game has already started you know on the authorities also wired to allow such a large number to come together now the arrangements were different then we are hearing from eyewitnesses and there's a lot of also of. radios on social media that are circulating so it's a lot for investigators now to look at now mrs have said there were only calls for
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help from people who felt they were kind of trapped in this crowded area that barrios in particular areas were not open and that led to the over crowding now the event itself had been and that's interesting before the event actually happened had been head of one of the major events now one of the biggest events but something bend apparently terribly wrong time to just briefly what are the biggest challenges that rescue workers are now facing well it's very difficult to round up on the mound and with a lot of people but as far as we understand the search and rescue efforts now which were massive you know with the israeli army involved in the national rescue services involved they have been the main the now taking people back so they can those who survived those who are evacuated to the hospitals and those who survived
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as so they will be brought back home now tanya kramer with the very latest and and just to recap for our viewers at least 44 people killed around 150 others injured at the stampede at a religious gathering in israel tanya thank you for bringing us up to date. let's have a look at some other stories. in hong kong for democracy activists have pleaded guilty to charges of illegal assembly for a rally in june of last year jails activist joshua wang was among the 10s of thousands of people gathered on june the 4th to commemorate the 1989 crackdown on protesters in beijing where. at least 13 people have been killed in fighting on the front here between the central asian nations of tajikistan and care just after dozens more were injured poorly drawn borders dating back to the soviet union have caused tension between the 2 neighbors. doherty's and los angeles have
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charged 5 people with attempted murder and robbery in connection with the theft of a rabid dog as dogs the sinkers dogs were stolen in february of hollywood god his dog walker was shot in the chest during the incident but survived his injuries. we turn now to india which is reeling from another record spike in coded 1000 cases with over 380000 new infections reported in the past day despite international aid arriving oxygen is still in short supply across the country overwhelmed hospitals have been forced to turn patients away leaving their relatives desperately trying to source medical supplies themselves. a woman banks. she pleads. as she tries to find. for her desperately sick mother. if i don't know about the water i've been
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getting my mother is very seriously l. and for the past 2 days we've been trying to get a bed in so many hospitals in delhi and. across india oxygen is still in desperately short supply. in the capital daily volunteers from the sikh community have set up an oxygen center in a car park. did a lot of people are suffering as begging for oxygen we arranged for cylinders from anywhere we could we student queues her whole nights and sometimes got beaten up by the police. or undercutting or. russia is the latest country to join an international relief effort. or actually that has been quite an old boring off i would see. india being or putting off. the assistance from various countries over 40 countries have actually committed to
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provide us with many of the items that we need most urgent to. india is the world's biggest producer of vaccines. but these 2 are lacking as people scramble to get their shot. i happen to be suffering. the most. that they. despite all this millions have been voting in the state of west bengal the infection rate there is the highest since the pandemic began. political parties have been criticised for holding credit election rallies just when india is recording the deadliest days so far for any country during the pandemic. and our very own armory to chima is standing by in delhi where she is bureau chief amrita how are people coping. so the situation is atypical terrible
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numbers coming out of india another record spike in the number of new infections that was a to pretty rate in india across india is 21 percent in delhi it's 30 percent and in goa which is a tourist trap it's 50 percent and the positivity rate means that it is the number of people who test positive in relation to those who are being tested so that is a very high number and also the virus is spreading to different states in southern india carried no one really but in the 1st search is now showing a huge spike in numbers and resting gold especially at the city of calcutta showing a huge surge and that's where some of these election rallies base in delhi. record numbers of deaths that oxygen is still running on some of the smaller. is 2 s. . who are overnight and the high court of delhi has got involved it's criticised
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the indian government the central government and saying why isn't it increasing the supply of oxygen to the city of delhi that's a really big question now you know how to get the situation under control of course vaccination is a big part of that as well we understand that some vaccinations centers have closed because of a shortage of vaccines and you have every adult in india can theoretically get a job for from tomorrow how should all of this work. when to do it did today only people over the age of 45 could well it is this election issue and as of tomorrow as you mention every advantage is a digital form activation vaccinations function here in india a certain puerto of vaccines sent by the central government to different states and the rest the states themselves have to pick your will on their real own and many of the states suddenly find themselves in a position that they have no back scenes so you have states saying the didn't have
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to eat it did the expansion of the maximization dry for people over 18 and some have shut down vaccination for example that's what moved by the city of mumbai which is also a badly hit is saying it's going to stop all vaccination but 3 days to larry but to get more supplies now this is a huge setback for the indian government because it was hoping its next an issue drive which had great big chain of transmission and bring down numbers and take some of the pressure. off the big beleaguered ahead infrastructure and it gets have back up on a time when we have to say the government of prime minister narendra modi is severely criticized for mismanaging even denying this crisis what is the approach now. when a gunman says it's doing all it can the prime minister has 620 some 21 meetings of the last 2 weeks to deal with this challenge he has another big meeting today with his council of ministers now but the critics say all this comes to your late and
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why didn't they got nuclear act earlier why didn't the government dick and vice. force reach back into them saying things like nice might run out of us but for that to be the right kind of one and it's why they got to be didn't anticipate. like the government is not getting the economy to criticism criticism coming to seize the indian embassy the seats at the all. of the negative media narrative they're being asked to explain late in government's position and the indian government's position is that given that there are city office seconds given the deadly nature of the finest mutants double mutants and variance it's basically people any government let alone a government a country the size of india to deal with this crisis. is delhi bureau chief with the view from there thank you so much for filling us in. and
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here are some other developments in the pandemic health officials and germany and france say that they have to take to the 1st cases of the coronavirus variant contributing to the deadly surge and infections in india. global cases of the virus have now surpassed $150000000.00 more than $3000000.00 of those infected have died and the u.k. is temporarily reducing its foreign aid by about 30 percent due to the economic impact of the pandemic thailand is imposing a 14 day quarantine rule for people arriving from abroad isolation periods were recently relaxed to help revive the country's tourism industry. in turkey the country has entered full lock down its strictest since the start of the pandemic as it fights its own battle with soaring covert 1000 cases and deaths people have been ordered to stay at home for nearly 3 weeks only allowed to go outside for grocery shopping and other essential needs it have you correspondent you leon reports from istanbul. saying goodbye
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a moment of calm. but only briefly. there is not much time for farewells here in zinj liqui you at one of the largest cemeteries in istanbul while the families mourn outside the next coffins are already arriving the funeral home workers try to ensure that everything is as dignified as possible but it has been turkey's deadliest month since the pandemic began and that has also become very apparent here. before the pandemic we had around $200.00 funerals per day. there are now more than twice as many. urgently needed hard for a new lock down because the law should have made this decision earlier and probably fewer people would have died. shortly before the new lockdown came into effect
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the streets and shops were full again about full alcohol was in great demand because from now on there is a ban on sales. residents are only allowed to leave their homes for essential needs until mid may it is not the 1st coronavirus curfew in turkey but the strictest one so far most of public life is supposed to come to a standstill for 2 and a half weeks but many people are wondering how they will get through this time as they can hope for any financial aid. especially in the poorer neighborhoods of istanbul many are worried only a few have permanent jobs here in tahrir. most of the make a living as daily boris or trash collectors. john all are lucky enough to get in god only god knows how we'll manage. but there's nothing we can do we will try to survive somehow. your i don't have
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a husband my daughter has just had a baby. 6 people living in a small room and he already don't have enough money to live on there will. be critics of president dredge uptight about one say he has it tainted too long which make the situation worse although turkey has the highest number of daily new infections in europe our one held several party congresses with thousands of members of his ruling a.k.p. in march a few days ago he pulled the emergency brake well. we must rapidly reduce the number of new infections to fewer than 5000 a day but the wise will inevitably pay a heavy price in every field from tourism to trade and education. a small sacrifies says the president for
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a greater goal in about 2 weeks at the end of ramadan turkey will emerge from its lockdown hoping that its latest crisis is under control. german officials have reached an agreement for the return of sculptures looted from africa during colonial times the objects known as they've been the bronzes were originally taken by british soldiers in the 19th century they were later sold to museums worldwide and many are held in germany they are considered to be some of africa's greatest cultural treasures germany is eons are expected to start returning the bronze statues to nigeria next year. for more let's bring in correspondent anya scharf a nurse she's joining us from berlin and just begin by asking you to talk with us about the timing why now. well sarah here in germany restitution of artworks was long focused on art looted during the nazi era and germany's colonial past was
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a bit of a blind spot for a long time but that's changed and reason is the discussion around returning artworks looted during the colonial past especially and from africa has really picked up not just here in germany but it but across europe really but up until now there was a lot of talk but not very much action and you can see why really if you look at museums across europe and their collections many museum directors would simply afraid that they would lose their most prized in their most attractive exhibits and so this decision to actually take action and to decide that the bin in bronze will be returned to nigeria next year is a big step and to woods righting the wrongs of the past really and the beginning bronzes have always been the focus of course for restitution because they are considered the most prized african artifacts and and they have fetched millions of yours that auction and this decision came about after after the high
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cost the german foreign minister visited nigeria in march and he signaled his support for the restitution of the bronzes and then now after their retention nigeria next year them and to be going to a new museum that's being built there for west african art what could the decision mean for other museums now. well this is definitely a historic step i would say that will have repercussions for other museums around europe and here in germany if you look in berlin for example one of the most famous attractions in any museum here is the head of nephew t.t. and the ancient egyptian queen they've long been calls from egypt for that to be given back to them and it hasn't happened we'll see what that does to the discussion around it and going back to the been in bronzes and you know there are hundreds of them they're scattered all around the world and actually the british museum in london has an even larger collection of them than we have here in berlin
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and they have said in the past that they will lend them back to nigeria something that died gerry ans have been very satisfied with obviously so it will be interesting what pressure it may lend to that to that demand because after all we have to remember that we've only been able to enjoy looking at these artifacts and collections here because they were looted and plundered from their countries of origin. and i thank you. and staying in berlin extensive restoration work on the renowned new national gallery is now complete the building is a cultural landmark for the city and a masterpiece of modern architecture the gallery is set to reopen for visitors this summer. after more than 5 years the renovation of berlin's noir natural calorie is finally complete and for now the famous an iconic museum designed by vic needs founder can be admired in its simplest form as
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a temple of lights on the surface not much seems to have changed the holiday inns we're not often hyped 9th in terms of openness this hall is a unique structure no other museum in the world is like it that was one reason to preserve it of course we stuffed lots of technical equipment into the ceiling where it can't be seen by the guiding principle for the renovation was as much meat as possible. maze was big meat founder who the german born american joint of modern architecture he was commissioned to design the new museum in the early 1960 s. . $1200.00 metric tons of steel were welded together on site into one piece to form the roof hydraulic jacks lifted it into place the top 8 killers a masterpiece of engineering that still causes jaws to drop. it was the last meat
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found a building to be completed the crowning glory of his career these 2 the goods produced . the noir nets now camry opened in 1968 and became a cultural landmark 1st of west berlin and then of the reunified berlin. it hosted one spectacular exhibition after another and maintained its own mcnicholas and collection of 20th century art but nearly 50 years on it was clear the buildings technology was hopelessly obsolete comprehensive whenever they should it was in the british architect david chipperfield was a fan before he took. on the renovation job. rather uncompromising piece of architecture was quite shocking very. impressive the government's being very identifiable comprehensible you everybody can understand how this printing works
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the contract for the noir next you know calories renovation was an immense undertaking 14000 granite plates had to be removed restored and re-installed the entire structure was completely stripped down it was meticulously inventoried and slight to reassemble like a vast puzzle. grid of unnecessary intrusions meese fund of stock concept is now restored to its former minimalistic glory. in german football bremen entertain rb life safety on friday and a semi final clash leipzig made a serious challenge for the bundesliga title this season and are still not mathematically eliminated but winning the cup appears to be their best shot for a title i'll have to beat a brain in team that has come this far despite a disappointing season in the leak. rb leipzig have almost certainly come up short
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in their quest for the bundesliga crown this season coach elian not goes man is moving to buy in munich and if history is any guide he'll probably collect some titles there but he'd love to win one with leipzig before departing. balkans almost we don't need any extra motivation besides the cup we have a lot of players who never want to title the same goes for me that's motivation enough will do it so i'm going to look up on and spray men are hovering just above the relegation zone flashes of brilliance like this coming far too seldom for consistent success more often they've been on the receiving end coach slowly and cofield knows how hard their task is on friday for the bible and inlets should be it was played against leipzig 3 weeks ago we know what we're up against we need to bring energy to the pitch everyone needs to be set free to give it all they've got
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in the. leipzig have enough quality to prevail even if braman give it all they've got but the cup is always good for a surprise so neither coach is taking anything for granted. who's to blame for india's mismanagement of the coronavirus and tomic that's coming up next on to the point you're watching news i'm sorry kelly n.p.r. land more at the top of the hour more now website www dot com thanks for watching.
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to the point of a strong opinion a clear position on some international perspective submit it's the ultimate covert catastrophe soaring infections mothballs at a breaking point
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a death rate that kicks shattering records are missteps by the government to blame coronavirus in india out of control that's our topic up to the point to the point cut to the next the toddler from. my temple servant was once a respected profession in india. today the so-called devil docs themes are being forced into sexual slavery. their greatest hope is that their daughters will have better opportunities in the future thanks to education going to. bed 3 times a. job in 60 minutes on t.w.x. .
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india's coronavirus cry. says i d w e n u special will look at the drastic situation and at the time the impact of the triple mutation on the country how can the rest of the well how well can be done for the people and how can india bring the situation under control a special edition of deep down with news on the cover oh no virus crisis in india starts today at 11 u.t.c. on d.w. . india is in the throes of the ultimate covert catastrophe recording more infections per day just short of $400000.00 at the moment officially than any other country since the pandemic began with hospitals at breaking point forced to turn patients away and oxygen running out the death rate climbs relentlessly sick people and their families search desperately for help and friends.


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