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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2021 3:03pm-3:30pm CEST

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when supplies make up some of the aid that being delivered to india from across the wild. this international relief effort has become a major mission. united states delivering supplies worth more than $100000000.00 in the coming days to provide urgent relief to our partners in india. but there's also frustration india is densely populated and yet to mass gatherings including fist state elections in west bengal have been allowed to go ahead. people have been gathering a lot there's been a lot of gathering in terms of people going out to the markets there have been some rallies going on and people have been going to different festivals. you know for all health workers across india the situation has become a nightmare it's reached a point where crisis is
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a very mild word for it. but the battle to keep this country breathing must go on. for more of what's driving the covert 19 crisis in india i'm joined by just benita in poona india thanks for being with us dr. another day with record high infection rates in india how do you account for these extraordinary numbers. i suppose there are 2 or 3 different reasons that we are going to have to consider the 1st is many of the last living now are gods or one of the last 34 months when the infection believe what had gone 50 yards in august september so that has resulted into being mixing with. more care less ness and so on and so on in addition to opening a market economy which means people who want to getting out of their houses and
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hands more interaction with the other and that is where the problem lies but it's also very important that all what it is here be leaders that population young and he looks up to reach out to political leaders as well as if there are problems what became really bad examples of how things should not be people because that was a cool moment and i'm sticking to where hundreds of thousands of people are i should say probably a 1000000 people who were collected particle he did in jesus walked out and or saw him do t. difference to extend it were willing to go that which were addressed by. seniority there is up on the party and everywhere and one veterans there are people who must be one of the bunch of you ok.
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yes that is also the widest mutual to sponsor the virus itself indeed which are apparently there is another variant that's been identified there that is wreaking havoc on the population starting to morrow every adult in india i understand is eligible to get a job a vaccination but some vaccinations centers are closing because they've run out of vaccine where are the vaccines. this is a good question in the sense of the production capacity of the largest manufacturer in the word seat i mean india a significant bottom plate was used for approximating indian indigo indian population but the cost of that instability or sort is not enough to convert the people so essentially the backbone of the media who you thought of the 2nd thing you said was 55 things very simple that seemed so even 2 together about
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the number 3 was danny maybe fatah made it clear as it was i've lost. 60 plus age group for the 1st time afghanistan p.r. we're going to send song after 45 years in the fall of each of these 2 hour or so story completed their pupils this approximation earlier where are we going to fight in. knots the government in india has been severely criticized for how it's managed the crisis you yourself said they provided to some of the political leaders at least on religious leaders a bad example or officials now recognizing how bad things really are. at off issue that they said 19 members because just by process is the normal horse before strafe the ad backs up that the acknowledgment has me who are you that ford is not nice is that he talked about the right sector for short so bad goes without
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saying nobody is really good except he is out for one or the b.b. government of india i don't use billing except in might be they have a gift in the form of oxygen cylinder is at be easy and regulators it almost ensure that the family has. got it infrastructure to its father from and equipped still in that sense that if ignition is very much there dr paul thank you very much for taking time to talk with us that was just benito. india thank you in. well as we saw international aid in the form of oxygen and other medical supplies has been arriving in india to help relieve critical shortage is among the countries contributing is germany which is providing 50000000 euros of goods the heads of its the head of its infectious disease agency
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says tackling india's covered 19 by the surge is vital in battling the global pandemic. a little bit of india in berlin this hindu temple is in the middle of the german capital the temple is still under construction before the pandemic artists traveled here from india to work on it that's unthinkable now many in berlin are concerned over the spiraling crisis there. looks horrible i feel quite helpless in a situation i don't know what to do really i think as much help europe can send is good and europe has promised just that the german health minister and nouns that assistance will soon be on its way. so who spoke with you the health ministry will contribute to the overall government aid package of goods to a value off $50000000.00 euros sponsored by those $120.00 ventilators medicines especially around disease media and masks which we have in stock and should help in
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this emergency. in india and. the head of germany's infectious disease agency says bilin must help india curb the spread of coffee 19 supposed to meet this pandemic will stay with us for a long time and it can always come back to us as long as not enough people are vaccinated and that's why we have to keep our eyes on the development in all the countries. the 1st lot of aid will be sent to india on saturday the lynas think it's coming not a moment too soon. mind out of this and germany is a rich country if we can afford it why shouldn't we help others. then isn't a don't have the possibility to do what is needed and it's right to help. india has received offers of support for me at least 14 more countries next wednesday germany will ship in oxygen production plant off to india. let's bring in leicester here he is
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a member of the german parliament representing the opposition free democrats the f.t.p. serving on the talks foreign affairs committee mr lester thank you very much for being with us germany is sending a letter to be received mr martin great to have you germany is sending some emergency aid to india to help battle to cope with 19 crisis do you think the government is doing enough. well actually you'll see that the u.k. and u.s. a it's already doing things that they already send. medical supplies to india and we still organizing it that's not the correct on such and such a critical situation like in india so in the past you've accused german government of being too slow and bureaucratic in delivering aid in emergency situations it sounds like you're saying the same thing now why do you think that is well actually as they are watching out of supplies now in india and we all know of oughts
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a critical situation in the fall the health system down down the no what it means how system it's under pressure we have that and john many not 2 but actually what's going on in india is the crisis well all democracies on the books have to have asked so when that's possible. you're calling for germany to lead the way in donating unused vaccines to poorer country is do you think the current circumstances allow that is germany have an excess of back seems. well we need to be to be a gathering our backs in swat now and be a going traffic. each week from now on on the beginning else made but it's not a problem that's a back seems down than it yet they all but the what able to do their bit 110000000 people that's more than germany has a nap a 10 spot the have to see that india was 1200000000 people. in the critical
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situation right now and all what we can do to help them should be made their way to both of them ok that's india much of the world is clamoring to get their hands on the back scenes of course we have the kovacs initiative that's intended to help provide back scenes for for low income countries do you think that the kovacs initiative is working the way it should. well if dotting to do so but it's one year after the pandemic begin again and so at the end it's a little bit late that what we are doing now is our chance. at mit and on february on the bionic security council that we are going to spend 1500000000 euros local banks and there's a tiff before it was formed a 1000000 on the and the us explained that they are going to get $3200000000.00 for the. callbacks initiative that's all too
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late because we have to add that all along well because it's not a good thing to have. the welt and only the west gets a correct medicine and backed. a selector thank you very much for taking time to talk with us today that was only select a member of the german parliament from the f.t.p. about the puzzle thank you. and we'll have much more on the situation in india on d.w. news asia following this bulletin and in our special news coverage starting in 2 hours time thought as the coronavirus rages in india brazil is also struggling to gain an upper hand over the pandemic and brazil is now the 2nd country in the world to have lost more than 400000 lives to covert 19 that's after the united states. a group of brazilians took to rio de janeiro's famous copacabana beach to highlight the bleak marker they laid out body bags across the sand as
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a way of mourning brazil's death. say a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today in hong kong for democracy activists have pled guilty to charges of illegal assembly for a rally in june of last year jailed activists joshua wall was among tens of thousands of people gathered on june 4th to commemorate the 989 crackdown on protesters in beijing's tenement square. trust regulators have charged apple with abusing its market dominance saying that the company forces developers to use its own in payment system to offer their products in the store the charge could lead to a pint of as much as 10 percent of apple's global revenue. it's in israel at least 45 people have been killed and around 150 others injured in a stampede at
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a religious gathering attended by tens of thousands it happened at mount meron in the north part of the country where ultra-orthodox jews were holding an all night prayer and dance celebration. wrapped in ecstatic song and death footage from social media shows the crowd at the annual celebration shortly before disaster struck. at around 1 in the morning i witnesses said they could feel a crush beginning to build. there was a terrible load and what happened then was like a carousel one person pushed another person so everyone was pushed right and left and after 20 minutes people started suffocating so they wanted to get out but no one was able to get out. there were people under me who weren't breathing anymore there were horrible screams of i can't breathe and slowly there were also places
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where the screams had stopped. my legs were trapped i couldn't move them. face down i could lift my head a little. i tried not to strain too much and keep calm and strengthen my faith god will save us. mayhem unfolded rescue teams rushed to the scene ferrying the injured to ambulances. children separated from their parents were hoisted into the arms of emergency workers desperately trying to reunite them with their families. 5 police closed off road access and the military was called in to assist efforts to clear the area. through the worst. terrible disaster there are. still a great. fortified the.
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authorities say panic broke out on the steps in this narrow passageway after people slipped and fell and those behind them stumbled. many of the victims were either trampled or suffocated to death. it was the 1st large scale religious gathering to be held legally since israel lifted most coronavirus restrictions. but despite their successful handling of the pandemic health authorities have warned against holding an event of this size. religious festival is particularly popular with israel's ultra-orthodox community police report nearly 100000 people attended the gathering which they say is 4 to 5 times as many as should have been in a location like this. i'm joined by my zal whom you saw in that report he's with a volunteer medical services association you know i did see mr marshall thanks for being with us so you've been at the scene of the stampede tell us how could this
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happen. yes that was a terrible terrible night your work started out and the best of all joy happiness and dance turned into israel their worst tragedy. and i think the simple answer to your question is having many many people thousands of people and a very very small perimeter and simply overwhelming it billet even a little alleys in which you saw in the radio people trying to write to a leave this event this celebration that was taking place it happens every year what went wrong this time so i think there's a reason something that every year we discuss in preparation as a risk that could happen because of the amount of people what i think was different this year than every year was 2 main factors number one is it's the 1st major event
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as you mentioned 2 to occur after listening closely and restrictions and people that have been locked away and not participating in any events nor are religious nor civilian events for a year and a half. encourage them to the want to go out and practice their roots religious beliefs and ceremonies that's the one hand of the 2nd is the fact that it's on the weekend and because they are orthodox people so they have to be back before sunset on friday so it all raise all the pressure down to this one very short period of time before thursday night i think a combination of both. what might have been the major factors that led to the overwhelming of this small area as to mosul tank you very much for talking with us today that was doffed my eyes will vice president of operations with united.
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in russia the country's financial monitoring agency has declared opposition leader alexei nobody's anticorruption organization to be a terrorist and extremist group russian authorities have added the network of campaign offices to the country's list of terrorist groups in anticipation of the ruling regional offices of these political network disbanded on thursday the lawyer defending these anti corruption foundation even pablo for publicly announced an end to operations he was detained by police early on friday. well from moscow i'm joined now by d.w. correspondent emily sure when emily what does this mean for these organization. well the decision to. regional offices to an official list of
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extremist organizations essentially means that the authorities already consider that organization to be extremist that means that they're being equated essentially to terrorist organizations or neo nazi groups that means that their work essential would become impossible here in russia it also means that anyone involved with the organization or with those offices could face real prison time now the final court decision on whether those that network of regional offices and also these anti corruption fund will actually be declared extremist we're yet to hear that decision from the court that's expected in over 2 weeks but one of these allies. said in an interview yesterday that they have no illusions that this is the final attempt from the russian authorities to dismantle their structures and you know now by news organizations have faced pressure before but this does seem to be kind of
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the final straw. was able to say they will continue their work but how much room do they have to maneuver given what they're up against. well not much but according to alexey now on these allies they are still absolutely determined to carry out rather ambitious plans going forward now and his team have 37 regional offices across the country and his allies have announced that those offices will you know no no longer have the official title of being associated with some kind of a central organization but they will continue their work in the regions you know without physical offices without instructions from above they also plan to send candidates to the parliamentary elections in september here in russia they also plan to carry out their so-called smart voting plan which is essentially
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a strategic voting plan to get russia's united united russia party out of the parliament in september only thanks very much only sure when they're in moscow. germany is planning to return ancient sculptures looted from africa during colonial times the objects known as the bronzes were originally taken by british soldiers in the 19th century many were later sold to museums here in germany are expected to start returning the or works to nigeria next year part of a growing trend of restoring order to their places of origin. the been in bronzes some of africa's greatest treasures. for decades demands for their restitution have grown louder. now cultural and political leaders have agreed to begin returning artifacts held in german museums by next year. i
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must admit i cannot believe it but there was also very positive result and everybody agreed to it being wrong. note it has to go back to nigeria so this is really great really great. news that marks a significant change of heart the bronzes were due to be showcased as the centerpiece of the ethnological collection in berlin's new humble forum this summer . the 4000 artifacts were plundered from the been an empire now part of nigeria after a violent british raid in 897 they were later sold to museums in europe and north america. now nigeria will regain sovereignty over some of these broil and sacred artworks so central to the nation's cultural heritage it plans to build a museum and been in city to house the looted artifacts.
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for young people because the can't come to visit european. she. would be able to. physically. memetic creations if they were in niger. one leading european historian says her research shows that for decades museums deliberately drag their feet on the issue of restitution. museum directors try to buy time and they actually formulated it in writing as a strategy and they left the problem to the next. narration that's those of us who are alive today and now it's clear we can't we mustn't continue to leave it to the next generation we have to act. germany's decision to act marks a paradigm shift in the handling of stolen artifacts it will no doubt awaken hope
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in other countries seeking the return of their treasures. you're watching t w news feed of the news asia is coming up next i'm terry martin thanks for watching .
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you're watching. coming up in our program a country completely overwhelmed by the 10 demick india faces another day of crisis as more people turn up at hospitals only to be turned down with even the dead waiting their turn for cremation and burial. will also examine the mental health toll this national tragedy is taking on many indians as they.


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